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The diet of Elena Malysheva for weight loss at home, the menu for the week is free

Intensive lifestyle is one of the common reasons for the fullness of modern girls. Study, work and personal life absorb the maximum time.

As a result, snacks have to be “on the run”, and there is simply no talk about the diet and the preparation of healthy, correct dishes. In most cases, no one will solve this problem for you.

But there are exceptions. Popular TV presenter and doctor Elena Malysheva not only gives instructions for losing weight, but is also ready to organize your diet. It will not be free, but without the hassle.

On the features and cost of this program, weight loss, as well as how effective the diet of Elena Malysheva for weight loss at home – in our material.

The name of Elena Malysheva has been on the ear since the 90s. It was then that the therapist appeared on television as the presenter of medical programs.

She is a graduate, doctor of medical sciences, has a professorial academic title. Despite the fact that fame came to Elena Malysheva almost 20 years ago, her name is still well known.

And in many ways, the popularity of her brought exactly the author’s method of weight loss, presented in 2011.

In her projects, Elena Malysheva paid a lot of attention to the topic of a healthy diet and weight correction. As a result, her name began to use, cheat.

The masses were launched miracle slimming products, which the TV presenter allegedly recommended. To prevent the facts of fraud, the professor combined all her knowledge, experience and best practices in the field of weight correction under her own official brand “Elena Malysheva Diet”.

The method of Elena Malysheva does not open up new horizons in the problems of struggle with obesity. The essence of the diet is different. It accumulates and structures well-known recommendations about proper nutrition.

A slimmer is offered not to waste time off the stove, but to buy ready-made kits with diet food. That is why doctors to Malyshev are often criticized and reproached that her diet is nothing more than a successful marketing move.

Anyway, the scheme proposed by Professor Malysheva works. This is evidenced by the reviews on the thematic forums and the success stories of the girls, who “on Malysheva” turned from bright donuts into bright, figured ladies.

The Malysheva method provides for a long dietary ration, but the effect lasts for years. Minimum diet lasts a month.

The diet according to Malysheva negates light carbohydrate foods: bread, fats, butter, sugar, fast food. The menu will be only slow, “good” carbohydrates – whole grains, cereals. But this nutritional program is nourishing and will please even sweets.

Also allowed vegetables, dairy products, low-fat fish and meat, soups, mushrooms. Rice is often found in dishes, but better not polished.

The basic principle of this diet: lose weight without suffering and hunger, enjoying food. To achieve this, nutrition for Malysheva provides for compliance with a number of rules.

  1. Eat to lose weight. The author of the technique says: hunger is not an assistant when losing weight. On the contrary, to put in order a waist it is necessary to eat fully. And there should not even be three meals. At least you need to eat four times a day, and you can up to six times. The fact is that the body spends energy to process food. Therefore, frequent meals contribute to the burning of calories. In addition, by taking small breaks between meals, you don’t give your body a good time to get hungry: for a couple of hours, you don’t work your brutal appetite. As a result, there is no problem of overeating. Also, due to the diversity of tastes, a feeling of satiety and satisfaction is formed. Dr. Malysheva believes that losing weight should be full and happy, so it is forbidden to skip recommended meals.
  2. One serving – one glass. Elena Malysheva insists that no more than a glass of food can be eaten at a time. So, a single serving for a woman is 200-250 g, and for a man – not more than 300 g. If you eat more, you stretch the stomach. The greater its volume, the more difficult it is to “feed” it. And the extra food is immediately “fixed” on the sides.
  3. Drinking is more important than food. It is the liquid that helps to normalize the weight, creating a favorable environment for the relevant biochemical processes. In addition, excessive drinking is the prevention of constipation. And you need to drink a lot. From two liters of pure non-carbonated water per day. It is just plain water, because tea, coffee and other beverages contribute to dehydration.
  4. Farewell to salt. Malysheva’s diet suggests a significant reduction in the amount of this seasoning on the menu. Ideally, you can, in principle, give up salty. As a result, excess water and swelling disappears. A new fluid does not retain ballast in the body.
  5. Rejection of fat. Speech about fats of animal origin. Diet Malysheva maximum spared of such products. This allows you to reduce calorie dishes. As a result, the body uses the internal fat reserves in search of energy sources, and you lose weight.
  6. Glucose for the brain. In this diet there is a place for desserts. Professor Malysheva believes that it is impossible to leave the brain without sugar, glucose. Firstly, it inhibits the work of nerve cells, and secondly, the body reacts to a lack of brain nutrition by increasing appetite.

