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System “Minus 60”: power table, reviews

The program “Minus 60” is considered a diet of a new generation. It is also called the “magic” diet or a way for the lazy.

You can eat absolutely any food. True, each of them – their time. But you can and sandwiches, and dumplings, and even cakes.

This technique is largely contrary to the generally accepted rules for weight loss. No need to keep track of calories, measure the weight of food, give up salt sugar.

Knowing the small “sekretiki”, you can eat and eat and lose weight. So, what does the method and table supply system “Minus 60”.

The author of the “minus diet” – 34-year-old Russian woman Ekaterina Mirimanova. Now this is a famous writer, author of a sensational technique, a trainer, an expert on healthy eating and the owner of an impeccable figure.

But at the beginning of the two thousandth she was an ordinary girl who vainly struggled with overweight. She tried many tools. Some diets did not work, others she could not stand morally or physically.

But when the scales showed 120 kg, Catherine decided to go for broke.

During previous attempts at losing weight, she noted some effective and simple rules. She rebuilt them for herself, combined and made an individual power supply system.

After a year and a half of the new diet, the girl weighed exactly half as much. That is, minus 60 kg. Hence the name of the technique.

By the way, the diet is also often called “Magic”, “Katina” or “negative”.

In 2005, Catherine put her “minus-method” on paper. So the first book about Minus 60 was published.

The publication sold out at the time and became a bestseller.

To date, more than 20 books by Yekaterina Mirimanova have already been released, which help women lose weight, prepare healthy food, properly deal with their body and skin. Some publications are devoted to female psychology, motherhood and family relationships.

Almost everywhere in the names that magic minus appears.

Now the “Minus 60” method brings the author not only fame, but also profit. First of all, due to the sale of “okolotematicheskih” publications. Therefore, it is difficult to download the full versions of these books for free.

But on the official site of the Minus 60 system of Ekaterina Mirimanova there are useful extracts from the most popular manuals in PDF format.

  • “The system is minus 60, or My magical weight loss.” Edition with a detailed description of the diet.
  • “The system minus 60. Life after losing weight.” The book is about the changes after reaching the ideal weight. Here are the answers to the most common questions that have become thinner. What not to get better again? What bans can be removed? How to organize food for the rest of the family? How to eat during the holidays and combine diet with work?
  • “Recipes for the system minus 60, or the Wizard in the kitchen.” The publication contains tips on nutrition and specific recipes for lunch and dinner system “Minus 60”.
  • “System minus 60 for men.” Describes the features of the correction of men’s weight. By the way, the spouse of Catherine, following her example, dropped 20 kg in four months.
  • “Minus 60 problems, or the secrets of the sorceress.” Printed psychological training on how to improve the quality of your life by changing your thinking. The author describes 60 typical troubles that most often affect women. And also easy ways of their “mental” decision. It says about the lack of money, and the lack of strength, and the loss of loved ones.

It is possible to get acquainted with the basic principles of this “minus-technique” for free. There is an interview with the author “Minus 60”, reviews thinner.

And also we have compiled a table of the diet “Minus 60”, which will help to quickly form the menu and select recipes for the week.

The way “Minus 60” provides for the transition to new eating habits. And some effort will need to be made.

Here it is important to take into account eight main points.

  1. Listen to yourself. The first thing to learn in the Minus 60 system is to listen to your body. This means that you do not need to eat everything or what is prepared faster. Think about what you really want. If sweet – do not deny yourself. Pulls on vegetables – do not be lazy to cut the salad. The same principle applies to fluid. No need to revel in liters of water. Drink how much and when you want.
  2. Lose weight for yourself. According to the rules of “Minus 60”, the motivation to lose weight is important. Do not go in cycles. And do not try to lose weight for the sake of something or someone. You need to love yourself and lose weight just for yourself.
  3. Do not start change dramatically. It is necessary to enter the Minus 60 system gradually. All innovations are made in small steps to the body experienced a minimum of discomfort. For example, today replace wheat bread with rye, and after a few days you can try to reduce the amount of the latter. Likewise with dinner – gradually transfer it to an earlier time.
  4. Reduce portions. The author of the method “Minus 60” claims that a person eats more than he actually needs. After a month of dieting you can learn not to overeat. For this, again, gradually it is necessary to reduce the portions. Use smaller dishes each time. As a result, your portion according to the “Minus 60” scheme should fit in a dessert plate, and the first dishes – in a bowl.
  5. Be sure to have breakfast. This is the key moment of the Minus 60 system. Morning meal should not be missed. Drinking for breakfast just a cup of coffee on the go, we slow down the metabolic processes. And for losing weight you need the opposite effect. It is in the first half that you need a hearty meal. And allowed any dishes. If you are a morning person, then two morning meals are acceptable. In this case, one of them will be a light reinforcement in the form of, for example, a crouton with cheese. And the second – dense and full.
  6. Do not gorge on the night. Conventionally, this means that you do not need to eat after 18:00. But people who go to bed after midnight may postpone this time a little more. But in such cases, dinner for “Minus 60” should be no later than 20:00. It is strictly forbidden to plan an evening meal before 17:00.
  7. Do physical education . It speeds up the process of burning fat. But it’s not at all necessary to torture yourself in the gym for hours. You can walk to the pool. Or do simple exercises like “bridge”, “birch trees” and “press” at home. In his books, the author of the Minus 60 system gives detailed advice on this matter. The main thing here is not quantity, but regularity. Need to do every day at least 10-20 minutes.
  8. Do not unload. The author of “Minus 60” is categorically against any fasting days, believing that her food scheme provides for the time for a complete rest of the body from food.

