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Polysorb face mask: skin sorbent benefits, best recipes, application tips

Beautiful skin is clear skin. Few have been fortunate enough to live in an ecologically clean area, and therefore the epidermis daily takes upon itself the blow in the form of dust, heavy metals, exhaust gases, and other “charms” of the big city. Add here another bad nutrition, decorative cosmetics and get acne, inflammation, enlarged pores, comedones and other skin problems.

To the rescue of the beauties will come a face mask from “Polysorb”. What is this miracle cure and how to use it in home cosmetology?

By the principle of action “Polysorb” resembles activated carbon. Its basis is silicon dioxide, which absorbs all toxins, toxic substances, allergens and some metabolic products that “clog up” the body and cause intoxication. Similarly, the drug acts on the skin.

Particles of the sorbent attracts pollution, making the epidermis clean and healthy.

Beauticians have long discovered Polisorb, a face mask from which is simply indispensable in solving skin problems. Even the owners of normal epidermis will not interfere with the use of this tool as a preventive measure.

The benefits of the Polisorb consist of several main points.

  • Cleansing. Getting on the skin, the particles absorb fats and harmful substances. Due to this, the pores become clean and less visible. Pimples also dry up.
  • Detoxification. The drug fights microbes and bacteria. This eliminates the cause of acne and inflammation.
  • Rejuvenation Silicon stimulates the production of its own elastin and collagen. Doing the procedure regularly, you can restore the skin elasticity and tone.
  • Protection. Regular procedures contribute to the formation and strengthening of skin immunity. Thus, tissues can resist germs and bacteria on their own.

A face mask with “Polysorb” is widely used in cosmetology. Both at home and in salons this drug is actively used.

Owners of problematic or fading epidermis just need to remember a couple of effective recipes.

Regardless of what type of skin has been bestowed on you by nature, deep and gentle cleansing is an essential part of regular care. For this purpose, you can use the mask of “Polysorb” in the classic variation.

  1. Dilute the powder with water to the consistency of sour cream.
  2. Spread the product over face, neck and décolleté.
  3. Depending on the type of skin, hold the mask for five minutes to a quarter of an hour.
  4. Rinse your face with warm water.
  5. Apply moisturizer.

If you are interested in polysorb face mask, reviews will confirm its effectiveness in combating acne. There are a number of proven recipes that will allow you to get rid of skin problems.

Table – Mask Recipes from Polysorb for Acne

The number of “Polysorb”Additional componentsTime
Two tablespoons– A teaspoon of sugar;
– the same amount of onion puree
Tablespoon– Two tablespoons of infusion of calendula;
– one or two drops of lemon essential oil
Tablespoon– Tablespoon flax flour;
– two tablespoons of milk
Tablespoon– Water to bring the mask to the state of sour cream;
– A drop of tea tree essential oil;
– a drop of mint essential oil

Preservation of beauty and youthful skin depends on many factors. Of course, do not underestimate genetics, but the main role is still played by proper care.

Table – Mask recipes from Polysorba for wrinkles

The number of “Polysorb”Additional componentsTime
Two tablespoons– Choose between preheated kefir, sour cream, yogurt or milk to bring the composition to a comfortable consistency.
Tablespoon– Water to bring the mask to the state of sour cream;
– A drop of essential oil of ylang-ylang;
– A drop of rose essential oil;
– a drop of lavender essential oil
Two tablespoons– Mineral water without gas to bring the mask to the state of sour cream

How to achieve maximum effect: 5 useful tips

So that the mask from “Polysorb” for the face not only justified, but also surpassed your expectations, you need to approach the procedures as responsibly as possible. Cosmetologists share their useful tips with beauties.

  1. Allergy test. The use of any homemade mask should begin with a tolerance test. Putting a small amount of money on the elbow bend, in ten minutes you will be able to evaluate the reaction of the skin to it. The absence of itching, burning and redness gives you the “green light” for the procedures.
  2. Training . Despite the fact that “Polysorb” is a powerful sorbent, the goal of homemade masks is precisely deep cleansing. And because the surface cleansing needs to be done before the procedure, thoroughly stewing the skin and treating it with a scrub.
  3. Regularity Of course, the result will be noticeable after the first procedure, but this is not enough. To get rid of skin problems, you need to make masks in one to two days, until your skin condition returns to normal. Usually a month is enough. In the future, conduct prophylactic sessions every three weeks.
  4. Time Usually the mask is kept on the face until it is completely dry, which takes about a quarter of an hour. But if you have a dry type of epidermis, it is recommended to reduce the duration of the procedure to five minutes.
  5. Moisturizing. “Polysorb” dries the skin, and therefore after the procedure it is necessary to apply a moisturizer or cosmetic vegetable oil.

Polysorb Facial Cleanser should not be used outside. Most skin problems are a reflection of negative processes occurring inside the body. To clear the digestive system of toxins, take a sorbent for two weeks.

One tablespoon three times a day is enough. It is better to do this in a half to two hours after eating.

The recipe for a face mask from “Polysorb” has long been known to cosmetologists. Experts successfully apply this sorbent in their practice.

If you want to save on visiting the beauty salon, get this amazing tool. You can purposefully use the Polisorb courses or flee them in emergency situations.

No hangover, no poisoning, no allergies, no fatigue will affect your appearance if you drink a portion of the sorbent and apply it on your face.

“Although I became like a person”, – reviews about masks from “Polysorba”

So another side of Polisorb opened up for me – application in cosmetology. I didn’t think that a drug that I regularly take to improve digestion can help me with acne!

Already twice made a mask, and the result is satisfied: acne has not disappeared, but they became a little less, and they are not so red and sick.

Good remedy. Polisorb helped me get rid of acne. For a long time I used all sorts of ointments, but there was no particular effect.

I saw the advertisement of “Polysorb” and decided to try it, I am satisfied with the result, now I even looked like a person. Thanks to the creators of this drug.

Recently I tried a face mask with the addition of “Polysorb”, so after a week of these masks, my skin became much softer, and most importantly, acne began to pass! I’m very glad!

Good drug.

I make masks from “Polysorb” every evening. The skin has been problematic since 13, but by 30 it did not pass, alas … I even started drinking Polysorb and the effect was already much better and more noticeable than from masks, since (based on what is written about this drug) then it removes slags and toxins, i.e., it treats the hearth, and the skin is only an outward manifestation of our sores.

After thirty, a fine wrinkle net appeared around my eyes, and the nasolabial folds became more noticeable. I bought anti-aging creams for my age and even those that go for more mature skin. Constantly, only the initial effect was obtained, with constant use there was an addiction and no changes occurred.

I heard about the miracle mask from Polysorb against wrinkles. I first bought three bags and was stunned by his action.

After applying some tingling, but it passes quickly. But the end result pleases.

Once I went to a beauty salon for a facelift, here’s the effect of a mask similar to this procedure. I recommend everyone to buy this wrinkle treatment

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