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Sunflower seeds: benefit and harm, calorie, use during pregnancy and lactation

According to etiquette, publicly nibble sunflower seeds – bad form. In some countries, it is forbidden to use the product in public places at the legislative level.

But the love of the Slavs for this delicacy is stronger than the aesthetic aspects. Our people eat seeds at home, on walks, and even on dates.

And for good reason. The product is important for beauty, potency, nerves and heart.

But the main thing here is to “not click through” the moment and know what are the benefits and harms of sunflower seeds.

Russia is the world leader in the production of packaged sunflower seeds. Today the product is presented for every taste.

There are roasted sunflower seeds, dried, salted seeds, and even raw, peeled and peeled. The range, in fact, from the childhood of many Soviet schoolchildren.

Remember, you come to your grandmother for the summer and you can not wait to see the sunflower hats on the village fields. And there is nothing tastier than the “bubki” from the new crop of “sunny flower”.

Well, and then the parents roasted raw sunflower seeds in large frying pans and, having brought to readiness, they poured into a huge bowl. It was so delicious that the Semen nibbled even hot.

In difficult times, some families survived only thanks to sunflower crops. After all, you also met women who were selling homemade seeds wrapped in a newspaper near cinemas and at public transport stops?

Seeds have always been in demand, because it is simply impossible to tear them away. But the key addition to the excellent taste are the beneficial properties of sunflower seeds, which even fans do not always know.

But the benefits of sunflower seeds with vitamin E alone are not limited. The product contains proteins, vitamins, minerals, amino acids, vegetable fats, and beneficial polyunsaturated fatty acids.

For example, there is even more magnesium here than in the main source of this substance – rye bread.

Therefore, seeds are considered good prevention of heart attacks, strokes and other heart diseases. How else does the product affect the body?

  • Reduces cholesterol. Despite the high nutritional value and caloric content, sunflower kernels have the ability to regulate cholesterol levels in the blood. Moreover, people with high cholesterol are recommended for dessert it is sunflower halva.
  • Relieves stress, soothes. Sunflower seeds help to distract from problems. Work as antidepressants. And monotonous, repetitive movements help the brain “switch”. That is why sunflower seeds often alleviate the condition of quitting smokers.
  • Improves hair condition. Due to its zinc content, the product has a positive effect on the thickness and healthy shine of hair.
  • Reduces cancer risks. The product is rich in antioxidants that block the action of radical particles in the body, prevent cancer and premature aging of cells, tissues, organs.
  • Normalizes intestinal motility. Dietary fiber in the composition of the seeds allow you to safely solve the problem of irregular stool.

The table below analyzes the composition of the fruit of the sunflower. The calculation is based on the number of useful components in 100 g of the edible part of the product.

Table – Chemical composition of sunflower seed

The nutritional valueVitaminsMacro and trace elements
Squirrels20.7 gIN 11.84 mgCalcium (Ca)367 mg
Fat52.9 gAT 20.18 mgMagnesium (Mg)317 mg
Carbohydrates10.5 gAT 51.13 mgSodium (Na)160 mg
AT 61,345 mgPhosphorus (P)530 mg
Beta carotene0.03 mgPotassium (K)647 mg
B9 (folic acid)227 mcgSelenium (Se)53 mcg
PP10.1 mgIron (Fe)6.1 mg
AT 455.1 mgZinc (Zn)5 mg
E31.2 mgManganese (Mn)1.95 mg
BUT5 mcg

Please note: sunflower seeds have a high content of folic acid. It is useful for pregnant women, since it has a positive effect on the intrauterine development of the fetus.

In particular, his neural tube. Vitamin E, in turn, strengthens the placenta.

Polyunsaturated fatty acids are involved in the construction of baby brain cells. Vitamin A prevents rickets.

Roasted seeds, contrary to myths, relieve the state during heartburn. And help to cope with constipation and nausea.

In addition, the product strengthens the skin and hair.

When breastfeeding seeds are also not prohibited. On the contrary, women who have problems with lactation are recommended to eat the kernels of sunflower seeds.

This product increases the flow of milk, but, however, increases the fat content of the breast drink.

A nursing mother should introduce seeds into the diet very carefully. Watch your baby to avoid allergic reactions, constipation or colic.

It is better not to try the product before the child is three months old.

A separate topic – calorie. Seeds with regular overeating can add pounds to your weight.

In 100 g of kernels – it is from 520 to 700 kcal! And taking into account the fact that the seeds are “like a drug,” here you just have to open the package, and you will not stop …

Half a cup of sunflower seeds has as many calories as a chocolate bar. And if you gnaw a whole glass of seeds, then consider that you have eaten a portion of pork shish kebab.

However, sunflower seeds are sometimes used for weight loss. This is possible due to their ability to lower cholesterol and a high content of vegetable protein.

There are diets where, in one of the meals, ordinary foods are completely replaced by sunflower seeds. But here the maximum daily measure – up to 40 g.

Due to the high caloric content, the question also arises whether it is possible to eat the seeds of a “sun flower” in diabetes mellitus. It is possible, but in limited quantities.

It is better for diabetics to at least halve the daily allowance for a healthy person.

On sale there are seeds in white, black and striped peel. The fattest and most saturated are the dark-shelled kernels.

When choosing a product, keep in mind that the most useful is dried or raw seeds in the peel. During heat treatment, the lion’s share of their useful properties is lost.

It is better to have a product without salt, because sodium in large quantities provokes hypertensive seizures.

According to reviews, it is better to buy washed and dried seeds, which are sold by weight in stores. At home, this product can be further washed, dried and held for a few minutes in the microwave.

There is a quick way to remove the rind from the seeds at home. They need to scroll in a blender at minimum speed, and then fill with water.

As a result, the peel should separate and float to the surface.

In addition to the general recommendations on safety measures in the use of the product, there are cases when the harm of sunflower seeds is inevitable. So, you can not gnaw the kernel with ulcers and other diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, gout, kidney problems.

Also, seeds harm the vocal cords and aggravate the condition in diseases of the throat.

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