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Protein diet for weight loss: a menu for 7 days, 14 days, a list of products and reviews

Fashionable methods of weight correction are based on the principle: remove fats and carbohydrates, eat proteins. This is the way the popular diets of Elena Malyshey and Pierre Ducane work.

Advertised weight loss programs require strict menu and are designed for a long period. Sitting on such a diet is not easy, so the girls experiment and simplify the well-known techniques in the express versions.

So, in particular, there was a menu for 7 days of a protein diet for weight loss.

Foods rich in fats and simple carbohydrates contribute to weight gain. That is why the essence of the protein diet is as follows: minimize baking, bread, sweets, fried, butter, sauces, etc.

Here is a detailed description of the diet: without getting the usual energy from carbohydrates, the body draws strength, splitting fat. New fats in sufficient quantities while not coming, and you have to use reserves.

Protein helps to avoid exhaustion during the period of weight loss. Mostly of animal origin.

As a result, the diet is based on meat, fish, eggs and dairy products.

Also in some schemes, special attention is paid to citrus. It is believed that ascorbic acid-rich fruit accelerates fat burning.

And also act as antioxidants and vitamin aid for the body during stress.

Some vegetables are allowed. Mostly green, non-starchy and tomatoes.

They contain complex carbohydrates and fiber, providing a long-lasting feeling of fullness and stimulating intestinal motility.

Protein diet must be preceded by a consultation with a doctor. The method is not suitable for a number of diseases and is not valid during pregnancy and lactation.

Sensational diets of Malysheva and Dukan relate to the protein slimming techniques. These methods have supporters and opponents.

However, these diets are practiced even by celebrities.

Elena Malysheva’s low carb diet offers to lose weight to buy ready-made diet sets. There, besides proteins, there will be cereals, cereals, vegetables, and even desserts.

Basic installation: you need to eat often, a little bit and without salt. Plentiful drinking and fasting days are important.

The effect will not come immediately. Diet lasts at least a month. The plus is that the effect lasts for years.

But after weight loss on an ongoing basis, you will need to follow certain rules of nutrition.

Diet Pierre Ducane last up to four months. After that, losing weight comes to a new way of eating. The technique is painted in four phases.

During the first and shortest of them, nutrition will be purely protein, but always with the addition of bran.

Next in the diet will be fruits, vegetables, berries. At certain stages, macaroni and legumes will appear.

And also “belly feasts” when you are allowed to eat anything.

The Dukanov method is also capable of giving that “plummet”, which a specific slimming person is waiting for.

There are many variations of protein express weight loss. For example, protein-vegetable, protein-fruit and protein-citrus methods.

But the basic rules are the same for all such weight correction schemes.

  1. Daily caloric intake. It is necessary to reduce to 1000 kcal.
  2. The amount of protein. In the daily diet of losing weight, protein food takes up from 60%. But there must be other substances in each serving.
  3. The amount of carbohydrates. Every day the menu includes modest portions of foods high in complex carbohydrates. For example, some cereals.
  4. Fractional menu. There is a need often and in small portions. Five or six meals should be planned. The last table is no later than three hours before bedtime.
  5. Activity Mandatory walking. Benefit will bring exercise or pool. In general, it is important to exercise physical activity. This will distract from thinking about food, help to spend more calories.

The menu of the protein diet on days of the week losing weight will be able to paint yourself. It is only important to be guided by the list of permitted-prohibited foods and adhere to recommendations about caloric content.

All that you can eat, you combine to your taste. A table with lists of acceptable and harmful products is given below.

Table – Protein Diet: Permitted and Prohibited Products

CanAbsolutely not
– Lean meat pulp (poultry and beef);
– lean fish and seafood;
– eggs (only proteins are better);
– non-fat milk;
– hard cheese (not more than 30 g);
– Almonds and cashews (by the piece);
– beans;
– tomatoes, cucumbers, peppers;
– cauliflower, broccoli;
– bow;
– mushrooms;
– green apples and kiwi;
– orange, lemon and grapefruit;
– buckwheat, oatmeal and brown rice in water (no more than six tablespoons per day);
– orange and apple juice without sugar;
– vegetable oil (without fanaticism);
– coffee;
– tea;
– mors
– Fatty meat and milk;
– butter;
– bread, pasta, dumplings and any flour products;
– sugar;
– Dessert;
– sweet fruits (bananas, grapes, pears, etc.);
– canned food;
– semi-finished products;
– vegetables abundant in simple carbohydrates (potatoes, corn, carrots, beets);
– alcohol;
– salt;
– sweet drinks;
– soda

In order to properly combine the “good” products and form an effective protein diet menu, you should use the principle of “timer”.

