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Pigment spots on the face: causes and treatment in the office of a beautician and folk remedies

Even in the sun there are spots. Despite all the optimism of this phrase, it does not at all reassure women who have noticed pigmentation on their face.

On the contrary, such dark “islands” seriously upset the young ladies and force them to look for effective methods of skin whitening. Here it is necessary to understand that the causes and treatment of age spots on the face are interrelated.

Pigmented areas that suddenly appear on the face look very unaesthetic. But this is not only a cosmetic defect.

Such spots can signal the development of certain disorders in the body. Therefore, trying to get rid of pigmentation on the skin at any cost, do not forget that you must begin the fight with a visit to the doctor.

The culprit of the appearance of ugly spots on the skin is the pigment melanin. He is able to dye fabrics.

Pigment is produced in the deep layers of the dermis, called basal, special cells – melanocytes. The latter not only synthesize pigment, but also ensure its active pushing into the upper layers.

The functioning of melanocytes and the production of melanin is controlled by the important glands (thyroid) and the brain area (pituitary). Any irregularities in the function of the endocrine glands can lead to a malfunction, as a result of which the pigment will begin to be produced in larger quantities.

The appearance of facial blemishes is dictated by increased melanin synthesis. But why does its production in the body increase?

This can be to blame as a variety of pathologies, and completely harmless factors. Doctors indicate the following six causes of pigmentation.

  1. Exposure to ultraviolet radiation. The sun has a fairly aggressive effect. Therefore, people who linger on the beach on a hot afternoon can instantly have pigmented patches on their skin.
  2. Genetic predisposition. Hereditary factor is usually observed in fair-skinned people. It is enough for them even a small portion of ultraviolet light, so that pigmented zones appear on the skin.
  3. Hormonal imbalance. The basis of the appearance of spots on the face may be based on natural processes associated with hormonal changes: puberty, pregnancy or menopause. But sometimes provoke the occurrence of defects capable of thyroid disease, ovarian, pituitary, which also lead to impaired synthesis of hormones.
  4. Age factor After about 50 years, some people have pigmented spots on their skin. This is dictated by age features. The dermis loses its protective function, becomes more susceptible to the aggressive effects of ultraviolet radiation, and reacts faster to any disruptions in the body.
  5. Mechanical damage . After acne, severe furunculosis, thermal or chemical burns, if the treatment was carried out incorrectly, pigment spots can form on the dermis. Illiterately selected cosmetic procedures can lead to their appearance: peels, cleansing.
  6. Hepatobiliary diseases. We are talking about chronic pathologies of the digestive system, liver, gall, kidneys. Spots with a reddish tint usually characterize diseases of the gastrointestinal tract. Dark brown spots – indicate problems with the liver or gallbladder. And impaired kidney function makes it felt yellow pigmentation.

To understand how to get rid of age spots on the face, it is necessary to determine the cause of the pathology. Therefore, without a visit to the doctor can not do.

But, regardless of the source of the problem, there are a number of rules, the observance of which will improve the condition of the dermis and the whole organism.

Doctors recommend sticking with the following three tips.

  1. Proper care. The dermis needs deep hydration, nutrition and high-quality protection. In order to choose the right cosmetics, it is better to consult with a specialist. In the summer, before leaving the house, a sun protection cream (SPF 30, can be higher) must be applied. Dermatologists advise wearing hats, caps, baseball caps.
  2. Full nutrition. Your diet should be enriched with cereals, vegetables. Fruits, berries, fresh greens are good for the body. It is necessary to refuse high-protein food, fat and fried products, strong tea and coffee. These foods and drinks can enhance pigmentation.
  3. Vitamin and mineral complexes. In winter, it is quite difficult to enrich the diet with all useful substances. Therefore, to support the body, special complexes are recommended. Usually prescribed drugs containing iodine, zinc, copper, iron, vitamins D, C, E.

Cosmetology has an impressive arsenal of methods that allow to relieve clients of pigment spots on the face. The choice of procedure depends on the source of the problem, degree of pigmentation, age of the person.

Sometimes brownish pigment spots disappear without a trace after the first session, in other cases, a longer and more serious treatment is required.

Beauticians are ready to offer these seven procedures.

  1. Laser polishing. This removal of pigmentation is quite effective. Melanin under the action of light-wave radiation of the laser is clarified and with time spots completely disappear. It usually takes three to four procedures, between which take a break of one month. Laser polishing does not cause pain, but sensations are still dependent on individual sensitivity. After the exfoliation procedure, slight redness and swelling may remain at the site of the former pigmentation spots. Such consequences disappear without a trace within one week.
  2. Phototherapy treatment. Another effective method is to get rid of pigmented spots with a flash unit. A beam of light that does not have harmful UV light only affects the surface layer. Therefore, tissue damage during this procedure is minimal. Pulsed luminescence not only eliminates pigmentation, but also activates the production of hyaluronic acid, collagen. Due to this, the dermis is significantly rejuvenated. About six procedures are necessary to eliminate pigment spots. Rehabilitation is short and easily tolerated.
  3. Cryotherapeutic method. The affected areas are affected by liquid nitrogen. During the procedure, the upper pigmented layer is destroyed and dies. For two weeks he peels off. Under this layer, healthy skin opens without any blemishes. It may take up to two sessions.
  4. Chemical peeling. Depending on the type and structure of the dermis, a special acid solution (usually fruit or glycolic acid) is selected. This solution “burns” the top layer of skin containing pigment spots. The epidermis in response to such aggression begins to actively regenerate. Updated skin has a smooth, natural tone. The procedure eliminates senile pigmentation and significantly rejuvenates the dermis.
  5. Mesotherapeutic method. This method involves the subcutaneous input of bleaching agents. Dimethylaminoethanol and vitamin C are most often used, which ensures the restoration of the natural skin tone.
  6. Microdermabrasion method. This is a painful event that is performed under the action of anesthesia. Pigmented zones are ground with fine crystals. During such an abrasive effect, the upper layer is cleaned off, and the epidermis begins to be intensively renewed.
  7. Elos method. The most gentle method of eliminating hyperpigmentation. The procedure is based on a combination of radio frequency and laser technology. Thanks to this combination, the Elos method eliminates various types of stains and can be applied to large areas.

