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How to treat the throat of a nursing mother: permitted tablets, procedures and lactation regimen

Sore throat occurs due to infection, allergies, diseases of the neck, and as a consequence of coughing or a vomiting attack. Each condition requires its own treatment. If a woman feeds a child during an illness, a delicate approach is needed.

How and what to treat throat nursing mom?

When it comes to the treatment of nursing women, then in any case need expert advice. The doctor will determine the cause of the sore throat and prescribe drugs that, when penetrated into the milk, will not harm the crumbs.

But there is an order of actions that a mother can take to recover on her own. This is the so-called treatment of “folk remedies.” It is auxiliary and is used as an adjunct to the medical therapy prescribed by the doctor.

But it is very effective.

Sometimes the confluence of factors (reduced immunity during lactation, fatigue, hypothermia, lack of vitamins A and B) causes the nursing mother to catch a cold. Sore throat causes discomfort, irritation.

Feels like it can be stabbing, pressing, bursting. It becomes stronger when a woman eats, swallows.

The pain is located on the left, right, covers the entire surface of the pharynx.

When mother is sick, the baby becomes restless. Therefore, timely treatment is important for women and for the crumbs.

How to treat throat when breastfeeding?

  • Drink plenty of water. It is useful to drink warm milk, dogrose broth, compote of dried fruit, a little ginger can be added to tea or another drink.
  • Vitamins A and B in the diet. It is these vitamins that affect the condition of the mucous membranes. Food should contain foods such as potatoes, cottage cheese, liver, broccoli, sea kale, cereals, nuts, fish, eggs. It is necessary to pay attention to the consistency of cooked food and its temperature. Too spicy, salty, hot or hard, cut into large pieces of food irritates the throat and increases the pain.
  • Rinse. Suitable chamomile decoction. As well as soda: half a teaspoon in a glass of warm water. Furacilin can be used by dissolving two tablets in a glass of warm water again.
  • Inhalation. For inhalation eucalyptus decoction is used – a tablespoon of decoction for 300 ml of water.
  • Mode. And, of course, an important point in treating a throat during lactation is adherence to a regimen in which there is time for a nursing mother to rest. Her husband and relatives will help her in this.

Speaking about the treatment of angina during lactation, it is important to understand the nature of the disease. Sore throat – an infectious disease in which the tonsils are inflamed. It may be caused by viruses or bacteria.

Also, infection occurs through airborne droplets (when a sick person sneezes, coughs, and secretes microorganisms), while consuming untreated products that are studded with microorganisms. Or during hypothermia, weakening of the immune system, if viruses and bacteria are already in the body.

When a nursing mother encounters a sore throat, sore throat worries day and night, there is swelling, fever, weakness. An increase in temperature and deterioration requires observation and recommendations from a specialist.

Since angina has a number of complications, for example, bacterial angina, swelling of the throat, sepsis.

Treatment of angina in a nursing mother is different from treating the throat of a nursing woman with a cold. Treatment can be more difficult and long, but a mild tonsillitis is treated on an outpatient basis.

What do we have to do?

  • Drink a lot and gargle. In general, it is necessary to carry out all the recommendations intensively, as in the treatment of colds, which are described above.
  • Treat throat with antibacterial sprays. In the treatment of angina during breastfeeding are used drugs for treating the throat and tonsils “Geksoral” and “Miramistin.” They are safe for moms and their babies. Injections and irrigations are made several times a day.
  • Use antipyretics. Moms can use ibuprofen. It is recommended to be taken immediately after feeding. In this case, to the next application, the content of the drug in secret as much as possible “will come to naught.”
  • Make compresses. A half-alcohol compress in the temple, wrist, underarm areas also reduces the temperature.
  • Comply with half-bed or bed rest. Weakness and reduced immunity require replenishment.

How to treat throat nursing mom, if the cause – osteochondrosis

During pregnancy, childbirth, carrying a child in his arms, the spine carries a serious load. Nursing mother feels tired and changes in the back and neck. Exacerbation of osteochondrosis occurs.

Sore throat and the feeling of “lump” when swallowing are a frequent sign of exacerbation of the disease.

A woman may not know about it and think that the pain was caused by a cold. However, when treatment does not help, it becomes clear that you need to identify the causes of sore throat.

What to do?

  • Visit the doctor and make a diagnosis. In addition to the examination, a specialist may appoint an examination. This is an MRI or radiography. Based on the diagnosis, the doctor prescribes treatment. Sometimes these are medications that relieve pain and inflammation, vitamins that are compatible with breastfeeding.
  • Train your neck muscles. And at home you can successfully be treated. Several times a day to do exercises to strengthen the muscles of the neck: abut the palm of his forehead, left cheek, right cheek and back of the head. It is also important to give the opportunity to relax the neck and spine. Be sure to take a warm relaxing bath every day.

The throat can ache after a strong mechanical stress and strain. This happens after a coughing or vomiting attack.

In this case, warm softening drink will help – milk with a spoon of honey (if the mother and the child do not have an allergic reaction to it), tea with mint.

If you approach the problem with the mind, even medical treatment of the throat while breastfeeding will be safe for the child. Therefore, feeding can and should be continued. Remember that milk protects the crumbs from the mother’s illness.

And when the temperature rises, it does not “burn out” and does not “deteriorate”. Sometimes the taste changes, but this phenomenon quickly disappears during normal lactation.

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