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Kremlin diet: full table (print version), reviews and results

The sensational Kremlin diet is one of the most controversial modern weight loss techniques. On the one hand, nutritionists call it dangerous and are severely criticized because of an imbalance in the menu.

On the other hand, there are literally legends about the effectiveness of the system. They say that it is used even by high-ranking government officials and pop stars.

What really is such a weight loss program? About this – in our material.

Here is a complete table of the Kremlin diet prepared for print.

This diet in Russia immediately appeared an unusual train. Information about some new super-effective method of losing weight spread like lightning with “word of mouth”.

However, the essence of the diet, for a long time no one really knew. Such mystery gave rise to a lot of versions about the origin of the miraculous method of body correction.

It was rumored that this power scheme is a secret program of overseas scientists, which was developed specifically to maintain the good shape of American astronauts. Further, if you believe the rumors, by hook or by crook, this power plan was obtained by officials from the Russian government.

The diet was rewritten only for “its own”, therefore, only people close to the government could first try the new technique. Hence the name – the Kremlin diet.

But you can’t hide a cat in a bag: the secret way to lose weight for the elect still went to the masses. A detailed plan of the Kremlin nutrition was eventually published in a Russian newspaper.

What actually turned out to be a secret technique? The Kremlin way of losing weight is a type of low-carb diets, when flour, pasta dishes, rice and other high-carb cereals, sugar, desserts and sweet fruits are removed from the diet. You can not potatoes, carrots and beets.

Prohibited any legumes, sweet dairy products.

The emphasis in the diet is on meat, fish, cheese, low-carb vegetables, eggs. Interestingly, alcohol is allowed.

But savory varieties besides beer. And another unexpected turn: you can sausages and sausage.

Many people call the Kremlin’s slimming analogue of the popular American dietary system of cardiologist Robert Atkins.

The results of the Kremlin diet, of course, depend on the zeal of losing weight and the initial weight parameters. Note that, depending on the circumstances, the duration of kremlevki can be reduced to two weeks or, conversely, increased to two months.

This technique has its own “zest”. If it is usually suggested that calories are considered losing weight, then here you need to keep a record of consumed carbohydrates.

For convenience, special tables of the content of carbohydrates in individual products and ready meals are made.

To lose weight, you need not only to remove all prohibited foods from the diet, but also to control the carbohydrate content of other foods. What should be the value of your diet?

  • For intensive weight loss. To start the process of splitting fat, adjust the body to the new rules of food per day, you can eat no more than 20 “points.” This diet is advised to stick to the first 14 days of the diet.
  • For weight loss without stress. With 40 “glasses” per day, the process of weight loss continues, but with a lower burden on the body. This number of points should be eaten in the second and third week of kremlevki.
  • To fix the result. If the desired weight is achieved, then the form can be maintained by feeding on the principle: 60 cu per day.
  • For weight gain. Building forms occurs when a person eats over 60 “points” per day.

The Kremlin’s slimming technique, in addition to the main condition for the calculation of carbohydrate scores, provides for compliance with some more rules.

  1. Exclude sugar. This product, according to the Kremlin version, is even more dangerous than bread. The standard piece of refined sugar exceeds the permissible total daily figure of cu At the same time, hunger will only intensify. Salt and other spices are acceptable, but their amount is best minimized.
  2. Establish drinking regime. Losing weight needs a lot of fluid. The standard recommendation to drink at least two liters of pure water without gas per day works here. You can also tea and coffee. But fruit juices and sweet soda – are prohibited.
  3. Do not abuse. The diet does not limit losing weight in protein dishes with low cu But it’s impossible to overdo with steaks, cheeses and seafood. If the body before the diet is not particularly spoiled by such delicacies, but now it does not work in favor of a beautiful figure. Excess protein triggers nitrogen accumulation. A reasonable approach should be when drinking alcohol. “Green light” is given a few sips of dry red wine, not a bottle of brandy.

Despite carbohydrate limitations, the Kremlin diet menu is still varied. Therefore, sitting on the Kremlin is quite feasible.

And by the way, inexpensive. The diet is basically comparable to the normal diet of a non-leaning family, and the recipes for Kremlin diets are quite standard.

Like fried eggs or borscht.

But what really annoys many people is the need to weigh or measure the amount of food. After all, the Kremlin tables display the contents of the cu 100 g of the product.

Calculations of the amount of carbohydrates in popular foods and dishes can be found below.

Table – Carbohydrate value of individual products in the Kremlin diet. The calculation is based on the amount of carbohydrates in 100 g of the product.

How to create a menu: an example of a weekly Kremlin diet

The menu of the Kremlin diet for one week by days is itself losing weight, at the disposal of which all low-carb options of dishes. Before cooking, check your food reserves with the Kremlin tables.

In order not to starve, choose the most nutritious foods with the lowest cu Below is an example of the Kremlin diet menu for a week for the stage of intensive weight loss, when the daily amount of carbohydrates should be around 20 cu.