Also, Elena Malysheva insists on counting calories. The menu for every day and the recipes of the diet of Elena Malysheva are made specially so that slimming women use no more than 800 kcal per day, and the representatives of the stronger sex – 1000 kcal. To maintain the weight rate is 1200-1400 kcal.

If you keep within such limits, that is, you can and after 18:00.

In addition, Elena Malysheva recommends enjoying food, chew each spoon well and slowly. A minimum of 18 jaw movements are needed to properly process 20-30 g of food.

So the feeling of fullness comes faster, and the digestive system does not experience unnecessary stress.

How much does the ready-made Malyshev menu cost depends on the gender of losing weight and the particularities of the problematic. So, two boxes of a diet meal from Malysheva for a month will cost 14,500 rubles. for women and 16700 rubles. for men.

This is a standard set for weight loss. If your task is to keep the result, then for special rations you need to pay 16,700 rubles.

There are also separate treatment programs with a different price.

Once on the official website of the Elena Malysheva diet you have passed the test for the presence of extra pounds and placed an order, you need to wait for the courier. He will deliver two frozen food boxes to the customer.

The boxes have ready meals for 24 days. Four more days will be fasting. All products set Malysheva packaged in separate sealed trays.

In order not to get confused, breakfasts, lunches, desserts and dinners are located in containers of different color.

They are stored in the freezer and, as necessary, defrosted, heated in a microwave or brought to readiness with boiling water. It is convenient to take such rations both for work and for travel. But according to some reviews, the taste of Professor Malysheva’s dishes is still very specific …

But how to be, because there are only four trays per day? The fact is that the Malysheva diet suggests snacking at your discretion.

True, the list of permissible products here is small. Let’s take a look at the notorious boxes to understand how the menu for the week of the Elena Malysheva diet is formed.

  • Breakfast It is believed that this is the main daily intake of food, so it must energetically saturate the body. For these purposes, oat flakes in water or with skim milk, muesli, buckwheat or rice with dried fruits, candy bars made from a mixture of fruit and cereal grains, a mixture of nuts and fruit, omelets are suitable.
  • Lunch This meal should be satisfying. It offers meat, fish and vegetables. So, you can turkey with cauliflower, fish fillet with potatoes, chicken with rice, mushrooms with potatoes, chicken with mushrooms, spaghetti with tomato and chicken, meat zrazy with mushrooms and buckwheat.
  • Dessert That same feed for the brain. Sesame kozinaki with dried apricots, soufflé with berry juices in chocolate, dried fruits and nuts, fruit bars will do.
  • Dinner . In the evening you can also cereal, vegetables, meat and fish. First courses are allowed. For example, chicken soup with greens. Proposed buckwheat with chicken, stuffed peppers, vegetable and mushroom casseroles.
  • Fasting day . Once a week is provided monopitan on rice or buckwheat. On this day, “plummet” can be almost a kilogram. Malysheva recommends dividing the entire ration of the day into eight servings, in one of which you can add a teaspoon of vegetable oil. It is desirable in the morning.
  • Other products . Their slimming buys additionally at will. Breakfast, as recommended by Malysheva, is worth diversifying with a glass of low-fat yogurt, kefir or milk without fruit fillings. At lunch and in the evening you can unsalted leaf and vegetable salads with lemon juice or a teaspoon of vegetable oil. But cucumbers and tomatoes are only two pieces at a time. For dessert you can choose: an apple, an orange, 100 g of strawberries or two tangerines.

But the cost of the program of Dr. Malysheva, of course, is not feasible for every family budget. Moreover, if in one month the desired result was not achieved, and a special diet should be continued.

