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Oatmeal: benefit and harm, calorie, weight loss in oatmeal

To be smart, healthy and beautiful, you need to eat oatmeal. So we are taught from childhood.

Therefore, having matured, we by default keep porridge in our diet and do not particularly go into details about what is so special about this product. And in vain, because oatmeal porridge strife. Having learned the secrets of the cereal, you will look at the usual breakfast cereal in a different way and use oatmeal correctly, literally health.

About what the benefits and harm of oatmeal – in our material.

“Bunting, sir!” – This quote from the famous film “The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson” made many people think that the United Kingdom is the birthplace of the product. But it’s not quite like that. This remark only underlines how useful oatmeal porridge is.

Especially in the morning. This breakfast gives strength and energy, satisfies hunger for a long time, stimulates brain activity.

In fact, the very plant oats and its grains were first used in food by the Chinese and Mongolian peoples. But the culinary cult over time, the oatmeal breakfast was in Scotland, which is part of the United Kingdom.

Here the dish is called “porridge”.

The healthy properties of oatmeal are very much appreciated in this country, the product is considered a national dish, and in the morning it is served at the table in every family. And in the north of Scotland, an international tournament is held annually in October, where cooks compete in cooking oatmeal.

In Russian families today, oatmeal is most often cooked for children in order to strengthen their immunity. Adults eat it mainly to lose weight or improve the condition of hair, skin and nails. Interestingly, oatmeal does cope with all the tasks listed.

And even more.

The table below analyzes the composition of oatmeal. The calculation is based on the number of useful components in 100 g of ready-to-use product.

Table – Chemical composition of oatmeal

The nutritional valueVitaminsMacro and trace elements
Squirrels12.3 gIN 10.49 mgCalcium (Ca)64 mg
Fat6.1 gAT 20.11 mgMagnesium (Mg)116 mg
Carbohydrates59.5 gAT 50.9 mgSodium (Na)35 mg
AT 60.27 mgPhosphorus (P)349 mg
H20 mcgPotassium (K)362 mg
B9 (folic acid)29 mcgChlorine (Cl)70 mg
PP4.3 mgSulfur (S)81 mg
AT 494 mgIron (Fe)3.9 mg
E3.4 mgZinc (Zn)2.68 mg
Copper (Cu)500 mcg
Manganese (Mn)5.05 mg
Iodine (I)4.5 mcg
Fluorine (F)84 mcg
Molybdenum (Mo)38.7 mcg
Cobalt (Co)6.7 mcg
Silicon (Si)43 mg
Aluminum (Al)700 mcg
Nickel (Ni)48.3 mcg

That is why oatmeal and cereal can be found in many cosmetics – both store and home. Especially often, girls use oatmeal to cleanse problem skin and combat facial wrinkles.

What is useful oatmeal?

  • Improves the digestive tract. Oatmeal normalizes stools and gently solves the problem of constipation. This grass has the ability to regulate gastric acidity. It fixes the metabolism, removes harmful substances from the body and supports the work of the liver. It is also a good prevention of gastritis, peptic ulcer diseases and even oncology of the gastrointestinal tract.
  • Strengthens the heart and blood vessels. The use of oatmeal for the cardiovascular system is also described. This is largely due to the high content of potassium in the composition. The product reduces cholesterol, prevents the formation of blood clots, normalizes blood pressure.
  • Charges positive and energy. Oatmeal breakfast invigorates the best of all coffee. The product helps to cope with the blues, improves mood, relieves irritability.
  • Stimulates brain activity. This dish improves a person’s mental abilities, memory, helps to collect his thoughts.
  • Adsorbs harmful particles. The product has the ability to “absorb” toxins, salts of heavy metals and remove them from the human body. That is why oat porridge especially recommended in the menu of residents of industrial regions where there are environmental risks.
  • Extends youth. This porridge itself is a strong antioxidant and, with regular consumption, counteracts the aging processes of cells, organs and tissues.

The question arises, why is oatmeal so suitable for weight loss? After all, on the calorie content of oatmeal exceeds, for example, the same rice and buckwheat.

100 g of the finished product – about 350 kcal. But the peculiarity is that oats are rich in fiber, are well absorbed and trigger the right processes in the body that accompany healthy metabolism.

But you need to understand: how many calories in oatmeal will ultimately depend on the way it is cooked. If, for example, to add butter to a dish, then the diet menu is out of the question.

But by mixing oatmeal with a grated green apple, you will get a satisfying, useful and not dangerous for the figure delicacy.

Technology is unpretentious. Manufacturers recommend this ratio of grains and liquids: 1: 2.

But, according to reviews of housewives, porridge will be rich, thick, if you do the calculation of 1: 3.

Milk or water should be brought to a boil, then pour the washed oats into the pan and screw the hob slightly. The peculiarity is that this porridge should be constantly stirred over a slow fire, otherwise it burns instantly.

And then – give a little insistence.

If you cook the cereal, it will take about 40 minutes to cook. Here we are talking about flattened polished grains.

Steamed uncrushed cereal can be cooked for about two hours, so this type is practically not used in home cooking.

If in the pan there were instant flakes of the type “Hercules” or “Extras”, then they will reach, thicken in five to twenty minutes depending on the variety.

There are also oatmeal, which can be used without cooking. They undergo intensive steam treatment during production and become very light.

Therefore, in everyday life, they are simply poured into a bowl, poured boiling water and covered with a lid for several minutes.

But when choosing a “raw material” for oatmeal dishes, you need to understand: in the absolute maximum, only oatmeal has all the above described useful properties. These are whole oblong grains that have not been subjected to intensive processing.

Flakes are obtained from the same grains. But the top layer is removed, and the grains are flattened by rolling. At the exit of such a product becomes more convenient to prepare, but loses some of the useful components.

The flakes themselves are divided into varieties, which depends on the technology and intensity of processing the cereal.

  • “Extra number 1”. This type of cereal is suitable for baby food and for people with gastrointestinal problems. The plates are light and thin, so they require no more than five minutes of cooking.
  • “Extra number 2”. Groats for rolling out such flakes are pre-cut. They also turn out to be tender, but about ten minutes will cook.
  • “Extra number 3”. Differ in a large number of carbohydrates and dense texture. Cook about 15 minutes, but the porridge turns out very thick and satisfying. This option is better not to use for weight loss.
  • Hercules. Made from top grade oats. These flakes are perhaps closer to the original composition of the grains. They are dense and will cook more than 20 minutes.

Pay attention to the tightness of the package. It is better to take flakes in cellophane – this reduces the risk of moisture absorption from the outside. If the cereal is sold in cardboard, then the box should be free of dents and holes.

Always check expiration dates. Fresh flakes are usually white or cream colored and have a characteristic smell of oats.

Despite the value of the product, it can only be eaten in moderation. Abuse is one of the main contraindications, as there is a risk of calcium leaching from the body.

So oatmeal is recommended to use no more than three times a week.

The benefits and harms of oatmeal are one of the most debated, controversial topics in the culinary and women’s forums. But there is no doubt that this croup is the most multifunctional.

Salt or sugar, honey or fruit, jam or nuts – all this is added at your discretion. If desired, oatmeal can be eaten with salads, and with meat, and with egg, and with yogurt, and with kefir.

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