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Mask for hair with “Dimeksidom”: instructions for use, effect, homemade recipes and reviews

“Dimeksid” – the antiseptics known in medicine which folk cosmetologists-stylists completed also the “first-aid kit”. For example, it is involved in the fight against baldness.

They say that the mask for hair with “Dimeksidom” really helps. But there are a number of features and risks.

After all, it’s still not about harmless fruits and vegetables, but about a medicine that hurts if it is used illiterately.

The main property of “Dimexidum” in the composition of the hair mask is the fight against loss (alopecia) and strengthening of the hair sacs. But the follicles are strengthened not by the medication, but by other components of the mask, which give their hair their vitamins and trace elements.

By themselves, the natural components of the mask usually cannot penetrate deep into the skin. They have only a cosmetic effect on the hair shaft, so that the hair temporarily gains more shine and “weight”. This is due to the “closure” of cuticle scales on the entire surface of the hair.

Most often, this effect is possible when using professional and natural oils. How does the hair “Dimeksid”?

  • Relieves inflammation. Dimethyl sulfoxide has the ability to penetrate the skin membrane directly to the hair bulb. Reaching the base of the hair, it relieves the swelling and inflammation of the follicles that precede hair loss. For some time, “Dimexide” prevents the reappearance of edema and creates favorable conditions for hair growth.
  • Stimulates microcirculation. This is the main use of “Dimexidum” for hair. Dimethyl sulfoxide does not harden the collagen. Due to the increased density of collagen, the supply of hair with the necessary substances is disrupted, which causes it to fall out over time. The mask with “Dimexide” from hair loss does not allow the development of this process. The normal circulation of substances continues and hair continues to grow.
  • Pulls for nutrients and vitamins. The drug has a high permeability and carries on itself the other components, in particular, the useful components of the mask for the hair. By themselves, these substances are usually not able to penetrate so deep under the skin.

There are other “conductors” of the necessary substances to the hair bulb, for example, brandy. There are professional tools that are approved by trichologists and stylists.

Cosmetic companies from America, Spain and France stand out among them.

“Dimexide” is a synthetic medicine. Such an origin suggests contraindications, therefore, before using the product, it is necessary to carefully study the instructions. Dimexid has a lot of contraindications:

  • pregnancy and lactation period;
  • drug sensitivity;
  • allergy;
  • heart diseases;
  • liver and kidney disease;
  • angina pectoris;
  • stroke;
  • eye diseases;
  • wounds, scratches, various injuries of the epidermis;
  • atherosclerosis.

“Dimexide” rarely causes any side effects. However, be sure to know about the possible consequences:

  • itching;
  • redness;
  • “Heavy” head;
  • poor sleep;
  • muscle flaccidity;
  • dryness of the dermis.

In cases of overdose, severe itching, swelling, or urticaria may occur at the site of use. It is necessary to immediately wash the tool and at least for some time to cancel its use. If there is a weakness, dizzy, you are sick – do not drive.

Do not allow hit “Demiksid” in the eye. But if this happens, you should immediately wash them abundantly with warm water and then check with an ophthalmologist.

“Dimexide” has a strong effect on the skin, so you need to follow some rules to make the mask safe and useful. To prepare and apply the drug mixture, you need to consider 11 nuances.

  1. Properly dilute. It is believed that for the hair “Dimeksid” need to be diluted in proportions of one part of the drug into three parts of water. However, many reviews and results speak of a safer proportion: 1: 4.
  2. “Dimexide” does not heat up. But the natural mask itself can be heated if necessary. But quite a bit so that it was a little warm. Then you can pour a portion of “Dimexidum”.
  3. Wear gloves. This is a precautionary measure that will protect against overdose and excessive exposure of the drug to the skin.
  4. Make a test. It should be carried out prior to the preparation of the mixture in order to know for sure that the product will suit you and will not harm the skin and the strands.
  5. Peel the skin. The head should be washed right before applying the mask. Balm should not be used – it can leave microfilm on the scalp, which will impede the absorption of nutrients.
  6. Do not store. Within just a few hours, the mask loses its main beneficial properties, so it should be applied only fresh.
  7. Be sure to mix. The drug quickly settles. Therefore, when the drug is already added to the mask, right before the procedure, the mixture must be thoroughly mixed.
  8. Process the roots. Applying the mask with dimethyl sulfoxide over the entire length does not make sense – the medicine is useful precisely because of its anti-inflammatory and “conductive” properties that are relevant only to the roots.
  9. Do not allow “leakage”. It is important to apply the mask so that it does not flow down on the forehead or neck. Otherwise, slight reddening or burns may remain on the spot of the smudges.
  10. Listen to the sensations. A slight burning sensation and a sensation of heat is a normal reaction of the scalp to a dimexide mask. But you need to carefully monitor the sensations. There should not be a strong itching, burning. If there are any, run immediately to wash off the mask. There are two reasons for this reaction: improper dilution of the agent and individual intolerance.
  11. Rinse with regular shampoo. After shampoo, you can use the usual hair balm.

