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How to remove the capillaries on the face: treatment in the clinic and at home

Vascular mesh is a clear aesthetic flaw for the skin of the face, which can occur at any age. Kuperoz is characterized by persistent dilation of capillaries, as a result of which they cease to function properly and remain a dead weight under the skin. By itself, this flaw does not pose a serious health hazard, but it must be treated.

How to remove the capillaries on the face, you should think about the early stage of their appearance.

This defect should not be frightened, because to get rid of it in most cases is not particularly difficult. The main thing – to find out the cause of its appearance on the skin and prevent re-occurrence.

Small vessels on the skin can expand as a result of external factors, and for many internal reasons. Here is a list of the top ten.

  1. Temperature or pressure drops. Severe overcooling or overheating creates a greater load on the vessels, which can lead to their rupture. The same applies to pressure drops when the capillary walls do not withstand such surges and burst.
  2. Sunburn under the sun and in a sunbed. Frequent exposure to ultraviolet radiation on the body adversely affects the state of the subcutaneous vessels, they wear out more quickly and become thinner, and a capillary mesh appears.
  3. Bad habits . This is one of the most frequent reasons why the capillaries on the face burst. Alcoholic beverages and smoking adversely affect the entire body. Over time, their influence becomes especially noticeable on the skin of the face. Alcohol is a common cause of high blood pressure. And nitric oxide released during smoking leads to the expansion of blood vessels, because of which the skin is gradually covered with redness and burst blood vessels.
  4. Improper nutrition. Spicy, pickled, salted foods, various food additives and the constant use of spices are causing loss of elasticity and fragility of blood vessels. This can also be attributed to excess weight, because of which a person suffers from high blood pressure, and it provokes the appearance of a vascular network and hypertension.
  5. Genetic predisposition. The tendency to the couperose mesh on the skin is often inherited. Inherited low level of elasticity of the vascular wall.
  6. Hormonal changes. Pregnancy, recovery after childbirth, lactation and menopause entail a hormonal alteration of the body and can provoke an imbalance in the vascular system.
  7. Frequent stress and depression. Emotional drops, frequent breakdowns and depressed state contribute to an increase in blood pressure, which sooner or later may affect the face in the form of dilated vessels.
  8. Salon procedures. Frequent sessions with a beautician reduce the elasticity of the capillaries and thin the vascular walls, which eventually leads to rosacea.
  9. Great physical exertion. Working for wear, illiterate exercise or a sharp load can be the reason why the capillaries on the face have burst. In this case, the manifestation of the grid is typical for people with weak vessels or thin skin.
  10. Bad ecology . Smoked air, dust, dirt and other environmental factors badly affect the state of our vessels and lead to various diseases.

What to do if burst vessels on the face? Before choosing a method of treatment, you must first determine the cause and degree of development of the vascular network on the skin of the face. If the vessels are barely visible or are located on a small area of ​​the skin, then it is quite possible to do with home treatment.

But, despite the small size of the capillaries, their removal can be quite time-consuming and will take a lot of daily time.

Home treatment involves a complex of various activities. Which ones depends on the reason for which the defect appeared.

But definitely need to adjust your lifestyle, nutrition, get rid of bad habits, to do daily procedures with the use of cosmetics and natural products.

Professional methods include several options for removing capillaries on the face. Suitable fit depending on the degree of development of the couperose mesh.

Modern cosmetology offers three types of such “operations”.

  1. Removal by laser. This is a safe way by which you can completely remove the vascular mesh on the skin of the face. The laser beam is configured in such a way that its effect occurs only on the burst capillaries, while it does not violate the integrity of the surrounding tissues. The procedure is considered painless, but there is a slight burning and tingling in the process. If necessary, re-done in a few weeks. Due to its simplicity and efficiency, laser removal has deserved a large number of positive reviews.
  2. Photorejuvenation (IPL). The cosmetologist acts on the problem areas of the skin with a beam of light of a certain length of radiation, which makes it possible to safely remove the capillary network without affecting healthy cells. The vessel is soldered and disappears from the surface of the skin. This method is used to remove large mesh and blue vessels.
  3. Ozone therapy. Using a special thin needle, a mixture of ozone and oxygen is injected under the skin. This procedure helps to strengthen the vessels of the face, making them more elastic and elastic. As a rule, this procedure is prescribed for complex treatment in order to get rid of redness and improve the skin of the face.