How to plan a table on “Minus 60”? This is important to know, because the menu for every day of the “Minus 60” diet of Catherine Mirimanova is itself losing weight.

Here is the well-known truth: breakfast is only for you alone, it is advisable to eat lunch in half with a friend, and dinner should be left to the enemy. What does the approximate menu look like?

  • Breakfast time . After waking up to 12:00.
  • What can eat. According to the method of “Minus 60” in the morning you can eat and drink anything you want. Even favorite desserts are allowed. With the exception of milk chocolate, which is always recommended to replace the cubes of black.
  • The right combination of products. Breakfast “Minus 60” provides all the combinations of dishes and ingredients. Bread, pasta, potatoes, you can safely eat with proteins, vegetables.
  • Cooking methods. Any method of heat treatment, as well as raw vegetable and fruit slices are allowed.
  • Dinner time . From 12:00 to 15:00.
  • What can eat. This meal, according to the recommendations of the author “Minus 60”, is also quite substantial and it is prohibited to skip it. But now nothing fried, fatty and sugar. But there is a liquid, and side dishes, and desserts made from fruits. Porridge is cooked only on water. And with soups it is better not to part – cook three to four times a week.
  • The right combination of products. There are restrictions regarding product compatibility. They affect the meat-fish block, as well as pasta and potatoes. These products in the framework of one dinner should be used only as follows: meat – cereals; meat – vegetables; fish – cereals; fish – vegetables; pasta – vegetables; macaroni – cheese; potatoes – vegetables; potato – cheese. For example, proteins do not eat with potatoes. Even in soups, such a combination is unacceptable: liquid or with potatoes, but without meat, or vice versa. Also, protein products are in conflict with corn, legumes. For example, vinaigrette with peas and cutlet together is no longer possible. Meat and seafood is better to use with buckwheat or steamed rice. In reasonable quantities can be potatoes and spaghetti, but only with vegetables or cheese. It is better to give preference to any combination of fruits, vegetables, cereals, dairy products.
  • Cooking methods. Cook vegetables, meat, fish, soups, cereals. Stew, passe, bake vegetables, meat, fish. Cut salads from fresh or boiled vegetables, filling them with mayonnaise, sour cream, vegetable oil. Make fresh fruits and vegetables. Cook aspic.

  • Dinner time. From 5 pm to 6 pm
  • What can eat. The evening table, according to the rules “Minus 60”, consists of a minimum number of components. Less is better. There is no place for fried, baked goods, potatoes, bread, and horns. It is recommended to eat rice, cottage cheese. Meat-fish dishes only without side dishes.
  • The right combination of products. Preferably a one-component menu of the type: sour milk – sour milk; fruit – fruit; vegetables – vegetables. Meat, fish and eggs alone. But such combinations are also admissible: sour milk – fruit; sour milk – vegetables; sour milk – crackers; fruits vegetables; cereals – vegetables; cereals – fruit.
  • Cooking methods. You can cook vegetables, meat, fish, cereal. Stew, bake, stew vegetables, meat and fish. Also used grill. Cut salads from fresh or boiled vegetables, filling them with lemon juice or a fermented milk drink. You can make fresh fruit and vegetables. Permissible filler. As well as sandwiches from fruits and vegetables with cheese and from rusks with cheese.

The method of “Minus 60” does not imply a specific list of prohibited dishes and ingredients, since you can have breakfast at your convenience. And for the dinner and evening tables “Minus 60” clearly listed list of recommended products. It’s simple: if the product in the list of “Minus 60” does not appear – to use it at this time of day is dangerous for the figure.

A detailed table of products of the “Minus 60” diet by Yekaterina Mirimanova is given below.

