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Rice diet for weight loss for 7 days: menu, reviews and results

Rice – the highlight of Asian cuisine. In Japan – it is a national grass. Residents of the Land of the Rising Sun eat rice daily and know at least 500 thousand recipes with this ingredient.

Delicious white grains appeared on the Russians table three centuries ago. Today, the product is used not only in cooking, but also in cosmetology, traditional medicine. Due to its adsorbing properties, rice can also affect a person’s weight.

That is why the plant is part of the correctional nutrition programs. Rules for the selection of dietary rice, and how the popular rice diet for 7 days works.

When describing the dietary properties of rice, the following argument is given. According to the World Health Organization, in Japan, where the national menu is built on rice dishes, the obesity rate among the developed world countries is the lowest.

In this case, it is the Japanese who occupy the first place in the world as long-livers. And sick, on the contrary, less often than others.

Rice is called “pearl grain.” It is eaten over four thousand years. More than 7 thousand varieties are known.

First and second courses, desserts are made from the product. Grains are processed into flour for baking.

Even alcoholic beverages are made on the basis of the plant.

The annual global need for cereal is about 700 million tons. To close this demand, more than one million employees are involved in growing and processing crops.

In fact, every sixth inhabitant of the Earth.

Rice – a source of useful complex carbohydrates. Almost 80% of it consists of them.

The product also contains vegetable protein and a minimum amount of “grass” fat.

Nutritionists advise losing weight to use only certain varieties of rice. For example, white polished rice, which is most often found in local cuisine, is not recommended. The fact is that in the process of processing this variety loses a significant part of its useful properties.

Processing makes it unpretentious in cooking – cooks about 15 minutes. But it takes away the ability to “heal”, cleanse the body.

There is also information that excessive consumption of white grains can be one of the causes of chronic metabolic disorders. Including the development of diabetes.

What is the use of rice? The product contains B vitamins, nicotinic acid, tocopherol and biotin.

It contains potassium, calcium, magnesium, phosphorus. Cereal has essential amino acids, as well as unsaturated fatty acids valuable to the body.

This is a whole “set of health”, which determines a number of specific features of the “pearl grain”.

  • Beauty . The product strengthens the nails and hair, improves the condition of the skin. There is even a special rice cosmetics.
  • Mind Rice stimulates brain activity, increases stress resistance and strengthens nerves.
  • Immunity. Positive effect on the protective functions of the body. Increases immunity resistance. According to some reports, refer to the tools of cancer prevention.
  • Heart and vessels. Cereal regulates blood sugar and cholesterol levels.
  • Gastrointestinal tract. Promotes healing of the affected areas of the digestive tract. Therefore, it is included in the recommended diet for ulcers and gastritis.

On the forums about losing weight, there are often positive reviews about the rice diet. Especially girls highlight the following advantages of this diet.

  • Quick “plummet”. Experienced claim that on a rigid rice diet, you can lose about 10 kg per week.
  • No feeling of hunger. “Pearl seeds”, rich in complex carbohydrates, quickly saturate and permanently satisfy your appetite. Therefore, there is no insurmountable growing hunger on the rice diet.
  • Tasty and varied. Rice itself has good taste. And it goes well with other healthy low-calorie foods – vegetables, fruits, meat and fish.

Experience, reviews and results of thinning show: the rice diet is effective only if certain rules are followed. They mainly concern the preparation of the main product of the program, as well as affecting the drinking regime and determine the list of prohibited additional foods.

  • The right grains. Dietary rice is used for dietary purposes.
  • Maceration Before cooking, the grains are thoroughly washed and soaked for at least an hour in water, the temperature of which is about 60 ° C. Not in boiling water. It is necessary to curl and wash starch harmful to the figure.
  • Cooking Boil rice for weight loss and for the general table need differently. For dietary purposes, a slightly damp product is needed. There are even recipes in which a slimming person should eat generally dry grains.
  • Drinking Rice diet to cleanse the body of salts provides plenty of drink. Fluids should be even more than in all such monoprograms. At least two or two and a half liters per day. This accelerates the removal of “dirt.” And, among other things, helps to solve the key problem of rice nutrition – constipation. You can drink green and red teas, water without gas. But it is better not to drink food, so as not to dilute the gastric juice. Drink half an hour before meals and an hour and a half after a meal.
  • Taboo products. These include flour, salt, sugar, sauces, butter – especially cream.

