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How to stop lactation in a natural way, with the help of pills and folk remedies

It may be necessary to finish breastfeeding at different times – immediately after delivery, during the first year of life of the baby, or later. In each of the cases has its own characteristics.

Therefore, it is important to know how to stop lactation in a natural way and with the help of auxiliary methods, so as not to harm the child and make the process comfortable for the woman.

In the life of a mother and baby, various circumstances may arise when it is necessary to finish feeding with breast milk. It may be necessary to complete breastfeeding within a few days, and within a month, and maybe over a longer time.

It depends on whether you need a sharp suppression of lactation, or whether the woman wants to smoothly nullify long-term breastfeeding.

Therefore, there are various ways to effectively stop the release of breast milk from the mother: depending on the situation, this can be achieved with the help of pills, folk remedies or in a natural way.

Although the method of stopping lactation with the help of tablets is mainly implemented at home, and not in the hospital, it can be used only by doctor’s prescription. Usually drugs are used to urgently curtail breastfeeding or not to start it at all.

This may be required in the following cases.

  • Serious diseases of the mother. For example, open tuberculosis, diseases of the liver, kidneys, heart, HIV, schizophrenia, postpartum psychosis, mastitis.
  • Appointment of a woman medication. It is about those who are incompatible with breastfeeding.
  • Check out mom for a long time. Study, work, life circumstances.
  • Diseases of the child. For example, when a baby is in a hospital and gets prescribed food.
  • Intolerance. It is about the intolerance of the baby breast milk.
  • Physical exhaustion mom. Reduced immunity, frequent complicated viral infections, exacerbation of chronic diseases.

But there are less compelling arguments for early interruption of breastfeeding. For example, chronic fatigue, lack of sleep of the mother.

That is, when the woman herself begins to look for an opportunity to quickly stop lactation. Then the doctor may also prescribe drugs that reduce the production of breast milk.

Currently, there are 4 groups of drugs prescribed for this purpose.

  1. Estrogen Analogs of female sex hormones of the first phase of the menstrual cycle. Of these, ethinyl estradiol, synestrol and its analogues can be prescribed.
  2. Progestin Produced in the second phase of the menstrual cycle. Most often, the treatment is prescribed the drug Norkolut.
  3. Androgens. Male sex hormones, for example, Testosterone Propionate.
  4. Inhibitors of prolactin production. “Bromokreptin” and “Dostinex”. They act on brain receptors that inhibit the release of the hormone prolactin, which affects milk production. Additionally, they normalize the menstrual cycle.

Recent studies have shown that cessation of lactation with cabergoline (Dostinex) gives fewer side effects, has a more convenient regimen and acts faster than other drugs. As a medicine, it is better than others to stop the lactation of milk in a woman immediately after childbirth.

In addition to taking pills, in order to remove the flow of breast milk, you do not need to put the baby to the breast in order not to stimulate it and not to start the lactation process. And also do not need to decant the colostrum or milk.

If the drugs did not help stop lactation, the woman may be assigned additional studies to identify the causes. This is a blood test for prolactin, an MRI of the brain.

After all, a persistent continuation of milk production can be caused by hormonal disorders, as well as a pituitary tumor.

How to stop lactation without pills? In the absence of the need for an emergency completion of breastfeeding and having the opportunity to wean the child more smoothly from the breast, the termination of lactation is often carried out with the help of folk remedies. In this case, use a set of measures to help the mother’s body to adapt to the ever-decreasing demand for milk production.

What do we have to do?

  • Drink an infusion of sage. Sage contains natural phytoestrogen, which gently and gradually suppresses the production of prolactin, which is responsible for lactation.
  • Compresses. Make compresses with camphor oil. With the help of camphor oil, you can reduce the swelling of the breast and relieve pain. And the smell of camphor oil is unpleasant to the child, which will be an additional factor in the completion of feeding.
  • Drink less. It is necessary to reduce the amount of fluid you drink, which will reduce the amount of breast milk filling.
  • Less attachments. Less and less time to put the baby to the breast, up to the exclusion of the last – night – feeding.
  • Do not decant. Try not to express milk, use it only to alleviate the condition.
  • Pick up the laundry. Wear comfortable, supportive, but not squeezing underwear.

The mildest and most gentle way to complete lactation is to gradually wean the baby after a year, when he is ready for the next stage of her development, and her mother is ready to “let go” of the baby. The child by this time already receives and loves the “adult” writing.

He actively plays and learns the world. To properly stop lactation, you need to act like this.

  • Apply the baby less to the breast. First, remove the daytime feeds, displacing them with lure, then morning and evening. The latest clean night feeds. This proven method is good for both mother and child, it allows you to very gradually stop the production of breast milk and protect the baby from the stress of sudden weaning.
  • Distract the child. With the active interest of the baby to the chest, distract his favorite “snack”: cookies, fruit, compote. Switch his attention to toys and games.
  • Sleep separately. If possible, sleep separately from the child. Here dad or other relatives can come to the rescue.
  • Do not decant. To strain the milk only as a last resort: with a feeling of distention and discomfort, step over the breast, not trying to empty it to the end.
  • Ointments and compresses. When painful seals appear, you need to gently massage the chest and rub Traumeel C ointment. This is a complex preparation containing plant and mineral substances. It has a decongestant, hemostatic, analgesic, regenerating and immunomodulatory effects. Increases vascular tone and reduces their permeability. A compress with camphor oil, a leaf of fresh cabbage or cottage cheese will also help. Compress is put on the seal, several times a day, for several hours.

It is important to know that at the end of lactation in a natural way the shape of the breast is well preserved, since the glandular tissue, which produced milk, has time to be replaced with fatty tissue.

All methods for completing milk production are good in their own way. Medicines allow you to quickly get rid of breast milk in the event of an urgent need for this. Folk methods and with the help of sage can stop lactation in cases where breastfeeding will need to continue later, as well as for a smoother end of breastfeeding.

In a natural way to effectively complete breastfeeding in later periods, this method has established itself as ideal for the child and mother.

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