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How to remove facial wrinkles: around the eyes, on the forehead, at the mouth at home and in a beauty salon

How to remove facial wrinkles around the eyes? Is it possible to get rid of deep wrinkles on the forehead? How to be with a fine grid of wrinkles around the lips?

The effectiveness of modern cosmetology techniques: plastic surgery, injection, non-invasive techniques. The possibility of correction at home.

Mimic wrinkles are not a sign of aging, as is commonly believed. Folds on the skin can occur at any age, even in young.

Their cause is individual anatomy, habitual mimicry, emotionality. It is said that the way of life and character of a person can be recognized by the appearance and location of these folds.

His emotions leave marks on his face!

Mimic muscles govern the expression of our face. They differ from muscle tissue in other parts of the body.

If the vast majority of muscles are attached at both ends to the bones or tendons, the mimic ones are fixed in the skin tissues, intertwined with end fibers in the surface epithelium.

Muscles move in response to emotions. Laughter makes us squint eyes, and surprise – sharply raise his eyebrows.

At these moments, the muscle fibers contract, as a result of which the skin “twitches” after the muscle, and a fold is formed on the skin.

At a young age, such movements have no visible consequences. The skin is easily straightened, as in the tissues of the high content of structural proteins.

The process of recovery of collagen and elastin occurs at an amazing speed, thanks to which the epidermis has high turgor, excellent elasticity and plasticity.

But over the years, the synthesis of structural proteins of the skin proceeds more and more slowly. The skin loses its elasticity, but the usual facial expression remains.

As a result, there are creases on the skin, which are becoming deeper, more and more noticeable. This is the main reason for the formation of nasolabial wrinkles, crow’s feet, and longitudinal frontal wrinkles.

The severity of skin folds is different, as is the age at which they first appear. Therefore, cosmetologists tend to believe that the causes of mimic wrinkles are much greater.

  • Typical emotions. By the age of forty, they say, the face bears the imprint of all characteristic emotions. Life optimism creates goose folds and small wrinkles in the corners of the lips. And anger, nasuplennost – pronounced vertical grooves on the inside of the eyebrows. Therefore, one of the effective measures to prevent the formation of skin wrinkles is to control one’s own emotions. Although it is practically impossible to put it into practice.
  • Personal care . For women who are accustomed to give their appearance for ten to fifteen minutes in the morning and evening, the formation of wrinkles occurs more slowly than those who do not take care of themselves. The reason for this – different possibilities of the skin. Well-hydrated skin has a good reserve of collagen and elastin, while depleted is not able to update its own structure. In the absence of regular care, aging is more intense.

Usually the question of how to get rid of mimic wrinkles around the eyes or mouth, occurs at the age of thirty years. By forty, “emotional” skin folds are clearly shaped by almost every woman.

Cosmetology offers several techniques that allow you to effectively deal with facial wrinkles on the face. One of the first was plastic surgery, which today in aesthetic medicine does not apply for the correction of small age-related changes.

The only situation when resorting to plastic surgery is a justified decision is anatomical overhang of the forehead. With such an individual feature, longitudinal deep wrinkles on the forehead are already formed during adolescence. And the face has an inhospitable, frowning expression.

During the operation, the frontal muscle is truncated, which allows you to “open” the face, “open” the eyes and eliminate skin folds.

The most popular technique to combat mimic wrinkles is botulinum therapy. In Russia, it began to be applied in the late nineties, in Europe – ten years later.

To date, it is recognized as a relatively safe, effective technique that allows you to quickly get rid of facial wrinkles and save the result from three to six months.

  • quickly – injections are performed from five minutes to half an hour;
  • relatively painless – the patient feels the injections with a thin needle or does not feel anything at all during superficial anesthesia;
  • it is common – this service can be used not only in a large clinic in the metropolis, but also in cosmetology offices in small towns;
  • minimum of contraindications – these include pregnancy and lactation, neurological disorders, injuries of the facial area in the last 3-5 years.

For subcutaneous injections use “Dysport”, “Botox”, “Xeomin”. The principle of their operation is the same.

The difference is in the period of activity: only “Botox” is valid for up to six months, while other drugs support the effect for three to four months.

