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Names for girls: rare and beautiful, top fashion names

When naming a daughter, parents should understand: the name is the most important decoration of the girl that she will have to wear all her life. Stella or Milada?

Bazhena or carolina? Clara or Zoryana? Or maybe just love?

Rare and beautiful names for girls are presented in such abundance that it is difficult not to get lost. But which one is right for your baby, and how to name her daughter correctly?

About this – in our material.

Today, the influence of female naming on her character, quality and life expectancy is studied quite widely. Moreover, the topic is considered and official science, and predictive practices, and magic. It is clear that many parents want to know how it all works.

It is so important to write down in the birth certificate not only a beautiful full name, but a happy fate for a daughter.

So, astrologers compile special horoscopes for newborns, which allow to determine a successful naming variant. Numerologists select the “correct” names, calculating the number of dates of birth of the child.

Healers ask what unusual name to call a girl, from nature: they recommend choosing options according to the time of year and month of birth.

There is also anthroponymics. This is a separate scientific area for the study of the history of the emergence and evolution of the full name, the patterns of functioning of its components.

In their writings, anthroponimist scholars analyze various proper names, single out the most successful combinations of the full name.

Our ancestors, however, approached girls to be simpler. And while the names of the then beautiful women could be the most unusual.

In Russia, they were selected so that you can select the baby among other family members. For example, Pervusha was the first child. The name reflected the external data: the girl Chernava grew dark and dark-haired.

And Nekras was born not too pretty.

The basis was taken character traits or behavior: Cry, Clever. They nicked the baby, taking into account the circumstances of her birth.

For example, Eastoma grew up in families where her mother suffered during childbirth. And Snezhana was born in the cold.

The attitude of adults towards a girl could also be indicated: Zhdana, Nezhdana, Lyubava, Darren.

Many modern female names literally fascinate others, and make their owner even more attractive. But finding an interesting, in your opinion, version of the naming is only half the battle.

In order for the name to “play”, you need to consider a few points.

  1. Nationality Now in Russia, children are often given “neims”, which are not typical of the local culture and traditions. They are borrowed from other countries, religions, mentalities. In some cases, this is justified. But in combination with the usual Slavic patronymic names and surnames looks, to put it mildly, strange. For example, the combination “Gayane Vasilievna Kozlova” loses to the combination “Gayane Gasparovna Oganesyan”. For an Armenian girl, this name is appropriate, but not for a newborn Slav. It is also worth considering that in inter-ethnic marriages girls are born, whose external features differ from typical Slavic features. Therefore, for children of the mestizo it is also necessary to carefully choose the option of naming. In Russia, dark-skinned Masha, whose father is an Arab, will always receive heightened attention. Regina or Sabira in this case will be neutral and suitable options.
  2. Surname. Not all families can boast a rich and strong last name. In such cases, choosing a girl that is too unusual is not worth it. Judge for yourself: the combination of “Malvina Vyrhovyhvost” will be a double occasion for ridicule of peers. The option “Natalia Vyrvikhvost” in this case looks neater. Of course, one can hope that Michel Gus or Chernava Tuchka will grow up, get married and take the names of the second half. But what if they decide otherwise? Now, because many believe that changing the name of a negative effect on fate. So, women are afraid to make changes in the documents. But even there is a girl not superstitious … And what if she falls in love with a guy with the surname Bloch, Damn, Tomb, Slyunin or Pindyur?
  3. Middle name . In addition to the national factor, one must also take into account the principle of consonance. For bulky, long middle names it is worth picking up short names. Otherwise, the surrounding when addressing the girl will break the language. For example, the combination of “Sada Ramzullovna” wins over the combination of “Wudings of Ramzullovna”. The same principle applies when comparing the combinations “Vladislav Veniaminovna” and “Nina Veniaminovna”. By the way, the tandem is good, where the consonance is read in the name and patronymic. And also win the options where “Neims” daughters and dads start with the same letter: “Angelina Andreevna”, “Irina Igorevna”, “Nora Nikolaevna”.
  4. Forms. How will you love to call your daughter? Zoechka, Mashunya, Katrusya, Lelia, Lyubya … Any female appeal takes official and diminutive forms. But also many of them can transform into nicknames. Here we need to understand that children, especially schoolchildren, are cruel. They love to tease each other. So, Anfisa can turn into a Rat, Julia – into Dulu, and Rosa – into Manure.
  5. Fashion Especially young parents want to be in trend, and find a fashionable name for the baby. There are even completely excesses like the Keyboard, Sary-Paprika, Simka or Viagra. But in pursuit of originality, think about the future of your daughter. Do you have a neighbor old woman Dazdrapperma? Hardly. As they matured, the girls, fashionably named after Soviet May Day, hurried to change this rare name. Grandmas Olympics are also units. Yes, and few old women with the name of Trolebuzin, named on the principle of “Trotsky-Lenin-Bukharin-Zinoviev”, are not widely known.

