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How to remove the second chin at home for a week: exercises and procedures

Double chin becomes a real problem for women. Because of him it is easy to lose confidence in its attractiveness.

To deal with the extra fold under the chin is difficult. Surgical correction can quickly solve this problem.

However, do not rush to apply radical methods. First declare “home war”.

How to remove the second chin at home? To help you massages, natural masks, facial gymnastics, and, of course, perseverance and the desire to be beautiful.

Among the common cosmetic flaws, second chin ranks first. It is believed that this is the problem of women who are overweight and those who are “far beyond 30”. Both statements are myths.

Double chin may appear in slender young girls. However, excess weight and years really imprint the shape of the chin, making them vague.

Defect can be fought in the usual conditions – at home. Effective exercises and proven procedures aimed at correcting the facial contour will take a minimum of time.

If you do them regularly, the result is guaranteed.

The second chin is called excess accumulation of body fat in combination with the presence of excess skin folds in the lower face. The causes of such a cosmetic defect in women can be completely different.

The most common are the following five.

  1. Genes. Some nuances of appearance are determined by heredity. If the next of kin had a double chin, then the likelihood of receiving it “inherited” is high.
  2. Anatomical features. There are prerequisites for the appearance of: the length of the neck, the massiveness of the chin. The angle that creates the neck and jaw is important. When the lower jaw has a weak contour – the risks that excess fat will appear under the chin and the skin sag will increase.
  3. Age Derma ages with time and loses its elasticity. This leads to sagging of soft tissues, which is especially noticeable on the neck. If, due to age-related changes, the face “slips”, a second chin is formed. When the skin sags, a “turkey neck” appears.
  4. Weight . Chin-neck area – a kind of “trap” for fat. Here he is postponed in the first place, and “leaves” – the last. Excess weight contributes to the formation of a double chin. However, a sharp weight loss can also provoke a problem. Fluctuations of kilograms stretch the skin, make it weak, so after a while, a skin-fat fold is formed under the jaw.
  5. Wrong habits. If you abuse salt, fatty foods, spicy foods, then water retention occurs. This inevitably leads to a set of extra pounds and the formation of an extra chin. The habit of slouching and using a high pillow also increase the likelihood that the reflection in the mirror will cease to please.

How to remove the second chin at home: simple facial gymnastics

You can work on improving your appearance in familiar home conditions. How to get rid of the second chin?

A simple gymnastic complex will help solve the problem. There is a different gymnastics from the second chin.

No one forbids combining techniques. Here are five options that have proven effective.

  1. “Book”. Walk for ten minutes, putting a book on your head. Exercise is familiar to those who work on their posture. However, it will help to forget about the cosmetic defect. Remember that the stoop and loose skin under the jaw are interconnected.
  2. “Cargo”. Imagine that a heavy load is attached to the lower part of your face. Throw back your head slowly, as if the load is stopping you. Return to the starting position just as slowly.
  3. “Stick out the tongue.” Effective exercises from the second chin are considered to be those where language is involved. Try to reach the tip of the tongue to your nose, and then reach to the bottom of the jaw. The second option is “write eights”.
  4. “Fists.” Hold the jaw up with your fists, lower your head to the maximum. Your fists must create opposition.
  5. “A look at the legs.” Lie on your back with your lower limbs behind your head. Tear off the head from the surface with maximum neck tension. Try to see the toes. Remain in this position should be about a minute.

A double chin often appears when the face is plump, the dermis is flabby, sagging. If this is your case, it is important to solve several issues at once: “draw out” the beautiful face contour, “remove” the cheeks and tighten the skin.

Ideally, the result should be immediately visible. How to remove the second chin and cheeks in a week? Or is it beyond fiction?

There is a special gymnastic complex that will help solve the problem quickly.

  • Inflate your cheeks. Simulate mouth rolling ball. Do not open your lips when doing the exercise.
  • Lips fold in the position of “tube”. Sing all vowels. Repeat several times in a row.
  • Breathe air into the mouth. Exhale through the mouth in small portions. Release should occur in jerks.
  • Teeth hold the pen or pencil. Simulate the “air” spelling of words. When doing the maximum strain your neck muscles, facial muscles.
  • Head up. Move your chin so that the lower lip grips the upper lip.

If you want to end the fight with a double chin in a short time (a week or two), you need to add facial gymnastics with self-massage, which:

  • improves the blood circulation of epidermal cells;
  • activates metabolic processes at the cellular level;
  • promotes active resorption of sediment.

How to make a massage from the second chin at home? There is nothing complicated about it.

