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Rice face mask: 11 recipes and rules of use

“Offering rice offers life itself,” the Buddha emphasized with these words the beneficial properties of the cereal. In order to develop strength and endurance, Olympians were fed rice porridge. The first mentions in the annals of rice, as the source of feminine beauty, date from the reign of Nero.

And they belong to Dioscorides, the Roman historian. In Japanese women, rice face mask is not even a procedure, but a traditional beauty ritual.

Why is the tool so valued since ancient times and how it transforms modern fashionistas?

Doctors, nutritionists and cosmetologists rated rice as an extremely useful product. When used internally, it will clean the digestive system, reduce harmful cholesterol, and make the figure more slender.

If the cereal is applied in the form of masks, then it gives the dermis antioxidants and linoleic acid, which activate collagen synthesis. Rice cosmetics is the secret of the perfect skin of oriental beauties, which is also available for the modern woman.

Rice cereals are successfully used in many dishes. It is difficult to imagine food without fragrant pilaf or tasty stuffed cabbage, and admirers of Japanese cuisine simply cannot imagine life without sushi. And if in cooking, cereal can already be counted among the traditional cereals, for cosmetic purposes European women have little demand for it.

And in vain!

The wise East respects the cereal with great respect, because the rice face mask can provide the following beneficial effects.

  • Slowing down aging. Rice is rich in vitamins, microelements. Among them: the famous vitamin of youth – E, contributing to the renewal and regeneration of cells. As well as silicon, which provides skin with a toned effect, and selenium, the strongest antioxidant.
  • Smoothing wrinkles. Cereal is rich in fats that stimulate collagen synthesis in tissues. It is known that the lack of such cells leads to early aging of the dermis. Regular use of rice masks allows you to turn back the time and smooth the first wrinkles.
  • Whitening Starch, which is a part of rice, is a powerful weapon against pigment spots, freckles. It gently but effectively bleaches the skin.
  • Color enhancement. The combination of a large amount of vitamins, especially PP and B3, makes it possible to refresh the shade of the dermis, eliminate inflammatory reactions. Cosmetologists say that it is nicotinic acid (or vitamin PP) that makes skin shine.
  • Moisturizing. Due to the potassium content, rice masks are able to restore the water balance even in very dry epidermis.
  • Improved elasticity. Starch provides skin elasticity, phosphorus helps to improve the tone of the dermis, and silicon tightens the tissue, delineating the natural shape of the face.
  • Getting rid of rashes. Rice masks well reduce dermal greasiness, clean pores. For young beauties such agents are recommended as a powerful remedy for oily shine, acne, comedones.

Reviews of cosmetologists show that rice face mask solves the problems of the young dermis, supports the mature epidermis, restores fading integuments. But in order for a useful cereal not to disappoint your expectations, it is necessary to properly use its healing power.

How? Stick to the five rules.

  1. Mask selection. When choosing a skin care product, you need to consider your type of dermis. The wrong choice can cause increased greasiness or lead to excessive drying of the skin.
  2. Skin preparation. Before applying the mask, the face should be cleaned with a tonic, gel or milk. Women with oil covers are recommended to start with steam cleaning. This procedure will open the pores, clean the dermis and enhance the effectiveness of the mask. Fading derma can be wiped with ice cube before a session. It will also allow maximum open pores. If the skin is characterized by excessive dryness, then before applying the face should be smeared with a thin layer of olive oil.
  3. Application of funds. The mixture is applied to the prepared skin with a thick layer, approximately for 15-20 minutes. To achieve the best effect, it is recommended to apply a warm mask whose temperature is equal to the body temperature.
  4. Removing the mask. Rinse the mixture can be a decoction of herbs, warm water, milk, mineral water. After the procedure, the dermis must be soothed with a nourishing cream. Dry skin can be supported with moisturizing cosmetics or olive oil.
  5. The regularity of the procedures. Rice masks are shown for prophylaxis every nine to ten days. In the intensified fight against the aging of the dermis, it is recommended to repeat the procedures once a week. To rid the face of acne, a different rash, black spots, you must hold the mask in one to two days. The course of such treatment of the epidermis usually includes ten masks.

Grass, ground into flour, is a good abrasive. Therefore, rice remedy is often recommended as a cleansing scrub for oily, problem dermis.

In order to apply the grass to dry skin, suffering from peeling, tightness, it is recommended to combine it with fermented milk products or vegetable oils.

Good results will provide the following masks.

Japanese women use such a tool for dry integument. The mask allows you to saturate the dermis with vitamins, minerals, moisturize it qualitatively.

