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How to apply the cream around the eyes: technique, scheme, tips

It would seem that it may be easier to apply the cream? Holding a cherished tube in our hands, we expect real miracles. But for some reason, wrinkles do not disappear anywhere, and dark circles become even more noticeable.

It seems to be expensive and the composition is almost perfect, but there is no effect. It turns out that it is important not only to choose a high-quality cream, but also to know all the subtleties of its use.

How to apply the cream around the eyes, and what mistakes should be avoided?

Surely, many have heard that young girls can not apply anti-wrinkle cream around the eyes. Grandmothers scare their granddaughters with the fact that the use of such products can cause premature aging.

It is believed that the longer the skin will not be exposed to external influences, the longer it will remain young and elastic. But, as practice shows, early wrinkles, unattractive bags and bruises appear precisely from a lack of care.

Not only is the skin on the eyelids very vulnerable, it has a huge load associated with the protection of the visual apparatus. Eyelids react to the slightest irritation, squinting against the sun or wind. If a mote enters the eye, we frantically begin to rub it, injuring and stretching the skin.

It remains only to add daily application and removal of cosmetics, in order to understand how quickly the signs of aging appear, if you do not apply the cream to the skin around the eyes.

Shelves of cosmetic stores are full of dozens of attractive tubes, and commercials are so tempting to talk about the benefits of eye creams. But you can not choose caring cosmetics, guided by the visual impression or the popularity of the brand.

You must clearly know what kind of remedy your eyelids need. Here are the main criteria for choosing a cream under the eyes.

  • If you are under 25 years old. At a young age, girls usually spend a lot of time at the computer, reading books and writing notes, which leads to puffiness and redness. In this case, cooling gels are recommended. If the composition will be present aloe extract and UV filters, you can get rid of dark circles.
  • If there are bad habits. And also, if you live in a region with a bad environment. These factors contribute to the early appearance of wrinkles. In this case, the recommended cream with antioxidants. Best of all with the function of removing toxins and moisturizing the skin cope vitamins E, C, K.
  • If you are over 30 years old. At this age, hormonal aging begins, accompanied by a loss of elasticity and the formation of fat in the eye area. Your skin needs a shock dose of substances that increase turgor. (That is, increasing the tone and ability of the skin to resist external influences). These are collagen, elastin, hyaluronic acid, argireline, resveratrol. But caffeine-based products are best avoided, as it dehydrates the skin.
  • If you have problem or sensitive skin. It is worth paying attention to creams based on seaweed. Laminaria, for example, is rich in minerals, vitamins and other elements that mature epidermis needs.
  • If you have dry skin. Choose products with essential oils in the composition. The barberry and lemon have proven themselves well.

There is a mass of subtleties that allow the skin around the eyes to be maintained in a normal functional state. It is not enough just to apply the cream to the skin.

It is important to comply with the technology recommended by cosmetologists.

Applying the cream to the skin around the eyes implies careful movements. It is important not only to saturate the tissues with nutrients, but also to preserve their structure.

We list four main stages of proper skin care around the eyes.

  1. Pre-clean the skin. Be sure to remove makeup, and then additionally wash with warm water.
  2. Dot on the skin cream. Gently touch the area around the eyes, feeling for the orbital bone. Spread small drops of liquid along its contour.
  3. Inject movements spreading means. This should be done in the direction from the bone to the eyelid. It is necessary to tap on the skin with an unnamed finger, which, due to weak training, cannot injure delicate tissues.
  4. Wait until fully absorbed. If the eyelids still feel moisture or slight stickiness, patiently continue the manipulations. You can not increase the intensity of movements.

There is a definite scheme for how to apply eye cream. Clearly following it, you can avoid many troubles.

This should be done as follows.

  • How to start . Spread the product over the skin, starting from the temporal bone.
  • Where to go. Slowly walk along the lower eyelid, tearing off a fingertip every 2-3 mm.
  • End point After reaching the nose, move to the line of the eyebrows, continuing the movement of the fingers in the direction of the outer corner (starting point).

The scheme of applying the cream around the eyes – this is not all that you need to know about daily care. So, there are some features of the morning and evening manipulations.

Applying the cream in the morning, you need to wait about a quarter of an hour before you do makeup. If you are impatient, decorative cosmetics will fall unevenly, roll or spread. As a result, you will have to wash and repeat the application of cream and makeup again.

And this is not the best impact on the condition of the skin. Plus, you lose time.

If you do not know how to properly apply the cream around the eyes, the scheme is unknown or ignored, there is a risk of causing serious damage to your appearance. Self-care is not the best field for experimentation.

That is why it is always better to learn from the mistakes of others. Here is a list of the six most common.

  1. Insufficient skin cleansing. If you have not completely removed the impurities from the surface of the eyelids, even the most expensive and rich cream will not do any good. Moreover, it can cause allergic reactions and irritations.
  2. Too much cream. A lot does not mean good. By applying a dense layer of means to the eyelids, you will not enhance the nutrition of the skin, but will only block the access of oxygen to the cells.
  3. An insufficient amount . Save also not worth it. By applying a small amount of money, you just waste it.
  4. Ignoring the recommended scheme. If you work on the skin not in the massage lines, but in random order, there is a risk of stretching the tissue.
  5. Too intense exposure. Trying to accelerate the absorption, it is not necessary to rub the skin with force or to knock hard on it. This will only lead to the formation of wrinkles and dark circles.
  6. Application means for ever. Most likely, the excess will fall on the mucous membrane, which will lead to swelling and irritation.

There is a mass of subtleties, how to smear the cream around the eyes. The scheme is not as complicated as it may seem. Self-care does not stand in a hurry.

If suddenly you want to quickly rub the tool into the skin, always remember the consequences to which it can lead.

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