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Tablets for termination of lactation “Dostinex”, “Bergolak”, “Agalates”, “Bromocriptine”: efficacy and risks

Completion of lactation – the same natural process as breastfeeding itself. Each mother decides when and why to end breastfeeding.

Regardless of circumstances, this process should be safe and comfortable for the mother-child couple. A soft and physiological method of completing breastfeeding meets these requirements.

But some women want to quickly suppress the formation of milk. To do this, they take pills to stop lactation.

Preparations for suppressing milk production can really give the desired effect. To do this, take them at a certain period of lactation and be observed by a doctor.

In addition, a woman must understand what consequences she may face. Often, lactation pills do not eliminate the need to decant. That is, the breast may still need additional measures to prepare for the curtailment of breastfeeding.

To avoid disappointment, problems with well-being and undesirable risks, a woman should consciously make such a choice.

Tablets for stopping lactation: principle of action

There are several drugs on the drug market that can affect milk secretion. The most famous are Bromocriptine, Dostinex, Agalates, Bergolak.

However, despite different trademarks, they contain the same active ingredients – bromocriptine or cabergoline.

It is partially or fully synthetic derivatives of an ergot alkaloid, that is, a type of mushroom. They have a direct inhibitory (suppressive) effect on the production of the main hormone lactation, prolactin.

Due to this, there is a decrease in milk secretion.

To obtain a noticeable effect from taking drugs to stop lactation, the concentration of prolactin in the blood must be very high. In the life of a nursing woman, such a moment comes immediately after childbirth, and it lasts about one to two weeks.

After that, the production of prolactin is started only in the process of sucking the breast. And the more often the baby feeds, the more stable the level of this hormone.

And vice versa. This means that the volume of breast milk can be successfully influenced without medication, only by adjusting the number of attachments.

Sometimes from nursing moms you can hear the wording “pills for burning breast milk.” Or “pills for breast milk to burn out.” These phrases have become familiar to the mom community.

Probably, they mean the partial or complete disappearance of milk. But from the point of view of physiology in the body of a woman there are no processes that could be described in this way. When lactation disappears, the secret is absorbed back into the blood.

New milk production is slowing down. This happens even when this process is accompanied by lactostasis, mastitis with fever and a feverish state.

Instructions for some drugs based on cabergoline prescribed contraindication or careful use during breastfeeding. Suppression of physiological postpartum or already established milk formation with their help is possible only when medically necessary.

In other words, pills for “stopping” lactation should be prescribed exclusively by a doctor.

The World Health Organization strongly recommends a physiological way to complete lactation. It boils down to the following measures.

  • Periodic pumping. Only small amounts of secretion when chest is full.
  • Comfortable underwear. To support the bust.
  • Symptomatic help. To alleviate the condition allowed, for example, painkillers.

This scheme is also suitable for exceptional situations: stillbirth, abortion, the death of a child shortly after birth. As well as with HIV infection in the mother and other diseases in which breastfeeding is contraindicated.

Pharmacological interruption of the formation of milk is no longer considered useful. Back in 1989, the US Food and Drug Administration recognized the lactation medication as ineffective. They do not warn, and inhibit milk secretion.

And, besides, accompanied by dangerous risks to the health and life of women.

Moreover, studies on the effect of cabergoline on nursing women and their babies have not been conducted. It is not known whether the substance is excreted into human milk, and in what quantity. Preparations for the suppression of prolactin production have an extensive list of contraindications:

  • pregnancy;
  • hypersensitivity to medication components;
  • arterial hypertension;
  • heart dysfunction;
  • pathology of the cardiovascular system;
  • liver and lung problems;
  • psychosis.

In pharmacies, you can find a dozen different pills “from lactation”, and mothers reviews about them are quite contradictory. They helped someone, others did not see the result, and others felt an unpleasant side effect.

It is important to understand that each mother’s experience is unique. Therefore, if the decision on the admission of medicines is still made, you should not base it on the personal opinions of other women.

Most often on sale there is a preparation made in Hungary. It has the most severe and dangerous side effects, including myocardial infarction, stroke, and even death.

At the first stage, 1.25 mg twice a day is discharged. Next, the instruction prescribes to increase the dose to 2.5 mg at a time.

The duration of treatment varies within two weeks. If you only need to slightly reduce milk production, the therapy will be shorter – only three to five days.

The country of origin is Italy. One tablet contains 0.5 mg of cabergoline.

According to the instructions, if it is necessary to prevent the primary secretion of prolactin in the early postpartum period, a single dose of 1 mg of the substance is prescribed on the first day after delivery.

When the task is to slow down lactation in the later periods, it is enough to take 0.5 mg per day, dividing the dose in half. The duration of treatment is two days.

The manufacturer notes that before using the drug should assess the state of the cardiovascular system of a nursing mother. And according to reviews of lactating mothers, taking “Dostinex” to stop lactation did not cancel the need to sometimes exercise chest.

Produced by the Czech Republic. Available in the form of tablets with a content of cabergoline 0.5 mg. Auxiliary substances – lactose, leucine and magnesium stearate.

It is recommended to use during meals. The dosage of “Agalates” is the same as that of “Dostinex”: 1 mg is taken once.

If it is necessary to prevent the primary production of milk after childbirth, the product is taken within 24 hours after delivery. On the mode of taking “Agalates” to stop lactation at a later date is not indicated, and this is confirmed by the reviews of mothers.

The regimen is the same as that of Dostinex. According to some reviews, “Bergolak” is a more budget solution to stop lactation. This is a domestic drug, the effect of which does not differ from imported analogues.

The concentration of the active substance in a single tablet is 0.5 mg.

Even after drinking a drug to suppress lactation, it may be necessary from time to time to slightly express the accumulated milk. If this is neglected, the likelihood of stagnation (lactostasis) and subsequent mastitis increases.

What else should my mother do, who studied the reviews, consulted the doctor and nevertheless decided to try “lactation pills”?

  • Watch your well-being. Caring for the baby does not stop in the period of lactation. Therefore, for any unusual symptoms after taking the medicine, the mother should contact the doctor promptly. You may need to reduce the dose or resort to additional measures to eliminate side effects.
  • Prevent overfilling of the gland. If a woman feels that her breasts are beginning to overflow, she should strain her hands a little. It makes sense to continue the procedure until the discomfort disappears. In such a situation, there is no task to remove all the milk to the last drop. It is important to track the fact of overflow only in time and to cope with milk surpluses.
  • Observe the pumping mode. Empty the gland is only when excessive accumulation of the secret. If the mother does not experience such a need, you can not carry out any manipulations with the breast. Depending on the situation at first, it may be necessary to empty the alveoli slightly several times a day. Gradually the number of pumping decreases, as well as their duration.

It happens that the advice of friends, relatives or others reviews affect the decision of a woman to try pills to suppress lactation. A little later, this emotional choice sometimes causes confusion, excitement and regret of the nursing mother.

But if desired, she can always resume breastfeeding. It is important to sustain the period of removal of the drug from the body. Then, depending on the specific circumstances, the production of milk in the right quantity to feed the child should be restored.

Sometimes it is enough to continue breastfeeding as before. In other cases, additional breast stimulation in the form of pumping is required.

A clear scheme to return to breastfeeding will help develop a lactation consultant.

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