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Kefir hair mask for dandruff and lightening: recipes and reviews

The recipe for kefir came from the peaks of the Caucasus Mountains. This drink, like a breath of clean air for the body: boosts immunity, fights against inflammation, kills germs. And kefir hair mask, like a mountain river, brings shine and renewal, increasing the density, strengthening and nourishing the curls.

How to apply the product for the treatment of hair and why it can harm brunettes?

Using kefir for the treatment of strands, you can not see the expiration date on the package. Sour milk drink is used for masks even after expired and with any percentage of fat content.

Kefir on strands: what effect to expect and what to fear

Due to the content of biocultures, kefir is a constant source of health and nutritional basis for hair masks, as well as face. A plus is the availability of the drink.

A rich composition allows you to use the product in a variety of cosmetic purposes. Here are just the main significant components.

  • Vitamin B12. It is responsible for the rapid division of cells, and, therefore, for the intensive growth of hair.
  • Calcium. This is not only the basis of our bones. It is a building material in the process of new growth and regeneration of old hair.
  • Phosphorus. It is a powerful source of energy. It gives your hair not only the saturation of color, but also the elasticity of the skin and curls.
  • Protein. Removes strands from dullness and lifelessness, restores damaged cuticles.

If we consider the drink of the mountaineers as a cosmetic product for the head of hair, then we can say that it is working in all areas of concern.

  • Purifying effect. Kefir contains lactic acid that can break down dirt and grease on the skin and hair. In addition, it accelerates blood circulation, due to which the cells of the dermis and follicles are saturated with oxygen. As a result – beauty and an increase in the length of the curls.
  • Removal of greasiness. Dairy product reduces fat, dries the epidermis. Therefore, the mask for hair with kefir is especially useful for those who have sebaceous glands produce excessive gloss.
  • Makeup. Bifidobacteria and lactobacilli have a nourishing effect. They start the metabolic processes, which stimulate the work of the bulbs.
  • Protection. After applying the sour-milk drink, a thin film remains, and this is for the hair like a shell from a dry home climate, ultraviolet, urban dust.
  • Appearance. Amino acids help beneficial substances penetrate deep into the skin and hair structure, saturating them and adding shine, elasticity, elasticity.
  • Dandruff removal. Who faced such a problem, knows that it is very difficult to bring his hair in order. After going to a doctor, you can apply kefir masks for hair and epidermis of the head in addition to the complex treatment of seborrhea at home.

When you come to the salon, the responsibility for the procedure lies with the master. When using home remedies, you are your own mistress.

Therefore, it is important to consciously approach the choice of products with the methods of transformation. Kefir has not many contraindications. And yet…

Fermented milk sessions should be abandoned if you are diagnosed with lactose intolerance. For many, it is detected even in infancy and takes place in the first year of life. But some remain to the end.

Therefore, pay attention to the reaction of your body when taking milk and dairy products. Consequences such as diarrhea, rashes indicate that you need to look for another lactose-free mask base.

Kefir hair mask: 6 steps to a good result

In the treatment of damaged hair, kefir masks should be done weekly (twice) for two months. After completion of the healing course, it is sufficient to maintain the result once a month. Sessions require compliance with certain rules.

Pay attention to the six points.

  1. Temperature. For useful items to work, they need warmth. At low temperatures, they freeze and cease to be energetic. So when you get the kefir out of the refrigerator, heat it up, but quite a bit.
  2. Flushing. From hot water, dairy products are rolled. Wash them off with some warm, comfortable water.
  3. Consistency. So that the mixture does not flow from the hair, choose kefir with high fat content. Although there is a nuance associated with oily hair: the more they are greasy, the more lean kefir is needed.
  4. Time. The recommended mask holding time on the head is one hour, but you can leave it longer to enhance the effect. Only consider additional ingredients that have their limitations.
  5. The sequence of application. Apply the mixture first on the skin and hair roots, gradually smear on the strands, paying close attention to the tips. After that, be sure to warm your head with a special cap or bag and a warm towel.
  6. Dyed hair. If you have recently painted your curls and do not want to lose the saturated color, then you should give up kefir as the basis of masks. It has brightening properties. This nuance can be used to wash the paint, after using which the result does not suit you.

Dry hair is an indicator of insufficient work of the sebaceous glands. What could be the result of internal diseases. Therefore, be sure to check with your doctor.

And to eliminate the lack of external help elementary recipes hair masks with kefir base.

Effect . The mask for hair from kefir and honey protects the volume and density of the hair, is able to reanimate dry strands and give them vitality.

What do we have to do

  1. Mix three large spoons of kefir with yolk.
  2. Add two small spoons of melted honey.
  3. Apply to the roots of the hair, actively massaging, and spread over the entire length of the curls.
  4. Wait at least one hour before flushing.

Effect. The oily base with the yolk helps kefir to penetrate into the very depths, saturating the skin and hair with vitamins and useful trace elements.

Your hairstyle will find shine and shine like after a beauty salon.

What do we have to do

  1. Per 100 ml of the main ingredient, take one chicken yolk or five quail.
  2. Mix in a large spoonful of natural vegetable oil: an excellent option would be burdock, which perfectly copes with dryness and brittleness of curls.
  3. Soak the epidermis and hair with the mixture.
  4. Leave for one hour.

Effect. Yeast makes hair grow, protects it from loss of healthy structure.

The oil compensates for the drying effect of kefir, thereby enabling even dry curls to soak in all its elements.

What do we have to do

  1. You will need 100 ml of base.
  2. Combine with one tablespoon of castor oil purchased from a pharmacy.
  3. Additionally, mix in a large spoonful of freshly squeezed onion juice.
  4. Dissolve a teaspoon of yeast in warm water and let stand for a while in a warm place. Attach to other components.
  5. This mask is designed exclusively for the roots and lasts one hour.