According to the Department of Records of the Civil Status of the City of Moscow, in 2015, Sofia became the most fashionable female name in the Russian capital. Moreover, it is this version of the naming of girls that invariably takes the lead since 2010, dropping Anastasius, who were in the lead before, from the pedestal.

Also in the top three fashionable in Moscow, the maiden names of 2015: Maria and Anna.

Today, parents have many resources at their disposal, where you can find unusually beautiful names for girls. This e-books, and virtual directories, and specialized sites. These sources accumulate and analyze parental requests, make on the basis of them the ratings of the most demanded female “neyms”.

Below is a list of the thirty most beautiful and unusual names popular in 2017.

  1. Milan Slavic, means – “dear.”
  2. Sophia. From ancient Greek – “wise.”
  3. Yesenia. Slavic form of naming. Gave to children born in the fall.
  4. Arina . The outdated form of the name Irina. From the Greek – “peace”, “peace”.
  5. Kira The female form of the Greek name is Kyros, which means “sovereign”, “lord”.
  6. Anastasia. From the Greek – “resurrected”, “immortal.”
  7. Veronica. It has a Latin origin. Translated as “victorious.”
  8. Alice From English – “noble origin”.
  9. Pauline . A milder form of the Russian version of the naming Apollinaria, which means “liberated.”
  10. Victoria From Latin – “victory”.
  11. Stasya The short form from Stanislava, which means – “to become glorious.”
  12. Mariana Hebrew, interpreted as “tart, bitter.”
  13. Daria . It is closely related to the male Persian name Darayavaush, which means “the sovereign of good”.
  14. Kseniya . From the Greek – “hospitable”, “guest”, “alien”.
  15. Eve. Hebrew – Life-Giving
  16. Alina. From Latin – “alien”, “other”, “majestic”.
  17. Catherine . From the Greek – “immaculate”, “pure.”
  18. Valeria . The female version of the male name is Valery, which is translated from the Latin as “being healthy”, “being strong”, “being powerful”.
  19. Mary From the Hebrew – “desired”, “bitter”, “serene”.
  20. Anna From Hebrew – “grace”, “courage”, “strength”.
  21. Elizabeth From Hebrew – “worshiping God”, “my God is an oath”, “cursing God.”
  22. Darin. Slavic, designates – “granted”, “gift”.
  23. Yuliya . From the Greek – “curly.” The Latin version is “from the Julius clan”, “July”.
  24. Kristina . From Latin – “Christian”.
  25. Alyona . From ancient Greek – “sunny”, “bewitching”, “shining”, “attracting”.
  26. Ulyana. One of the forms of the name Julia, which translates as “curly”, “July”, “from the Julian clan”.
  27. Milena. Slavic, means – “dear.”
  28. Camilla. In ancient Rome, so called servants in the temples. Hence the interpretation is “the servant of the temple” of “immaculate origin.”
  29. Amelia From German – “hardworking”.
  30. Diana From Latin – “divine”.

Considering the generally recognized beautiful names for girls, you need to understand: there is a lot of subjectivity here. For someone, Barbara is the best option, but to someone it literally cuts off hearing. You need to focus exclusively on your inner feelings and, of course, on common sense.

Do not name the child on the advice of the head or even close relatives, in honor of politicians or pop stars. Riddle and meaning will appear in the name of your girl only if to him “lies the soul.”

And my mother’s and father’s.

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