There are many methods of losing weight on rice. Some of them exclude any other products from the menu. But there are more satisfying combinations, when vegetables, fruits, etc. are added to the porridge. Rice is boiled or soaked.

And sometimes they even eat raw or spend the whole “rituals” for insisting cereals. Next, we describe the schemes that are more than others at the hearing.

In the rice diet “Two dishes” there is a place for fish and seafood. This system is designed for five days, which takes about five unnecessary kilos.

The bottom line is that from the menu for the period of weight loss remove all products, except for “pearl” porridge and seafood. You can eat only twice a day. First meal – rice.

The second – boiled, stewed or baked seafood. Combine products can not be.

Rice diet “Glass of rice” is even more rigid. According to her rules, losing weight can eat only 200 g of empty “pearl” cereal per day.

This ration needs to be broken into portions. You can drink apple juice. With bouts of hunger, a couple of green apples are permissible.

This rice diet for weight loss is designed for no more than three days, but, according to reviews, even during this time allows you to say goodbye to three or four kilos tired.

The following way of losing weight is thought up for the desperate and lazy. In the morning on an empty stomach, you need to eat as many dry “pearl seeds” as you lose weight.

In another interpretation, the amount of rice is compared with the initial weight of losing weight.

After such a “breakfast” should be three to four hours to abstain from food. And then – you can eat as usual.

It is said that the results are already visible in three days of such a diet.

There is another variation of this technique. It is recommended to soak the required amount of grains from three to five days.

And only then use.

There are more intricate ways to lose weight on rice. For example, the rice diet “Five volumes.”

It lasts two weeks, requires special preparation and some calculations.

  1. Training . Rice will prepare four (!) Days. Plus the fact that you can mentally tune in for weight loss. But exposure, of course, you need to have a weak. So, four days before the start of the program, a person losing weight should put two tablespoons of grain in five different faceted glasses. Next, each glass is completely filled with filtered water without gas.
  2. Replacing water. Each of the four days the water in tanks with rice need to be changed. It is desirable at the same time.
  3. Start . The fifth day marks the beginning of the transformation of the figure losing weight. You need to drain the water from any glass, and eat the contents – swollen grains. One cup contains the amount of rice you need to consume per day.
  4. New billet. Empty the glass again should be filled with water, rice, and set aside. Further, already on the ground technology, change the water in it every four days. And as ready to use such rice again until the end of the diet. So it will be with each of the five glasses. The main thing is not to confuse when and which of them began to insist.

Diet on rice and green tea is called the secret of Japanese temptresses. The image of a geisha – feminine, slim, mysterious.

In general, the dream of man. And actually, according to a legend, these oriental beauties are obliged by ideal forms to special nutrition.

The way geisha is designed for five days. During this time, it can take from three extra kilos. Every day the menu is built on the same principle.

In addition to tea and rice, non-fat milk is also included in the diet.

  • Morning . Half a liter of green drink, combined with milk.
  • Lunch 250 g of boiled pearl grains and the same amount of milk. Drink should be warm.
  • Evening. 250 g of boiled pearl grains. Your standard cup of green tea. Milk is added to the drink in a 1: 1 ratio.

Diet on rice, chicken and vegetables lasts nine days. This is a set of mono-diets that alternate in a specific order.

The program is divided into three parts. The duration of each phase is three days.

  • Three days on rice. In this phase, the menu is built on fresh rice porridge. It should be prepared taking into account the procedure of pre-soaking. A glass of cereal is filled with water at night. In the morning – the product is made ready by cooking. It turns out about a kilogram of finished porridge, which you need to eat in five or six visits a day. Separately from rice, you can eat up to three teaspoons of honey every day.
  • Three days on filet. During this period, the daily diet of losing weight consists of a kilogram of boiled chicken fillet, which must also be used fractionally. “Bonus” in the form of three teaspoons of honey per day is preserved.
  • Three days on the “green”. Now allowed to eat vegetables. Every day – a kilo of “green”. It is better to give preference to such products as cabbage, cucumbers, zucchini. In limited quantities on the table can be “colored” vegetables such as tomatoes and carrots, but in the amount of not more than 200 g. There are both raw and cooked products. “Sweeten” diet can again be honey.

