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How to remove the fleas on the face: home, salon and surgical methods of correction of sagging cheeks

The skin of young girls admire the elasticity and tightness. No wonder the poets compare the cheeks of young ladies with bulk apples. But inexorable time makes major adjustments.

Along with weight changes, hormonal jumps, a decrease in collagen synthesis, signs of aging appear. Flabby skin gradually “slips” down, forming the so-called flea.

And they give the face a senile appearance. Cosmetologists say that such a defect can be completely eliminated.

How to remove the flakes on the face?

Sometimes women who watch their skin gradually begin to sag, helplessly shrug their shoulders. Like, time does not stop.

The aging process is really irreversible, but to postpone it and preserve youth for a long time is quite within its power.

After about 40 years, women experience signs of skin aging. Wrinkles appear on the face, the dermis loses its elasticity, elasticity and gradually “slips” down. The skin is collected on both sides near the mouth and hangs loosely near the chin.

It is this defect that resembles “dog lips” was called the flea. Ugly obvislost cheeks can occur not only in adulthood.

Bryl able to appear even in young girls.

To determine the tactics of fighting with flea, it is important to understand the reasons for their appearance. After all, to eliminate such skin defects it is not always necessary to go under a surgeon’s scalpel.

Sometimes it’s enough just to change your lifestyle.

The following factors are capable of provoking the formation of bryles, according to doctors.

  • Age changes. The tone of the skin and masticatory muscles weakens over time. In mature years, the synthesis of elastin and collagen decreases, which provide elasticity to the epidermis. The combination of these factors leads to flabbiness, fading of the skin, the formation of senile fleas.
  • Excessive fullness. In people suffering from overweight, sagging of the cheeks can appear at any, even at a very young age. Excess fat accumulates not only in the abdomen, thighs, but also in the area of ​​the cheeks, chin.
  • Dramatic weight loss. If the excess weight rapidly begins to “melt”, then the stretched skin simply does not have time to tighten. Especially if the process of losing weight is not supported by special exercise. This leads to the appearance of sagging skin, stretch marks, deep wrinkles, folds. And if such defects can be masked on the body, they are very noticeable on the face.
  • Diseases. Sometimes hormonal imbalances in a woman’s body, endocrinological pathologies, and diseases of the digestive system are responsible for the appearance of saggy cheeks.

If only one glance at one’s reflection in the mirror causes sadness and despair, then it’s time to fight hard with the flea. In cosmetology, there are two ways to solve this problem.

  1. Conservative method. If the skin is just beginning to “crawl”, then the success will bring home activities. Salon procedures will be a good help.
  2. Surgical intervention. In the presence of impressive bryley, a plastic surgeon will help to cope with the problem.

Beauticians recommend starting the fight with drooping cheeks from about 25 years. And if there is a genetic predisposition, then from 20.

Conservative treatment, which includes both home activities and salon procedures, will bring tangible benefits only in the initial stages of skin “slipping”.

Not only skin sags, but also chewing muscles. To strengthen these tissues, to protect them from sagging and, if possible, to tighten, you need to do a special gymnastics in the morning.

Beauticians recommend the following exercises for the face from bryley.

  1. “Inflated ball.” Dial a mouthful of air. Cheeks should swell as much as possible. In the “inflated ball” state, linger for five seconds. Then pull the lips forward with a straw, pull the cheeks as far as possible inside, and blow the air out completely. Repeat this exercise 15 times.
  2. “Roll the ball.” Blow out your cheeks by drawing air into your mouth. Lips tight. Roll the air “ball” from the left cheek to the right. Lift it up and down. Such rollouts repeat for 30 seconds.
  3. Internal massage. Language massage the inner surface of the cheeks. Make five circular movements in one direction, then five in the other. Repeat the exercise for the other cheek.
  4. Blowing out the candles. Imagine that you are holding a burning candle. Now blow her gently. During the exercise you need to blow all the air out of your cheeks. This exercise is recommended to be repeated up to fifty times.
  5. Movable language The tip of the tongue, try to reach the bottom of the chin. Now lift it up and stretch to the tip of the nose. During the exercise, rotate the tongue in different directions. Try to touch the chin and nose five times.
  6. Resistance to the palms. Inflate your cheeks and tightly press your lips. Place your palms on your cheeks and press down on them. Mouth must struggle to hold the air for ten seconds. Repeat the exercise is recommended at least ten times.
  7. Movable jaw. Palms lift cheeks up and hold the skin well in this position. Now open your mouth wide. Start the movement of the lower jaw left and right. In each direction, repeat the exercise ten times.
  8. Speaking vowels. Stretch the lips in a smile, as widely as possible. In this position, say all the vowels. Now fold the lips with a straw. And again, say all the vowels. Repeat the exercise four more times.
  9. Pulling out the jaw. Maximum pull the lower jaw inside the mouth. Upper lip completely covers the bottom. Now push the jaw as far forward as possible. The lower lip covers the upper. Such movements repeat 20 times.