The mixture has a bleaching effect, improves blood flow, strengthens blood vessels.

  • Boiled rice – two tablespoons.
  • Spirulina – four pills.
  • Jojoba oil – five drops.
  • Chicken yolk – two.
  1. Spirulina must be crushed to powder.
  2. Boiled rice is ground through a fine sieve.
  3. Whisk the yolks in a separate bowl.
  4. Chopped spirulina mixed with grated rice and whipped yolks.

The mixture combining rice and oatmeal is recommended for deep peeling of greasy skin. The mask gently exfoliates the dead cells, removes impurities from the pores.

The tool allows you to normalize the functioning of the subcutaneous glands, so that the face loses oily sheen.

  • Rice cereal – two teaspoons.
  • Oatmeal – two teaspoons.
  • Yogurt (you can take kefir) – four teaspoons.
  1. Oatmeal mixed with rice.
  2. The resulting mixture is ground in a coffee grinder to a state of flour.
  3. Mixed powder is combined with yogurt and knead the product well.

Cereal by nature is endowed with the ability to whiten the dermis. And when combined with lemon juice, this effect increases several times.

Whitening mask eliminates age spots, relieves pigmentation, enters into the fight with freckles.

  • Raw rice – four tablespoons.
  • Lemon juice – two tablespoons.
  • Water – two tablespoons.
  1. The cereal is ground into flour.
  2. Squeeze juice out of fresh citrus. Lemon drink combined with water in equal proportions.
  3. Rice flour is mixed with diluted lemon juice.

A good solution would be a rice flour mask with the addition of apple-orange puree for the face, which is distinguished by dullness and fatigue. Vitamin mixture will be able to charge the epidermis with energy, saturate with beneficial ingredients, return the lost strength and elasticity.

  • Rice flour – two tablespoons.
  • An apple is half the average fruit.
  • Orange is half citrus.
  • Yogurt (without fillers) – about four tablespoons.
  1. Apple and orange are peeled and peeled. Thoroughly grind them to a state of mashed potatoes.
  2. Apple-orange mixture is added to rice flour.
  3. The product is diluted with yogurt.
  4. Mask put in the fridge for half an hour, so that the agent infused.
  5. Before applying to the face, the mixture is slightly warmed up.

White wheat flour is endowed with antiseptic effect. It helps to neutralize the bacteria that cause acne on the dermis. The mask, in addition to the rice component, contains aloe and honey, providing a means of softening properties.

Beauticians are advised to use a mask from comedones, acne, to align the tone and eliminate redness.

  • Rice flour – three tablespoons.
  • Honey – two teaspoons.
  • Aloe juice – three tablespoons.
  1. From the plant aloe (it is desirable to use the lower fleshy sheets) squeeze the juice.
  2. Rice flour is mixed with the juice of the plant.
  3. Honey is added to the mixture.
  4. If necessary, add water.

Such a scrub mask is another option for effective acne control. The mixture well cleans the skin from black spots, relieves it of dead epithelium.

The mask provides skin alignment and polishes it well.

  • Rice flour – one tablespoon.
  • Sugar – a tablespoon floor.
  • Wheat flour – a tablespoon floor.
  • Honey – one tablespoon.
  • Milk – two tablespoons.
  1. Sugar is mixed with rice and wheat flour.
  2. The mixture is diluted with warm milk.
  3. Then add honey and mix the product well.

Strong cleansing properties, as shown by reviews of women, has a mask of rice for the face on the basis of sage. The tool is well cleanses the skin from various rashes, acne, acne, comedones.

Provides disposal of inflammatory reactions, eliminates pathogenic flora.

  • Dry sage herb – one tablespoon.
  • Hot water – one glass.
  • Rice flour – two tablespoons.
  • Honey – one tablespoon.
  1. Sage need to pour a glass of boiling water. Capacity cover and insist the grass for about one hour. Then filter well.
  2. Two tablespoons of the resulting infusion is mixed with rice flour.
  3. Honey is added to the mixture and mixed well.
  4. After removing the funds from the face, the skin should be wiped with the remnants of sage infusion. This will greatly enhance the anti-inflammatory effect of the mask.

The mask softens and nourishes the skin. It smoothes the shade of the dermis, eliminates peeling, provides easy peeling. Rice flour polishes the dermis, removes toxins, contributes to the narrowing of pores.

Oatmeal removes the roughness of the epidermis. And walnuts are well tightened oval face.