According to reviews of cosmetologists, injections of botulinum toxin are considered the “gold standard” for correcting wrinkles. But it is important to highlight the shortcomings that can occur immediately after the procedure, and in the short term.

  • Physiological changes. Unqualified cosmetologists unknowingly or deliberately do not warn patients that time should pass between the courses of injections. That is, after the first course, you must wait until the activity of the facial muscles is fully restored, and only then resort to repeated injections. If botulinum toxin is injected more often, dystrophic processes develop in the muscles.
  • Disruption of the skin. Frequent use of the technique leads to aesthetic skin problems. With the deterioration of microcirculation in the tissues, which inevitably occurs with periodic injections, the barrier properties of the skin and its tone decrease. The skin thinning, which is visually manifested by the formation of a dense network of wrinkles, dryness of the epidermis.

In addition, it is important to consider the following aspect. All drugs of this type are used in medicine relatively recently. “We can talk about their security at the moment,” commented cosmetologist Olga Fem. “But nobody knows how the drug will behave in the skin in twenty years.”

Such practice simply does not exist. ”

Biorevitalization or injections with hyaluronic acid is a method that is more gentle to the body. It involves the introduction of not a toxin, as with botulinum therapy, and hyaluronic acid, which our body produces itself.

The operating principle of the methods is also different.

With the introduction of “Botox” is the blocking of nerve impulses. Hyaluronic acid fills the spaces in the tissues, saturates them with moisture, because of which wrinkles are literally pushed out from the inside.

The introduction of the drug is carried out in problem areas. The body stabilizes a small amount of a substance that the body perceives as its own, not foreign.

In 2007, American experts confirmed an increase in the intensity of the production of skin’s own collagen after injections of hyaluronic acid and a decrease in the rate of its destruction.

  • point impact – the ability to treat only problem areas with the delivery of the active substance to the dermis;
  • tissue rejuvenation – hyaluronic acid activates the production of collagen, thereby improving the skin tone, appearance of the face;
  • cumulative effect – after the procedure, wrinkles become less noticeable, but after two weeks appear again.

Achieve a lasting result allows the course of procedures, the frequency of which is determined by the doctor.

It would seem that what could be a contraindication for a technique that allows the skin to rejuvenate from the inside, to start the process of “restoration”? If this is not a panacea for old age, what can be considered as it?

But not all cosmetologists share the opinion on the effectiveness of the technique, like other injection techniques.

“In my practice, I never use beauty shots,” says cosmetologist Olga Fem. “And it’s not that scary about the sight of blood or the need for shots.” It does not cause the slightest embarrassment to all people with medical education.

The reason is that the beautician must take care not only of the current effect, but also the condition of the patient in the future.

“Any injections that are injected under the skin make the facial tissues heavier,” continues Olga Fem. – And we all know that we are affected by the forces of gravity, which cause age-related ptosis, that is, the omission of facial tissues with age. It is logical that the heavier the fabric, the more actively they will sag. Therefore, at a particular point in time, injections can indeed bring improvement.

But after five years, with a high probability, the patient’s condition will worsen. ”

The technique that allows you to remove facial wrinkles in the mouth, eyes, on the forehead without pricks, is the most gentle, comfortable and efficient. It was developed by the Meder Beauty Science laboratory, and is based on the superficial application of substances with a muscle relaxant effect on the skin.

In the composition of the drug is used vegetable protein Acetylhexapeptide. It acts like Botox, blocking the transmission of nerve impulses to muscles in contact with the skin. The total duration of the procedure is 45 minutes, the course is held for one month and includes up to five procedures.

The effect lasts from eight months to a year, subject to the implementation of maintenance therapy. During this period, the active component is retained in the tissues and corrects mimic wrinkles, excluding their appearance.

The advantages of non-invasive correction of facial wrinkles:

  • absolute painlessness that allows you to recommend it to people who are afraid of injections;
  • lasting effect up to a year;
  • lack of trauma – the effect of “acne,” as after injection, a pronounced lifting effect;
  • the possibility of application in different areas of the body – in the neck, decollete.

The technique of non-invasive correction formed the basis of the whole complex of drugs that can be used at home. This is a cream with peptides, which contain similar substances in a lower concentration.