Facial massage is another effective way to preserve the density and youthfulness of the skin. It allows you to work on muscle tissue, tightens the shape of the face, strengthens the cheeks.

With the help of the correct massage, fat deposits are eliminated, the second chin is reduced. Skin massage can be trusted with experts.

But having studied the correct technique of carrying out, it is easy to carry out independently.

The following massage exercises are recommended to remove the fleas on the face.

  1. Patting a towel. A soft towel is rolled up with a cord and dipped in a weak salt solution. This harness gently pat on the neck and lower jaw. Massage the skin for about two minutes.
  2. Slamming the palms. Hands on the back side put in the middle of the chin and begin to pat. During exercise, gradually move along the skin from the lower zone of the cheeks to the ears. Patting the cheek massage for three minutes.
  3. “Fingering skin.” Starting position – the fingers of both hands in the center of the chin. Carefully picking the skin to move to the earlobes. During the exercise you need not only to sort out, but also try to tighten the dermis up. This skin massage is carried out for three minutes.
  4. Soft glide. Fingers lubricated with massage oil. Begin at the center point of the chin and gently slide along the arcuate guide to the earlobes.
  5. Tugging towels. From the towels make a roller. Moisten it in warm water. A roll roller is placed on the lower part of the chin, and the ends are lifted upwards. There should be a loop in which the face is located. Alternately pull over one end of the roller, then behind the other, massaging the sagging skin of the cheeks. Then towel moistened with cool water and repeat the exercise.
  6. Circular pull-up. Spread some oil on your hands and rub it into your palms. Begin to massage with a circular motion zone bryley. Pulling the skin up, gradually move to the temples.

It is possible to get rid of face flakes at home only by complex methods. Tangible benefits, along with morning exercises and daily massage, will bring three tightening masks, which are recommended to do twice a week.

  • Gelatin – one tablespoon.
  • Orange juice – two tablespoons.
  • Milk – two tablespoons.
  1. Gelatin is poured into warm milk.
  2. Pour in the juice and allow the mixture to swell.
  3. The tool is put in the fridge until the formation of jelly.
  4. The mask is applied on the flea in a dense layer for half an hour.
  • A piece of tar soap – the eighth part of the bar (25 g).
  • Sour cream – two tablespoons.
  1. Soap is crushed with a grater.
  2. Sour cream is added to the mixture and well beat such a mask.
  3. The resulting foam is applied to the neck, chin, lower cheeks.
  4. After the first layer has dried, the second is applied.
  5. When both layers are completely dry, wash off the mask with water.

  • Chicken protein – two.
  • Lemon oil – two drops.
  1. Chicken protein should be whipped into a cool foam.
  2. Lemon ether is added to the mixture.
  3. Mask applied to problem areas of the skin in two stages.

What if home activities are ineffective? Medical centers and beauty salons are ready to offer a variety of effective procedures that provide skin tightening.

Initially, the patient will be recommended a comprehensive examination, according to the results of which they will select an individual program for the elimination of bryles.

The following saloon procedures provide an excellent tightening effect.

