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Masks for the skin around the eyes: recipes for bruises, swelling and wrinkles

Nature decreed that there was a tremendous load on the tissue around the eyes associated with the protective function and facial expressions. But the dermis in this zone is so thin and tender that it takes the first blow of age-related changes.

Therefore, the masks for the skin around the eyes are particularly stringent. What tools are suitable for delicate epidermis?

How to use them correctly?

Young beauties rarely pay due attention to skin care around the eyes. The young epidermis glows with energy and health, framing a mischievous clear look.

But while we admire our reflection in the mirror, the vitality and beauty of the skin is undermined by the lack of moisture, active facial expressions, poor ecology, bad habits, poor diet, scorching sun, severe frost and many other factors. In order to preserve the charm of youth in adulthood, provide decent care to the most vulnerable areas on time.

In order to enjoy the shining reflection in the mirror as long as possible, you need to start caring for the skin around the eyes until it is affected by age-related problems. And those ladies who have already encountered wrinkles, bags and other troubles should be doubly attentive to the delicate epidermis.

To get started is to remember the rules for using home masks.

  1. Cleansing. In order for the useful components of the mask to penetrate as deeply as possible into the skin, you must first remove the makeup and additionally wash using a gentle foam.
  2. Auxiliary accessories. To prevent the product from dripping down and into the eyes, use sponges or pieces of cotton fabric. Just wet them in the nutrient composition and attach to the eyelids.
  3. Security . The habitual tolerance test can be uninformative if we are talking about the skin around the eyes. To test the composition is not necessary on the wrist and not on the crook of the elbow. Apply a drop of product around the outer corner of the eye and check the result in a quarter of an hour.
  4. Texture Masks should have a uniform and soft texture. Before applying the product to the skin, make sure that there are no solid particles in it.
  5. Uninstall. It is necessary to wash off the mask with warm water, and herbal decoctions are ideal.
  6. Moisturizing. After removing the mask, apply a nourishing cream or a refreshing gel.
  7. Knowing of limits . Do not apply too much to the skin. This is a big load for delicate fabrics. The effect may be the opposite of the expected. In addition, the tool can get into the eyes.

It is easy and pleasant to make masks for skin around the eyes at home. Natural ingredients are great to deal with the problems of vulnerable skin.

Most products are in every kitchen, and therefore no serious capital investment in beauty is needed.

Not only mature ladies, but also very young girls suffer from dark circles under the eyes and puffiness. This can be caused by intense visual work, imbalance, insomnia, hereditary factors and other causes.

Fortunately, salvation can be found in the folk remedies described in the table below.

Table – Preparation of masks for bruises and edemas.

Compositionspecial instructions
– A tablespoon of grated potatoes;
– a teaspoon of cream;
– two or three drops of shea butter
– After the procedure, the gel is applied with a cooling effect.
– A teaspoon of white clay;
– a tablespoon of sour cream;
– three drops of pomegranate oil
– Apply the mask through a thin paper napkin or gauze
– A teaspoon of apricot puree;
– half less honey
– Honey must be liquid, otherwise you can damage the skin.
– A tablespoon of grated potatoes;
– the same amount of finely chopped parsley;
– a teaspoon of kefir or ryazhenka
– The mask should cover all the space around the eyes, including the eyelids;
– after the procedure, apply green coffee oil

With the appearance of even the smallest folds around the eyelids, the look becomes less clear and expressive. Folk cosmetology known a huge number of masks for the skin around the eyes from wrinkles.

The most popular tools are presented in the table below.

Table – Preparation of wrinkle masks

Compositionspecial instructions
– A tablespoon of sea buckthorn puree;
– a teaspoon of hazelnut oil
– To put a dense layer;
– rinse with mint decoction
– A tablespoon of aloe juice;
– three drops of oil vitamin E
– Mask is desirable to do before bedtime and leave on all night
– A tablespoon of pumpkin puree;
– six drops of wheat germ oil
– Before cooking mashed pumpkin to bake in the oven;
– after the end of the session, apply the gel or cream with hyaluron
– A teaspoon of carrot puree;
– the same amount of applesauce;
– five drops of oil vitamin E
– Apply through gauze;
– after the session, treat the skin with grape oil
– Tablespoon of gelatin;
– Two tablespoons of warm green tea;
– four drops of borage oil
– Before applying, lubricate the skin with a small amount of wheat germ oil;
– remove sponge soaked in chamomile broth

There are practically no sebaceous glands on the skin around the eyes, and therefore it is not surprising that unpleasant dryness is often felt in this area. This is one of the main causes of premature aging of the dermis.

Fight with dryness will help folk recipes, written in the table below.