  • Rice flour – one teaspoon.
  • Oatmeal (in ground form) – one teaspoon.
  • Walnuts (ground to flour) – one teaspoon.
  • Gruel of ripe banana – two teaspoons.
  • Cream (or milk) – two teaspoons.
  1. Milled rice is combined with oatmeal. Chopped walnuts are added to the mixture.
  2. Banana puree is added to the product.
  3. To obtain the desired consistency of the mask, the product is diluted with warm cream (for dry skins) or milk.

Cosmetologists advise using this mask to tighten the oval, “draw” the contours of the face, and eliminate wrinkles. Means well strengthens the tissue, moisturizes the dermis, gives it strength and energy.

  • Rice flour – two tablespoons.
  • Egg white is one.
  • Glycerin – one tablespoon.
  1. Flour mixed with glycerin.
  2. Egg white is whipped separately until foaming.
  3. Rice-glycerin mixture is mixed with egg foam until homogeneous.

Rice tools can improve the appearance of the mature dermis. They saturate it with vitamins, give it a natural shade, align the structure. The mask with the addition of sea buckthorn and vitamins A, E, well nourishes the tired dermis, rejuvenates it, starts a powerful tissue repair process.

Perfectly relieves rice mask for the face from wrinkles, age spots, flabbiness.

  • Rice flour – two tablespoons.
  • Sea buckthorn oil – seven drops.
  • Egg yolk – two pieces.
  • Vitamin A – one ampoule.
  • Vitamin E – one ampoule.
  1. Rice flour is mixed with egg yolks.
  2. Sea buckthorn oil is added to the mixture and mixed thoroughly.
  3. In the mask injected vitamins.
  4. If necessary, you can dilute the thick mixture of yogurt or kefir.

One of the favorite masks of Japanese women was one that combines the unique strength of rice, the whitening effect of milk and the rejuvenating effect of honey. Such a tool is able to tighten the covers, give them elasticity and smoothness.

  • Groats rice (raw) – three tablespoons.
  • Milk – one tablespoon.
  • Honey – one tablespoon.
  1. Rice pour water and well boiled soft. Then the cereal is drained and washed under running water.
  2. Boiled rice is poured with milk and carefully ground the mixture until homogeneous.
  3. Honey is added to the obtained slurry and the mask is kneaded.

Rice face mask at home will improve the skin structure, eliminate acne, smooth wrinkles. As evidenced by reviews, such tools really have many advantages.

Spending the minimum efforts, you can keep youth for a long time.

I made such a mask! Only not with milk, but with sour cream.

Rice, sour cream, honey. Well, the effect is simply superchemical, and it is immediately visible, by removing the mask. First of all, my pores were very well cleaned.

It is believed that rice has good absorbing properties, and therefore it absorbs toxins and dirt from the face perfectly, eliminating acne, acne and blackheads. I do not know, thanks to rice or not, but my skin has become clearly better.

Further, the pores narrowed and the face became velvety to the touch. And yet, the masks have the effect of whitening and smoothing skin tone.

Here there will be nothing at once, and if you use it all the time, you can achieve quite good results.

Inna, Moscow, //www.divomix.com/forum/ris-dlya-lica-opyt-gejsh/

I was cleaning my face. Rice took the crude. The effect is amazing.

The skin becomes soft and velvety. Only while washing off is slightly sticky, and there are no more disadvantages of using a rice mask.

A good mask for nourishing dry skin. With this mask you can get rid of skin pigmentation. I used it to clean my skin from black spots and to prevent aging.

Already after the first mask, my skin became much cleaner. Became more elastic.

To prepare a mask is very easy. I take a spoonful of rice flour, and mix it with a spoonful of honey. Soak on the skin for 20 minutes, and wash off with warm water.

This procedure can be done once a week. This mask will get rid of acne and black spots very quickly.

(jui438) Julia, //www.opi24.com.ua/catalog/view/1951/

I could never imagine that ordinary rice helps to rejuvenate the skin of the face. Previously, in Japan, all the girls made themselves various masks of rice, so I thought why are we worse?

In general, rice itself contains a large number of useful substances, such as linoleic acid, an antioxidant that promotes the production of collagen.

So go to the mask, we will need 3 tbsp. spoons of rice, 1 tbsp. a spoon of milk and 1 tbsp. spoon of honey. Boil the rice, drain the water and let it cool, then add honey and milk to the rice and mix. Apply to face and hold for about 15 minutes.

Then wash the mask with the rice water you left behind. After such procedures, you can immediately notice how your face is getting younger and prettier.

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