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Pumpkin face mask for wrinkles and acne: features of use, recipes

Pumpkin is popular among gourmets and supporters of a healthy lifestyle and nutrition. And its rich vitamin composition turned on itself and the attention of “folk” cosmetology. Pumpkin face mask has a high moisturizing and nourishing potential, able to give freshness to fading skin.

Known and therapeutic properties of pumpkin, which are used in the treatment of skin diseases. Including, with acne.

In addition to a large amount of vitamins, the pumpkin contains many nutrients and trace elements. Orange vegetable is famous for its original taste, cosmetic and medicinal properties, it is considered a dietary product.

Well cleanses, relieves inflammation, rejuvenates and tones. “Orange” mask is used for any type and age of the epidermis.

The homeland of pumpkin is considered to be Mexico – it was there, according to scientists, for the first time pumpkin seeds were found. She quickly gained recognition in other countries, where she began to be used as a tasty and healthy dish, as well as to cure certain diseases with it.

For example, it removes cholesterol from the body and has a positive effect on the cardiovascular system. Pumpkin is a part of many Russian dishes.

Appreciated the pulp of the orange “berries” and lovers of cosmetic procedures at home. In addition to the grooming qualities, pumpkin “compresses” help to cure acne, acne, eczema, acne.

Red fruit contains the necessary dermis trace elements. It contains iron, potassium, zinc, sodium. All these substances are necessary for the proper functioning of barrier functions, immunity and metabolism in the skin.

Vitamin content of pumpkin pulp is of particular importance for integuments.

  • Vitamin C. Stimulates the production of collagen, makes the dermis more elastic. Bleaches, brightens pigment spots and freckles. Ascorbicum contributes to the improvement of barrier functions, due to which the epidermis does not transmit infections to the organism. Strengthens skin protection against UV rays.
  • Vitamins of group B. These include folic acid (B9), riboflavin (B2), thiamine (B1), and vitamins B5 and B6. In combination, these essential substances increase elasticity, eliminate small wrinkles, improve complexion, promote proper water balance of the skin, tone up and strengthen it.
  • Vitamin PP. It promotes the expansion of blood vessels, which positively affects the metabolism in the skin. Stimulates the outflow of excess water, thereby helping to eliminate edema. It is an excellent antioxidant, has anti-inflammatory properties.
  • Vitamin E. Cosmetologists attach great importance to its anti-aging properties. Vitamin effectively copes with signs of aging, such as wrinkles, sagging and flabbiness. Strengthens, tones and tightens the face.
  • Vitamin A. It has anti-inflammatory properties, contributes to the quality treatment of acne, acne, acne. Evens skin tone, maintains its water balance.

As part of a face mask against wrinkles, a pumpkin is suitable for people with any skin type and any age. It moisturizes well and has an antimicrobial effect, so the result of this procedure will be especially noticeable on the dry dermis.

And also important product for problem skin. Here are some skin problems that pumpkin mix solves:

  • sore pimples and blackheads;
  • acne;
  • various redness and irritation on the skin;
  • increased greasiness;
  • fine wrinkles;
  • sluggish, “tired” skin;
  • dryness and flaking;
  • avitaminosis.

Pumpkin face mask nourishes the skin with moisture and vitamins, gives it a healthy look and natural color. To know exactly what the fruit will be useful for the skin of the face, there are several rules for determining the quality of this “berry”.

Scientists have about 20 species of this fruit. As a component of the mask is usually used “pumpkin ordinary”.

This is the most popular type of orange “berry” in Russia, it is a spherical orange fruit with vertical stripes.

To determine the freshness and ripeness of a pumpkin can be by smell, color and general appearance.

  • The size. Usually the large size of the pumpkin speaks of loose flesh. It is better to take the average size of the fruit.
  • Smooth stripes. Must be continuous and strictly vertical, without bends.
  • Dry stalk. When the pumpkin is fully ripe, its peduncle dries out. If the stalk of the fruit is green, it means that it was cut unripe.
  • Hard crust. The peel must be hard, it can not pierce the nail.
  • Beautiful appearance. There should be no dents, cuts or cracks, rotten areas.
  • Orange pulp. In ordinary pumpkin pulp should be a bright orange color.