Table – Preparation of masks for dryness

Compositionspecial instructions
– Mashed half banana;
– six drops of oil vitamin A
– After the procedure, you can further treat the skin with vitamin A
– Two quail eggs;
– a tablespoon of cottage cheese;
– two drops of cocoa butter
– Removing the mask, you need to make a five-minute warm compresses with broth hips
– A tablespoon of olive oil;
– Half a teaspoon of argan oil;
– starch to thicken the mask to the consistency of sour cream
– Remove sponge soaked in lime broth
– Egg yolk;
– a teaspoon of yogurt without additives;
– seven drops of oil vitamin E
– Use in winter to protect against wind and cold
– A tablespoon of sour cream;
– chopped sprig of fresh fennel
– rinse with green tea
– A teaspoon of honey;
– two large strawberries
– Rinse with warm milk.
– A tablespoon of watermelon pulp;
– the same amount of sour cream;
– oatmeal (to bring the mask to a thick consistency)
– After the procedure, massage chamomile ice cube

For skin care to bear fruit, it is important to develop a set of measures taking into account age characteristics. With store cosmetics, everything is quite simple, because on the tubes there are always corresponding notes.

But you can choose the right folk remedies based on reviews or your own experience.

25 years old: first age changes and plum cosmetics

The first signs of age-related changes appear after 25 years. This period is characterized by the following problems:

  • first mimic wrinkles appear;
  • former elasticity is lost;
  • dark circles appear more often and become more distinct;
  • on violation of the regime of wakefulness and rest, the skin reacts with swelling.

Early age problems will help solve the mask of plums for the skin around the eyes. The tool will charge the skin with energy, give it freshness and make it more resistant to external negative influences.

Recipe that fits

  1. A couple of large plums free from pits and peel. Pulp mash with a fork or rub through a sieve.
  2. Heat a tablespoon of whey or kefir slightly and mix with mashed potatoes.
  3. Cut out fragments from cotton pads, which will be conveniently placed around the eyes. Moisten the cotton well in the prepared composition and apply to the skin.
  4. After 20 minutes, remove the mask and perform a contrast washing.

If at the age of 30 it is still possible to fight wrinkles with conservative methods, then after 40 years they are clearly shaped. In addition, there are such problems:

  • regeneration processes slow down;
  • production of own collagen and elastin is inhibited;
  • muscle tissue and skin begin to sag;
  • fatty tissue is collected under the lower eyelid, forming bags.

During this period, you need to pay special attention to personal care. It is important to use high-quality cosmetics with antioxidants, coenzymes, hyalurone. You also need to make it a rule trips to the beautician.

Regularly apply a homemade cucumber mask. The tool will give skin tone, improve its tone.

Recipe that fits

  1. Mix a tablespoon of cucumber juice with a teaspoon of aloe juice.
  2. Add a teaspoon of rice oil.
  3. Ten minutes to send the mixture in the refrigerator.
  4. Moisten the sponges in the nutrient composition, put them on the eyes.
  5. In half an hour, wash with heated non-carbonated mineral water.

The condition of the dermis after 50 years is aggravated by irreversible hormonal changes. The main problems of this period can be described as follows:

  • flabbiness and sagging of the skin;
  • eye section becomes less clear and decreases in size;
  • wrinkles become deep;
  • painful reaction to any negative influences (external or internal).

Completely eliminate the effects of age-related changes can only be surgically. Improve the functional state of the skin will help injections. For home care, you will need concentrated serum, saturated with collagen, elastin and hyaluron.

The kelp-based natural mask has also proven itself well. Algae nourish the skin from the outside and stimulate internal regenerative processes.

Recipe that fits

  1. A tablespoon of kelp powder should be poured with a quarter cup of warm chamomile broth.
  2. After an hour, strain the mixture through a thick layer of gauze.
  3. Add a teaspoon of almond oil to the liquid.
  4. Dampen sponges or pieces of fabric in the resulting composition and place them on the problem areas without affecting the upper eyelid.
  5. An hour later, remove the composition from the skin.

Regardless of age, you can look young and spectacular. Using homemade masks for the skin around the eyes after 30 years, after 40 years and even after 50 years, you can compensate for the lack of nutrients and saturate the delicate tissue with vital energy.

But do not rely on masks alone. This is only a link in a complex chain of personal care. To overcome age-related problems, you will have to control facial expressions, do facial exercises, eat right and regularly visit a beautician.

It is also necessary to give up bad habits, maintain an active lifestyle and ensure a full eight-hour sleep daily.

Reviews: “Effective remedy – butter plus banana”

I use an apple mask. I cut two thin slices of an apple and put it on my eyes. After fifteen minutes tidy up.

This mask very well refreshes the skin around the eyes and relieves swelling.

An effective remedy for wrinkles around the eyes is butter. It can be used both independently and as part of masks. The easiest option is to apply butter in the evening instead of night cream.

I also like a mask with a banana and butter – mix 1 tbsp. spoon mashed banana and melted butter, put this mixture on the skin around the eyes and beat a little fingertips, hold for 20 minutes, wash off with warm water.

Natalia Kitik, //make-ups.ru/forum/viewtopic.php?t=1129

Girls, for the prevention of wrinkles around the eyes, you can put on the area around the eyes (in principle and on the whole face) oil, for example, peach, almond, wheat germ or grape seed! The skin will be moisturized and wrinkles will not be so easy to appear on our beautiful face!

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