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How to remove wrinkles above the upper lip: nutrition, massage, homemade mask recipes

A charming smile is the card of a woman. However, with age, this “attribute” loses its former perfection due to wrinkles that form near the mouth.

You can get rid of these flaws in the beauty salon: there are a lot of safe and effective methods. Or turn to the experience of fashionistas who know how to remove wrinkles above the upper lip, without leaving home and with minimal cost.

By nature, the area of ​​the epidermis around the lips is delicate, it suffers most from ultraviolet rays and other external factors. In addition, the mouth muscles are constantly in motion: when we eat, we talk, we smile.

That is why one of the first visible age-related changes appear on the skin around the lips. If you notice them at home, start to act, not postponing the problem indefinitely.

How are the treacherous folds formed above the lip, which are otherwise called nipple wrinkles? Beauticians and dermatologists have several reasons.

First, the muscle of the mouth tends to contract without our will. Have you ever noticed that while doing some work you involuntarily strain your lips, pull them out into a tube?

Together with the muscle, the skin is tightened and stretched.

The second reason is age: as a rule, after forty years the elasticity of the epidermis is lost. The first vertical folds above the upper lip usually appear in women during this period.

Thirdly, troubles can occur due to improper diet, lack of proper facial care and incorrect gymnastics.

Here is a list of other common causes of folds in the mouth.

  • Smoking The destructive habit in general is rapidly “aging” the skin: due to the lack of oxygen, collagen is produced in smaller quantities, and the skin cells regenerate more slowly.
  • Specific occupation. For example, vocals, playing the trumpet.
  • Sharp decrease in body weight. The rapid reduction of fatty layers leads to sagging of the skin, which is not able to quickly decline.
  • Heredity. For example, abnormal bite, features of the skin or the structure of the facial bones. In this case, removing the wrinkles above the lip will be more difficult.
  • Frequent stress. When you experience anxiety, stress, glucocorticoids and adrenaline are injected into the bloodstream, which immediately directs the blood flow to the heart and brain. The remaining organs and skin begin to experience a lack of oxygen, which is one of the causes of early wilting.
  • Improper posture in a dream. If during sleep a pillow or a mattress puts pressure on the face, then skin folds gradually form. Try to change position, preferably sleep on your back.

How to remove wrinkles above the upper lip by yourself

To remove wrinkles above the lips at home, experts advise to adjust the diet, learn how to do the right lip gymnastics and massage. Methods of home cosmetology will also help.

As a result of research, cosmetologists and nutritionists have come to the conclusion that correct eating habits are a guarantee of healthy, smooth skin. Including, and the skin near the lips.

Experts have compiled a list of products that should be in the diet of women who monitor the condition of their skin and their health. This is the first and most important weapon in the fight against age-related skin changes at home.

What does the “anti-wrinkle” menu look like?

  • Milk, cottage cheese, beef. As well as liver, fish oil, carrots. These products are rich in vitamin A, which takes care of the softness and silkiness of our skin. Include these ingredients in your diet at least two or three times a week.
  • Citrus, spinach, kiwi. As well as sea kale, wild rose. Known sources of vitamin C help the production of collagen and, accordingly, maintain the elasticity of the epidermis.
  • Beans, peas, chickpeas, greens. These products have a high content of vitamin B, which has a moisturizing effect on the skin.
  • Nuts, vegetable oil. As well as cabbage, onions, oatmeal, flax seeds. They contain a large amount of vitamin E, which promotes cell regeneration, tightens the skin, provides a healthy complexion.

Do not be lazy to spend the evening five minutes to massage the skin around the lips – this is a very effective method. When carrying out the procedure in any case, do not smooth or rub the skin, but only lightly pat it with the fingertips.

A good toothbrush can be a good massage tool. Pre-treat the area around the lips with a cream, then in a circular motion walk along the path from the corners of the lips to the center, as well as from the corners of the mouth to the nose.

It is possible to prolong the youth of the skin of the face with the help of gymnastics, which will help tighten the oval of the face, “invigorate” it and restore a healthy look.

