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Olive oil for wrinkles and pimples: recipes for dry, oily and combination skin

In the professional lines of cosmetics for the face are the whole series of products based on olive oil. Masks, tonics, kerma, crema, make-up remover. Manufacturers assure: olive nourishes, rejuvenates, treats acne.

Such tools are adapted for any skin, do not clog pores and “work” in the deeper layers of the dermis. A reasonable question arises: why pay more? Indeed, you can prepare cosmetics from olive oil for the face at home.

And along the way, use the product in the care of nails, hair and body. It is only important to understand that pure oil is different from industrial cosmetics, and can harm.

Olive oil is used for beauty since ancient times. In the cultures of Greece, Italy, Spain – this is a special tree. Its fruits and branches were used in religious ceremonies.

For example, when consecrating temples. In the works of the great healer Hippocrates described six dozen methods of therapeutic use of the “juice” of the olive tree.

Most of the recipes relate to the treatment of skin ailments.

Useful composition of the product made it popular in modern life: in cooking, aesthetic, folk and traditional medicine, cosmetology. This oil is necessarily included in the diet of people who adhere to a healthy diet.

What is the value and benefits of the product? The product does not just mask external problems – it has healing properties: olive oil is used even for eczema.

The composition of the “juice” of the olive can boast the presence of fatty polyunsaturated acids in the composition – Omega-3 and 9. Their human body does not produce independently, and with food often receives only modest amounts. Meanwhile, omegas are important for health and appearance: they stimulate metabolic processes, the production of collagen and elastin.

Protect the skin from UV damage, retain moisture, heal, relieve inflammation.

The following olives in the “useful” list are vitamins. And specifically those that belong to the assistants of beauty.

  • Vitamin A. Its task is to normalize the secretion of the sebaceous glands, fight inflammation, protect against free radicals, stimulate the production of collagen.
  • Vitamin E. It is also called the vitamin of youth. Updates cells, is a UV filter.
  • Vitamin B3. Lightens pigmentation, makes the skin more elastic, increases the barrier function.
  • Vitamin C. The most powerful antioxidant. Therefore, in particular, and applies a face mask with olive oil from wrinkles.
  • Vitamin K. Strengthens the capillaries and is part of the means for the treatment and prevention of rosacea. It removes redness, inflammation, dark circles, pigmentation.

If you correctly use natural olive oil in facial cosmetology, you can get a decent result:

  • moisturizing;
  • mitigation;
  • recovery;
  • protection from external factors;
  • elimination of early wrinkles;
  • elimination of acne.

Application for different skin types: what are the limitations

The “juice” of an olive without any questions is suitable for girls with dry skin. They are even recommended to wipe with clean oil. But with oily coats – this is fraught.

The tool can be used, but not more than once a week in combination with other components. For example, with oil of lavender, sage, lemon. In this case, the olive in the composition will occupy about 70%.

Suitable pairs: olive and tomato juice, olive with kefir. Here the ratio is 50% to 50%.

For the thickness add osobno.

The peculiarity is that olive oil has a comedogenic effect and can clog pores. It is in the composition of the shop cosmetics its quantity and concentration are balanced and adapted to the needs of different types of skin.

And here – the product works differently and may cause harm.

Olive oil can be useful at different stages of home care. This is a component of the masks, and cleanser, and even an analogue of the cream.

The tool is also suitable for caring for sensitive areas – near the eyes.

This method does not need to be abused, but if you suddenly run out of milk, which you usually take off your makeup, and there is a bottle of olive oil in the house, the problem is solved in three steps.

  1. Heat up. Olive oil is heated with a bath. Do not boil! During heat treatment, the product loses its useful properties. You just need a comfortable temperature.
  2. Apply. We weave a cotton pad in oil and process the face, décolleté, neck.
  3. Wash your face For dry skin, you can leave the oil. For oily and combination skin, wash with cool water.

Tonic is indispensable for unpleasant oily face and problem skin. It is refreshing, matting.

And if you replace lemon with vinegar in the basic recipe, you can solve the problem of pigmentation.

  1. Mix 20 ml of olive oil with 20 ml of apple cider vinegar (lemon juice).
  2. Wipe the face with a cotton pad.
  3. You can perform the procedure twice a day.

On the eve of the procedure, the face should be cleaned. Ideally – steam out.

Reviews show that the first changes are visible after a month of sessions. During this time, you need to hold events twice a week with scaly covers, and once every seven days – with oily.

For combination skin

  1. Mix 20 ml of the main ingredient and 20 g of wheat flour (or 20 g of fruit or berry pulp).
  2. Smear.
  3. Withstand 15-20 minutes.
  4. We wash.

For problem skin

  1. Mix in equal proportions apple, apricot and plum puree.
  2. Add 20 ml of the main ingredient.
  3. Smear.
  4. Withstand 15-20 minutes.
  5. We wash.

  1. Mix 40 ml of olive oil and 20 g of fat cottage cheese (you can replace the egg yolk of an egg).
  2. Smear.
  3. Withstand 15-20 minutes.
  4. We wash.

At the first manifestations of aging

  1. Mix 20 ml of olive oil, 20 g of fat cottage cheese and 20 g of honey.
  2. Smear.
  3. Withstand 15-20 minutes.
  4. We wash.

Face masks with olive oil will not harm and will bring effect if you use a quality product. Shelf life must be controlled by default. What else to look at?

Oil must be cold pressed, unrefined. Required in a dark glass container.

At the same time look for the mark “Virgin”, which means – natural.

When I got a pimple on my forehead, I tried olive oil and applied it for a couple of days, rubbing it into my skin. I want to say that the effect appeared only after 2 days, but still acne became less, and then disappeared altogether. The oil was cold pressed, quite expensive, did not regret

There will be no harm from olive oil. But there will be no special benefit.

This is just butter. It is more convenient to moisturize and soften the skin with a cream; it absorbs faster and does not leave greasy marks everywhere.

At one time I used a good but tasteless makeup remover)) washed with water and then sweating, otherwise I swelled to the full)

For many years, olive oil and used to care for dry skin. It was believed that even the application of pure oil to dry skin softens and nourishes it, makes it more dense and elastic, helps restore protective properties.

However, recent studies have shown that olive oil should not be used constantly: fatty acids of the oil “melt” the lipid layers of the upper layers of the skin, moving into the depth of the skin like an icebreaker. As a result, the skin’s own abilities to retain water are reduced, and (paradoxically), instead of softening and nourishing the skin, its drying and thinning occurs.

Therefore, olive oil – however, like other vegetable oils – works best as part of cosmetics. If the oil is used in its pure form, then it is necessary to limit the time of its application: to take a break after one or two weeks of application, to give the skin the opportunity to restore its protective system.

Victoria Savchenko, //narodnayamedicina.com/olivkovoe-maslo-dlya-kozhi-lica/

But girls, there is no better moisturizer, for dry skin so generally first aid!
There is nothing better than a skin scrub made from olive oil mixed with coffee cake remaining in the coffee maker. We use gruel and voila – cleopatra’s skin.

And further! I read a lot here about how tanning and all sorts of tanning lotions fall unevenly, especially on the border of the face with hair, again, olive oil – salvation!

In general, thanks to the gods for such a wonderful tool, most cosmetics based on it are not worth such big money, use natural. Beauty to you!

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