  • 8:00 – 14:00 The best time for cereal porridge.
  • 12:00 – 14:00 The right time for fruit.
  • 14:00 – 20:00 Time for vegetables.

Recipes can be elementary and intricate. You do not want to fool your head, just boil meat and fish.

There is a desire to cook, make meat casseroles, stuff eggs, cook stews and pizza without dough.

Slice the salads. It is better to fill them with lemon juice.

But a little sunflower oil or olive is allowed. But salt protein diet for 7 days removes from the diet, because this spice contributes to the retention of excess fluid.

An example of a weekly protein diet menu is described below.

  • Breakfast – 8:00. Omelet with cheese. Six spoons of oatmeal. Coffee.
  • Snack – 11:00. Boiled chicken and baked apple.
  • Lunch – 14:00. Cocktail of green vegetables and baked fish.
  • Snack – 17:00. Salad of cottage cheese, tomatoes and cucumbers.
  • Dinner – 20:00. Cabbage stew with minced chicken.
  • Reinforce before bed. Kefir.
  • Breakfast – 8:00. Boiled eggs. Six spoons of buckwheat. Coffee.
  • Snack – 11:00. Chicken cutlet. Orange.
  • Lunch – 14:00. Fish casserole with tomatoes and mushrooms, fish broth.
  • Snack – 17:00. Cottage cheese with greens.
  • Dinner – 20:00. Eggs stuffed with mushrooms and tomatoes. Boiled chicken.
  • Reinforce before bed. Apple fresh.

  • Breakfast – 8:00. Three spoons of buckwheat. Chicken chop steamed. Coffee.
  • Snack – 11:00. Lazy cabbage rolls with beef and rice. An Apple.
  • Lunch – 14:00. Chicken and cottage cheese casserole. Vegetable salad.
  • Snack – 17:00. Cheese with tomatoes.
  • Dinner – 20:00. Salad of squid with mushrooms and tomatoes.
  • Reinforce before bed. Mors
  • Breakfast – 8:00. Three spoons of oatmeal. Chicken cutlet. Egg. Coffee.
  • Snack – 11:00. Meatballs from minced chicken with rice. Grapefruit.
  • Lunch – 14:00. Chicken broth. Chicken, cheese, tomato and nuts salad.
  • Snack – 17:00. Vegetables.
  • Dinner – 20:00. Fish shashlik with cucumbers and cabbage.
  • Reinforce before bed. Kefir.

  • Breakfast – 8:00. Six tablespoons of rice. Fish baked with mushrooms and tomatoes. Coffee.
  • Snack – 11:00. Boiled eggs. Citrus to choose from.
  • Lunch – 14:00. Baked Beef Cabbage and cucumber salad. Kefir.
  • Snack – 17:00. Cheese with nuts.
  • Dinner – 20:00. Chicken cutlets. Vegetable cocktail.
  • Reinforce before bed. Mors
  • Breakfast – 8:00. Three spoons of buckwheat. Omelet with chicken and cheese. Coffee.
  • Snack – 11:00. Meatballs from fish fillets, oatmeal, onions and eggs. Kiwi.
  • Lunch – 14:00. Turkey stewed with tomatoes and mushrooms. Cabbage and cucumber salad.
  • Snack – 17:00. Kefir.
  • Dinner – 20:00. Chicken steak. Vegetable cocktail.
  • Reinforce before bed. Tomato fresh.

  • Breakfast – 8:00. Diet oat pancakes with apple. Cheese. Coffee.
  • Snack – 11:00. Eggs stuffed with chicken and mushrooms. Apple fresh.
  • Lunch – 14:00. Ear without potatoes. Fish casserole with mushrooms and tomatoes.
  • Snack – 17:00. Cabbage and cucumber salad.
  • Dinner – 20:00. Chicken and cottage cheese casserole. Vegetable cocktail.
  • Reinforce before bed. Kefir.

