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Wheat Germ Oil for Face: Useful Recipes for All Skin Types

No need to spend money on expensive anti-aging cosmetics. There is an alternative: wheat germ oil for the face has unique active ingredients that renew and rejuvenate skin cells.

What is special about this product and how to apply it?

The wheat germ is a storehouse of health. It is at the stage of germination of grain in the plant that the maximum concentration of minerals, vitamins, amino acids and other active biological components is observed.

This is probably the most generous period of plant life for useful substances.

And manufacturers of natural cosmetics do not miss it – the germs are processed into a popular oil. Its cost in Russia varies from 150 to 250 rubles per 100 ml, depending on the region. (Price is as of March 2017).

Wheat germ oil contains a shock amount of vitamin E, which is famous for its beneficial properties, and it is not accidentally called the vitamin of youth. 100 ml of the product – 400 mg of tocopherol.

Also composed of phytosterols and amino acids, which promotes cell renewal, strengthens and quickly restores the epidermis.

How else does the product affect the female skin, what is the use?

  • Moisturizes and nourishes. Water-soluble vitamins and linoleic acid contained in the product, normalize the water balance of the cells. Allantoin qualitatively nourishes and softens.
  • Tightens and rejuvenates. Retinol, copper and zinc stimulate the production of collagen by the body. As a result, the skin becomes noticeably more elastic. The relief is smoothed, scars, pigment formations and stretch marks are less noticeable. Therefore, wheat germ oil is also effective for facial wrinkles. Moreover, it reduces the depth and those that appear with age. And those that were the result of bright dynamic facial expressions.
  • Cleans and closes pores. Wheat germ oil is useful for the face, as it thoroughly cleanses the gloss and dirt, removes dead skin cells of the epidermis and tightens pores.

This tool can be used by all girls, regardless of skin characteristics. However, doctors do not recommend using wheat germ oil in its pure form – it has a high density and is hard for the skin to perceive.

Especially so sensitive as on the face.

Concentrated product is permissible to use only in extreme cases: with inflammation, coarsening, irritation. Apply then you need a point and a little bit.

But it is better to combine it with lightweight cosmetic fluids that fit certain skin types and problems.

  • What will be the effect. The use of wheat germ oil for acne and acne is recommended. The tool will have a healing and healing effect, will regulate the sebaceous glands.
  • How to combine. To the base component, which is wheat germ oil, you need to add a few drops of the “juice” of cloves, cedar or lavender. With increased fat content – diluted with grape seed product. The resulting mixture is suitable for daily use as a night cream, but it will be enough to use it a couple of times a week.
  • What will be the effect. With regular use of the oil mixture on the basis of the “juice” of wheatgrass, the nasolabial and inter brow folds are noticeably reduced, the number of mimic wrinkles and the notorious “crow’s feet” are reduced. In addition, normal intracellular metabolism. As well as slowing the aging process under the influence of the sun or due to age hormonal imbalance. Do your lips often become chapped and dry? Also daily feed them with the resulting oil composition.
  • How to combine. The main ingredient is mixed with almond, peach or olive oils. Produced composition will be a good alternative to any cosmetic creams or gels. Its use is especially recommended for extremely dry skin of the face.
  • What will be the effect. The tool perfectly moisturizes, tones, whitens and prevents the appearance of age pigmentation.
  • How to combine. The face mask from wheat germ oil in this case is prepared as follows: the base is combined with a lemon or bergamot product. You can replace your usual cream with the resulting agent. Apply – several times a day.

How to use wheat germ oil for face? It is so elementary that the procedures can be performed at home without outside help, saving on visiting beauty salons. Below is a detailed prescription table of masks and creams based on wheat germ oil.

It takes into account the needs of all skin types.

Table – Recipes for homemade cosmetics based on wheat germ oil

Skin typeWheat germ oilAdditional oils and componentsBoard
FattyOne teaspoonGrape seed – two teaspoonsApply a thin layer in the evening instead of cream
ProblematicThree teaspoonsCarnations, lavender, cedar – two dropsSoak the gauze cloth in the mixture and keep it on the face for 20 minutes.
AgingThree teaspoonsOrange, Sandalwood –
drop by drop
With frecklesThree teaspoonsBergamot, juniper, lemon – drop by drop
DryOne teaspoonLinseed (peach, almond) – two teaspoonsApply while massaging. After half an hour, blot the excess with a napkin
CombinedOne teaspoonPeach – one teaspoonHold 15-30 minutes
Any typeOne teaspoonOatmeal – one tablespoon; warm milk – two tablespoons

I most often use wheat germ oil like this: add a few drops of oil to a cream for the face or skin of the eyelids. Even a cheap cream with this oil becomes much more effective.

I use wheat oil to get rid of skin imperfections, it is oily and with large pores, prone to rashes. And I could not think that this oil is useful for lips, nails, eyelashes, and even helps to stretch marks from cellulite.

I will use it as well.

Already more than six months ago, I abandoned various face creams, whether day or night. Instead of cream, I use butter, but the oil should not be greasy, for myself I chose a lighter – this is grape seed oil.

But since the skin has such a property as to get used to the means that is used (with prolonged use, whether it is oil or cream, the skin becomes accustomed and the effect decreases), I began to look for an alternative to it.

I tried many oils, but for me they are greasy and therefore the pores become clogged and redness appears. Having tried the wheat germ oil, I realized that this is what I was looking for.

Of course it is a little bit fat, anyway, the result from the application makes me happy.

Tanya, Tomsk, //otzovik.com/review_688830.html

Great oil for the skin of the face, and the skin nourishes and smoothes and removes wrinkles. With a drop of sandalwood use for the eyes.

I consider wheat oil to be one of the best for the face.

The use of wheat germ oil for the face is safe, the product has no contraindications. Individual negative reactions are rarely recorded.

In general, the tool provides the skin with a healthy, fresh, young look. And does not require special material and time costs.

Let’s try?

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