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Melon face mask: benefits, cooking rules and proven recipes

Melon fragrance is the heady scent of summer. Even outwardly, it is somewhat reminiscent of the sun. Unfortunately, the fruit and berry season is too short, and therefore you need to have time to extract the maximum benefit that melon can bring to the body.

Enjoying juicy pieces, leave a little for home cosmetic procedures. Melon face mask will give you and your skin a lot of pleasure. So what’s the use of this product?

What effective masks can I make on the basis of a melon?

A modern woman is hard to fool with beautiful slogans and bright promises of cosmetics manufacturers. More and more beautiful women aware of the benefits of folk remedies.

If the melon is good for the body, it means it is doubly good for the skin. Just make it a rule to feed your epidermis with the foods you eat.

It can be a melon in its pure form, or it can be a complex multicomponent mask that solves several skin problems at once.

Melon is not only tasty, but also useful. This product helps to increase hemoglobin and strengthen the immune system. Gourd culture with a rich chemical composition works fine not only from the inside but also from the outside.

Puree of one slice of melon can bring more benefit to the skin than a complex of expensive cosmetics. The skin will become smooth, radiant and less susceptible to external influences.

The benefits of melon lies in its rich chemical composition. Each component is valuable in its own way.

The aromatic melon contains the following “usefulness”.

  • Vitamin PP. Aligns the color and relief of the skin, provides protection from the negative effects of external factors.
  • Vitamin A . Fights inflammation, deeply moisturizes, prevents premature aging.
  • Vitamin B5. Smoothes small creases and wrinkles.
  • Vitamin B9. Reflects harmful UV light from the skin, preventing photo-aging.
  • Vitamin C . Removes toxins, preventing early aging, stimulates the production of elastin and collagen, strengthens skin immunity.
  • Carotene. Actively moisturizes, eliminates peeling.
  • Cobalt Deeply cleanses pores and tightens them, dries acne, treats inflammation.
  • Iron Facilitates the penetration of oxygen into the deep layers of the dermis.
  • Potassium. Retains moisture inside the cells, preventing dehydration.

Having learned how to prepare a melon face mask, you can do real miracles of cosmetology at home. There are some problems with which this fruit copes as well as possible. Here are the main indications for the use of melon masks:

  • inflammation, acne, acne;
  • severe dryness and peeling;
  • redness;
  • early wrinkles;
  • pigmentation;
  • uneven and painful complexion;
  • mature skin with visible age changes.

The melon face mask is a real gift for the skin. By itself, the fruit is very useful for the epidermis, and combining it with other additives, you can create unique recipes to solve a lot of skin problems.

Melon will charge the epidermis with energy and vitamins, and you will be given a good mood of honey aroma.

If you notice that your skin has acquired a painful color and has lost its vitality, you can correct the situation with the help of the following composition.

  1. Slice the melon into thin slices using a potato peeler.
  2. Attach the resulting petals to the face and neck. Do this lying down so that the melon does not fall.
  3. In a relaxed state, lie down for a quarter of an hour.
  4. Wash with cold water without soap, foam or gel.

In the summer, the sebaceous glands become especially active, and therefore even owners of the normal type of epidermis may face the problem of unattractive sheen in the T-zone. Preparing a mask for oily skin.

  1. Using a blender, cook melon puree. Enough two tablespoons.
  2. Beat the egg white in foam and mix with fruit puree.
  3. Add a teaspoon of low-fat yogurt.
  4. Scrub clean skin with melon peel, then apply a mask.
  5. After a quarter of an hour wash.

For skin prone to irritation, melon can be a real salvation. To soothe the epidermis and protect it from external irritants, use this tool.

  1. Mash fork a tablespoon of melon puree with the same amount of fat cottage cheese.
  2. Add a teaspoon of pumpkin oil.
  3. Cleanse the skin and wipe it with a sponge soaked in warm milk.
  4. Apply the mixture to the skin for a quarter of an hour.

Dryness and sensitivity of the skin is usually accompanied by such an unpleasant problem as peeling. A rich mask will help to cope with this scourge.

  1. Mix a tablespoon of semolina boiled in milk with two tablespoons of melon puree.
  2. Add egg yolk, a pinch of salt, a teaspoon of linseed oil and honey in the same quantity.
  3. Apply the mask in a thick layer and leave for a quarter of an hour.