Weekly pearl program with an emphasis on fruits and vegetables

There is also a weekly “pearl” program, which is based on a combination of cereal with vegetables, fruits, nuts and dairy products. The menu of this technique is varied, but strictly fixed.

A detailed description is in the table below.

Table – Detailed diet of the weekly rice diet

oneMorning– The main product of the program with lemon juice – 50 g boiled;
– green apple;
– green tea
Dinner– The main product of the program – 50 g boiled;
– vegetable salad, dressed with vegetable oil – 100 g
Evening– The main product of the program is 100 g boiled;
– boiled carrots – 50 g
2Morning– The main product of the program with low-fat sour cream – 50 g boiled;
– orange
Dinner– The main product of the program – 150 g in boiled form;
– boiled zucchini – 50 g
Evening– The main product of the program – 150 g in boiled form;
– boiled carrots – 50 g
3Morning– The main product of the program – 50 g boiled;
– pear
Dinner– The main product of the program – 50 g boiled;
– Fresh cucumber – 50 g;
– mushrooms fried in vegetable oil 50 g
Evening– The main product of the program – 150 g in boiled form;
– boiled cabbage – 50 g
fourMorning– The main product of the program – 50 g boiled;
– an Apple
– non-fat milk – 150-200 g
Dinner– The main product of the program – 150 g in boiled form;
– Fresh carrots – 50 g;
– radish – 50 g
Evening– The main product of the program – 150 g in boiled form;
– boiled cabbage – 50 g;
– walnuts – 20-30 g
fiveMorning– The main product of the program – 50 g boiled;
– raisins – 10-20 g;
– low-fat kefir – 150-200 g
Dinner– The main product of the program – 150 g in boiled form;
– boiled zucchini with greens – 50 g
Evening– The main product of the program – 150 g in boiled form;
– Lettuce – a pair of leaves;
– walnuts – 30-40 g
6Morning– The main product of the program with lemon juice – 50 g boiled;
– pear;
– walnuts – 30-40 g
Dinner– The main product of the program – 150 g in boiled form;
– boiled zucchini – 50 g;
– Lettuce – a pair of leaves
Evening– The main product of the program with low-fat sour cream – 150 g boiled;
– pear
7Morning– The main product of the program – 50 g boiled;
– green apple
Dinner– The main product of the program – 150 g in boiled form;
– a tomato;
– Lettuce – a pair of leaves
Evening– The main product of the program is 100 g boiled;
– boiled zucchini – 50 g

Who is not suitable for rice diet: risks and contraindications

If we consider rice as one of the elements of a balanced, varied diet menu, then it is difficult to challenge its benefits. However, the purely rice food programs described above are not useful to everyone and not always.

Doctors warn about the downsides and side effects of the diet.

  • Lack of nutrients. Rice does not understand where the bad and where the good elements. It draws everything around. As a result, it “eats” not only “pests”, but also vitamins, macro- and microelements necessary for a person. That in conditions of deficiency of such substances during the period of weight loss can cause harm. In particular, there is evidence that the product absorbs potassium. Therefore, people with cardiovascular diseases to sit on a rice diet is not recommended.
  • Problem stool. Rice as a sorbent tends to swell. Due to this reaction, peculiar “traffic jams” are formed in the outflowing channels. So, the product is considered an excellent fastening agent and is recommended for diarrhea. However, losing weight, who suffer from systematic constipation, rice diet is not suitable.
  • Selective help. This product is suitable for dietary purposes only for overweight. When the body mass index exceeded the “30” mark and obesity was revealed, the rice diet will not help. This is at best. And at worst, it can aggravate metabolic problems.

Diet on rice is prohibited losing weight with diseases of the digestive system. You can not lose weight with the help of this cereal with constant jumps in blood sugar.

Pregnancy and breastfeeding are also contraindications. And even healthy people who have decided on stressful rice weight loss, are recommended prior medical consultation.

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