  1. Lymphatic drainage massage. The procedure should be performed strictly on the movement of the lymph. Massage speeds up metabolism, helps to get rid of toxins. The skin is better saturated with oxygen. Lymphatic drainage technique allows you to tighten the shape of the face, eliminate puffiness, get rid of excess fatty tissue.
  2. Thermolifting The procedure is based on the effect of heat on problem areas. The event activates the metabolism, accelerates the process of cell renewal, stimulates the production of collagen. Thermolifting strengthens the skin frame, thanks to which the flews disappear, the cheeks are tightened, and the fat deposits are split.
  3. Laser perforation. Under the influence of a laser in the epidermis, enhanced synthesis of elastin and collagen is launched. This process contributes to the rejuvenation and tightening of the skin.
  4. Mesotherapy. The event involves the subcutaneous introduction to the problem areas of special preparations. Drugs provide a reduction in fat deposits, increase the tone of tissues, strengthen muscles at the cellular level. The procedure effectively eliminates age-related changes of the dermis: wrinkles, fleas, flabbiness, sagging of the cheeks.
  5. Mesothreads The finest threads are injected subcutaneously. They create a special frame that fixes muscles and skin well. According to reviews, the procedure is very effective. A positive result from the procedure is maintained for two years.
  6. Contour plastic. Sagging cheeks are reinforced with gel-like preparations – fillers (most often of hyaluronic acid). Medicines injected into the deep layers of the epidermis. This procedure allows you to rejuvenate the skin, eliminate wrinkles and tighten the facial contours.

To radical methods of eliminating bryley, plastic surgery, is resorted to only in extreme cases. Surgical intervention provides a stable and more noticeable result than home or salon procedures. But the operation always remains a traumatic event, and does not exclude the risk of postoperative complications.

Therefore, plastic tightening of the cheeks is recommended only if there are strong age-related changes that are not amenable to correction by conservative methods.

In facial surgery, several methods of skin tightening are used.

  • MACS facelift. A common type of surgery, during which the facial and superficial muscular tissues are tightened. This intervention provides a pronounced skin rejuvenation effect.
  • Endoscopic lifting. Minimally invasive procedure is used only with minor age-related changes. The operation involves minimal incisions in the skin, through which the toolkit is inserted and a small camera that displays the image on the monitor. Soft tissues are carefully separated from the bones and raised. This skin tightening makes it possible to restore exactly the shape of the face that was inherent in the patient in his youth.
  • Liposuction Adipose tissue is removed through small punctures behind the ears or near the base of the nose. Suction of deposits in the area of ​​the cheeks is performed with a vacuum apparatus.
  • Neck lift This operation is recommended for patients who, in addition to bryley, have a second chin.

To tighten the skin, rejuvenate it, be sure to do morning exercises for the face against bryl, regularly massage, strengthen the skin with masks, if possible, take a course of salon procedures. Your perseverance will pay off with interest!

Constant care about appearance will relieve from aesthetic “bulldog cheeks” and will allow to prolong youth.

“I don’t have bryle thanks to massages” – women’s feedback on the fight against sagging cheeks

I’m 36. Also, the bugs began to appear. I was horrified, because the age immediately attached.

I started to do exercises: to inflate the cheeks and roll the air, to muscle pain, this is not for long, because these muscles are not particularly involved. In just a couple of weeks, obvious improvements were noticeable.

Now there is nothing, although I am very picky about myself. To do every day.

Try it!

Hello. I would advise you to make a tightening with mesoliths. I tried it myself a few months ago.

I’m 32 years old now. This is a completely painless procedure and in general does not bring any discomfort.

I had a drop in my cheekbones and my chin began to hang, the shape of my face had changed a lot. All this is due to the fact that I am very thin. There was some kind of malfunction in the body, and the weight began to leave quickly.

Since I did not want to recruit, I decided to make a tightening with threads. The effect struck me, because all my “flabbiness” tightened, there was no trace of wrinkles, the skin became smooth and renewed. The procedure itself does not last long.

Of course, it all depends on the number of injected threads and areas for suspenders, but for example, I did everything in less than an hour.

I am almost 35. Gymnastics for the face helps from bryley, but I have been practicing it regularly since I was 28 years old.

Gymnastics works only if it is a regular exercise, like going to the gym, for example, it helps not to sag your pope, to appear at the waist and give a beautiful shape to your hands.

I am 48. Bryley is not, and with an oval, everything is OK for my age. I consider it a merit only massages.

Regular and professional.

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