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The mask of starch from wrinkles instead of Botox: truth or myth

Sooner or later, women think about their wrinkles. How to deal with them? Of course, almost everyone knows about Botox.

But not everyone can afford it because of the high cost or contraindications. Then you have to turn to alternative ways of dealing with aging. One of the discussed methods is a mask of starch from wrinkles instead of Botox.

But does starch really work as well as botulinum toxin injections?

The practice of using starch in medicine and cooking has come to us since ancient times. But in cosmetology, this amazing product was discovered not so long ago. The properties of starch to nourish and soften the skin did not go unnoticed.

Now this product is one of the most favorite products in home cosmetology. What is not surprising, because the effect of starch masks is compared with the effect of Botox.

Botox is the most effective modern way to combat facial wrinkles. The basis of the composition of Botox is a neurotoxin botulinum toxin.

This is an organic poison that causes a blockage of neuromuscular transmission when it enters the body. In addition to neurotoxin, some proteins are present in its structure.

This composition helps to achieve smoothing deep and persistent wrinkles. It happens as follows.

  • Blocking signals After butoloxin enters the muscle, blocking of the signal between this muscle and its motor nerve begins.
  • The weakening of motor activity. As soon as the muscle ceases to receive a signal from its motor nerve, it begins to relax. All active motor activity is terminated.
  • Smoothing wrinkles. Muscular motor activity is stopped, and therefore wrinkles begin to smooth out, which makes the top layer of skin smooth.

Potato starch has the effect of tightening the skin. During its interaction with hot water, a paste is obtained.

It is applied to the skin, filling all the wrinkles. Here it is important to understand the difference: Botox acts directly on the muscle, and potato starch exclusively on the surface of the skin.

The starch mask is not necessarily applied solely against wrinkles. It has a number of specific properties that affect the skin surface with a positive effect.

  • Vitaminizing. The composition of the starch includes a decent amount of vitamin substances. Vitamin PP, known as niacin, is directly involved in the body’s redox processes. This has a positive effect on skin cells. Vitamin B2 causes them to metabolism to normal, and vitamin C has an antioxidant effect.
  • It nourishes. Carbohydrates have a nourishing effect. They affect age-related changes, as a result of which the skin becomes more elastic.
  • Fits all. The use of starch for the face is universal. Dry skin is moisturized. Potassium maintains a comfortable rate of moisture in each cell, which helps relieve the skin from such problems as peeling and feeling of tightness. Oily skin is cleansed, there is a narrowing of each pore of the face. This contributes to choline, which is engaged in the stabilization of the sebaceous gland. Sensitive skin calms down. Sodium prevents the influence of negative factors on the skin surface, making it tender.
  • Prevents inflammation. Relieves unpleasant calcium eruptions and acne. It prevents and reduces the processes of inflammation on the skin.
  • Does not cause allergic reactions. All components of starch – hypoallergenic. However, there is a risk of irritation. For example, if there are wounds and large areas of inflammation on the face. You should also take into account that there is individual intolerance. Before use, just in case, do a test: apply the finished solution on your wrist.

A starch mask will be more effective against wrinkles if the skin is properly prepared before it is applied. Be sure to cleanse your face: wash off all cosmetics, remove fat and sweat by special means. It is great if the skin will be slightly moist.

You can apply a warm compress or make a steam bath: it will clean and open each pore.

To mask gave a good result, you also need to know a few rules for its application.

  • Overlay in several layers. Layer No. 1 is applied. After it dries, you can proceed to layers No. 2 and 3. Elastic film should form on the face. Remember that the mask, as a remedy for wrinkles, is applied not only around the eyes, but also to the entire decollete area, including the neck. The first signs of aging appear here. If you want to achieve a uniform application, you can use a special brush.
  • Observe the time of action. Starch solution should be on the face for 15-30 minutes. Here, the main criteria for time are the ingredients that make up the mask.
  • Procedures after application. Wash with warm water if the oil was part of your mask. If it was not, then the water should be cool. Completes the procedure of applying to the skin of any moisturizer.
  • Course application. A minimum of 10 applications at intervals of two to three times a week. Judging by the numerous reviews that face masks from wrinkles work instead of Botox, the set of procedures is repeated several times with short breaks.

Starch wrinkle masks instead of Botox: popular recipes

There are many recipes for masks for potato starch. They are suitable for all skin types.

Affect the onset of aging. And most importantly, with the integrated application really work.

Below is a selection of popular homemade face masks made from starch, which girls practice instead of Botox.

  • 20-25 g of 30% sour cream.
  • 20-25 g of potato starch.
  • 100 ml of carrot juice.
  • 200-250 ml of water.
  1. First you need to make a sticky mass. To do this, take a mug of water, add a tablespoon of starch powder to it and boil.
  2. How much time to cook depends on how quickly the sticky mass is formed, usually from ten to 15 minutes. Now leave it to cool.
  3. In the meantime, take a spoonful of sour cream and add 5 tablespoons of carrot juice to it. Stir.
  4. If the sticky mass has cooled, then take 5 tablespoons from there and send it to a creamy-oily solution.
  5. All is ready. Action time – 15 minutes.

  • 20 ml of kefir.
  • 20-25 g of potato starch.
  • Protein chicken eggs.
  1. We mix starch and kefir until we get a single mass.
  2. Add the whipped protein.
  3. We put on face and hold for 15 minutes. The skin should be nourished and moisturized, due to which the face will become more fresh and toned.
  • 5 ml of milk or cream.
  • 20-25 g of potato starch.
  • 5 ml peach, almond oil or wheat germ oil.
  1. All components of the recipe are mixed.
  2. Smear your face and leave for a maximum of 15 minutes.

  • 10 g of honey.
  • 20-25 g of potato starch.
  • 20 ml of cream.
  1. We make a homogeneous mush, mixing all the ingredients.
  2. Keep the mask on the face for 15 to 20 minutes.
  3. This mask is well suited for wrinkles, not only under the eyes, but also for the entire neckline, including the neck.
  • 10 g spoonful of natural yogurt.
  • 20-25 g of potato starch.
  • Pinch of turmeric.
  • 10 g of honey.
  1. Yogurt, a spoonful of honey, starch and turmeric mix well.
  2. Apply on the skin for 15 minutes.

  • 10 g of honey.
  • 10-15 g of starch.
  • 5 ml of milk.
  • 7-10 g of fine sea salt.
  1. We mix the components and get the finished mask.
  2. Keep it about 15 minutes.

  • 20 ml of lemon juice.
  • 20-25 g of potato starch.
  1. All mix.
  2. Lubricate the face and wait for 20 minutes.
  3. Immediately after washing, it is better to apply a cream that has a calming effect on the skin.
  • Five drops of tea tree oil.
  • 20-25 g of potato starch.
  • Protein chicken eggs.
  1. Beat the protein.
  2. Add starch and five drops of tea tree oil.
  3. Apply the finished mask on the face and wait for 20 minutes.

  • 20-25 g of potato starch.
  • 20 ml of cucumber juice.
  • 3-5 g of sea salt.
  1. To a tablespoon of cucumber juice add salt and starch.
  2. Stir.
  3. The mask rests on the face for 15 minutes.

In home cosmetology one of the most effective anti-wrinkle treatments are masks on starch. They are compared with Botox.

And although this is somewhat exaggerated, the effect is true. A face mask of starch helps against wrinkles.

But to achieve this effect, it must be used in courses and constantly, and should begin at the first signs of aging skin.

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