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Paraffin face mask and paraffin wax dressings: indications and contraindications, recipes, reviews

Paraffin face mask was first used in 1902. With the light hand of Dr. Sandorfom, a whole cosmetological direction appeared, which was called “paraffin therapy”. Beauties of all ages saved and continue to save their skin with this method.

So what’s the benefit of paraffin? What kind of masks can be made on its basis?

Having studied the properties of paraffin, it becomes clear why it has become so widespread in cosmetology. Stiffening on the face, it retains its own warmth of the skin and creates something like a “greenhouse effect”.

Sweating increases, pores open up and are freed from pollution naturally. In addition, the frozen cosmetic paraffin is a hard mask that keeps its shape securely, correcting the shape of the face and smoothing wrinkles.

Paraffin therapy is not just a cosmetic procedure. This is a real skin treatment.

And any treatment has its indications and contraindications, which, of course, must be considered.

If your skin constantly presents you with “surprises”, try using a paraffin mask. Indications for use of this tool are as follows:

  • wilting and flabbiness;
  • dirty pores;
  • small scratches, ulcers;
  • dark spots;
  • puffiness;
  • dryness, peeling and tightness;
  • painful or uneven complexion;
  • restoration after mechanical cleaning;
  • acne and acne;
  • scars and minor scars.

For all its virtues, paraffin has a number of contraindications. Here are the main ones:

  • bronchial asthma;
  • diabetes;
  • high blood pressure;
  • problems with blood clotting;
  • heart disease;
  • pregnancy;
  • couperose;
  • warts, birthmarks and other education;
  • purulent inflammations;
  • hypertrichosis (excessive growth of facial hair).

Paraffin for the face is an unusual substance that can often be found in the cabin. But there is nothing difficult in carrying out such a procedure at home, if you know the step-by-step technique.

You can make a classic paraffin or modeling dressing.

Paraffin is an indispensable tool in skin care. How to make a paraffin face mask at home?

The procedure is carried out in seven stages.

  1. Training . In the oven, microwave or water bath, melt paraffin.
  2. Cooking When the mass has cooled to a temperature of 40 ° C, add to it all the additional components that match your skin type.
  3. Application With a brush with stiff bristles, evenly spread the paraffin on the skin. The layer should not be too dense.
  4. Interlayer. Prepare in advance a two-layer gauze cloth, which will cut holes for the eyes, nose and mouth. Gently attach it to your face.
  5. The final layer. When the first layer hardens slightly, apply another two or three on top of the napkin. Soak between them a minute interval, so that the composition has time to grab.
  6. Uninstall. After waiting for the tool to harden completely, gently pull the edges of the gauze cloth and remove the mask. If paraffin particles are left on the skin, also remove them.
  7. Care. The final step will be applying a moisturizer that suits your skin type.

If you have pronounced wrinkles on the forehead or a second chin, if the facial contour has become less clear, paraffin dressings will help to solve the problem. This is done in six steps.

  1. Cleansing. The area of ​​skin on which paraffin bandage will be applied must be well cleaned and treated with a scrub.
  2. Cooking As in the previous case, paraffin must be melted and mixed with additional beneficial ingredients.
  3. Application Moisten the bandage in a paraffin compound and apply to the problem area. With an interval of one minute, fasten two or three layers of the bandage to your face, carefully leveling each of them.
  4. Fixation. Take a dry, long piece of bandage and fix the bandage by wrapping it around your head. The tips are tied tightly enough to feel the tension.
  5. Uninstall. When you feel that the paraffin is completely frozen, untie the bandage and remove the bandage.
  6. Moisturizing. Treat the skin with serum with a high concentration of collagen, elastin and hyaluronic acid.

Paraffin face mask at home – the procedure is not the easiest. However, it is easy to catch on.

Depending on what problem you intend to solve, select the appropriate recipe from the table.

