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Moisturizing face mask at home: recipes for all skin types

The skin takes on all the “blows” of the environment, it becomes especially noticeable on the face. External factors daily dry and deplete the epidermis.

To function properly, it often needs additional nourishment and hydration. Masks from fresh, natural ingredients can provide the skin with the lack of moisture and transform its appearance.

Moisturizing face mask at home is easy to prepare, and the result can be felt after the first procedure.

Water is one of the main sources of energy for our body. The lack of moisture strongly affects the skin – like a dehydrated flower, it becomes sluggish, “brittle”, its protective functions are disturbed, and the color fades.

Home masks from “moisturizing” ingredients help to revive the skin. But before using any of them, you need to figure out what your skin type needs most and why it lacks moisture.

Each skin type is able to “say” in its own way about the need for additional moisturizing. And each type requires an individual approach to its own moisture.

How to determine that your skin does not have enough water? Need to know some of the features of each type separately.

  • Normal Differs harmonious work of all “systems”. It has a well-balanced water-salt balance and metabolism, the sebaceous glands function correctly. The skin is smooth and clean, there is no redness or shine. It has a healthy color, sometimes with a slight blush.
  • Dry It suffers from a lack of moisture, often flakes and cracks. It has an even, but grayish or flaccid color. Barrier functions are violated, therefore irritations and acne are not uncommon. Especially these problems manifest themselves during the cold season. Most of all prone to the early appearance of mimic and age wrinkles. For this type of skin, it is important to combine nourishing and moisturizing masks.
  • Bold. Easy to identify by oily shine and frequent redness. Excessive sebum secretion and enlarged pores contribute to the increased activity of harmful microbes, which is why they often suffer from inflammation and acne. Due to the malfunctioning of the sebaceous glands, the pores become heavily clogged, eels appear, and metabolism is disturbed. Oily film on the surface of the epidermis retains moisture, so this type is not prone to early wrinkles and with proper care will retain smoothness and youth for a long time. But frequent inflammation and impaired “water and nutrient” exchange can seriously damage the skin.
  • Combined. The most common combination – the T-zone (forehead, nose and chin) is prone to increased greasiness, and in the cheek area normal or dry. A person requires a more careful approach to care, masks for moisturizing will be different for these areas.
  • Problem. This name does not apply to “divisions” of the skin. Any type of cover can be problematic. These include frequent inflammation, rashes and acne, enlarged pores, freckles and pigment spots, vascular networks. For problem skin requires an integrated approach. To cure one or another defect, you need to find out the reason for its occurrence. For treatment or appropriate care is best to contact a professional beautician.

There is a misconception that oily skin cannot suffer from dehydration. But the lack of moisture can disturb absolutely any epidermis. Each type responds differently to the lack of valuable moisture.

If moisturizing is always required for dry skin, the “signals” of other types must be able to be recognized.

  • Oily skin . She begins to “gasp”. Affected by the lack of oxygen that comes with water. Increases sebum production, increases shine. Peeling occurs, most often in the forehead and nose. The color fades, a gray tint appears.
  • Normal skin. Starts to peel off, fine wrinkles appear. The epidermis loses its smoothness, some areas become rough.
  • Combined skin. Dehydration is manifested in peeling of the cheek area, the sudden appearance of fine wrinkles on the forehead, around the eyes, on the nose.

Regardless of the type, with a lack of moisture there is a tightness, the skin loses its elasticity and elasticity. With active facial expressions, micro-deepening and deeper wrinkles may appear.

Both the internal processes of the body and external factors can influence the skin condition. Before taking measures to moisturize and nourish the skin, you need to determine the source of “drought.”

This will help to choose the right components of the mask and quickly return the skin a beautiful well-groomed appearance. The reasons may be as follows.

  • Avitaminosis. The diet should contain vitamins of group B, A, E and C.
  • Congenital dryness. Dry type means constant care and quality moisturizing measures.
  • Dry air In the summer you need to use sunscreen. Frequent sunbathing can cause fine wrinkles and premature skin aging. In winter, half an hour before going outside, it can be lubricated with a fat, nourishing cream – this will protect the epidermis from frost and strong wind. During the heating period, the air in the room also becomes very dry. This is easy to fix with special humidifiers.
  • Unbalanced nutrition. And illiterate diets. This includes the frequent use of alcohol, and sweet carbonated drinks, and coffee in large quantities. A lack of pure water in the diet also affects the hydration of the skin. Improper diet is especially harmful to oily skin, which, because of poor-quality nutrition, can become problematic.
  • Reaction to drugs. Consultation with your doctor will help correct the situation.
  • Various diseases. Such as xerosis, dermatitis, hypovitaminosis.

In addition to the main reasons, the skin condition may be affected by improper or too rough care, for example:

  • washing with hard water;
  • hard towel;
  • inaccurate drying of hair when the hairdryer is often directed towards the face;
  • low-quality decorative cosmetics;
  • too frequent use of foundation and powder;
  • improper care

To restore the normal condition of the skin in the first place you need to eliminate the cause of dehydration. And to restore the water balance will help special moisturizing procedures.

Moisturizing masks contraindications are reduced to a general set of precautions. Masks can not be done in the following cases:

  • opening wounds;
  • severe acne;
  • dilated vessels;
  • allergic to mask components;
  • idiosyncrasy of any mask ingredient.

To eliminate dryness, there are two options: professional procedures in the cosmetology office and homemade moisturizing face masks. In terms of effectiveness, moisturizing activities at home are not inferior to salon procedures, but cost much less.

One of the main advantages of home remedies is the opportunity to choose the fresh natural ingredients that suit you.

