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Kefir diet for 7 days, 3 days: reviews and results

Kefir is a permitted product in various dietary schemes, even the most stringent. The drink helps to reduce weight and normalizes the work of the digestive organs.

Convinced of the effectiveness of kefir for weight loss, the girls began to use it as a main product in the fat burning menu. As a result, today there are many types of kefir diets.

Most of them belong to the express options and, according to reviews, allow you to lose up to ten kilos per week. How safe is it to sit on kefir, and what constitutes a popular kefir diet for 7 days – in our material.

The unique taste and healing properties of drinking fermented milk was first appreciated in North Ossetia. Highlanders gave the drink the appropriate name: “Kef” is translated as health.

Now the product is distributed worldwide. In Russia, it is recommended for daily use, including in the menu of pregnant women, nursing mothers and children in the first year of life.

Kefir acts as an antioxidant and prevents early aging of cells, organs and tissues. It contains the vitamins necessary to increase the stress resistance of the nervous system.

There are also substances that improve the condition of hair, nails and skin. In turn, calcium makes bones stronger.

And the amino acid tryptophan contained in the drink activates the synthesis of hormones responsible for good mood and sound sleep.

An important property of kefir – reduces cholesterol and improves the cardiovascular system. In addition, kefir nourishes the body with protein, which is broken down by bacteria and therefore easily absorbed.

This drink normalizes metabolism.

But the main benefit of the drink is its effect on the organs of the gastrointestinal tract. The product is considered a natural probiotic.

Just imagine: an ordinary glass of kefir is a few trillions of microbes that are necessary for the human body.

For example, it is bifidobacteria and lactobacilli. Once in the intestine, they suppress the pathogenic microflora and create immunity by breaking through various pests and infections.

That is why kefir should be drunk in parallel with the course of antibiotics and for thrush.

For weight loss, choose kefir, which is made at a factory located in the region of your residence. So the risk of violation of technology of transportation and storage decreases. Choose the drink with the shortest shelf life – it is better that it is valid for no more than seven days from the date of production.

Drink at room temperature.

Options for losing weight on a lot of kefir. But, as a rule, another low-calorie food is added to the main product.

This is necessary to somehow balance the diet and support the body with “light” fats, proteins and carbohydrates.

The main reviews of kefir diet are as follows: the results are encouraging, although it is not easy to sustain. For example, a basic kefir diet for a week on average gives a “plumb” to one kilo per day.

And some girls say that they saw on the scales even minus 10 kg after a seven-day course of weight loss.

But here is the key minus of the diet – for such an effect, the feeling of satiety will have to be forgotten. Per day is allowed no more than one and a half liters of one percent kefir and 100 g of additional food.

On different days, fruits, vegetables, and meat are added to the “health drink” company.

About such a diet often say: “Cheap and angry.” Indeed, the kefir diet does not require special expenses for 7 days. But it is very likely that the first days of the diet, you will feel the frequent urge to stool.

And still possible weakness and nervousness. Therefore, it is better to plan a diet for the period of vacation.

In addition, you should not limit yourself to drinking and eating in hot weather.

After the kefir slimming scheme is sustained, you should not relax and eat off. Return to the usual diet should be smooth.

Continue to eat small portions, avoiding the flour, fat and sweet.

In the days of the diet can not smoke, consume alcohol, salt, sugar, coffee, tea. At the same time, purified water and herbal decoctions can be drunk without restrictions, except for fasting days.

Below is a menu for each day of the basic weekly scheme of express weight loss on kefir.

Table – Menu kefir diet for seven days

Diet dayWhat you can eat today
MondayOne and a half liters of one percent kefir; 400 g baked or boiled potatoes without oil and salt
TuesdayOne and a half liters of one percent kefir; 100 g boiled chicken meat without salt
WednesdayOne and a half liters of one percent kefir; 100 g low-fat boiled beef without salt
ThursdayOne and a half liters of one percent kefir; 100 g low-fat boiled fish fillet without salt
FridayOne and a half liters of one percent kefir; optional, low-calorie fresh vegetables or fruits without quantitative restrictions
SaturdayUp to two liters of 1% kefir
SundayOne and a half liters of one percent kefir; one liter of purified non-carbonated water

Doctors approve kefir and refer it to the products of a healthy menu, but strongly oppose fast kefir weight loss. In the normal diet, the drink really helps to strengthen the protective functions of the body.

But under stress and exhaustion, kefir alone is not enough to maintain the normal functioning of organs and systems.

Can hundred servings of extra foods compensate for the lack of the same carbohydrates, for example? Of course not.

Doctors say: “Kefir itself is useful, but kefir diet – harm.” Prolonged kefir nutrition can trigger gastritis.

Mushrooms have a good effect on the microflora in moderation, but in the conditions of their abundance fermentation begins.

There are three important aspects that doctors recommend to take into account when deciding to go on a fast kefir diet.