Excessively vigorous work of the sebaceous glands leads to the fact that on the head instead of the hairstyle, you see separate strands. They look oily, dirty and scruffy.

Even if you wash your head often, it does not save.

Experts recommend using a multi-step approach, including:

  • consultation of an endocrinologist and a gastroenterologist;
  • making an appointment with the trichologist;
  • medicated shampoos and lotions;
  • special medication.

Due to the drying effect, the mask of kefir can be used as an additional tool to eliminate excess greasiness, as well as for hair growth.

Effect. In the case of fatty curls kefir without additional helpers has a good effect.

It removes the dirty gloss, protecting it from falling out.

What do we have to do

  1. Take 100 ml of kefir. If the hair is long, adjust the amount of the main product as needed.
  2. Apply it on the scalp, spreading further over all the hair.
  3. This mask option requires 30 minutes of waiting.

Effect. Excessive fatness will be removed, and the hair will become more alive.

Bread contains many vitamins of group B, which cope with strengthening, accelerating the processes of regeneration and hair growth.

What do we have to do

  1. Take the pieces of rye bread. One large piece of loaf will be enough for an average hairstyle.
  2. Crumble and pour kefir so that it completely covers the crumbs.
  3. Leave on for two hours near heat.
  4. Stir, then rub into the root of the root, and then hands spread on wet strands.
  5. Remember that it is necessary to warm the head.
  6. Waiting time – 40 minutes.

Effect. Mustard mask is a stimulant for hair growth, increasing their density, and is also suitable for returning a healthy shine.

Apply only to the roots.

What do we have to do

  1. Take two large spoons of dry mustard powder and the main product in the form of heat.
  2. Apply by massaging the scalp.
  3. Let the mixture soak for 20 minutes.
  4. Always rinse with barely lukewarm water.

Often people do not even suspect that they have seborrhea. This is easy to check with a sheet of black paper.

Depending on the type of skin dandruff is divided into oily and dry. But the ways to deal with it are the same in both cases.

In addition to going to the experts and finding out the causes of the disease, you can take a number of measures at home.

To get rid of dandruff, first of all, balance the diet, making it rich and rich in nutrients, vitamins and microelements.

As for the masks from kefir, then there are two options. You can take the fermented milk product in its pure form and apply for 40 minutes before shampooing. Or use kefir mixtures.

But then – apply a course every other day to the scalp for two weeks. Having achieved the result, continue prophylactic procedures once in seven days.

Effect. This will not only relieve hair from unnecessary white flakes, but also strengthen the hair, improving their appearance.

This recipe fits more bold curls.

What do we have to do

  1. Prepare a decoction of nettle.
  2. Take in equal proportions the main ingredient and herbal infusion.
  3. The mixture will take half an hour to soak the skin.

Effect. For dry hair, it is a suitable remedy for seborrhea.

Herbs will remove irritation of the skin, and the yolk will give hydration.

What do we have to do

  1. Brew chamomile and calendula in a glass of boiling water.
  2. Cool and attach three large spoons of kefir.
  3. Stir in the egg yolk.
  4. The duration of the mask is 40 minutes.

Brightening natural hair and washing the unsuccessful color

Kefir is a safe, natural product for washing pigment out of hair. To achieve straightening strands, you need to consider a few points.

  • The choice of drink. If possible, use home-made kefir, as the concentration of lactic acid in it will be stronger. And this is the main component for lightening hair.
  • Frequency. Use these masks no more than two times a week.
  • Holding time If your hair is a natural color without chemical coloring, it is enough to leave the mask for one hour. Painted curls require exposure for up to ten hours.
  • Flushing. Only cool water is suitable for this. The heat will curdle the fermented milk product and remove all the good. In addition, it is better to avoid using shampoos and other care products when washing.

Effect. In tandem with cinnamon, the lactic acid drink in this recipe affects hair more actively.

Recommend to spend from one to five sessions to get a visible result.

  1. Take three tablespoons of cinnamon. Dissolve it with two large spoons of water.
  2. Kefir will need half a glass. But if you have long hair, you can add a little more.
  3. Stir a teaspoon of honey in the mixture.
  4. The exposure time of the mask is three hours.

Effect. The mixture eliminates the yellow tint that women do not like so much.

What do we have to do

  1. You will need a glass of kefir.
  2. Add four small spoons of brandy.
  3. Squeeze the juice of half a lemon and pour into the composition.
  4. This mask lasts all night.

Most reviews of women who have tested the procedure with a fermented milk product, are distinguished by positive emotions and satisfaction from the result.
Masks from kefir for hair correct a number of aesthetic flaws, have a therapeutic effect and affect color.

Kefir is a great conductor of any nutrients, while it itself contains a lot of useful substances, so kefir masks for hair, in my opinion, should not be stirred with other products, but only supplemented with, say, essential oils. You want, for example, to enhance the shine of hair, add three drops of ylang-ylang to the kefir mask, dandruff removes tea tree oil, growth will accelerate rosemary.

Girls, so you get everything at once, I strongly advise you to read about essential oils, they can not only make a mask for hair with kefir, but also in other compositions.

I made a mask during the year, and the result pleases to this day 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 hair grows very quickly and noticeably after 2 months of use, the volume is noticeable much earlier 🙂 🙂

Marina Shirokova, https://vk.com/topic-23795678_25577321?post=6580

All this is in my turn. I came to friendship with kefir not only because of dandruff. In the region where I live, water contains a lot of iron.

Because of this, hair is very affected. Kefir can restore them quickly enough.

And by the way, it’s good to make a mixture with a quail egg.

I have been making kefir masks since childhood. I like my hair too.

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