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Kefir mask for face: the use and selection of popular recipes

Cleansing, moisturizing and nutrition – three whales skin care. Usually for these procedures, girls use a set of tools: scrubs, tonics, creams.

In the course are herbs, vegetables, fruits. Only one simple product can become an alternative to numerous store and natural products.

He carefully cares, has no contraindications and is absolutely accessible. His name is kefir.

It is kefir face mask that can clean, moisturize and nourish our skin at the same time.

Kefir – food product from milk, obtained with the help of kefir fungi. A certain set of organisms – yeast, bacteria, sticks, streptococci – causes sour-milk and alcoholic fermentation.

The product has a white color, thick texture, milky sour taste. Roots takes in the Caucasus.

Currently distributed throughout the world.

First of all kefir is a drink. There are legends about its benefits.

No wonder it is used in clinical nutrition, especially useful for the normalization of digestion, saturation of the gastrointestinal tract with beneficial microorganisms.

Among women, known as a good tool for body shaping. If kefir diet may seem quite strict and not always healthy, then one fasting day a week on kefir will not do any harm.

But the effect of such an event can soon see what is called firsthand.

All this concerns the beneficial properties of kefir as a food product. What about skin?

What is useful kefir face mask? It has a comprehensive healing effect due to the components of the healing drink.

There are five main components of the product, positively affecting the skin of the face when using masks.

  1. Lactobacillus. Influencing the skin, increase its protective functions, fight against pathogens. Rejuvenate and cleanse. No wonder today in beauty salons use expensive tools, including lactobacilli. Kefir in this regard is quite an effective and at the same time affordable beautician. An additional effect of lactobacilli is light bleaching.
  2. Amino acids. This is the body’s building material, the components of the proteins that make up our cells. The most important skin proteins, collagen and elastin are composed of amino acids. Thus, a face mask with kefir has a tightening and rejuvenating effect on the face.
  3. Biotin. Another name – vitamin H, or “skin” vitamin. Rich in sulfur, which is necessary for the synthesis of collagen fibers.
  4. Vitamin C . Otherwise – ascorbic acid. It has a protective effect, improves skin immunity. Participates in the production of collagen.
  5. Other vitamins. Kefir is a storehouse of vitamins. Representatives of groups A, E, PP, B are gathered here. Each of them exerts its action, and all together they help the epidermis to age more slowly and be renewed faster, to protect against inflammation and irritation. Smooth, restore, nourish. Improve skin color.

The beneficial effect of face masks on kefir is due to the complex effect on the skin. The action of vitamins is enhanced by the participation of milk protein and fat.

There is also a whole list of mineral substances, each of which improves the appearance of the epidermis.

In order for the skin care product to really care and help, the right choice of ingredients is necessary. In this case – the most kefir.

What product is suitable for masks?

  • Maximum fresh. It is better to take a maximum of two days, otherwise it will be too much acid. And for dry skin is definitely better to buy an exceptionally fresh drink.
  • Average fat content. The classic version is 2.5%. However, if the skin is very greasy, one percent will do. In principle, the fat content of kefir can be adjusted by other ingredients of the mask: oils will increase the fat content, acidic components will decrease.
  • Shop or home. Home, of course, better. For him, milk is mixed with leaven and left in a warm place for several hours. But the purchase is quite acceptable.

In order for the kefir face mask at home to have the maximum beneficial effect, it is necessary to observe a number of rules. For example, all products, including the main ingredient, must be warm. Kefir can be held at room temperature for several hours or slightly heated.

You need to act carefully so that it does not curl. It is better to use a microwave or water bath.

What else should be considered?

  • Dishes . For cooking, you should not use metal utensils without coating – you need enamelled glass or earthenware. The same applies to the device for stirring: spoons, spatulas.
  • Training . Face should be washed before applying. It would be nice to steam a little by standing over steam or putting a napkin soaked in hot water.
  • Application Usually means on the basis of kefir hold on lycee for 20-30 minutes. In some recipes – up to an hour. There are options where the mask can be left even for the night. However, before you keep a long time, you need to do a test of five to ten minutes. To be sure of safety.
  • Storage Apply such masks should be immediately, they can not be stored.

Successfully combining a lactic acid drink and various additives, you can get quite simple, but effective means of skin care. There are a lot of recipes for kefir masks.

Let us dwell on some of the most popular.

To suit. For oily skin, such a mask can be applied every other day, for dry –
once a week. Especially if you use a large amount of cosmetics, foundation, powder.

The tool will help to deep clean the epidermis, while moisturizing and nourishing.