Choose one of four proven options or try a new type of massage each time.

  1. Pats. This massage is considered the simplest. However, its effectiveness is impressive. Apply to the chin nourishing cream. Keep your fingers tight, with the back of your hand do quick pats on the chin. Move from the neck to the edge of the jaw. The longer the procedure lasts, the better. The minimum time is two minutes.
  2. Tingling There should be good blood circulation in the problem area. This will speed up the fight with a double chin. To improve blood circulation, you can use tweaks. This type of massage should last at least forty seconds in one set.
  3. “Honey” massage. You need to spread the problem area with honey. Massage with your fingertips until your skin turns red. Movement should be smooth, circular. Stretching the dermis is strictly forbidden: so the problem will only get worse. The remnants of the product after the massage need to be washed off, feed the area with cream.
  4. Massage with a towel. First you need to prepare a solution: stir the salt and lemon juice (1: 1) in one glass of filtered water. Moisten a towel in the resulting solution, twist with a cord. Take up the edges, actively clapping the submandibular region.

In the struggle for a beautiful face contour, it is important to use an integrated approach. So it will be possible to fix the result.

Gymnastics and massages are recommended to add hand-made tools. Masks from the second chin at home is easy to prepare: for this they use cosmetic clay, honey, lemon, yeast. Reviews of fans of home cosmetology indicate that proven natural remedies against a double chin work no worse than the store.

The masks presented in the table tighten the skin, relieve flabbiness, return elasticity.

Table – Masks against double chin

MaskInstructionTime minutes
Honey Glycerol– Mix honey and glycerin (a teaspoon of each component);
– hammer one raw egg
Honey Potato– Two boiled potatoes crushed in mashed potatoes;
– add honey, regular table salt (in a teaspoon);
– put a lot on the submandibular zone, cover with cling film
Lemon– Squeeze the juice from one lemon;
– soaked gauze in juice, put on face
Yeast– Dissolve a tablespoon of yeast with water (should resemble thick sour cream);
– defend 20 minutes;
– after applying chin cover with cling film
Clay– Two tablespoons of cosmetic clay diluted with filtered water (the consistency should resemble sour cream);
– before applying the mixture, treat the area with a nourishing cream (it is important that the product is absorbed)

If you can’t get rid of the shortage, do not despair. While you continue to work on the ideal contour, decorative cosmetics will come to the rescue.

You can hide the second chin with makeup using the four rules.

  1. Use the dark concealer to mask the “extra”. You need to attach a sheet to the lower jaw and darken the skin that will protrude from under the sheet. The correction line must be ascending. So the features will be pointed, the face will look fit.
  2. Highlight bright powder center of the chin. Light shade should prevail on the lower jaw to the line of application of the corrector.
  3. Make your cheekbones expressive. Highlighting the cheekbones, you can “pull” the attention of a double chin. This technique is especially relevant if the face is round, the cheeks are large.
  4. Accent on the eyes. To the problem area of ​​the lower part of the face was less noticeable, you need to select the eyes. For lips it is better to choose light shades.

The problem of how to remove a double chin is familiar even to stars. Such a problem area is with Christina Aguilera, Britney Spears, Jessica Simpson, Cameron Diaz. However, looking at their photos in glossy magazines, it is hard to believe it, for which you need to say “thank you” to not only makeup artists, but also stylists.

Follow the star secrets: choose clothes with a neckline, do not wear long earrings, change your hairstyle to an elongated bob. All these tricks will distract attention from the problem while you work on solving it.

“Smack on the second chin, and it will disappear!”, – reviews and advice of women who got rid of the problem

Tested on yourself – two exercises that in a short time will remove your second chin:
1. Tighten the muscles of the neck, pronouncing the letter “s”, relax. Repeat at least 100 times until you feel tired.
2. Intensively pat your chin with the back of your hand – at least 50 times.
Do not be lazy, follow daily in the morning and in the evening, the result will not take long.

You can remove the second chin by lightly tapping the chin. Do a few minutes. Since childhood, I remember how my mother did, now I clap myself

I had a very good. big chin For two weeks, halved. Intuitively.

Every morning, rubbed her face and chin with ice. For the night I made an iodine net over the entire neck area. Masks twice a week on the face and neck for 15-30 minutes from egg white.

Application mask honey on the chin. Salt compress for 20 minutes. (the first 10 min gives salt, the second 10 min takes)

The second chin can be removed and quite simply. Lie on the bed so that the head was lowered down.

Slowly raise and lower your head 20 times. once a day and after a week you will see a very good result. Verified on yourself 🙂

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