Also, chemical peels are considered to be a remedy for mimic wrinkles. But it is important to understand that AHA-based formulations work in the upper or middle layer of the epidermis, exfoliate the horny cover and stimulate skin renewal.

After such procedures, the appearance really improves: the skin relief is leveled, the tone, elasticity increases. However, chemical peelings cannot completely remove mimic wrinkles, rather smooth them out and reduce their severity.

It is also possible to get rid of mimic wrinkles on the forehead at home, to reduce the expression of the crow’s feet. Much depends on the daily care and overall condition of the skin.

But overestimate some technology is not worth it.

It is believed that facial gymnastics is an effective means to combat the traces of active facial expressions. There are whole sets of exercises aimed at normalizing the tone of muscle fibers.

And even face-building coaches who will help and teach the basics of such techniques.

But before turning to gymnastics and pinning hopes on it, think about this. The nature of facial wrinkles lies in the mobility of the underlying muscles and the loss of tone, elasticity of the skin.

Muscle fibers that are in good shape, not only will not keep the skin smooth, on the contrary, they will pull them and create additional muscle folds.

The essence of modern cosmetology techniques for correcting such folds is to block the mobility of a certain muscle group, while gymnastics is always aimed at their “training”. The proven effectiveness of such a technique does not exist, unlike massage.

Saloon technology that can be used at home. Massage improves the blood supply to the tissues, increases the intensity of microcirculation, allows the skin to get more nutrients.

Massages are included in the basic range of anti-aging care technologies, and not by chance. After all, they are aimed at removing the tone of different muscle groups, as a result of which the face is smoothed, wrinkles become less noticeable, and the skin acquires elasticity, attractive color.

At home, you can use a simple and effective technique.

  1. Frontal folds. Place the fingertips in the center of the forehead. Pressing, spread them apart to the temples. Repeat 10 times. Put the fingers of one hand on the temple. Perform a top-down zigzag across the entire plane of the forehead. Repeat 10 times. These movements smooth vertical and horizontal wrinkles.
  2. Nasolabial folds. Place the pads of the middle and index fingers at the base of the nostrils. Vigorously press down 10 times.
  3. “Goose feet.” Perform circular tapping movements along the bone edge of the orbits. Put the fingertips under the lower eyelid, slightly push down.
  4. General massage. Walk through all the massage lines with light tweaks. This improves the blood supply to the tissues, improves the tone of the skin.

Massage only on cleansed skin. It is convenient to do it when applying evening cream, after a shower.

Eliminate any massage techniques if there is inflammation on the face, rashes and acne.

Use a cream with peptides as a solution, how to remove facial wrinkles on the forehead, under the eyes. Cosmetic compositions work effectively in the upper part of the face, but have virtually no effect on the nasolabial folds.

The principle of their work is to block the nerve impulses transmitted to muscle fibers. Therefore, such tools are often called creams with the effect of “Botox”.

But surface coating makes them much safer and more benign.

Recommendations for the use of creams with peptides.

  • Apply locally. These compounds are good for solving problems on specific areas of the face. It makes no sense to spend them on all face. Apply directly to wrinkles around the eyes, on the forehead.
  • Use long. Unlike salon technicians, home remedies do not act as quickly. The effect of regular use is manifested within two to three months.
  • Apply a course. During the year, spend two courses cream with peptides. The effect of each course lasts several months.

There are no masks that would be able to smooth out wrinkles. All compositions, both folk recipes and finished cosmetology, act in a different way. The masks saturate the epidermis with moisture and nutrients, thanks to which small wrinkles resulting from dryness are smoothed out.

Epidermis raises the tone, and the face looks much better than without such care.

Use moisturizing masks based on hyaluronic acid, urea, alginates, which perfectly renew the functions of the skin and improve its tone. From folk recipes, choose compositions based on sour cream, yogurt, protein and yolk, oatmeal and rice flakes with the addition of a few drops of essential oils of grapefruit, chamomile, shea.

Remove facial wrinkles in the mouth, on the forehead, around the eyes with the help of modern cosmetology techniques. There are injection and non-injection methods of correction of skin folds.

With proper home care wrinkles become less pronounced. And the skin does not require serious interventions for a long time, while maintaining an attractive appearance.

Apply at home cream with peptides, moisturizing masks, massage.

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