  1. 100 g cereal oatmeal grind in a coffee grinder or blender.
  2. Half a cup of yogurt 2.5% fat content a little warm.
  3. Add any vegetable oil 5-20 drops depending on the oily skin.
  4. Stir, add oatmeal.
  5. Hold for 20 minutes.
  6. Remove with cool water.

To suit. The mask with the addition of lemon juice is suitable for oily skin. So that the tool does not overdry the epidermis, oil is added.

This mask can be used only with healthy skin, without redness and inflammation.

  1. Place three tablespoons of kefir in an enamel or porcelain bowl.
  2. Hold at room temperature until warm.
  3. Pour a tablespoon of fresh lemon juice and as much olive oil.
  4. Add a pinch of salt.
  5. Add a little flour to make a thick mass.
  6. Hold for 20 minutes
  7. After rinsing, use night cream.

To suit. Kefir has a slight whitening effect. Strengthen it can be the introduction of some vegetables. Such a tool will be effective after several applications.

At the same time, reviews of those who used the recipe state that whitening with kefir and vegetables is absolutely safe.

  1. Grate a fresh cucumber weighing 100 g or grind in a blender.
  2. Smaller cut into three parsley branches or send to a blender.
  3. Vegetable component mixed with two spoons of kefir.
  4. Spread out on a gauze napkin and apply to face, avoiding eye and lip area.
  5. Hold for 15 minutes – for the first time, in the future, you can increase the time to 30 minutes.
  6. Remove with cool water.

To suit. Kefir dries and relieves inflammation, thus helping against acne. Its beneficial effect enhances honey.

A healing plant raw material helps to regulate the work of the sebaceous glands and thus protect themselves from black spots.

  1. Take a tablespoon of dried herbs chamomile, calendula and sage.
  2. Pour 100 ml of boiling water and cool to a warm state.
  3. Strain.
  4. Two tablespoons of this infusion combine with the same amount of yogurt.
  5. Add to the mixture a teaspoon of liquid honey.
  6. Mix well, and continue to mix, adding a little flour. Until you get a creamy mass.
  7. Apply liberally, hold for 20 minutes.
  8. Remove with warm water.

To suit. To tighten the skin, to get rid of wrinkles will mask with honey and egg white. These are known smoothing and toning agents.

Banana will make your face velvety and fresh. Especially recommended for women over 40.

  1. Mash half a banana with a fork or grind in a blender.
  2. One egg white to shake up to light foam.
  3. Heat together a tablespoon of kefir and honey.
  4. Combine with banana mass and protein.
  5. All lightly beat.
  6. Wash face with kefir and only then apply the resulting product.
  7. Hold for 20 minutes and rinse with warm water.

To suit. Carrots and cottage cheese – such additions to the main ingredient will help nourish the skin with moisture, vitamins and amino acids. Recommended for dry and withering skin, will help get rid of redness and flaking.

  1. One medium carrot to clean and finely grate.
  2. Squeeze the juice out of it, you will need a tablespoon of juice.
  3. Combine it with three tablespoons of kefir.
  4. There also add a tablespoon of fresh cottage cheese.
  5. Pour a teaspoon of olive oil and grind the mass well.
  6. Hold for up to 30 minutes.
  7. For better healing, you can wash off the decoction of chamomile, and not just water.

To suit. In a company with yogurt, yolk is capable of much – to moisten, and dry, and fill with useful substances. The alcohol component will disinfect and counteract the appearance of inflammation. This mixture can be used every day to care for normal or oily skin.

In the case of dry epidermis alcohol from the recipe is better to remove.

  1. Beat the yolk of one egg and 50 ml of kefir slightly.
  2. Pour a tablespoon of vodka, alcohol, alcohol tincture suitable for herbs.
  3. For a more comfortable consistency pour a spoonful of bran.
  4. Apply to face for 25 minutes.
  5. Wash off with warm water.

To suit. Yeast preparations are recommended to be used by adolescents to get rid of and prevent the problems typical of this age. This greasiness, inflammations on the face, acne, ulcers.

Kefir yeast mask also acts in this direction.

Step-by-step instruction

  1. Yeast is better to take beer, they are sold in a pharmacy. Requires a teaspoon of dry yeast. If they are in pills, then five is enough.
  2. Add dry yeast to half a glass of kefir.
  3. Clean in a warm place for half a day, stirring occasionally.
  4. It should be a smooth fluffy mass.
  5. Soak a napkin in this liquid and put it on your face.
  6. After half an hour to remove the napkin. You can not wash up in the morning to increase the duration of the composition.
  7. Apply twice a week.

The main advantages of hand made cosmetics on kefir – cost and high efficiency. The mask from kefir for the face is prepared simply and quickly.

At the same time, dairy product goes well with different ingredients, and can also be used independently and every day.

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