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Names for boys: rare and beautiful, the list of fashion names 2017

Hooray! Ultrasound showed who lives under the heart of my mother. “Son,” – you are touched. “Heir!”, The future father rejoices. This is the moment when a woman begins to address her stomach very specifically, and it means that it’s time to call a “putozhitel”.

And although it is not the name that paints a person, often disputes from the “Vladlen, Dionysus or Vanya” series lead to the fact that the baby remains a “baby” until the moment of receiving the birth certificate. It is right in such a situation to gather for family council.

And you need to go there, armed with information about what are rare and beautiful names for boys.

Our ancestors believed that the name determines the fate, character of a person. For example, calling his son Lazar, adults believed that God himself would help him in life.

And the parents of Fadeev hoped that their children would become successful and deserve praise in everything. They were waiting for protection from Alexey, and from Brave, bravery.

In Indian tribes it was customary to give a person two names. One of them is false. It became public and was determined when growing up, when the child showed any of his special qualities and abilities.

For example, “Sharp-Sighted Eye”.

And the other was true and secret. He was carefully hidden, especially from outsiders.

It was believed that the enemy, who had learned the secret of your naming, would gain power over your fate, life and death.

In Christian families, even today, during the sacrament of baptism, a child is given a second name, which is recommended not to be advertised to outsiders. His clergyman determines according to the church calendar, taking into account the date of birth of the baby and the Orthodox name-writer. So, the child is named according to the calendar.

That is, in honor of a certain saint, whose day coincides with the day of the birth of a child or falls on the eighth, fortieth day of birth.

It is said that the name of the ship determines the success of his voyage. Therefore, parents often name the baby, given the possible energy influence of the Universe.

All the talk about the influence of the naming of a person on his fate can not be taken seriously. But when choosing a beautiful and unusual name for a baby, it is necessary to take into account certain, quite mundane, nuances.

There are five basic rules to follow when naming a son.

  1. Consonance name. You must agree that the full name of Romeo Yemelyanovich Sisev will always attract undue attention to the child. “Gremislav Abdelhakimovich Eldarkhanov” not even every teacher will pronounce. And Prince Mikhailovich Zhuk, quite likely, having matured, will want to change his name. Therefore, if the family name is not distinguished by elegance, it is better to find an unpretentious, simple name for the baby. For example, “Vadim Mikhailovich Zhuk” will look much more advantageous.
  2. Compatibility with patronymic. There are several recommendations here. First you need to take into account the nationality of the father. For example, if the pope is Armenian Gegham, then it is better to accuse the boy accordingly. Agree, the combination “Avetis Gegamovich” sounds strong in comparison with the combination “Vasily Gegamovich”. Another tip: focus on the length of the middle name. For bulky middle names, short names are better suited, and vice versa. For example, “Lev Konstantinovich” sounds more melodic than “Innokentiy Konstantinovich”. Also, do not give the baby “name”, ending with the letter, which begins the name of the father. For example, “Vadim Maksimovich”. Consider to avoid the accumulation of vowels and consonants at the junction of the name and patronymic. Since there is a high probability that in the conversation people will involuntarily distort them. An example of a not quite successful combination: “Pyotr Vladimirovich”. But then combinations play well when there are beautiful sound coincidences or the names begin with the same letter: “Andrei Alekseevich”, “Elisey Evgenievich”.
  3. Relevance time and place. No one condemns the love of parents for popular television products, but hardly in the village of Michurino Batman or Nolik will feel comfortable. Edward and Barak in the Slavic environment will also look special. But during puberty, Tyrrion or Mason will not collect autographs, but will carry home bruises. Therefore, think hard about your decision before calling the boy a too unusual name.
  4. Transformation. Almost all names have derived variations. They are transformed into diminutive forms or nicknames. And the latter may be offensive. This must be taken into account so that the child is not teased. Please note that the mother will be able to call Maxim “Maxyusha or Masey”, and her friends – “Max” or “Maxyukha”. With Gleb more difficult. Parents will refer to him: “Glebushka.” And peers immediately twist: “Bread”.
  5. The names of “unisex.” Psychologists recommend parents: “When calling a son, avoid options with a blurred sexual binding.” For example, these are the names of Zhenya or Valya, which are suitable for both girls and boys. This is especially important if the child’s last name is not inclined. For example, names like “Viligura” or “Katz” do not give an idea of ​​who their carrier is – boyfriend or girlfriend. Therefore, “Sasha Shuvalov” is still an acceptable option, but “Sasha Koval” – alas. Such a combination can provoke problems with the child’s self-identification, suppress the exceptional male traits in character.

In Russia, it is a tradition to name a child in honor of relatives. For example, as great-grandfather.

This custom is a matter of discussion. Some young parents are against him, because they believe that the baby can absorb the negative experience of ancestors and repeat their fate.

And other moms and dads insist: the naming by the generic principle is an additional protection.

Parents want their son to wear a rare, energetically strong and fashionable name. But considering the unusual names for boys, it is important not to bend the stick. Fashion is a changeable thing.

Enough to turn to history. Remember how, based on the events of 1917, the boys called October, Revo, Vladlen.