Professional procedures are effective and the effect becomes noticeable after the first time. Do not be afraid that after removing the red capillaries, the skin on the face will be left without power, because the tissues are restored and new cells replace the dead cells.

But after visiting the beautician, it is still worth thinking about the reason for the appearance of the vascular grid. Knowing the source of the problem, it will be much easier to prevent such defects in the future.

How to remove the capillaries on the face at home? Home treatment involves not only comprehensive skin care, but also changes in lifestyle.

And they begin with proper nutrition and rejection of bad habits.

Vitamins PP, C and K, as well as omega-3 polyunsaturated fatty acid have the best effect on blood vessels. They strengthen the walls of blood vessels, make them elastic and elastic, which has a positive effect on the nutrition of the skin as a whole.

Choose foods that contain these vitamins in high concentrations so that large portions are not needed. Below is a table with an approximate list of products containing these vitamins in the greatest quantity.

Table – List of foods for the treatment and prevention of rosacea

Useful materialProducts
Vitamin C– Dog-rose fruit;
– Bulgarian pepper;
– black currant;
– sea buckthorn and rowan;
– parsley and dill,
– Kiwi;
– broccoli, cauliflower and brussels sprouts
Vitamin PP– Boletus edulis, orange-cap boletus, boletus, and honey agaric;
– sunflower seeds;
– peanuts;
– tuna;
– wheat bran;
– pistachios;
– soybean;
– hen
Vitamin K– Soybean oil;
– olive oil;
– spinach;
– white cabbage and broccoli;
– parsley;
– asparagus;
– Tomatoes;
– green and black tea;
– green pea
Omega-3– Fish fat;
– wheat germ;
– Linseed and olive oils;
– walnuts;
– soybean;
– chia seeds;
– egg yolk

The elasticity of the blood vessels is also greatly influenced by the amount of pure water you drink per day. Without it, the capillaries wear out quickly, become more fragile and become visible on the face.

Several simple actions will help you to get rid of the burst blood vessels on the skin, to restore a beautiful and clean complexion.

  • Cold and hot shower . It improves blood circulation, strengthens the walls of blood vessels, increases immunity and general stress resistance. Every few days you should lower the water temperature by one degree. You need to finish with cold water, and after a shower you must rub the skin with a towel of medium hardness.
  • Cosmetics . Do not forget to moisturize and nourish your skin with appropriate vitamin creams daily. You can use special creams for capillaries on the face, they are sold a lot in pharmacies. This tool is applied only to the problem area of ​​the skin and is used once or twice a day.

To prevent further growth of the vascular grid, you need to remember some contraindications. If you notice small vessels on the face, then you should immediately abandon the use of facial scrubs.

It is undesirable to carry out salon cleaning of pores, and with a strong need it is better to do it yourself at home and only on a small area of ​​skin. It is also necessary to exclude the conduct of chemical peels and similar procedures.

Try to use a soft nap towel.

It is not recommended to take steam baths, visit the bath or sauna. Exposure to such high temperatures increases the pressure in the capillaries.

You shouldn’t stay under the scorching sun for a long time without using a special cream or a hat with wide brim, and it is also better to postpone a visit to the solarium for a while.

Be attentive to sports training and physical work. With increased or abrupt loads, small vessels can burst from tension, and appear on the skin in the form of a couperose mesh.

How to remove the burst capillary on the face with the help of gymnastics? In most cases, the exercises will not help you get rid of the existing vascular “stars”, but they can strengthen healthy vessels and prevent the reappearance of rosacea.

This small warm-up will be enough to improve blood circulation and improve the tone of the skin capillaries.

  1. Retract your cheeks to a comfortable voltage. Hold for five seconds.
  2. Now gently inflate the cheeks. Hold for five seconds.
  3. Alternate inhaling and bloating. The transition should be calm, not abrupt. Repeat ten times.
  1. Type more air in one cheek.
  2. Smoothly move it from one cheek to another.
  3. Repeat ten times in both directions.
  1. Smile broadly, the tips of the lips and cheeks should “reach” up.
  2. Now maximize the corners of the lips.
  3. Repeat ten times.

Before using any folk remedy, be sure to check the reaction of the skin. Apply a little bit of money on the inner fold of the elbow, wait about an hour.

If the skin has redness, itching or burning – it means that this mixture does not suit you.