How to remove age spots from the face without salon procedures? Beauticians advise to pay attention to the whitening shop means, in particular, on creams. Almost all manufacturers produce a series of tools that eliminate pigmentation.

In order not to be mistaken with the choice, it is recommended to consult with a professional. And be sure to pay attention to the composition of the purchased product.

A cream that has a lightening effect may contain the following components.

  • Hydroquinone derivatives. These are quite toxic substances. Therefore, apply this cream should be very careful. Such components block the work of melanocytes, so they are added to cosmetics.
  • Desoxyarbutin. Useful for the dermis extract of plants. It has an effect on melanosynthesis and well removes pigment spots.
  • Derivatives of melanozyme. These are natural ingredients that provide pigment clarification. They are found to be completely safe for the dermis.
  • Provitamin A. This is a well-known, very strong antioxidant. This component provides inhibition of melanin production.
  • Acids. Brightening effects on the skin have citric, malic or acetic acid.
  • Tretinol. The substance is reminiscent of the action of vitamin A. It provides collagen synthesis, improves skin structure. But sometimes tretinol can provoke peeling, and cause irritation on the dermis.

It is possible to remove age spots on the face not only with the help of salon activities or bleaching creams. Homemade masks, lotions and compresses can lighten darkened skin.

The following folk remedies effectively cope with this task.

  • Parsley root (ground) – one teaspoon.
  • Parsley (ground) – one teaspoon.
  1. Washed and dried plant root is ground in a blender.
  2. Greens grind.
  3. The crushed root is combined with green gruel and mixed.
  4. A mixture of parsley is applied on age spots of minutes for 25-30.
  5. Repeat sessions are allowed daily.

  • Yeast (live) – 15 g.
  • Lemon juice – one teaspoon.
  • Water – one teaspoon.
  1. It is better to take live yeast. But if you could not get them, you can use dry ones. Yeast knead in a bowl.
  2. Lemon juice diluted with warm water.
  3. The diluted drink is poured into the yeast and the mixture is kneaded.
  4. Yeast mask is applied to age spots for half an hour.
  • Cottage cheese – one tablespoon.
  • Ammonia – ten drops.
  • Hydrogen peroxide – ten drops.
  1. Cottage cheese is ground to obtain a homogeneous mixture.
  2. Ammonia and peroxide are added to the product.
  3. Mask diligently mixed.
  4. On the pigmented zone means impose a quarter of an hour.

  • Black currant (immature berries) – two tablespoons.
  • Honey – two tablespoons.
  1. To combat pigment spots, it is recommended to use slightly immature berries. Black currant is carefully rubbed in a mortar or with your hands.
  2. Honey is added to the greenish-black mixture and the mask is kneaded.
  3. Means plentifully grease dark sites of a derma. Wash off the mask in half an hour.

  • Honey – one tablespoon
  • Fish oil – one tablespoon.
  1. Honey is added to fish oil. The tool is thoroughly mixed.
  2. Put a mask on your face for 20 minutes.

  • Sour cream – one teaspoon.
  • White clay – one teaspoon.
  • Honey – one teaspoon.
  • Lemon juice – one teaspoon.
  1. White clay is poured into non-metallic dishes. The powder is diluted with lemon juice.
  2. Sour cream is added to the mixture and honey is added. The tool is thoroughly mixed.
  3. Mask impose on the skin for 20 minutes.
  4. After this, the products necessarily moisturize the dermis, since the clay and lemon juice provide a pronounced drying effect.

Knowing how to remove pigmentation on the face, you can always look great. But if the pigmentation on the skin appeared suddenly, then pay special attention to such spots. Danger are too pronounced dark areas with spots, which have uneven borders, thickened edges.

Sometimes they can indicate the development of malignant tumors. Therefore, do not rush to put into practice all your knowledge until you eliminate the risk of serious pathologies.

“I tried everything, but castorca helped,” – reviews and personal experience in dealing with pigmentation

I have a pigment spot a year and a half ago. Moreover, I think that the sun has nothing to do with it (firstly, there is a stain under the bangs, secondly, I am extremely rare in the sun).

Recently passed two sessions of Elos rejuvenation. The beautician on the more powerful than the entire face, the mode of the spot “walked”. Now it is practically not visible, although I did not even set such a goal.

I also have vascular “stars”, they worried me more … and they disappeared by 80%.

Olesya V., //www.woman.ru/beauty/face/thread/3873852/2/

Girls, my mother has pigmented spots of lemon brought down. Also after pregnancy remained.

But she smeared almost every day and now she is smearing, she already has this procedure on the machine. No spots have been around for a long time, although I have it constantly in the sun, because lives in his house.

In addition, she does not use sunscreen … I began to try, also after the pregnancy there was such a problem, waiting for the effect.

I remove the pigment spots in the cabin with a flashlight. The spots darken, become covered with a crust, and then disappear.

I even sunbathe often, new ones appear, but in other places.

As for stains, I can say one thing – everything can be treated successfully! Especially if it is preobreteno.

I got spots due to peeling on my face (something like bodyaga). 3 years I cried over my face, tried EVERYTHING! And I can say – yes, castor oil, for the second month already provides the best and best complexion, the spots gradually disappear.

I think everything is brought to perfect condition. And I am waiting for summer tan.

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