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Ice for the face of wrinkles, acne, swelling and bags under the eyes: recipes, effectiveness, reviews

Cryotherapy is a popular cosmetic procedure. Cold treatment is used to eliminate a number of skin defects.

For example, acne, edema, irritation, age folds. Not everyone knows, but it is possible to replace the salon procedure with an affordable and simple means – with ordinary ice. There are a variety of homemade recipes with ice for the face of wrinkles, acne, pigmentation.

If you choose the right components for the cubes, the tool will benefit both dry and oily skin. Plus the fact that if desired, cosmetic ice can be used every day.

In professional cosmetology, the use of cold has several purposes. First of all, it is a quick moisturizing, restoring and refreshing the dermis.

Ice for the face of wrinkles at home is also used to saturate moisture, accelerate cell regeneration, stimulate the production of elastin and collagen.

Reviews of beauticians on the use of ice for the face of wrinkles confirm the effectiveness of the tool. According to them, this, of course, is not cryotherapy, but as a result of regular rubbing of the face with ice, the skin really comes in tone.

And if the cubes are made not simply on the basis of purified water, but, for example, from fresh or herbal decoctions, then the epidermis is saturated with useful substances and it is possible to solve a number of associated problems. In addition, the cold provides improved blood flow by narrowing the superficial vessels and expanding deeper.

Washing with ice is useful for several reasons. It is difficult to believe, but the tool after the first session gives effect. For example, if you use herbs for the face of wrinkles with ice, then the face contour is tightened.

On closer examination, you can see that small inflammations have gone away. Moreover, ice allows normalizes sebum production, neutralizing oily sheen.

According to reviews, regularly using ice for the face of wrinkles, you can achieve the following positive effects:

  • eliminate swelling;
  • “Lighten” dark circles;
  • smooth out fine age folds;
  • narrow pores;
  • increase tone;
  • improve color.

Preparing such a homemade cosmetic product is simple: chilled decoction of herbs, cereals, tea or juice is distributed into the form cells and sent to the freezer compartment. There cubes “reach” 8-10 hours.

In the process of making ice to wipe the face of wrinkles, you should follow certain rules. There are five main recommendations.

  1. Only clean water. Plumbing is not suitable. Need spring, talaya, mineral without gas or filtered.
  2. Suitable forms. For freezing, you must use a special form for ice, the most convenient are silicone.
  3. Variants of the basis. You can just freeze the water. However, more benefits will bring ice to the face of the herbs. Used and fresh juices of vegetables, fruits. As well as coffee, tea, decoctions of cereals, dairy products. Cosmetic oils are added to the main fluid.
  4. The need to dilute with water. Some juices should be diluted by half with water before freezing. This concerns citrus fruits and berries, as they come into contact with sensitive skin and inflammation can occur. Undiluted, you can freeze the juice of cucumber, watermelon, aloe, grapes.
  5. The ability to add a “handle.” In the hands of the ice melts quickly. Therefore, for ease of use means you can listen to this advice: when freezing, when the liquid is already a little “grabbed”, stick into each of the compartments of the form on a cotton swab or a toothpick. This will be a kind of “pen”. Holding it, you can easily remove the cube from the mold and distribute the tool on the face.

In the process of ice cosmetic procedures should also follow certain recommendations. For example, if you freeze the product without cotton swabs, you can hold the cube with tweezers.

But then you need to act carefully to avoid injury. What else is important to know?

  • Do not overdo it. It is necessary to wipe the face quickly: at each site do not stay longer than four seconds.
  • Follow the correct lines. Drive cubes from chin to earlobes. Then from the corners of the mouth and nose to the middle of the auricle. Follow from the middle of the forehead to the temples. Walk from the inner corners of the eyes along the upper eyelids to the outer corners, and then along the lower eyelid to the nose. Process the nose, smoothly moving from the back to the sides, wings.
  • Do not press. Strongly press the frozen liquid to the face is not worth it, but it is necessary to slightly “smooth” each fold as it were.
  • Cover other sites. It is necessary to wipe not only the face, but also the neck and decollete.
  • Do not wipe. After the procedure, you can not wipe the face with a towel, performing diligent movements, just wet the skin.
  • Do not apply the cream. Immediately after the ice session, you do not need to apply cosmetics. Pores after exposure to cold will be closed, and the cream is not absorbed. Let your face bounce back: let it take at least half an hour.

Herbal concoctions and settings are one of the most popular products. Plantain, parsley, St. John’s wort, hawthorn, dandelion are recommended for dry skin.

If the covers are oily, then chamomile, calendula, celandine will do. When combined type brew chamomile with a dandelion or yarrow.

Description. Ice, prepared on the basis of linden decoction and oils, you can wipe your hands.

If myrrh oil is added to the product, it not only nourishes the skin with moisture, but also gives it a pleasant aroma.