Especially effective, according to reviews, are mixtures with Ascorutin. This is a vitamin preparation that contains vitamin C and rutin (vitamin P) in proper proportions. As part of the mask, these vitamins will act directly on the skin vessels of the face.

This is the most effective and easiest way to help remove a burst vessel on the face and strengthen healthy capillaries.

  1. You need half a cup of green tea, strong.
  2. Pound tolkushkoy and add two tablets “Ascorutin.”
  3. Add a teaspoon of white clay.
  4. Pour in a teaspoon of milk.
  5. Apply an even layer on the skin and leave for 15-20 minutes.
  6. Wash with warm water or herbal infusion.
  7. Apply to the skin moisturizer.

  1. Combine a tablespoon of chopped oatmeal and a tablespoon of pharmaceutical chamomile.
  2. Add half a teaspoon of olive (can be and sunflower) oil.
  3. Apply the mixture to the skin of the face and leave for 20-30 minutes.
  4. Remove the mixture with a cotton pad moistened with water or herbal decoction.
  1. Add a teaspoon of heavy cream to a teaspoon of cucumber juice or pulp.
  2. Combine the resulting mixture with egg yolk.
  3. Apply to face and leave for 20-30 minutes.
  4. Wash your face
  5. Apply a nourishing cream.

It is not enough just to remove the dilated capillaries. The reason that caused them may provoke a reappearance.

To avoid this, a number of preventive actions should be observed at home and on the street.

  • Strengthen the walls of blood vessels. This is the first thing to do to keep the circulatory system healthy. Exercise and exercise, eat fruits and vegetables rich in vitamins, take a douche and try not to give in to stress.
  • Protect your skin. In winter, you can not apply to the skin moisturizer before going out, the best nourishing oily nourishing cream. In the summer, use creams that include UV filters.
  • Temper the skin. Rubbing the face with ice cubes is excellent for strengthening the vessels. But they can only be used on healthy skin, where there is no rosacea.

The sooner you begin treatment for rosacea, the more successful it will be. The best effect is the combination of professional and home therapy. However, in a purely domestic environment, it is really possible to get rid of capillaries on the face.

But only if you approach the treatment methodically and patiently.

We discussed with the beautician what vessels I want to remove. (On the cheek and the back of the nose) Then my face was smeared with a cooling gel. Put special glasses on my eyes.

And they started to “seal” the vessels with a laser. Laser outbreaks are not very pleasant, it is quite tolerable.

After the flashes of the laser, it is felt that the skin inside is slightly burning. In between flashes applied cold.

After the procedure, her cheek reddened strongly, but not for long. Redness passed 30-50 minutes after the session. Also, the nose bridge is slightly swollen.

The swelling went away after a couple of hours.

After the session you can not drink alcohol, go to the sauna and play sports for only 1 day. Healing: you need to smear your face with a healing cream. The cost is 2 times more expensive than if you clean the vessels with electricity.

But there is a result. I am happy with the result.

But on the bridge of the nose instead of vascular stars – now just 1 red dot. In any case, you will need another session.

Evil Panda, //irecommend.ru/content/moi-opyt-izbavleniya-ot-sosudistykh-zvezdochek-sravnenie-s-drugimi-metodami-udaleniya-sosudo

I cannot say that I am satisfied with the result by 100% and I advise immediately to “run” and do an IPL, but there are still improvements. The most problematic area for me, the right back of the nose, was a little better after 3 procedures, but I still hoped for a more noticeable result.

The fight against couperosis requires an integrated approach, and to begin with, it would not hurt to pay a visit to at least two specialists: an endocrinologist and a gynecologist – they will help determine the cause of the appearance of rosacea.

And do not forget that the state of the blood vessels depends on blood pressure, which in turn is associated with the psycho-emotional background. Frequent depression and stress will only exacerbate couperosis.

And why, take care of your nerves, and more often meditate, relax, move and just breathe the fresh air.

Cleaned the vessels with a laser and phototherapy. There were blisters on the chin of the laser. But this doctor was so “handy”. With the help of flash units it became better on the cheeks (6 procedures), vessels did not leave on the wings of the nose.

Some left, but soon reappeared. There were bruises and flaking … In the fall, you will need to look for a clinic (doctor!). I think the laser is the most effective way.

Sunscreen cream 50 I was told to use year-round.

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