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Protasov’s diet: a detailed description and reviews, a menu for all stages

One of the most popular diets in the world is the Kim Protasov method. The system is designed for several months, but it provides for a completely saturated diet, involves weight loss of up to 20 kg and a long-term effect. According to this scheme, you are not limited in the amount of food.

Weight loss is due to the quality of products, changes in food habits. A detailed description and reviews of the diet Protasov – in our material.

In many sources, Kim Protasov is called a famous Israeli nutritionist who developed a unique method of weight loss – “Protasovka.” Only here you will meet neither photos of the author of a diet, nor his biography, nor interviews with him anywhere. Yes, and Kim Protasov is not taking patients.

And this is not a mysticism, but a unique example of the accidental creation of an effective technique that has helped millions of people correct their figure flaws.

Kim Protasov is the pseudonym of the journalist for the Russian Israelite newspaper, which in the 1990s was printed for immigrants in this country. Using a fictitious name is a common practice in print media.

And this time the author of the publication decided to publish a diet that her friend simply advised her by signing: “Kim Protasov.”

This is incredible, but the method turned out to be so effective that people began to make copies of a newspaper article and send it to relatives in other countries. So “Protasovka” began its world tour of burning excess fat.

Next is a detailed description of the Kim Protasov diet, features of the menu and reviews.

Diet Kim Protasov does not imply any special difficulties. Its main phases last seven weeks.

And the Protasovka itself is conditionally divided into three stages.

The main place in the daily ration during this period is made up of vegetables with a low amount of starch, dairy products, meat and fish. This means that the method is based on the use of fiber and protein.

But carbohydrates and fats are not excluded at all, but only optimized. This is important because it allows the body to get all the usual and necessary substances.

For example, the sour milk on “Protasovka” is not fat free, but with a low fat content – up to five percent.

The menu for 5 weeks is thought out so that you definitely do not have to starve. Although to devote time to cooking healthy food will be needed.

In more detail the stages and weekly menu of the Protasov diet are described in the following.

  • vegetables;
  • natural dairy products without additives, the fat content of which is not higher than 5%;
  • three apples;
  • boiled chicken egg.
  • The amount of vegetables consumed per day should be twice as high as the volume of fermented milk products.
  • Prefer kefir, cheese, cottage cheese, unsweetened yogurt.
  • Drinking milk and eating cheese is not recommended.
  • From vegetable products, choose greens, onions, cabbage, eggplant, cucumbers.
  • Most vegetables are best eaten raw.

  • vegetables;
  • natural dairy products without additives, the fat content of which is not higher than 5%;
  • 300 g lean meat or fish fillets;
  • three apples;
  • boiled chicken egg.
  • Weigh meat or fish before cooking, raw.
  • You can eat poultry and animals, as long as the flesh was lean.
  • Meat and fish need to cook or bake, you can use a microwave.
  • It is in the second stage of “Protusovka” that the most significant “plummet” will be noticeable.
  • vegetables;
  • natural fermented milk non-fat products;
  • 300 g lean meat or fish fillets;
  • three teaspoons olive oil;
  • one apple;
  • two low-calorie fruits to choose from;
  • boiled chicken egg;
  • a portion of porridge from low-calorie cereals on the water with nuts.
  • It is better to eat porridge for breakfast, and to enrich salads with vegetable oil.
  • Sour milk products are better to eat less, and meat – more.
  • Changes in the menu should be carried out gradually, stretching innovations on the sixth and seventh week of the diet.

One of the advantages of the diet is its acceptable cost. Protashka is especially good in spring, summer and early autumn, when the vegetable season is in full swing.

Then the recipes for 1 and 2 weeks of the diet, you can choose a variety. For example, vegetable salad with cottage cheese or tomatoes with cheese filling.

Tasty and healthy dish – vegetable mix soup with egg on kefir. Pay attention to the curd-vegetable casserole with an egg.

The table below shows an example of the day menu of the first week of “Fighting”.

Table – Possible menu of the first week of the Protasov diet for one day

MealVariants of food and drinks
Breakfast– Fresh vegetable salad with egg and cheese, seasoned with kefir;
– baked apple;
– coffee
Snack– Natural yoghurt;
– green tea
Dinner– Cold Gazpacho soup made from tomatoes, cucumbers, greens, onions and bell peppers;
– grated apple with yogurt and vanilla;
– green tea
Snack– An Apple;
– green tea
Dinner– Stewed eggplants with raw tomatoes and cheese;
– cabbage and carrot salad seasoned with kefir;
– green tea
Snack– Cottage cheese

And what to cook in the second stage of weight loss, after the appearance of fish and meat in the menu? Salad with cabbage and chicken, fish patties, meat casseroles with vegetables … Just you will lick your fingers.

According to reviews that have lost weight on the Protasov diet, the system is generally well tolerated, and the results are motivated to adhere to the recommended menu after weight loss. Moreover, they say that the organism seems to be reorganized in a new way, and one simply does not want anything “harmful”.

Many describe the state of lightness, cleansing, lifting forces. Although, it is recognized that at the beginning of the way they experienced weakness and problems with blood pressure.

Some girls managed to lose on the Protasovka even about 30 kg. Although there are results when the final “plummet” – no more than five kilos.

What else highlights the diet among many other methods for losing weight?

  • Normalizes metabolic processes. “Sticking” has a positive effect on the body’s metabolism, promotes natural cleansing and restoration.
  • Helps sweet tooth. In the diet menu there are no carbohydrates with a high glycemic index. Sugar in proportion enters the blood. Uncontrolled emissions of insulin, provoking hunger and cravings for sweets are suppressed.
  • Keeps muscle tissue. The diet is saturated with protein foods, which gives the body the power to lose weight, splitting fat, not muscle.
  • Gives vitamin “charge.” In raw vegetables, which form the basis of nutrition on the Protasov diet, there are a lot of vitamins and other beneficial substances. It is this kind of nourishment that the body needs during weight loss, in order to maintain health, and recover in time.

Interestingly, the Protasov method finds many positive responses among medical practitioners. Doctors say that this is one of the most balanced and gentle weight loss schemes.

However, it is important to strictly adhere to the recommendations, not to take concurrently additional drugs and dietary supplements for weight loss and combine the diet with an active lifestyle. Also important is the emotional attitude and physical readiness of the body.

It is possible to repeat the scheme no more than once every 12 months, but taking into account the professional assessment of the health of a person losing weight. The Protasov diet is not suitable for people with diseases of the gastrointestinal tract and kidneys, with protein allergies, problems with immunity and pregnancy.

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