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How to make cheekbones on the face: exercise, massage and proper makeup

Turned cheekbones are now in fashion. They make a woman’s face more aristocratic and attractive.

And although not everyone is fortunate to have perfect contours from nature, they are quite realistic to “sharpen”. You can achieve the desired result with the help of a plastic under the surgeon’s scalpel or at home, closely taking up yourself.

There are special exercises, how to make the cheekbones on the face, and other ladies transfiguration tricks.

Despite the fact that surgical methods of correction of appearance are in demand, their effectiveness is greatly exaggerated, and the result does not always meet expectations. Doctors themselves advise patients to first try to gain the desired expressiveness of the face more gentle ways.

What is the nature of the cheekbones? This is the paired bone of the skull, which does not allow eyes to shift, and in combination with the muscles of the face is involved in the work of chewing food.

The zygomatic bone has a protruding part, which forms a hollow in the place where a person has cheeks. There may be several reasons for the fact that these depressions are visually absent:

  • heredity;
  • injuries;
  • age changes;
  • reduced muscle tone;
  • excess weight.

Exercises to make the cheekbones on the face expressive and sexy.

Special exercises for cheekbones of the face “hit” at once for several reasons of the formation of puffy cheeks. First, the trained muscle tissue tightens the zygomatic arch and adds expressiveness to it. And secondly, gymnastics helps to burn excess fat and contributes to the formation of a cavity at the bulge.

Unconditional plus of such exercises for cheekbones lies in the fact that they are suitable for girls with any face shape.

How to make the cheekbones with exercise? It is important to observe their order and practice regularly.

The following are the exercises that are required to perform during the daily training of the cheekbones.

  1. To begin with – take a deep breath, and behind it – exhale. Relax.
  2. Slowly inhale, imagining yourself a balloon. Lips with the need to close more tightly. And palms – put on face, pressing cheeks, cheekbones. Pull the fingers to the ears.
  3. Press down on your cheeks with two palms, and at the same time create resistance from the inside.
  4. Mentally count to five. Relax your face.
  5. Do the same thing nine more times.
  1. Go to the mirror, look at your reflection, stretch it: “Ooh, oh.” Feel the tension of the lips, leave them in that position.
  2. Tongue your tongue to your cheek, start making movements in a circle, while creating obstacles, resist. Are you tired?
  3. Relax, rest. And now 19 more times (20 times for both cheeks).
  1. Turn on the imagination and imagine that you have a tennis ball in your mouth. Roll it over the “bridge” of the upper lip, and then back along the “bottom of the river” of the lower lip.
  2. You must circle the “ball”.
  3. Repeat nine more times.
  1. Open your mouth, pull your lips in, pressing them to your teeth.
  2. Then strain your cheeks, cheekbones and lips.
  3. Begin with palms to pull up the face until fatigue appears.
  1. Insert your thumb in the mouth between the teeth and cheek, immediately begin to pull the cheek.
  2. Strain your cheek muscles and cheekbones, actively resist your finger.
  3. Do five repetitions for both cheeks.

How to make cheekbones on the face with makeup? First you need to determine the shape of your face. There are four main types: circle, oval, rectangle and triangle.

They also distinguish square, pear-shaped and rhomboid shapes, but they are less common. Depending on which of the listed geometric shapes resemble your face, choose your own way of applying cosmetics.

  • A circle . Makeup should be soft to smooth lines to narrow the shape of the face, highlight the cheekbones and shade the temples. To do this, the strokes are applied at an angle, forming a line vertical from the ear to the center of the chin.
  • Oval In the case of this form, you just need to make the cheekbones more expressive. To do this, apply strokes horizontally, drawing them from the nose to the temples.
  • Rectangle To make the cheekbones on the face using makeup with this form, it is necessary to shade the sharp edges so that they do not stand out. Thus, an oval is visually formed. To do this, soften, lighten the edges of the forehead and jaw, feathering powder. As for the cheekbones, drawing strokes resembles a triangle: two points under the eye (at the temporal bone and nose bridge) and one – on the hollow of the cheek.
  • Triangle To give the face an oval shape, it is necessary to shade the edges of the forehead from the temples. Lines should be drawn under the slope and aiming towards the center. Cheekbones need to “shift” a little higher, so that a narrow chin stands out less. To do this, put the tone a little darker than the skin color right along the zygomatic bone.