Table – Paraffin Homemade Masks Recipes

PurposeMain componentAdditional components
From wrinkles– Teaspoon of heated olive oil;
– a pinch of ground ginger
Acne– Tablespoon lemon zest;
– 3 drops of tea tree essential oil
Dryness– Tablespoon of aloe juice;
– teaspoon coconut oil
From oily shine– 20 drops of propolis tincture
From scars2 tablespoons paraffin– 2 tablespoons of aloe juice
Tonic– A tablespoon of melted honey;
– as much rice oil
Protective– 2 tablespoons of melted beeswax;
– tablespoon oily vitamin E
Pull up– Tablespoon of fish oil;
– the same amount of oil vitamin A
Soothing– 3 drops of lemon essential oil;
– as much rose essential oil;
– the same amount of orange essential oil
Nutritional– Teaspoon almond oil;
– the same amount of macadamia oil

If you want to achieve the maximum effect, follow some rules of applying a paraffin mask. There are eight tips.

  1. Preparation of the skin. Before you make a mask with paraffin, be sure to wash and wipe your face with a lotion without alcohol.
  2. Application Paraffin should be applied in the direction from the bottom up. Begin at the chin, moving to the forehead. This will enhance the pulling effect.
  3. Relax. During the procedure, you must be completely relaxed. Otherwise, mimic wrinkles will “freeze” along with paraffin.
  4. Double effect. Reviews contain information that the effect of a paraffin mask can be doubled if it is warmed up from above with a layer of cotton wool or a thick towel. Such a measure is advisable in the presence of expressed problems.
  5. Uninstall. When applying paraffin, leave the edges of the gauze cloth dry to make it easier to remove the mask. To do this, starting from the bottom.
  6. One cycle Paraffin should not be remelted and reused. For each new procedure, take a new portion of the funds.
  7. Aftercare. After removing the mask, always apply a product suitable for your skin type. So, if your goal is to fight wrinkles, after paraffin wax anti-aging serum is applied. For the treatment of acne – the appropriate anti-inflammatory gel.
  8. Regularity. The effect of the paraffin mask is noticeable after the first procedure, but one session is not enough. To fix the result, you need at least six procedures, and if there are any pronounced or neglected problems, then that’s all 15. You need to carry them out every day or every other day.

Paraffin therapy is a popular skin care method that enthralls women and allows beauty salons to make good revenues. Of course, the master uses professional instruments, effective drugs and knows a lot of secrets with which he is unlikely to want to share with clients. But a paraffin mask for the face is not as difficult as it seems.

A little experimentation and practice, and your home sessions will be no worse than the salon.

“The procedure takes time, but the effect lasts a long time”

I learned about a paraffin mask from a friend when I complained about the dry skin on her face. She came to me the next day and taught me how to make a mask, we added more aloe juice to the paraffin. After removing immediately feel some kind of lightness and freshen on the skin!

Now I make this mask myself every weekend, I would do it more often, but I don’t always have enough time.

I, like every girl, likes to look after herself and to be always beautiful. I really do not always have the strength and desire for it. At such moments saloon procedures save me.

I recently learned about paraffin therapy and decided to try. Paraffin tightens pores well and the skin looks much younger and smoother.

He also removes pimples and marks from them. Paraffin is a natural fat. It will suit those who struggle with wrinkles.

The procedure is pretty simple. Paraffin was applied to me on cleansed skin, while the pores opened. After he froze and they closed.

A good facial cleansing procedure. The price is really rather big.

But you can afford to indulge yourself once a month. I recommend. The procedure takes a lot of time, but the effect lasts a long time.

I want to share with you one very good mask. The paraffin mask) girls, I, with my face (acne, acne, redness, enlarged pores, scarring, etc.) noticed significant improvements after the third mask. before that, little helped at least a little) you can buy paraffin at the pharmacy, melt it in a water bath, wait until it cools down, and apply a brush on your face with a thick layer (about 1 cm) (you really have to say goodbye to the brush masks old brush took), keep the mask for 15-25 minutes. then gently remove and remove residues, wash, and apply a moisturizer. I did the mask in 2 days, after the first one I noticed that the skin became healthier in appearance, after 3 masks there was a significant improvement, the masks should be done 10 times, 3 masks a week, that is, in 2-3 days.

Try it you will not regret!

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