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How to get rid of black spots at home, in a beauty salon and measures for the prevention of comedones

What is beauty? Big eyes, neat nose or full lips? Beauty is, above all, clean and healthy skin.

The most ideal features of the face completely lose their appeal against the background of the problematic epidermis. Especially spoil the look open comedos. How to get rid of black dots, and is it possible to do it without the help of a beautician?

Overview of home and professional procedures.

The human skin is covered with small pores that perform primarily a protective function. It is through them that sebum enters the surface of the skin, preventing the tissues from drying out and the penetration of infections.

But if you do not properly care for your skin, the pores are clogged with keratinized particles, dust, makeup residues and the same sebum. As a result, open comedones are formed, which are often called black dots in everyday life.

To effectively deal with the problem, you need to determine the causes of black spots on the face. Experts identify ten main points.

  1. Problems with hormones. During puberty, during pregnancy, before menstruation, with the onset of menopause hormonal surges are noted. This provokes the appearance of blackheads, blackheads.
  2. Heredity. If your parents or other relatives have a tendency to expand the pores and excessive activity of the glands, it is possible that you will be affected by a similar problem.
  3. Unfair cleansing. Often the washing process is only symbolic. This leads to the fact that dust and makeup remain on the face. Every day, these dirt particles only accumulate, clogging the pores.
  4. Too hard cleaning. If you are obsessed with cleanliness and constantly rub your face with soap, tonics, alcohol and other cleansing agents, you leave your skin unprotected against bacteria. To restore the barrier, the glands begin to secrete even more fat that accumulates in the pores.
  5. Abuse of scrubs and peels. Means with coarse particles and aggressive composition also deprive the skin of the protective layer. Using them too often will make the problem worse.
  6. Wrong selection of cosmetics. If the care products are too rich and do not match your skin type, they will clog the pores. If acne and black spots appear on the shoulders and back, pay attention to the cosmetics with which you treat your hair and body.
  7. Bad habits . Tobacco smoke not only makes the complexion gray and painful, but also contributes to the development of inflammatory processes.
  8. Constant stress. Nervous disorders affect the work of all body systems. The skin is no exception.
  9. Improper nutrition. Abuse of harmful products leads to digestive problems, which immediately affect the skin. In addition, tissues receive less vitamins and minerals that must come from food.
  10. Bad ecology . Residents of industrial regions most often suffer from black spots and inflammation of the skin.

Black dots on the nose, chin and other skin areas do not add attractiveness. But this is a solvable problem.

There are plenty of options for salvation from black spots both at home and in the office of a beautician.

If the pores are heavily clogged, the problem must be solved radically. For example, you can extrude black dots on the face.

Frankly, mechanical cleaning is best done in the cabin. But if you decide to take a chance and do it yourself, strictly follow the procedure procedure algorithm.

  • Mash the skin. To do this, bend over a container with hot water and cover yourself with a towel. The steam should work on the face for about ten minutes. Do not bend too low so as not to earn a burn.
  • Wipe your face. Use a clean towel or napkin to blot the skin to remove the droplets formed during steaming.
  • Wash your hands. Use antibacterial soap. Additionally, brush the brush with alcohol.
  • Ensure sterility. To do this, wet the bandage or gauze in salicylic alcohol and slightly squeeze. Wrap the tips of your index fingers.
  • Remove contamination. Press down with your index fingers on the skin. Given that the pores are opened after steaming, the plugs should come out quickly enough.
  • Wipe with alcohol. This will protect the skin from infection.
  • The final stage. Wash and treat face binder tonic.

If you are looking for a way to get rid of black spots at home, numerous popular recipes will come to the rescue. Here are the most effective means.

  • Lemon juice . After evening washing, wipe problem areas with a cotton swab or gauze pad dipped in lemon juice. When the skin is dry, go to bed, and in the morning wash and apply a light cream. The procedure should be done several times a week, based on the degree of contamination of the pores.
  • Baking soda . This is a proven exfoliant. Simply put, a means of dissolving the top keratinous layer of the skin. The face needs to be steamed, then apply a slurry of soda and water. This should be done with massage movements for two to three minutes. After washing, apply the cream.
  • Salt and coffee. Mix a teaspoon of fresh coffee grounds with half a teaspoon of fine table salt or sea salt. To link the components together, add a little sour cream or oatmeal. Pre-raspariv face, process obtained scrub problem areas. After a two-minute procedure, wash well.
  • Salt and soap. Foil your face. Moisten a cotton pad in hot water and rub it well with baby soap. Place a pinch of fine salt on top and gently treat problem areas. It will take two or three minutes, after which you need to leave the skin alone for five minutes. Wash off the soap and salt with warm water, wipe your face dry. Apply aloe juice on the treated areas.
  • White clay . From this natural sorbent an effective mask is obtained against black dots. It is enough to dissolve the powder with water to the state of sour cream, apply on cleansed face and leave until completely dry. Remove the mask better wet cotton pad. Given that the clay dries the skin, at the end of the procedure, apply a nourishing cream.
  • Honey and aspirin. Acetylsalicylic acid perfectly cleans the epidermis, and honey provides additional antiseptic action and nourishes the tissues. Take a couple of aspirin tablets, put some water on them. When the tablets disintegrate into granules, you need to add a teaspoon of honey and mix. Apply the mask to cleansed and steamed skin, lightly massaging the problem areas. After 10-15 minutes wash.
  • Kefir. Heat a low-fat sour-milk drink to 60 ° C and apply on face for a quarter of an hour. Kefir acts on the principle of peeling, removing the top of the cornified layer.
  • Activated carbon . Grind seven to ten tablets in a coffee grinder or crush with a rolling pin. Mix with water or milk to make a thick gruel, massage onto face and leave for ten minutes. With the help of activated carbon, you can literally “pull” pollution from the pores, because it is a powerful sorbent.