Home cosmetics for cheekbones – is blush. For the protruding part of the cheeks you will need a rouge a couple of tones lighter than your skin tone.

Apply them, starting from the wings of the nose and ending at the temporal part. Then use a darker shade.

It should be used below the first layer, starting from the chin and leading to the temples.

For a crumbly blush, a large brush with a beveled edge is best suited, and in order for the makeup to look natural, the boundaries between shades need to be shaded.

Judging by the information that often contains reviews of girls on the topic, you should not abandon the help of bronzer. Powders (friable, balls, compact), gels and creams with a tanning effect – this is a great invention of the cosmetic industry.

And if earlier they were used only in a professional environment by make-up artists, now they take their place in cosmetic bags and on dressing tables everywhere.

It is important to consider that under the bronzer need a foundation. Otherwise, the tool does not emphasize the cheekbones, and creates the effect of dirty spots.

The result should be fixed with the usual crumbly powder, for which application you will need a large round brush.

Massage as a way to achieve beauty is not a new technique, and it also “works” on the face in the case of cheekbones. There is a professional cosmetic massage.

But you can try to make the procedure yourself, using a terry towel. So here we go.

  • A soft towel of a small size should be slightly moistened with water. It should not drip from the fabric.
  • Now roll the towel roll and pat them on the chin. Carefully, pain should not be.
  • Gradually lifting up, massage the area of ​​cheeks and cheekbones towards the temples with a towel.
  • The final stage is stroking to soothe the skin.
  • After the massage, it is recommended to relax, lie down for a while. Enough even five to eight minutes.

Want to pump up the cheekbones of the face, and the exercises do not have time? There is another “popular” option. As a “simulator” for cheekbones, you can use chewing gum.

This is a way for those who like to sleep until the last, and makeup applies only in special cases.

It is important to observe one rule: chewing gum should be only after a meal. And no longer than 15 minutes.

You should not use chewing gum containing sugar, because the problems from it are much more than good.

What to do impatient women who are not ready for regular home procedures? Only a plastic surgeon will help here. Reduce cheekbones by grinding bony tissue.

The operation is not a penny. As well as complex – implies general anesthesia. Approximately two weeks after the procedure, swelling and hematomas are kept, the face hurts.

It takes time to recover, so the result is estimated only six months later.

If the patient only wants to give shape to her cheeks, cheekbones and there is no need to make them drastically smaller, then there is an option to implant implants or transplant fatty tissues from the buttocks to the face.

Obviously, there are a lot of risks associated with plasticity of the cheekbones. The doctor cannot guarantee the result by 100%. And who knows how to change the face of the patient after surgery.

In addition, there are contraindications to plastic.

If we talk about how important the cheeks are in the overall picture of a beautiful face, it is worth mentioning the top three famous women, recognized beauties with perfect cheekbones. Moreover, it is the cheekbones that make their appearance bright and unusual.

These women are jealous and eager to imitate.

  1. Olivia Wilde. The actress, whose beauty and sexuality is recognized by the rating of Maxim magazine.
  2. Adriana Lima. Beauty, in which mixed a variety of blood – African and Brazilian, French and Portuguese, Caribbean. The girl represents the brand Victoria’s Secret, is in the TOP-10 sexual “angels” of this brand.
  3. Kerry Washington. Bright, stylish and … “age”. In appearance, one cannot say that a beauty is 40 years old. Her cheekbones out of competition.

How to make cheekbones on the face at home? This does not require expensive procedures or cosmetics, but you need patience and time.

They say that in 21 days a new habit is developed. Try it, and in three weeks face care will become as natural a process as morning coffee.

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