  1. False weight loss occurs. The weight really goes away. But at the expense of what? First, fecal accumulations and fluid are flushed out of the body. Secondly, the muscle mass decreases: not by chance, according to the reviews of girls losing weight on kefir, after a diet the size of the breast sharply decreases.
  2. Fat becomes more. There is no talk about burning body fat here and vice versa. Nutritionists note: it is impossible to sit on kefir all the time, and as soon as you return to normal diet, the body will begin to “increase fat.” And at least three times more than before – in case of a new “hunger strike”.
  3. Diseases of the digestive tract appear. Such weight loss systems cause damage to the digestive organs. And abdominal pain, problems with the stool, heartburn – the most harmless that can follow such a weight loss.

However, many girls in the pursuit of “90-60-90” ignore all the warnings of doctors and experiment with kefir menu. For some, it even gets into the habit of starving at kefir, then eating off and then losing weight again.

And here in the course are various dietary schemes.

The kefir diet for 3 days is considered popular. This is mono-weight loss.

The only product that is permissible in the diet – one percent kefir. It can drink up to one and a half liters per day in small portions.

The average result is minus four kilos.

Kefir-Apple Diet – a bivalent food system, designed for nine days. All this time, losing weight is allowed to eat only fermented milk products, and skimmed, as well as apples, rich in fiber and pectin.

Fruits should be fresh, green varieties. The scheme of this diet is shown in the table below.

Table – Menu nine-day kefir-apple diet

Diet daysWhat you can eat today
1, 2, 3One and a half liters of low-fat kefir
4, 5, 6One and a half kilograms of apples
7, 8, 9One and a half liters of low-fat kefir

Losing weight on kefir-buckwheat diet is somewhat easier than the above schemes. Especially this option is suitable for girls who love cereals.

The most benign period of such a diet is three days. The average “plummet” can be up to four kilos.

The scheme of this diet is shown in the table below.

Table – Menu kefir-buckwheat diet for three days

Diet daysWhat you can eat today
oneOne and a half liters of one percent kefir
2Up to 500 g brewed buckwheat; one and a half liters of purified water without gas
3One and a half liters of one percent kefir; up to 500 g brewed buckwheat

To get the required amount of brewed buckwheat nothing special is needed. Take a glass of washed cereal and fill it with boiling water overnight at a ratio of 1: 2. Salt and add oil to diet porridge is not worth it.

If it is very hard to eat an unleavened dish, it is allowed to improve the taste with a small amount of lemon juice or soy sauce.

Fat burning dairy shakes with vegetables and herbs

During the kefir-cucumber diet, fluid and feces are also intensively eliminated from the body. This is a tough weight loss scheme that can be applied only if a person is completely confident in the strength of his health.

The basis of nutrition here is sour-milk cocktails with cucumber and greens. To make such a drink, you need only the basic components and the usual culinary grater.

Crush one and a half kilograms of fresh cucumbers and mix the gruel with a similar amount of one percent kefir. Upon request, parsley and dill are added to the drink.

The resulting cocktail is your daily volume of food. Drink it to a glass during the day, making a break for two to three hours.

Drinking water and unsweetened green tea in this case is possible.

The kefir-beet slimming scheme works on the same principle. In this case, the cocktail is prepared from one and a half liters of one percent kefir and one kilogram of boiled and ground beets. Additionally, you can enrich the drink with greens and mix with a blender.

This drink is consumed in small portions every three hours.

The striped kefir diet or, as it is often called, the star kefir diet of Larisa Dolina is considered the most safe and effective. The singer has been trying to put her body in order for years.

As a result, she still achieved slimness and was able to wear tight fitting costumes without any problems. To the fans, the actress admitted that she managed to lose more than twenty kilograms of “ballast” with kefir.

She tried several weight correction options on this product, but in the end, the kefir alternation diet – striped was the most effective and gentle. How does she work?

  • The essence of the striped system of weight loss. The entire period of the diet in equal proportions is divided into “white” and “normal” days, which follow each other. On “white” days you need to drink up to one and a half liters of one percent kefir, and in the morning you are allowed to eat in the usual way, but without fanaticism.
  • Menu “normal” days. It is better to abstain from alcohol, flour, “doshiraks”, catering, desserts, salty, smoked and fatty in “ordinary” days. You will get a faster and more lasting effect if you start eating properly. Lean on fresh vegetables and non-nutritive fruits, eat boiled meat and fish, cottage cheese, fiber-rich cereals. By the way, Larisa Dolina on “ordinary” days was generally guided by the rules of separate feeding.
  • The rules of “ordinary” days. Eat small meals six times a day and limit the amount of food consumed to 1,500 kcal. It would also be good to follow the golden rule: “Do not eat after six.” And be sure to drink plenty of fluids. At least one and a half liters of purified water without gas per day. You can also unsweetened green tea and a cup of coffee in the morning.
  • The duration of the diet. From seven days depending on your exposure and desired effect. The maximum term is 21 days, but in this case the scheme changes a little: on one “white” day there are two “normal” ones.
  • How many kilos will go. Depending on the initial data, an average “plummet” per week can be from three to eight kilos.

Diet on kefir is not for everyone. At risk are people with diseases of the kidneys and digestive organs, high acidity, allergies, pregnant women and nursing mothers.

Be sure to consult your doctor before starting a weight loss program and remember that weight loss must be accompanied by physical exertion. Larisa Dolina also stresses that in the history of losing weight, the gym, along with restrictions in the diet, played a crucial role.

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