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How to apply foundation to face: the choice of tools and step-by-step technique

The foundation is the main component of any makeup. Its main functions are masking flaws and leveling the complexion.

Correctly selected and applied foundation will emphasize the advantages and hide the flaws, thus making the woman more confident and beautiful. How to apply foundation to face to achieve such a result?

Long before the advent of modern “tonalok” women used various means to give the face a beautiful, even color and tone. And that only in the course did not go!

For example, in medieval Europe, young ladies used a whitening powder, which included … arsenic. But the predecessor of foundation is powder, the first types of which were used in ancient Rome, Egypt and Greece.

Before you figure out how to paint the face foundation, you need to choose it. And this is not an easy task.

When choosing a tonal basis, it is necessary to take into account such factors as the type and color of the skin, the structure of the cream, and the season.

How to choose the right foundation for the face? First you need to have an idea of ​​its types.

Why is it important? The fact is that some products act gently and only level the tone, creating a velvet effect.

They are suitable for daily care for normal skin. And others – on the contrary, have a thick, rich texture.

Such options are good if you need to disguise freckles or so that acne is not visible. The table below describes the main types of tonal resources, their pros and cons.

Table – Advantages and disadvantages of the main types of tonal bases

Type of foundationBenefitsdisadvantagesFor which skin is suitable
Day– Contains a minimum of pigmenting substances;
– aligns tone;
– looks natural
– Does not hide defectsNormal
Thick– Masks defects;
– nourishes;
– moisturizes
– Poor, uneven lay on the skin;
– may slip;
– if you do not have the skills to apply, it looks unnatural
Mousse– Light texture;
– literally blends in with the skin, giving the impression of a natural tone
– Does not hide defectsCombined without flaws
Stick (pencil)– Easy to use;
– due to the high content of coloring particles gives the desired shade;
– well hides flaws;
– suitable for emergencies when you need to quickly put yourself in order
– Bold and not suitable for daily use;
– can clog pores;
– prevents the skin from breathing
Problem in the period of exacerbation of lesions
Fluid– It has a light texture;
– moisturizes;
– looks natural;
– well absorbed;
– suitable for summer use
– Does not hide defectsDry
Cream powder– Removes oily shine;
– matting;
– masks;
– suitable for daily care
– is showeredFatty
Spray– Ideally, it does not require feathering (however, according to reviews, all the same, after spraying, it is necessary to distribute the product manually, otherwise it looks uneven);
– literally blends with the skin and looks natural;
– aligns tone;
– makes the skin velvety;
– masks large pores
– Rarely found on sale;
– costs much more expensive than traditional matting agents;
– when applied to hair, eyebrows, eyelashes;
– serious flaws do not hide

Girls who regularly use makeup base should have at least two tubes with a tonal means in a cosmetic bag. One is lighter, and the other is denser.
Like clothes, the “toner” should be chosen according to the weather. For example, in the heat, thick matting will literally melt on your face and drain.

And, on the contrary, in frosts such cream will become additional protection. Depending on the weather, it will be right to choose a foundation for the face like this:

  • summer . As part of the means must be protected from the sun’s rays. Such creams are marked with a SPF mark of 15 and above. Also not bad if it is also moisturizing;
  • winter To protect the skin from frost, you need to get a “toner” with a more dense structure. As well as with various oils in the composition, which will also contribute to additional nutrition of the skin.

When buying a tonal framework, do not hesitate to use probes, which are available in the windows. This will allow you to choose the color of the foundation for the face exactly according to the color of your skin.

It is worth it, even if you are sure that the tone on the package suits you. Especially if you decide to try the tone of the new manufacturer, or if the skin is tanned.

To choose the right foundation, in the store you need to take the following four steps.

  1. Apply the product to the cheekbone in daylight. In no case should you try the tone on the arm or other parts of the body. In other areas, the skin tone may differ from the color on the face.
  2. Wait five to ten minutes. The tonal basis is more accurately manifested not immediately, but after a time.
  3. Feel the remedy on the skin. There should be no discomfort. For example, feelings of tightness, tingling.
  4. Look at the mirror . Perfectly selected shade naturally looks on the face, as if the cream and did not use at all.

Choose a shade tonal framework – this is half the battle. It remains to learn how to properly apply foundation to the face.

It does not require complex tools and professional skills, but take into account certain tricks and adhere to step-by-step techniques.

Than to apply foundation to the face – unprincipled. Do not chase fashionable accessories, but choose the method that will be the most convenient for you.

  • Sponge Strongly absorbs the foundation, which can increase consumption by several times. But perfectly distributes the tool on the face.
  • Brush Copes with problem areas on the skin, but will not go for applying cream over the entire face.
  • Arms . Proven over the years when the tool is distributed fingertips. Effective – at 100%. Only before and after the procedure you should wash your hands thoroughly.

How to prepare for makeup and what to put on your face before foundation? First you need to clean the skin.

This will help tonic. And after – smear moisturizing day cream, suitable for skin type.

Also on top of the cream, you can use a special makeup base – a colorless emulsion that evens and mattes the integument. Then go directly to the process of toning.

How to paint face with foundation?

  1. Squeeze out. Wait for a while, let the cream remain in the palm of your hand. It should warm up a little.
  2. Apply. Using a convenient tool, blend the base, moving from the nose and chin to the temples. Such manipulations, by the way, are an additional prevention of wrinkles. A cream on the forehead is better to shade in a circular motion.

Ian Thomas is a Scandinavian stylist and make-up artist who developed a method for correcting the shape of a face using various shades of a tonal framework. The technique of Ian Thomas will help a person to emphasize his virtues and at the same time look natural. All you need is two tonal creams.

One is light, which will match your skin tone, and the other is a darker tone. How to “draw” the perfect oval?

Spread “your” tone across your face, and then “play” with a tone that is darker.

  • Round face . Darken the temples and cheekbones.
  • Square and rectangular face. Apply a dark shade from chin to cheeks, and also darken the temporal region.
  • Triangular and trapezoidal face. Darken forehead, temples and chin
  • Oval face . Especially does not need to be adjusted. A dark shade can only emphasize the cheekbones.

It happens that during storage cream thickens. If the shelf life is normal, then the product can be mixed with a small amount of moisturizer before use. In this case, the “tonalka” will be “reanimated”, and it can be used by distributing a slightly wet sponge.

What tips can still be useful?

  • Removing lumps. If during the day lumps of foundation are formed on your face, then take a slightly wet sponge and with the same movements as when applying the foundation, run it over your face. Sponge absorbs excess.
  • Point processing. Never apply tonal point. It can dry out and will be problematic to distribute evenly.
  • Two layers. If you want the tone on the face to appear denser, but there was no mask effect, apply the product with two layers of a wet sponge. Let the first layer dry for about 30 seconds, and then apply another one.
  • Base. To make the coating more even, use a makeup base. She will not allow cosmetics clogged in wrinkles or pores.

Proper application of “toners” is a matter of practice. Perhaps the first time it will not be possible to make an even and perfect layer.

But, following the rules described above, each time the result will be better and better. And soon the friends will surely ask your advice: “How to apply foundation to the face?”

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