It happens that in order to lose weight faster, girls generally take away any food other than protein. Then the menu for every day looks like this: eggs, chicken, beef, fish and seafood, one percent sour milk. Everything.

The volume of food is regulated – up to 1000 kcal. Losing weight adheres to the principle of three meals a day.

But keep in mind that such experiments can not withstand the criticism of physicians.

There is a variant of the protein diet, the menu which is designed for 14 days. In addition to protein, to ensure carbohydrate feed there will be crackers, vegetables and fruits.

The source of fat is sunflower oil, which is added during the heat treatment of food in vegetable cuts. Spices can not.

The following is a table of the diet with a description of the corresponding menu by day.

Table – Protein Diet Menu for 14 days

DayFirst week menuSecond week menu
Monday– Breakfast: coffee.
– Lunch: eggs and stewed cabbage.
– Dinner: boiled fish
– Breakfast: coffee.
– Lunch: boiled chicken and fruit.
– Dinner: the menu of any day of the first week, except Wednesday
Tuesday– Breakfast: coffee and crackers.
– Lunch: boiled fish and vegetables.
– Dinner: boiled beef and kefir
– Breakfast: coffee.
– Lunch: chicken and vegetable salad.
– Dinner: two eggs and raw carrot salad with vegetable oil
Wednesday– Breakfast: coffee and crackers.
– Lunch: braised zucchini and apple.
– Dinner: beef, two eggs, a salad of tomatoes or cabbage with vegetable oil
– Breakfast: coffee and raw carrot salad with lemon juice.
– Lunch: fried fish and tomato juice.
– Dinner: fruits
Thursday– Breakfast: coffee.
– Lunch: raw egg, boiled vegetables with vegetable oil, a slice of cheese.
– Dinner: fruits
– Breakfast: coffee.
– Lunch: two slices of cheese and a salad of boiled carrots.
– Dinner: fruits
Friday– Breakfast: vegetable salad with lemon juice and water with lemon.
– Lunch: boiled fish and tomato juice.
– Dinner: fruits
– Breakfast: coffee and crackers.
– Lunch: braised zucchini and apples.
– Dinner: boiled beef, two eggs and cabbage salad with vegetable oil
Saturday– Breakfast: coffee.
– Lunch: boiled chicken and cabbage and carrot salad.
– Dinner: two eggs and raw carrot salad with vegetable oil
– Breakfast: coffee and crackers.
– Lunch: boiled fish and vegetable salad.
– Dinner: boiled beef, kefir
Sunday– Breakfast: coffee.
– Lunch: boiled chicken and fruit.
– Dinner: a menu of any day, except Wednesday
– Breakfast: coffee.
– Lunch: eggs and greens, boiled cabbage.
– Dinner: boiled fish, greens

Protein diet for weight loss for 10 days looks like a set of mini mono diet: every day the menu is represented by only one type of product. For example, on Monday you can only eggs, and on Tuesday – fish.

But there is allowed as much as you want. So pass eight days.

And the ninth and tenth are considered unloading – on kefir and wild rose broth.

Table – The protein diet menu for 10 days

oneBoiled chicken eggs
2Boiled lean fish
3Low-fat cottage cheese
fourChicken fillet
fiveUncooked Potatoes
6Boiled beef
7Vegetables, but not potatoes
eightFruit, but not starchy
9Low-fat kefir
tenDogrose broth

Upon completion of the diet, in order to maintain weight, you will have to limit yourself to carbohydrate, fatty foods in the future. Especially in the first months. It is better to stick to fractional feeding.

Focus on meat and fish, vegetables, fruits, cereals. From time to time advise discharge.

Protein techniques are practiced every six months or a year.

Doctors warn: hard and fast protein diets are dangerous. Their diet can cause harm to the kidneys, digestive organs, heart.

The list of possible “side effects” of the diet also includes depression, diseases of the hair and skin, and intense subsequent weight gain.

Even the techniques of Kids and Dukan, which provide for a gradual and mild correction of weight, are not harmless. Nutritionists around the world are arguing about their safety.

The list of minuses protein diet is also the fact that the negative effects may not be immediately apparent. There is evidence that the breakdown of a large amount of protein in the body produces nitrogen. Accumulating, it is harmful to health and may in the future cause infertility.

Also, the protein is able to wash out calcium, because of which the bone system weakens.

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