“Dimexide” is a medicine, therefore, in the official instructions there are no descriptions of the preparation of cosmetic mixtures for hair with “Dimexide”. But “word of mouth” of such home recipes offers a lot.

The following describes the most popular combinations of how to apply a remedy for various problems on the head.

Expected effect. The drug activates blood circulation, which improves metabolism.

Mask with “Dimeksidom” for hair growth includes sea buckthorn oil, which nourishes and revitalizes the hair follicles.

  1. Pour into the plate four large spoons of sea buckthorn oil.
  2. Dilute one large spoonful of Dimexidum in it.
  3. How to mix and immediately apply to the roots of the hair with massaging movements.
  4. Wash off with shampoo in about half an hour.

Expected effect. The mask with nicotinic acid strengthens the bulbs, thereby preventing loss.

  1. Mix the vitamin from one ampoule with three large spoons of olive or linseed oil.
  2. Warm up the mask slightly in a water bath and pour one large spoonful of DMSO into it.
  3. Gently fluff the hair roots and rinse off after 30 minutes.

Expected effect. Burdock and castor oils actively nourish and saturate the hair roots and skin with moisture.

As a result, hair grows strong and dense.

  1. Mix castor and burdock oil, both components are taken in the amount of two large spoons.
  2. Measure out a large spoon of the drug and send the resulting amount to the oil composition.
  3. Stir and immediately begin to richly lubricate the hair roots, gently rubbing the mask into the scalp.
  4. Leave no longer than an hour. Then rinse the hair thoroughly.

Expected effect. The roots are strengthened, the metabolism improves, the barrier functions of the epidermis and the hair increase. Vitamin mask for hair with “Dimeksidom” also includes sea buckthorn oil and vitamins A and E.

  1. Pour into a bowl and a half soup spoons of ordinary castor oil and the same amount of sea buckthorn oil.
  2. Add half the soup spoon with vitamin A, then add the mixture with the same amount of vitamin E.
  3. Measure one soup spoon of antiseptic and pour into a bowl.
  4. Stir to make the consistency uniform.
  5. Gently smear the hair roots.
  6. Keep no more than an hour, then rinse with regular shampoo.

Expected effect. You can handle all the hair length.

Restores damaged hair, nourishes the bulbs, saturates them with useful trace elements and moisture. Egg makes hair shiny and smooth, they become soft to the touch.

Panthenol is a spray that can be purchased at the nearest pharmacy.

  1. Put two large spoons of panthenol in a bowl.
  2. Add half a big spoonful of vitamins E and A.
  3. Slightly beat the chicken yolks (two) and drain into the bowl too.
  4. For a pleasant aroma and shining shine, you can use a little pink ether.
  5. Stir two small spoons of antiseptic with the same portion of water and pour in a bowl.
  6. After mixing, the mask is immediately applied to the roots and strands.
  7. The procedure time is half an hour, you need to remove the mask with a shampoo.

It is believed that the mask for hair growth with “Dimexidum” copes with its task to strengthen the roots and supply the follicles with nutrients. A variety of ingredients can be added to the household mixture, thereby adapting the procedure to the needs of the hair. In action, it is similar to “inciting” masks with mustard, pepper or onion.

Therefore, these components in masks can also be used, but alternating.

I recommend a hair mask with dimexidum, because for me it is the most effective way to get my hair off the ground. This method can be a little time consuming, but still there is a result.

It is also necessary to adhere to special rules so as not to harm yourself.

My hair industry is 22 cm per year. On average, a person grows at 12 cm per year. Thus, using this mask, the growth of my hair per month was 1.8 cm, almost 2 cm.

Very much. I recommend a mask with dimexidum.

I did 2 more procedures, and then I collapsed with high blood pressure, a headache, the right hypochondrium was very tight (right numb), and my eyesight began to fall. I’m shocked.

I don’t know what to think, what a disease I think I grabbed ..
And then I read some reviews and realized that this was all Dimixide.
I thought more easily got off, yeah how. A week later, I got out a wild pigmentation. The nuts on my nose, but even more on my shoulders, as if I came from the south.

By the way, I am prone to pigmentation, but I have never sunbathed anywhere, for me it has become so distressing, and now freckles are also out.
Sight returned to normal. And there was some kind of bifurcation.
Of course I will not recommend.

After the first application, the result was stunning, at least for me. When, after the first morning combing on the floor, I saw one lonely hair, there was no limit to my joy.

Immediately I really wanted to rush to scribble an enthusiastic review, but I stopped myself in time, having decided to watch for some time. My observation lasts to this day, that is 2 months.

The first 3 weeks my hair was apparently in complete shock, because it almost did not fall out. But then the hair still fell.

I also noticed that having missed one week (I didn’t make a mask for one week), the hairfall immediately intensified, became the same.
But after 2 months of use, I can say that hair loss has decreased, but it has not stopped.


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