Then it is necessary to learn to form independently an exemplary menu for each week. To do this, take into account the general recommendations of the technique and “peep” examples of dishes on the website of the diet.

Below is an example of how you can create a menu for the week of the Malysheva diet for free, on your own.

  • Breakfast – 8:00. Buckwheat porridge with mushrooms and onions.
  • Snack – 10:30. A glass of yogurt.
  • Lunch – 13:00. Turkey stewed in vegetable oil with carrots, broccoli and cauliflower.
  • Dessert – 15:30. Dried apricots, grapes, apple with almonds and hazelnuts.
  • Dinner – 18:00. Borsch with beef.
  • Reinforcement – 20:30 Salad of cucumbers and tomatoes with lemon juice.
  • Breakfast – 8:00. Buckwheat porridge with mushrooms and onions.
  • Snack – 10:30. Two mandarins.
  • Lunch – 13:00. Liver patty with rice.
  • Dessert – 15:30. Muesli with apple.
  • Dinner – 18:00. Ear with onions, herbs and tomatoes.
  • Reinforcement – 20:30 A glass of kefir.

  • Breakfast – 8:00. Oatmeal.
  • Snack – 10:30. Orange.
  • Lunch – 13:00. Mashed potatoes with lean fish and onions.
  • Dessert – 15:30. Kozinaki with fruit.
  • Dinner – 18:00. Vegetable pilaf.
  • Reinforcement – 20:30 A glass of milk.
  • Breakfast – 8:00. Buckwheat porridge with apple and raisin slices.
  • Snack – 10:30. An Apple.
  • Lunch – 13:00. Spaghetti with pieces of pork, beef and onions.
  • Dessert – 15:30. Souffle in chocolate.
  • Dinner – 18:00. White cabbage stewed in vegetable oil with mushrooms, onions and carrots.
  • Reinforcement – 20:30 A glass of yogurt.

  • Breakfast – 8:00. Rice porridge in milk or water with slices of raspberry and dried pineapples.
  • Snack – 10:30. Cucumber and tomato salad.
  • Lunch – 13:00. Fillet of low-fat fish, stewed in vegetable oil with rice, onions and carrots.
  • Dessert – 15:30. Dried fruits and nuts.
  • Dinner – 18:00. Mushroom soup with chicken.
  • Reinforcement – 20:30 Salad leaves.
  • Breakfast – 8:00. Bun puff pastry stuffed with low-fat cottage cheese.
  • Snack – 10:30. A glass of milk.
  • Lunch – 13:00. Potato, mushroom and lean fish casserole.
  • Dessert – 15:30. Souffle in chocolate.
  • Dinner – 18:00. Fish cakes with rice, onions and carrots.
  • Reinforcement – 20:30 An Apple.
  • Breakfast – 8:00. Buckwheat flakes on water – 135 g in finished form. Plus a teaspoon of vegetable oil.
  • Mandatory drinking – 9:00. A glass of clean water without gas.
  • Snack – 10:30. Buckwheat flakes on water – 135 g in finished form.
  • Mandatory drinking is 11:30. A glass of clean water without gas.
  • Lunch – 13:00. Buckwheat flakes on water – 135 g in finished form.
  • Mandatory drink – 14:00. A glass of clean water without gas.
  • Dessert – 15:30. Buckwheat flakes on water – 135 g in finished form.
  • Mandatory drinking – 16:30. A glass of clean water without gas.
  • Dinner – 18:00. Buckwheat flakes on water – 135 g in finished form.
  • Mandatory drink – 19:00. A glass of clean water without gas.
  • Reinforcement – 20:30 Buckwheat flakes on water – 135 g in finished form.
  • Mandatory drink – 21:30. A glass of clean water without gas.

The diet of Elena Malysheva for weight loss allows you to lose up to 3.5 kilos per week and does not have strict contraindications. But, despite the positive feedback from colleagues and clients, the diet is still unbalanced due to the low carbohydrate content.

Therefore, in case of diseases of the digestive system, pregnancy and lactation, the diet will not work. For any chronic ailments, prior consultation with your doctor is necessary.

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