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Salt and soda face scrub: effectiveness, contraindications, safe recipes

The salt and soda face scrub is an alternative for salon peeling that is available for home use. The main idea of ​​cleaning the face of dead epidermal particles is that the young cells located under their layer form a layer that itself looks younger.

In addition, their membranes, which have not yet managed to coarsen, better absorb nutrients from the scrub applied after scrubbing.

Therefore, the scrub should be used not so much for hygiene as for rejuvenation. However, this technique has its drawbacks. The first of these is that the cells in the lower layer of the epidermis have not yet matured enough to fully perform their functions.

So, together with the absorption of useful components by the skin, the effect on the deeper layers of the skin from the side of the factors that had almost never touched them will increase. From among them:

  • solar radiation;
  • temperature drops;
  • air humidity level;
  • chemically active particles from the environment.

The second disadvantage of their use is that all scrubs irritate the skin. It does not depend on the type of exfoliating agent in their composition, since food acids serve no less irritants and allergens than peach seed powder, for example.

The same applies to the scrub for the face of salt and soda.

It is possible to clean the top cornified layer either mechanically or chemically.

  • Mechanical cleaning. It is produced by solid particles in the composition of the product. This may be a powder from the seed of the fruit, bone meal, minerals. Of these, and salt.
  • Chemical cleaning. Achieved by scrub cleavage of bonds that hold the top layer of cells on the skin surface. The most famous representatives of this group are food acids. Sodium bicarbonate also belongs to them.

Sodium bicarbonate is famous for its ability to neutralize the action of any acids (food and non-food), as well as break down vegetable and animal fats. Plus, it has the properties of light anti-inflammatory and antiseptic.

Therefore, among the positive effects of the use of facial scrub from soda can be noted the following.

  • Eliminate excess fat. Moreover, not only from the surface of the skin (this is easily achieved by washing), but also from the pores of the sebaceous glands, where it can accumulate in the form of comedones.
  • Exfoliate dead cells. Here it is achieved by dissolving all the same sebum, which to a large extent helped them to stay on the surface of the skin, “stuck together” with it.
  • The narrowing of the skin pores. This is the inevitable effect of drying the stratum corneum and removing comedones.
  • Removal of residues of cosmetics. First of all, it concerns the foundation, concealer and powder.

But negative reviews about soda scrubs can be found a lot, since they also have shortcomings. The main ones are listed below.

  • The shift in the balance of the skin in the alkaline side. The alkaline environment is more favorable for the reproduction of bacteria and fungi than neutral or acidic. That is why it is more reasonable to disinfect the skin with a solution of acid than alkali.
  • Skin defatting. If in the short term, soda scrub helps from black dots and removes oily shine, in the long term – the fat content of the skin can still increase due to its regular “drying” in this way.
  • Too deep peeling. Sodium bicarbonate refers to substances with abrasive properties. Plus, he, unlike salt, is not completely soluble in water. Therefore, with too active rubbing, they have the risk of removing from the surface of the skin not only dead cells, but also part of the living.

Compared to soda, salt is relatively safe. This does not mean that a salt facial scrub will be less effective. On the contrary, salt is necessary for all cells of our body because it regulates the exchange of fluid in them.

Among the beneficial properties of sodium chloride can be emphasized.

  • Increase skin’s ability to retain water. This eliminates drying out and reduces the need for moisturizers.
  • Mitigation of the stratum corneum. Sometimes due to this, there is no need for frequent use of scrub.
  • Acceleration of regeneration. It is achieved by improving the capillary blood supply – the key to updating the stratum corneum.
  • The effect of light antiseptic. It is not higher than that of soda, but not lower than that of it, since sodium chloride is also not the most favorable environment for the survival of bacteria.

The negative aspects of using a face scrub from salt are reduced to its ability to corrode any damage to the stratum corneum. In addition, it, unlike soda, is different in grinding and content.

Attempts to use coarse salt with unknown composition as scrub can end in tears.

Currently, they have already been created so many that fit and confused. Moreover, a significant part relates to the field of unsafe experiments on oneself.

Therefore, it is important for us to remember the following three points about soda scrubs.

  1. Soda is effective in itself. That is, applying a slurry of soda with water on the face is sufficient in most cases. You can absolutely not add anything else.
  2. Mixing soda with acids is meaningless. Lemon, vinegar, hydrogen peroxide and other similar additives are more or less concentrated acids. Therefore, alkali (soda) quenches them with the release of large amounts of carbon dioxide. The result is that when mixing them with soda, we destroy both ingredients – of course, with the loss of their beneficial properties.
  3. Scrubs and masks from soda with shaving foam are dangerous. And for all skin types. Here a lot depends on the composition of a particular foam. But they all have common ingredients, the benefits of which are in doubt. There are also soothing ingredients, and yet other substances form the basis of such creams. For example, propylene glycol, which is added to antifreeze, but in shaving foam, it improves blade slip. Or preservative-textures sodium benzoate, which prolongs the shelf life of the foam and helps it not to exfoliate (and it just dries the skin).

Facial scrub with soda and salt combines the properties of these two components without mutual neutralization. This means that after applying it, the skin will lose its increased fat content for a while.

But over the next few days, its moisture content will remain high.

  • Baking soda – a teaspoon.
  • Food salt, “Extra” – a teaspoon.
  • Non-carbonated mineral water – three teaspoons.
  1. Stir all ingredients until completely homogeneous.
  2. Apply the mixture on your face with a sponge, brush or fingers.
  3. Slightly (!) Massage the problem (acne, desquamation, comedones) skin areas – cheekbones and cheeks, middle of the forehead, upper chin.
  4. Leave the scrub on the face for three minutes, then rinse with cool water without applying cosmetics.
  5. Use a moisturizer or nourishing cream.

Young horny cells look better than old ones. But they need components that will allow them to ripen faster, to gain all the normal properties for the epidermis.

And for this they need intensive hydration and nutrition – vitamins, minerals, trace elements and specific fatty acids. The ideal option for them is a salt scrub with olive oil.

  • Table salt, food, extra – a teaspoon.
  • Virgin olive oil – a teaspoon.
  1. Put the ingredients together and stir with a spoon for ten seconds.
  2. Apply the mixture to your face with your fingertips, avoiding the skin around your eyes and lips.
  3. Massage gently, leave the scrub on the face for ten minutes.
  4. Wash it off with warm water without using detergents.
  5. Lightly blot your face with water with a towel.

By themselves, facial scrubs from salt or soda do not have whitening properties, although they can slightly improve the complexion by eliminating black spots and horny. Therefore, to supplement the salt scrub with kefir, cream or sour cream is a good idea.

Pay attention: soda with such ingredients is combined much worse, because it destroys milk protein and fat in sour cream, and kefir turns it into whey.

  • Table salt, food, extra – a teaspoon.
  • Fat (15% and higher) sour cream – a teaspoon.
  1. Put together sour cream and salt, mix intensively.
  2. Apply the scrub on your face with your fingertips, lightly massaging during the application process.
  3. Leave the scrub on the face for 15 minutes, then rinse with warm water without the use of detergents.
  4. Use your regular face cream.

It must be remembered that too frequent rejuvenation of the skin with the help of any scrubs, on the contrary, can lead to its accelerated aging. And a face scrub with soda and salt is no exception. In any case, the skin will react to the stimulus by compacting its outer layer.

And therefore, the abuse of scrubs is fraught with its gradual coarsening, a rapid decrease in elasticity due to the destruction of its deep layers under the influence of external factors from which the thinned epidermis no longer protects them.

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