  • Fried eggs from three eggs – 1.5 USD
  • 100 g of Russian cheese – 0 cu
  • Lettuce with pickles, 100 g – 2 cu
  • Coffee – 0 cu
  • 250 grams of meat solyanka – 3.75 USD
  • 150 g of boiled fish – 0 cu
  • 100 g of zucchini stewed in sour cream – 6 cu
  • Tea – 0 cu
  • 250 g of boiled chicken – 0 cu
  • 100 g of seaweed – 1 cu
  • 100 g low-fat kefir – 4 cu

  • Two boiled eggs – 1 cu
  • 100 g low-fat cottage cheese – 3.3 cu
  • Coffee – 0 cu
  • 200 g borscht without potatoes – 8 cu
  • 150 g of boiled tongue – 0 cu
  • 100 g of fresh cucumbers – 3 cu
  • Tea – 0 cu
  • 150 g of boiled fish – 0 cu
  • 200 g stewed mushrooms – 0.2 cu
  • 100 g fresh tomatoes – 4 cu
  • Tea – 0 cu

  • Beefsteak – 0 cu
  • Two boiled eggs – 1 cu
  • 15 grams of walnuts – 2 cu
  • Coffee – 0 cu
  • 150 g of meat okroshka on kefir – 6 cu
  • 150 g of salad from tomatoes, cucumbers and stewed champignons – 6 cu
  • Tea – 0 cu
  • 200 g of fried fish – 0 cu
  • Two boiled eggs – 1 cu
  • 100 g dietary curd – 3.3 cu
  • Tea – 0 cu

  • Two boiled eggs – 1 cu
  • 200 g of milk sausages – 1 cu
  • 100 g porridge “Hercules” – 10 cu
  • Coffee – 0 cu
  • 250 g of chicken broth with meat – 0 cu
  • 200 g of boiled chicken liver – 3 cu
  • 100 g fresh tomatoes – 4 cu
  • Tea – 0 cu
  • 200 g of boiled fish – 0 cu
  • Two boiled eggs – 1 cu
  • Tea – 0 cu

  • 200 g fried fish – 0 cu
  • 100 g low-fat cottage cheese with 50 g raspberry – 7.3 cu
  • Coffee – 0 cu
  • 250 g of mushroom hodgepodge – 3.75 USD
  • Tea – 0 cu
  • 200 g of boiled squids with sour cream – 9.5 cu
  • Tea – 0 cu

  • Fried eggs from one egg – 0.5 cu
  • 100 g of savelotat – 0.2 cu
  • 50 g fresh apple puree – 4.75 cu
  • Coffee – 0 cu
  • 200 g of soup-kharcho with meat – 11 cu
  • 150 g of boiled tongue – 0 cu
  • 50 g of cheese – 0.75 USD
  • Tea – 0 cu
  • 150 g of boiled fish – 0 cu
  • 100 g low-fat cottage cheese – 3.3 cu
  • Tea – 0 cu

  • 100 g of beef sausages – 1.5 cu
  • 100 g of Russian cheese – 0 cu
  • Coffee – 0 cu
  • 200 g of pickle – 12 cu
  • 150 g skewers – 0 cu
  • 100 g fresh tomatoes – 4 cu
  • Tea – 0 cu
  • 200 g fried fish – 0 cu
  • 75 g of salad from tomatoes, cucumbers and stewed champignons – 3 cu
  • Tea – 0 cu

About the risks: problems with immunity, mood and sleep

The Kremlin diet has both supporters and opponents. It is impossible, for example, to deny the positive responses of celebrities about this technique.

Thus, the American singer Madonna, the British actress Catherine Zeta-Jones, the American screen star Jennifer Aniston, corrected the principles of kremlevki.

But physicians are enthusiastic about low-carb diets, especially such long-lasting ones, do not share. And they talk about the other side of the coin.

What harm can cause kremlevka your health?

  • Malfunctions in the digestive tract. Possible violations of the natural digestive processes. High risk of constipation and problems with discharge of gas. Malfunctions of the gastrointestinal tract affect the condition of the skin and hair. Recorded sleep disorders.
  • The load on the heart. The Kremlin diet menu is saturated with cholesterol, which may be aggravated by the deterioration of the vessels and the heart.
  • Immune weakening. By limiting the amount of fruits and vegetables, we reduce the amount of vitamins that are necessary for the normal functioning of the organs of immunity.
  • The state of “heavy” head. Lack of sweet foods affects brain activity. There is a sense of inhibition. In addition, sweets are needed to produce the hormone of happiness. Therefore, not getting them, losing weight are often in a depressed mood.

Now you have at your disposal a complete table of ready meals of the Kremlin diet, as well as information about the possible results of such weight loss and potential risks. This method works, but is not very convenient and may be unsafe. Therefore, before the start of kremlevki it is necessary to consult a doctor.

Diet is strictly contraindicated for pregnant, lactating mothers, as well as for cardiovascular diseases and problems with the stomach, kidneys. Even physically healthy people are allowed to practice such a diet marathon no more than once a year.

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