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How to treat a cold nursing mother: how to choose drops, and whether to interrupt lactation

A runny nose can suddenly invade the life of a young mother and make her worry about a lot of unresolved issues. How to treat a cold nursing mother?

What drugs to choose? Are they harmless to the child?

Can I continue to breastfeed? These and many other disturbances fill a woman’s thoughts and destroy millions of her nerve cells.

But if you know the three simple rules for choosing breastfeeding medications, anxiety will never reappear.

First and foremost. Competently answer the question of how to treat a runny nose during lactation, in each case only a doctor can. Whether it will be saline solutions or products with essential oils, homeopathy or strong vasoconstrictor sprays – very individual.

Assigning nasal drops during lactation to relieve swelling and soften the mucous membrane, the doctor focuses on the state of the mother, the nature of the symptoms and the root cause of the disease. It is possible that in order to cure the nose, not only nasal means will be needed, but also a complex of other measures and drugs.

But there are situations when a woman begins to worry excessively, panic, and even postpone a visit to the doctor, just to not take any medications and continue breastfeeding. After all, mothers are very worried about the health of their children and are willing to courageously endure the disease without help.

In such cases, you should calm down, drink a cup of hot tea and liven up a simple and effective algorithm.

Many women have extensive breastfeeding experience in different life circumstances. Or accustomed to listen to the advice of knowledgeable friends.

It seems to them that they themselves are confidently guided in the variety of cold medicines that they used to use during lactation. However, you should always back up your knowledge with the opinion of a specialist.

Often you can hear about proven by several generations of nursing mothers funds from the common cold. When it comes to treating nasal congestion with folk remedies, breastfeeding women recall such methods.

  • Warming up For this purpose, hot boiled eggs were previously used. A little later, special devices appeared that heat up from the network.
  • Rinsing. The budget option is to irrigate the nose with soda or salt water of its own preparation. Pharmaceutical sprays in the nose with sea water, which are in demand not only during lactation, have replaced this “grandmother’s” means.
  • Steam inhalation. In the old days, they breathed over pairs of freshly-boiled potatoes and other vegetables. Today, different types of inhalers that operate on the network are available.

By itself, a runny nose will not pass soon, the state of health may deteriorate. And at the same time the woman will need to continue to take care of her baby.

That is why it is important as soon as possible to begin the treatment of rhinitis during breastfeeding.

Together with the doctor, the nursing mother also decides how to feed the baby during treatment. There may be the following development scenarios.

  • Continue feeding as usual. In this case, you do not need to change anything in the life of the crumbs and his mother.
  • Replace one or more feedings. The attachments to the chest that go after taking the drug are replaced when its concentration in the woman’s blood is at its maximum. You can decant and freeze several servings of breast milk in order to feed the baby during these hours.
  • Wean the baby for the entire duration of the drug. Feeding with expressed milk, donor milk, or adapted milk formula can be a substitute for the usual feeding to the breast.
  • Completely wean the baby from the breast. If long-term treatment of colds during lactation is required and the baby’s age allows, it is advisable to complete breastfeeding.

Rule number 3: check the loyalty of the drug to lactation

Sometimes, even after visiting a doctor, the concern of a nursing mother does not subside. Medicines are prescribed, but can they be used exactly?

Indeed, in a number of instructions there is a phrase that during the period of using the remedy it is advisable to interrupt breastfeeding.

In fact, a woman does not need to choose between treatment and breastfeeding. Often, pharmaceutical companies write about the inadmissibility of drugs during lactation, because their safety is not confirmed by studies on nursing women.

Therefore, it is financially more advantageous to point out that nasal drops or other medication are unacceptable during breastfeeding than to obtain the right to make the inscription “authorized”.

In this regard, in addition to studying the instructions, it is worth referring to alternative and reliable sources. You can check the loyalty of the drug to breastfeeding in the following sources.

  • Handbook of the World Health Organization. Published in 2002. Available for free reading by any Internet user. The classification is given by the active substance of the drug.
  • Free electronic reference “E-lactation”. Created by the Spanish Association for the Cultural and Scientific Promotion of Breastfeeding (APILAM). Search is also on the active substance. It must be entered in the search string in Latin or in English. The degree of risk of a substance is classified from “Very low” (absolutely harmless) to “Very high” (prohibited). With the status of “Low risk” means partially compatible with lactation (it is important to choose the correct dosage or safe analog), and with “High risk” – is unacceptable.
  • Books about lactation. Two reliable options in paper or electronic form: the work of the American doctor T. Hale, as well as the book of Russian authors O. I. Karpova and A. A. Zaitseva.
  • Breastfeeding hotline. A woman can absolutely free to contact a consultant in her region and get answers to her questions. Including what nasal drops are permissible when breastfeeding.

3 misconceptions about breastfeeding during a cold

You have decided on a cure. But how to organize feeding during the treatment period?

To answer this question, it is necessary to dispel the three common myths about lactation in maternal illness.

  1. Through milk, a mother can infect a baby. With the milk of a sick woman, the infant receives antibodies to the pathogen. They help strengthen his immune system. And even if the baby gets infected, thanks to the huge amount of nutrients and immune proteins, he will cope with the disease much easier than if he were deprived of valuable maternal nutrition.
  2. Milk loses its properties. Breast milk contains more than 1400 types of proteins and 500 types of different nutrients. And they do not lose their beneficial properties even with the illness of the mother.
  3. You need to wear a protective mask. If a woman is so comfortable, then she can use a mask. But this is optional. Indeed, depending on the cause of the head cold (bacteria, virus, or hypothermia), this precaution may not affect the likelihood of infecting the baby.

Is it possible for a nursing mother to treat a runny nose with folk remedies

It happens that nursing mothers are trying to get rid of the common cold with the help of herbs, tinctures, plant juices, vegetable oils and other improvised means. But here you need to be careful: these methods have no less contraindications and side effects than the usual medicines.

During a cold, a woman can calmly continue to feed her child with breast milk. But the mother should not engage in self-treatment and delay with a visit to the doctor.

How to treat a cold during breastfeeding should be determined exclusively by a specialist.

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