  1. It is necessary to cook lime decoction: a glass of boiling water will need a tablespoon of lime blossom.
  2. In a cooked broth add a teaspoon of sea buckthorn oil.
  3. The composition is poured into forms, and sent to the freezer compartment.
  4. Use after waking up and preparing for the “wake up.”

Description. Ice chamomile for the face does a good job with problems with increased fat content of the skin. But frozen chamomile infusion can be used on any type of skin, as it has soothing, antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties.

In addition, regular washing with such cubes helps smooth fine wrinkles.

  1. A spoonful of chamomile flowers should be poured 200 ml of boiling water.
  2. After an hour and a half – freeze, spill into forms.
  3. Use after waking up and preparing for the “wake up.”

Description. You can use not only one component, but also a combination. Then get a double effect.

For example, if you make a decoction of mint and dandelion, then you can achieve not only a lifting effect, but also get rid of the inflamed bumps.

  1. In equal proportions it is necessary to take mint leaves and dandelion – one tablespoon is enough.
  2. Grass should be poured boiling water and leave to infuse for half an hour.
  3. From the cooled infusion to prepare frozen cosmetic.
  4. Use after waking up and preparing for the “wake up.”

Vegetable, berry and fruit juices also have a pronounced rejuvenating effect. To smooth out wrinkles, lemon, orange and grapefruit, half diluted with water, are suitable.

For rejuvenating purposes, you can also use cucumber and watermelon juices, and there is no need to dilute them.

Ice for face with essential oils at home is used when you need to strengthen the anti-aging and anti-inflammatory effect of the main component of the “cold” means. The following oils are used.

  • Geranium oil, ginger and bergamot. Increase the tone.
  • Clove oil. It has a rejuvenating effect.
  • Lemon oil. Eliminates oily shine, improves elasticity.
  • Petitgrain oil. Promotes renewal, acts as an antiseptic.

Coffee, tea, rice – unusual cubes for the area around the eyes

The advantage of ice makeup is that it can be used to care for the skin around the eyes: against the crow’s feet, edema, bags and bruises. What ingredients are suitable?

  • Natural ground coffee. Brew in the traditional way, cool and put in the freezer.
  • Green tea. Two teaspoons of leaves pour 100 ml of hot water. Insist half an hour and freeze.
  • Parsley. Chop two small bunches of parsley, pour 500 ml of boiling water, leave for 20 minutes. Then freeze.
  • Mint with milk. Pour a few fresh mint leaves with hot milk and cover with a saucer. After cooling, pour into forms and freeze.
  • Fig. You need two tablespoons of rice to fill in 1/2 l of water and cook until the cereal is completely dissolved, periodically adding water. Cooked broth is filtered, cooled, poured into molds and put in the freezer.

Separately, it should be said about the cubes of natural milk. Milky ice moisturizes, nourishes, eliminates dryness and peeling.

It also has a whitening effect, therefore it is used for such a cosmetic problem as pigmentation. There is also a flaxseed ice recipe – based on flax seed infusion.

This is a suitable ice for the face of wrinkles and bags under the eyes.

Reviews of ice cosmetics: “Friends ask what I use”

And I don’t really like herbal cubes; I have stains and drips on them and clothes and underwear. Prefer mineral water to freeze.

I have been wiping with a decoction of green tea for a month and a half – my skin has become better – not to be fat, not to crack (it is mixed). The color was certainly better and the elasticity increased – I am very good. happy))) I met my girlfriend, she said that I had gorgeous skin and asked what I was using))).

Before the menstrual periods, pimples often jumped up – now there is no such problem! I want to try some decoction of herbs, but I don’t know where to get – some diuretic or soothing teas at the pharmacy … But there was a negative point: after a week of wiping the entire face (including the eyelid) a red dot appeared under my eye – it burst the vessel looks like ..) So now I go around these areas)))

Celeste 23, //www.woman.ru/beauty/face/thread/3885442/

First, the skin rubbed with clean ice. And then add milk to the water to freeze. I like milk more.

This ice refreshes and very well softens the skin, the skin becomes more tender. True, with milk it is necessary to wipe the face with less time, otherwise you can catch a cold.

Cryomassage lasts 15-20 minutes, otherwise you can freeze areas of the skin. And for this fight they take from 600 rubles!

Depending on the city in which you live, and from the salon that you choose. I called the price according to my area of ​​residence (Chelyabinsk).

Price per session, and to achieve any result. As a rule, a course of procedures is required.

And yet not every girl agrees to treat her skin with nitrogen, from which the roses harden and then they are smashed with a hammer …

And to go do cryomassage with ice cubes and give money for it, in my opinion, this is unwise and stupid. Moreover, this miracle, ideally suited to you, can be done at home with minimal cost and at any time!

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