Natural pumpkin face masks saturate the skin with plenty of vitamins and minerals, and are much cheaper than professional anti-aging products. In order to get the most out of the home procedure, you need to follow eight simple rules.

  1. Fresh ingredients. For the mask fit only the most ripe and fresh ingredients. They contain the greatest amount of nutrients and vitamins that they can transfer to the skin of the face.
  2. Instant application. During storage, many valuable substances are lost, so only a freshly prepared mixture is suitable.
  3. Raw and boiled pumpkin. The use of each depends on the specific recipe. If you need a raw pumpkin, then you need to grate it on a fine grater or chop it with a blender. If boiled – you need to make it puree. For both options it is better to take the pulp from the middle of the pumpkin – there is more juice and nutrients.
  4. Cleansing and steaming skin. This should be done after preparation of the mask mixture, so that after steaming the pores do not have time to taper. It is necessary to remove the entire makeup with a special milk and gently rinse the skin with warm water or rub with lotion for washing. You can steam your face with a wet hot towel. To do this, apply it to the skin until it cools completely and heat it again with hot water. Repeat thrice.
  5. The use of cosmetic brushes. With its help it is very convenient to evenly distribute the mixture over the entire surface of the skin of the face. But if there is no brush, you can gently apply by hand.
  6. Application around the eyes. Pumpkin copes well with edema and will have a beneficial effect on this sensitive area of ​​the face, so the product is suitable for skin care near the eyes.
  7. Uninstall. The water should be warm, you can use a cotton pad. At the end, it is advisable to apply any daily face cream to the skin.
  8. The duration of the procedure and course. The course of pumpkin mask averages 10-15 procedures. The mask can be used three times a week. After completing the course should give the skin a rest for a month or two. Then you can apply pumpkin mixes again.

To make the mask more useful and nutritious, you need to choose the right components. Each product in its own way affects the epidermis, so you need to choose the appropriate recipe based on the individual characteristics of your skin.

Act. This is the easiest pumpkin mask.

It refreshes and moisturizes the skin, heals inflammation and evens tone.

  1. Grate or grind the pulp of fresh pumpkin and apply the resulting gruel on the skin.
  2. For more moisturizing and soft skin, you can add a teaspoon of olive or flaxseed oil.
  3. Hold for half an hour.

Act. Oatmeal with olive oil effectively nourishes the skin, smoothes fine wrinkles, makes the skin more elastic and fresh.

Honey nourishes with valuable minerals and vitamins. A mask of pumpkin from wrinkles will be especially useful for depleted and aged skin.

  1. Place two large spoons of fresh pumpkin on the plate.
  2. Add pumpkin gruel with a small spoon of honey and the same amount of olive oil.
  3. Pour one small spoonful of milled oatmeal into a plate with a mask and mix everything.
  4. The procedure lasts 20 minutes.

Act. Kefir will moisturize and soften the skin, smooth fine wrinkles.

Honey will saturate the epidermis with the necessary substances and vitamins. The mask treats inflammation and acne, and therefore suitable for problem skin.

  1. Put in a bowl three large spoons of mashed fresh pumpkin and the same low-fat yogurt.
  2. Measure into the bowl two small spoons of bee nectar and mix everything.
  3. Apply the mixture to the face and wait for 20 minutes.

Act. It nourishes and smoothes wrinkles, removes excess sebum, soothes irritation.

  1. Put in a bowl a couple of large spoons of boiled pumpkin puree.
  2. Pour whipped yolk and a small spoonful of honey into it.
  3. The contents of the bowl should be brought to a homogeneous slurry.
  4. Action time – 20 minutes.

A face mask from pumpkin against wrinkles on the face helps not only due to moisture and nutrition, but also due to the antioxidants contained in the pulp. Pumpkin seeds also contribute to the rejuvenation of the skin. They contain a huge amount of “rejuvenating” vitamins A and E, due to which the skin becomes smooth, elastic and elastic.

They can be added to the composition of cosmetic mixtures in powdered form.

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