Cosmetologists recommend 12 simple but effective exercises.

  1. The straw. Pull the lips forward, then immediately return to its original position.
  2. Sticking teeth. With the jaw closed, lower the lower lip so as to open the teeth and gums.
  3. Feather. Throw back your head and blow up, as if trying to gently blow off a light feather.
  4. Air in a circle. Inflate your cheeks and roll the air around your mouth in a circle.
  5. The lingering “O”. Pull the lips and say a long: “Oooooh.”
  6. Hide and seek. Pull the lips and hide the bottom under the top, and then vice versa.
  7. Patting. Smile slightly and pat the center of the lips with the pad of your index finger.
  8. Shock “P”. Close your lips rhythmically while pronouncing the sound “P”.
  9. Hiding smile. Pull in your lips and smile.
  10. Balls. Inflate a balloon a couple times a day.
  11. Like a hamster. Take a deep breath, hold your breath for a second, inflate your cheeks, then exhale sharply.
  12. Right left . Close your teeth, take a deep breath through your nose, and then slowly exhale through the open mouth. First through the left, then through the right.

In the fight against wrinkles around the lips, it is important to provide the dermis not only internal nutrition, but also external. To do this, it is not necessary to buy anti-aging creams at exorbitant prices.

Mixtures for the rejuvenation of the periphery zone can easily be prepared by yourself. How to remove wrinkles on the upper lip folk remedies?

Take advantage of basic recipes for popular masks for the skin near the lips, which are described below.

  1. Melt a teaspoon of honey in a water bath.
  2. Apply to the area above the lip.
  3. Wash in 20 minutes.
  1. Before the foam, beat the egg whites with a mixer.
  2. Brush lubricate the area above the lip.
  3. After five seconds, apply two more layers.
  4. Wash off when the protein is completely dry.
  1. Mix one tablespoon of sour cream and three teaspoons of carrot juice.
  2. Treat the problem area and wait for 20 minutes.
  3. Wash with warm herbal decoction.
  1. Blender chop eight olives (pitted).
  2. Combine gruel with one teaspoon of honey.
  3. Apply the mask for 20 minutes.
  4. Rinse your face with water.
  1. Cut the tomato into large rings.
  2. Apply a piece to the area above the lip for half an hour.
  1. Mix in equal proportions avocado oil, jojoba oil and olive oil.
  2. Heat the oil mixture slightly in a water bath.
  3. Dip a piece of cheesecloth folded in half into the oil mixture and apply to the problem area for 20 minutes.
  4. Remove excess mask with a napkin.
  5. This procedure should be repeated daily for seven days, then take a break of two weeks.

If the treacherous folds over the upper lip have become too noticeable and they cannot be eliminated on their own, cosmetology will come to the rescue. There are many ways to solve this problem in a medical office.

  • Laser polishing, chemical peeling. The procedure removes the top layer of the dermis, activates cell regeneration and collagen production.
  • Cosmetic injections. Injections with preparations containing hyaluronic acid, a complex of vitamins, botulinum toxin (Botox) and other cosmetic cocktails. These methods are considered the most effective: after the procedures, wrinkles are smoothed, the facial contour is tightened, and the skin tone is improved. As a rule, the effect of such procedures lasts from six months to a year.
  • Thermage. The procedure is that the skin is exposed to high temperatures, which gives the derma additional hydration and accelerates the production of collagen.
  • Lifting massage. The most gentle procedure is performed for the entire face and contributes to its healing, rejuvenation of the skin. It will help not only to smooth wrinkles over the lips, but also relieve muscle tension, improve blood flow, activates metabolic processes in tissues.

In the fight against nourishing wrinkles, all means are good: hardware and home cosmetology, massage and gymnastics. The main thing, do not forget: for the desired effect, you must act in a comprehensive and regular way.

You can even make a special plan for the week, how to get rid of wrinkles over the upper lip. Where do you register, when and what procedures will be performed to rejuvenate the skin. With this care, you will see the result in three or four weeks – your refreshed, smooth and healthy skin will tell you: “Thank you!”

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