Masks for moisturizing the face at home will be of maximum benefit if used in courses. For oily skin, the course is five masks for three months.

For the normal and mixed schedule more dense – five masks for two months. Dry skin requires a particularly rich course – as much as 10-15 procedures in one month.

After completing the course, you should take a monthly break.

First you need to properly prepare the skin. To do this, there are a few simple steps.

  • Remove makeup. Special milk and clean water need to completely free your face from cosmetics.
  • Massage with scrub. If the cover is very peeling, you can massage it a little with a special scrub. The tool should be gentle, with small grains. It is undesirable to use a scrub on the area around the eyes – the epidermis is very thin and sensitive here, especially with increased dryness.
  • Steam out. Dry skin is undesirable to steam over a bowl of hot water. It is better to take a towel with a nap, wet it with hot water and apply to the face before cooling. Repeat three times.
  • Moisturize Before applying the mask, you can slightly moisten the skin with warm water – the product will be better absorbed.

When all the actions to cleanse the face are done, you can start applying a natural mask. It is useful to know five more subtleties that will make the procedure particularly pleasant and comfortable.

  1. Use a brush. It is more convenient to apply the finished mask with a special brush – it will evenly distribute the mixture and make the procedure more accurate.
  2. Keep gauze in stock. If the mixture is too liquid, you can moisten a piece of clean gauze in it and apply it to the face.
  3. During the session – relax. After applying the mask, it is desirable to lie down and relax the facial muscles so that nothing interferes with absorption.
  4. Use the “dishwasher”. Rinse off with a cotton pad and a special lotion. But the mask with any vegetable oil should be rinsed with warm water.
  5. Do not stop on the face. Moisturizing blends can rejuvenate not only the skin of the face, but also the neck and decollete.

Homemade skin hydration is a pleasant activity that does not take a lot of time and brings great benefits. Vital moisture for our body can be found in a variety of products.

The main thing is to take into account the features of your epidermis and carefully monitor its condition after the procedure.

As a mask for the face you need to use only freshly prepared mixtures. The finished mask can not be stored, otherwise it loses its nourishing and moisturizing properties.

Result. Cottage cheese nourishes and moisturizes, honey enriches with valuable vitamins, acids and microelements. This “multifunctional” mask is suitable for any skin type, including the combined one.

  1. Pound a large spoonful of low-fat, grainy curd on a plate.
  2. Add two small spoons of bee nectar and mix.
  3. Keep on face for half an hour.

Result. This mask has earned a lot of positive feedback. Sour cream actively moisturizes, smoothes fine wrinkles.

The yolk is known for its rich composition of nutrients, antioxidants, vitamins of group B, A, PP, E. It regenerates the skin and makes it smooth and supple.

  1. Separate one yolk.
  2. Beat it and add a soup spoon of low-fat sour cream.
  3. Keep the mixture on your face for 30 minutes.

Result. This delicious mask enriches the skin with vitamins A, C, Groups B, K, E. It returns the skin’s natural color and elasticity.

  1. Make a puree of kiwi, apple and one strawberry.
  2. Apply a sweet “dessert” on the face and take off after 20 minutes.

To prepare the best moisturizing face mask you need to take fresh natural ingredients. Only such components are rich in vitamins and nutrients valuable for the epidermis.

Result. Green tea regulates the sebaceous glands, helps relieve inflammation and heal wounds from acne. Banana cleans from the cornified particles, evens the complexion.

Kefir effectively moisturizes, and honey nourishes the epidermis with organic acids. The mask contains vitamins A, C, E, K, group B.

  1. Make a puree of half a ripe banana and add a teaspoon of “green” tea leaves.
  2. There also pour a small spoonful of low-fat yogurt and honey.
  3. Combine all the components and the resulting gruel to lubricate the skin for 30 minutes.

Result. Lemon brightens and disinfects, dries sebaceous secretions. Protein nourishes the skin with B vitamins and valuable minerals such as potassium, phosphorus, calcium, magnesium.

  1. Add a spoonful of fresh yellow citrus juice to the egg white.
  2. The mask must be kept on the face for at least 20 minutes.

The best way to find out which recipe is able to satisfy the needs of your skin is to test it for yourself. By trial and error, you can choose the most valuable compositions.

Result. Effectively moisturizes the skin, making it supple and elastic. The mask can drain from the face, so it is advisable to apply it lying down.

  1. Pulp half a cucumber grate on a coarse grater.
  2. Mix it with two tablespoons of cream.
  3. Apply to skin for 30 minutes.

Result. Gives the skin the necessary trace elements such as magnesium, zinc, phosphorus. Vitamins A, groups B, C, E, K are useful for dry skin. It provides moisture and improves tone, smoothes shallow wrinkles.

  1. Pour two soup spoons of olive oil into the bowl.
  2. Put in the butter half a soup spoon of honey and two yolks.
  3. Mix everything, grease abundantly with the finished grub covers and wait 20 minutes.

Result. It softens flaking, gives tone and enriches with nutrients. It nourishes with such valuable vitamins as A, groups B, E.

  1. Beat the egg yolk with a large spoon of flaxseed or olive oil.
  2. Pour a large spoonful of chopped oatmeal into the egg-oil mixture.
  3. Gently apply the mixture for 20-30 minutes.

A moisturizing face mask at home will keep the skin on, but for a quick and lasting result you need a set of measures. To keep the epidermis from drying out, it is important to drink plenty of purified water, eat fresh vegetables and fruits, walk more and use high-quality cosmetics.

Taking care of your skin is easy and pleasant, and a beautiful, toned face will be a good reward for your efforts.

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