If you notice the first signs of wilting on your skin, do not fall into despair, but use the mask, the recipe of which is described below.

  1. Two tablespoons of frayed melon pulp mixed with a teaspoon of honey.
  2. Add a tablespoon of heavy cream.
  3. Mash the skin over hot chamomile decoction.
  4. Apply the mask for a quarter of an hour.

If the problem of pigment spots or freckles is embarrassing for you, use a lemon-melon mask.

  1. Mix the juice of the fourth part of lemon with two tablespoons of melon juice.
  2. At bedtime, apply a dotted mixture to the skin and leave on overnight.
  3. In the morning, wash with warm water and apply cream.

Most acne treatments dry the skin. A melon-based mask works differently.

  1. Prepare an infusion of a tablespoon of a mixture of Hypericum and chamomile, as well as two bay leaves. Just pour herbs 50 ml of boiling water and leave for 20-30 minutes.
  2. Mix the filtered infusion with two tablespoons of melon puree.
  3. Apply the product on the skin and cover with a gauze cloth.
  4. After a quarter of an hour, remove the mask with a cotton pad and wash with chamomile decoction.

To soften dry skin and protect it from external negative effects, use this mask.

  1. You will need melon puree and sour cream in equal proportions.
  2. If the mixture is too thin, thicken it with starch or oatmeal flour.
  3. Apply to face and leave for 15 minutes.

To get the most out of the melon mask, you need to know a few subtleties of its use. Reviews of ordinary women and professionals contain such useful tips.

  1. Texture In order for the mask to be applied easily and to lie evenly, the melon mash must have a uniform consistency. Best used blender. If you do not have such a device, do not be lazy to rub a melon through a sieve.
  2. Freshness Any natural masks are prepared immediately before application. Even if you keep the product in the refrigerator, it will lose its useful properties.
  3. Training . Clean skin is a guarantee of a positive result. Before applying the mask you need to remove makeup and other impurities. Do not be lazy to steam the face.
  4. Time The optimal duration of the procedure is 15 minutes. This is enough for the skin to absorb all the nutrients.
  5. Moisturizing. If the mask does not contain sour cream or vegetable oils, after the procedure, apply the cream.

The beauty of a melon face mask saves from many troubles – from wrinkles, from dryness and flaking, from oily sheen and acne. But there is one important nuance.

Cosmetic procedures with fresh melon are best done in summer and early autumn. Of course, in winter you can find tasty and ripe melons, but greenhouse imported fruits are not so good for the skin, and sometimes they are completely unsafe.

As an option – from summer you can freeze slices or melon juice.

“Immediate result” – girls reviews about natural melon cosmetics

I constantly use natural cosmetics, apply all the vegetables and fruits that I have in the country. No exception and melon.

I liked it very much with its whitening effect. Since spring, I constantly spend in my favorite garden, how much sunblock I do not use, anyway my face burns occasionally or becomes much darker than the skin on the body.

For two years now, as soon as the gourds begin to sing, I immediately use the melon flesh. For her face, you need quite a bit, so I make a mask out of it every other day, and so I repeat, until the melons run out.

The face after their use is always a pleasant shade, and velvety to the touch.

Zhanna, 52 years old, //ilcosmetic.ru/uhod-za-litsom/maski-uhod-za-litsom/luchshie-retsepty-dynnyh-masok-dlya-litsa.html

I am a lover of fragrant melon compositions. I like their speed, ease of preparation and availability of products. For myself, I chose three products with which I indulge my skin every year: a mask with sour cream, moisturizing milk and a scrub.

Last remedy apply all year round. I try to make a mask every two days.

My dry skin gratefully responds to its effect. Itself then pleasant to feel and touch the face.

After two weeks of use of melon riches, the skin looks noticeably younger and even fit.

Olga, 39 years old, //ilcosmetic.ru/uhod-za-litsom/maski-uhod-za-litsom/luchshie-retsepty-dynnyh-masok-dlya-litsa.html

I buy a melon when the season comes and make masks of it during this period regularly. I want to note that after using them the result is instant – the skin really becomes fresh, taut and moisturized.

I always look forward to repeating my home beauty skin courses.

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