If black spots and blackheads are haunting you, it is important to find the right cosmetics. Carefully read the composition.

It must contain some active ingredients.

  • Salicylic acid . Gently cleanses the pores and removes dead cells. Suitable even for sensitive skin.
  • Benzoyl peroxide. Dissolves sebum accumulated in the pores.
  • Glycolic acid. Effectively removes the upper cornified layer, preventing clogging of pores.

To remove the “ingrown” black dots on the face, you will probably have to go to the salon anyway. In the arsenal of a beautician there are several techniques that provide high-quality care and solve skin problems.

Here are the most effective procedures.

  • Darsonvalization. With the help of glass electrodes, electrical currents are generated, under the action of which segmental transformations occur in the skin. Cauterization of problem areas leads to the death of pathogens. The procedure also contributes to the normalization of the glands and the acceleration of skin regeneration.
  • Ultrasonic peeling. Specialist treats the skin with a special ultrasound machine. During the procedure, the pores open, and the contaminants go outside. In this case, there is no pain. There is only a pleasant vibration.
  • Disincrustation. The skin is treated with sodium bicarbonate solution or special professional means, after which exposure to galvanic currents begins. Alkaline acids, penetrating into the deeper layers of the skin, enter into certain chemical reactions and form soaps. They bring pollution to the surface.
  • Ultrafonoforez. The procedure involves the use of cosmetic preparations under the action of ultrasound. The tissues are heated and loosened, which allows to clean the pores and facilitate the access of nutrients deep under the skin.

Removing the black dots on the face is a difficult and, at times, very expensive task. It is much easier to find a competent system for self-care and strictly adhere to it.

There are seven key rules that will help avoid skin problems.

  1. Wash twice a day. This should be done in the morning and evening. It is necessary to use sparing means that do not damage the protective barrier of the skin. Well, if the composition will be present zinc lactate, which normalizes the glands.
  2. Use lotions without alcohol. Oily skin responds well to products based on an extract of aloe, juniper, chamomile, and other plants with antibacterial properties.
  3. Perform an audit in a beautician. It should not be funds that do not match your skin type. Replace dense tonal resources with light BB-creams. “Bibiki” created specifically to eliminate skin defects. Also check the expiration dates of your cosmetics.
  4. Remove makeup completely. It is necessary to wash carefully after facial treatment with makeup removers.
  5. Provide mechanical cleaning. Once or twice a week, use a gentle scrub that will remove dead skin cells.
  6. Eat right. Give preference to herbal products (fruits, vegetables, greens). Drink more water.
  7. Visit a beautician. The specialist will help you choose the right care and assign effective procedures.

These simple measures, how to get rid of black spots on the face at home, allow us to solve the accompanying skin problems. With the right approach, the dermis will not only be clean, but also soft, velvety.

If you are doing everything right, and the black dots do not disappear, you should contact the gynecologist and endocrinologist. Perhaps the problem is deeply medical, not cosmetic or hygienic.

In this case, only the right treatment will help solve the problem forever.

Take a spoonful of baker’s yeast, preferably fresh, but you can also dry it, a spoonful of ground oatmeal in a coffee grinder, pour it with a spoon or two kefir or milk, mix it up; The result is amazing!

Try it – this is the only thing that helps me, although cleaning a good cosmetologist is also advisable to do sometimes.

I make a mask of grated apple. Keep at least 30-40 min.

A course of 10 masks daily, and then every other day. In the apple are natural ANA-acids that clean the pores.

And if you make a mask of honey and a drop of lemon juice before the apple for 20 minutes, then also bleach a little skin and “open” the pores on the face well.

I make myself a mask of 2 tablespoons of yeast, 1 spoon of soda and lemon juice. All mix until creamy mass, hold for 20 minutes.

True, such a mask is not suitable for everyone, it is very aggressive, but it cleans perfectly!

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