Table – What to eat on “-60”

MealPermitted Products
BreakfastEverything except milk chocolate
Dinner– Any fresh and frozen vegetables;
– sometimes pickled and canned vegetables (except peas and corn);
– greenery;
– garlic;
– mushrooms;
– eggs;
– meat (without fat and skin);
– offal (without fat);
– fish (without fat and skin);
– seafood;
– canned fish;
– sometimes crab sticks;
– sushi;
– boiled sausages and sausage;
– rye bread or diet crackers;
– steamed rice;
– buckwheat;
– rice noodles;
– pasta durum;
– sometimes corn grits;
– sometimes couscous;
– apples (no more than two per day);
– prunes;
– citrus;
– pineapples;
– plums;
– Kiwi;
– watermelon (a couple of slices per day);
– cheese (up to 50 g);
– any dairy and fermented milk products (up to 5%);
– vegetable oil (until 14:00);
– mayonnaise (until 14:00);
– sour cream (until 14:00);
– lemon juice;
– soy sauce;
– vinegar;
– ketchup;
– adjika;
– mustard;
– gelatin;
– agar-agar;
– tea without sugar;
– sugar free coffee;
– water without sugar
Dinner– Vegetables, except potatoes, beans, mushrooms, pumpkins, eggplants;
– greenery;
– sea kale;
– steamed rice;
– garlic;
– buckwheat;
– meat (without fat and skin);
– fish (without fat and skin;)
– seafood;
– any dairy and fermented milk products (up to 5%);
– cheese (up to 50 g);
– apples (no more than two per day);
– prunes;
– citrus;
– watermelon (a couple of slices per day);
– pineapples;
– rye crackers;
– boiled eggs;
– vinegar;
– soy sauce;
– gelatin;
– agar-agar;
– tea without sugar;
– sugar free coffee;
– water without sugar

The most difficult period of the Minus 60 diet is the first two weeks. Next begins the addiction of the body to the new rules. An elementary example.

When you want to have a cake in the evening, you will easily give up this idea. Because you will know for sure: after suffering until the morning, you can “devour” at least a whole plate. Would it like this in the morning?

A question and one more trick of the way “Minus 60”.

To starve, really, it is not necessary. Judge for yourself by looking at the sample menu for the week of the Minus 60 diet.

  • Morning . Oatmeal with boiled eggs and bacon.
  • Lunch Buckwheat porridge, boiled chicken, stewed beetroot salad with mayonnaise.
  • Evening. Cottage cheese with an apple.
  • Morning . Rice with fish cutlets.
  • Lunch Ear without potatoes. Fishcake with buckwheat. Salad of tomatoes and cucumbers.
  • Evening. Salad from cabbage, greens and sweet pepper, seasoned with lemon juice.
  • Morning . Wheat porridge. Boiled eggs. Sandwich with butter and cheese.
  • Lunch Stuffed cabbage rolls Vegetable salad from cabbage, cucumbers, tomatoes and greens. Baked apples.
  • Evening. Yogurt with pineapple slices.
  • Morning . Wheat porridge. Boiled eggs. Sandwich with butter and cheese.
  • Lunch Pasta with cheese. Vegetable salad from cabbage, cucumbers, tomatoes and greens.
  • Evening. Boiled fish.

  • Morning . Mashed potatoes. Pork chop. Stewed cabbage with mushrooms.
  • Lunch Borscht without meat. Buckwheat with mushrooms. Boiled eggs.
  • Evening. Filler of tongue.
  • Morning . Oatmeal. Casserole with apples and strawberries.
  • Lunch Chicken liver, sautéed with onions and carrots. Rice porrige. Salad from cabbage and pepper.
  • Evening. Boiled eggs.
  • Morning . Pumpkin and millet casserole. Sandwich with cheese.
  • Lunch Boiled sausages. Vegetable casserole.
  • Evening. Boiled chicken liver.

It may seem to some that it is difficult for women to work in compliance with the “Minus 60” diet. Here’s how, for example, to those who linger in the office have time to eat until six in the evening?

Or what if the daily schedule?

As the author of the Minus 60 method says: “Desire is a thousand possibilities, unwillingness is
a thousand reasons. In the first case, you can take to work the boxes with dinner. Moreover, the evening menu “Minus 60” is straightforward.

And in the second one, coming from the night shift, should have breakfast and only then rest. Upon awakening in this case, follow the rules of lunch.

Reviews of doctors, in particular, gynecologists, and nutritionists about the “Katy system” are very positive. In favor of such a diet on the website of the Minus 60 method, fitness trainers, psychologists, and specialists in healthy nutrition are also expressed.

They say that the “Minus 60” diet is maximally adapted to modern living conditions. In addition, it allows for indulgence.

No disaster will happen if you break and allow yourself culinary liberties on holidays. After them – just go back to the “Minus 60” rules.

The peculiarity is that “minus weight loss” will not be extreme. Weight loss of 500-800 grams per week, nutritionists say, excellent and healthy results.

They claim that the body can burn no more than two kilograms of fat in 14 days. Anything higher is water and muscle tissue gone. The fluid will recover very quickly, but the muscles will take the place of the new fat …

The diet of the “Minus 60” system, the author of the method promises, will allow to lose not only physical, but also moral “ballast”. Tips Catherine Mirimanova many women really help to change, to love yourself, to become that mysterious witch who draws all the disadvantages for herself.

The fact is finally: The system “Minus 60” of Ekaterina Mirimanova has more than 3 million followers all over the world.

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