When the councils were popular Perkosrak (in honor of the launch of the first space rocket), Dazdraperma (in honor of May Day).

Further, ideological moods are modified – “cosmic” moods come into fashion. So, Apollo, Icarus, Mercury and Odyssey are born.

Later, after the collapse of the USSR, there was a wave of children’s naming based on the serials. Enrique, Mason, Cruz, Rogelio, and Guillermo were registered.

But practice shows that all intricate options in a few years not only lose their relevance, but even look ridiculous. But traditional names in our culture like Nikolai, Vladimir, Oleg and Alexey always sound worthy.

Male names are divided into soft and hard. In the first case, the boys grow up calm and docile.

In the second – stubborn and strong.

The soft ones include those in which there are a lot of vowels, as well as quiet sonants – nd, p, l, m, n. This is Ilya, Veniamin, Michael.

But in solid voiced pair consonants in the company with the roaring letter “P” prevail. Such names have Egor, Gregory, Dmitri.

There are also neutral options that give their owner moderate sense of purpose and wisdom. This concerns Arkady, Andrei, Pavel.

If the parents fail to come to a general decision on how to name the son, then you can resort to using the calendar. Observations of old-timers show that children born at different times of the year have completely different options.

Winter boys better name, choosing from the following list: Roman, Anatoly, Peter, Semyon, Arseny, Ivan.

Spring children are comfortable if their name is Danila, Stepa, Nikita or David. For summer, good options are Sergey, Kostya, Nazar, Mark, Matvey or Pasha.

And the autumn baby will be in harmony with the name of Timofey, Herman, Fedor or Anton. There are even special layouts, where suitable for naming options are painted by month.

Still adults resort to the help of numerology. For this, the number of the date of birth of the baby is calculated and the name corresponding to this number is selected in the special literature.

Also, adults often pay attention to compatibility with the baby’s zodiac sign. And they even look at the combination with the names of the parents themselves in order to avoid conflicts and misunderstandings on the energy level.

Today, there are special themed websites where you can find the unusual name of a boy, learn its meaning and see how children are called in various countries.

Based on the statistics of attendance of such resources, you can make a list of the most popular modern male names. The top 30 fashionable boy names for 2017 are listed below.

  1. Diaz This is the Spanish version of the more familiar biblical name Jacob in our midst. Translated as “walking on the heels.”
  2. Matthew. Hebrew is translated as “granted by the Lord.”
  3. Artem. In Greek, it means “healthy” or “safe.”
  4. Janis The Greek version of the Russian name Ivan. Means – “God’s grace” or “God pardoned.”
  5. Maksim . From Latin – “the greatest.”
  6. Dmitriy . From the Greek – “dedicated to the goddess of fertility and agriculture Demeter.”
  7. Timofey. From the Greek – “worshiping God.”
  8. Daniel. Hebrew is translated as “God is my judge.”
  9. Novel. From Latin – “Roman”.
  10. Arseny. It comes from the Greek – Arsenios. Meaning – “courageous”, “mature”.
  11. Egor . Russian transformation of the Greek name George. Meaning – “farmer”.
  12. Kirill . From ancient Greek – “lord”, “lord.”
  13. Mark From Latin – “hammer”. However, from the French – “Marquis”. There are versions that the name is dedicated to the god of war Mars.
  14. Andrew . From ancient Greek – “brave”, “courageous”.
  15. Nikita From Greek – “winner”.
  16. Ivan Derived from the ancient Jewish John – “God Pardoned.”
  17. Alexey . From ancient Greek – “guardian”, “protector”.
  18. Bogdan. Slavs interpreted this name as “God’s gift.”
  19. Ilya. The transformation of the Hebrew name Eliyahu – “believer” or “the power of God.”
  20. Yaroslav . It has Slavic roots. In different sources it translates as “bright”, “glorious”, “strong”.
  21. Timur. A variety of names Damir and Tamerlane. From Mongolian translated as “iron”.
  22. Michael From the ancient Judean – “like God.”
  23. Vladislav. In Slavic culture – “owning fame.” The Polish version is “a good ruler.”
  24. Alexander . From the Greek – “protector”.
  25. Sergei . From Latin – “noble”.
  26. Gleb. In Scandinavian culture – “the favorite of the Gods”. Slavic version of the origin compares this name with the words “lump” and “pole.”
  27. Demid. It has Greek roots. Translated – “the advice of Zeus.” Zeus in mythology – the heavenly sovereign, world lord.
  28. Denis. Happened from ancient Greek – Dionysios. It is treated as a “reveler”, “fun”.
  29. Ruslan. From Turkic – “lion”.
  30. Paul . From Latin – “baby.”

Choosing bright, beautiful names for boys, parents want to single out a child, win a successful fate and strong character for him. But the competent naming of a baby is only the beginning of a long way. And no astrology will raise a son for you.

And in order to grow a decent man out of a baby, parents of Nikolaev, the parents of Lyubomirov, and the parents of Arnold will have to work hard. The Kyrgyz wisdom correctly says that only the name of a good person is never forgotten.

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