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Hair mask with brandy: features of the application and recipes for growth and strengthening

Cognac is considered one of the strongest and most expensive drinks. However, it attracts the attention of not only connoisseurs of elite alcohol, but also lovers of natural homemade cosmetics.

Hair mask with brandy has earned a good reputation among those who have experienced it for themselves. To prepare such a mask at home is not difficult, and the result can be observed after a few procedures.

Cognac recipes for hair is known primarily as an effective hair growth accelerator. It is able to penetrate deep into the scalp and directly affect the hair follicles.

In addition to its main property, high-quality drink has many other useful qualities that will help your hair become stronger and more beautiful.

Cognac first appeared in a small French town, which is called Cognac (fr. Cognac). Initially, brandy was used only as a tasty alcoholic beverage.

He was served (and served) after dinner as a digestif to improve digestion. But over time, he invented a more unusual application.

With the help of brandy, you can clean gold items, treat colds, as well as make cosmetics for the face and hair growth.

This type of brandy is made from fresh grape juice. As a “raw material”, various grape varieties are used, which are squeezed and sent for fermentation, and then for double distillation. Sugar is not added to cognac, after processing the distillate is sent directly to the oak barrels for aging.

Interestingly, not only the age of the drink affects its quality, but also the age of the wooden “storage” itself.

The composition of this brandy does not include any additives, dyes or sugar. The drink consists only of fermented grape juice distillate, the chemical composition of which includes natural alcohols, ethyl esters, organic acids, tannin and tannins. Cognac differs only in aging and grape varieties that are used in its preparation.

And the characteristic amber color it acquires in the process of aging – the longer the drink “infuses” in the barrel, the darker and richer its color.

To purchase brandy should be treated with special attention. On the shelves of shops you can find a lot of fake or low-quality alcohol.

To exclude the possibility of choosing a “burnt” drink, you need to know a few rules for the competent choice of this product.

  1. Buy in specialized stores. Such establishments usually cooperate only with reliable suppliers. There you will be able to provide you with a certificate of conformity, which is issued to the finished product.
  2. Attention to famous brands. For example, on such French brands as Hennesy (“Hennessy”), Augier (“Ogier”), Bisquit (“Biscuit”). These manufacturers carefully monitor the quality of their products and their protection against falsification.
  3. The price should not be too low. The minimum cost of quality cognac begins on average from 500 rubles per half liter. If the price is lower, then the risk of buying a fake increases.
  4. Good brandy – only in the glass. With plastic bottles, alcohols enter into a chemical reaction, which can cause dangerous substances to humans. In addition, the drink should not be in contact with the plastic stopper.
  5. Presentable view of the bottle. The vessel should not be cracked or chipped. Branded sticker without scuffs, scratches or traces of glue, fits snugly to the glass, the corners do not come off. Excise stamp should be next to the sticker, but not behind it.
  6. Exposure for at least two years. From this age on, the drink may be called brandy. For hair, you do not need to take more expensive brandy – a two-year-old brandy already has all the necessary substances and properties that will help in hair care.
  7. No draft. High-quality cognac is notable for its absolute transparency, it should not contain dregs or sediment.
  8. Pleasant aroma. Cognac should have a rich pleasant smell, which is not interrupted by the bright smell of alcohol. It is very easy to check the quality of the product by smell – pour a little drink into the glass and leave it for ten minutes. A counterfeit during this time will smell the added alcohol.

As part of a mixture of hair brandy has a high activity and performs several functions at once. The effect of the mask will vary depending on the selected additional ingredients, but any mask for hair growth with cognac will strengthen the hair from the inside.

The basic properties of cognac masks are as follows.

  • Stimulates blood circulation. Metabolism improves, the bulbs are more actively supplied with nutrients, inflammation is removed, because of which hair often falls out. Thanks to the improved metabolism of curls begin to grow more actively.
  • “Conducts” other substances. Cognac has a high “penetrating” ability and the ability to bring “on itself” useful substances natural mask. There is an intense saturation of the follicles, the hair begins to grow stronger and more beautiful.
  • Revitalizes the bulbs and roots. Alcohol reduces inflammation, strengthens the hair bag. As a result, the latter gets the strength to withstand the greater weight of the hair. Hair mask with brandy is often prepared at home from falling out.
  • Eliminates excessive greasiness of the skin. Cognac spirits dry strands and heads. Curls are made more accurate and well-groomed. Do not be afraid that brandy will dry them. In the short time of the procedure, he will not have time for this, however, for cosmetic purposes, it is worth taking a drink of minimal strength.

All indications relate mainly to the healthy and beautiful appearance of the curls, their “strength” and brilliance. “Tasty” mixes with cognac will suit in the following cases:

  • intense hair loss;
  • too slow growth;
  • dry, damaged, brittle hair;
  • split ends;
  • dull, languid curls.

For external use, cognac has almost no special restrictions. They all boil down to the general rules for the use of home remedies. Alcoholic “wraps” for the hair can not be done in the following cases:

  • allergic to ingredients in the composition of the mask;
  • individual intolerance to the components;
  • any damage to the skin of the head;
  • any skin diseases;
  • severe dandruff;
  • dry or badly damaged hair;
  • recent perm or highlighting.

To make the most beneficial blend for your hair, you need to follow some simple rules by which a homemade cosmetic can best manifest itself.

Features create a homemade mask with brandy.

  • Use an individual amount of brandy. The set amount of alcohol in the home recipe needs to be adapted to the needs of your hair. For dry, you need to slightly reduce the portion, for fatty – to increase. For example, if the manual indicates three teaspoons of brandy, then for dry hair, you can take one or two, and for oily hair – four. To find out the optimal proportion for your hair can only be experimentally.
  • Use only freshly prepared mixture. Some reviews suggest the possibility of storing a mask for the following procedures. However, during storage, the usefulness of the mixture is significantly reduced, many nutrients lose their properties. Therefore, it is better to prepare a fresh mask before each procedure.
  • Heat the mask in a water bath. This will help activate metabolic processes and improve blood circulation in the epidermis. It is not necessary to heat very much – so that the mask can be immediately applied to the skin. Too high temperatures can destroy many nutrients.
  • Apply only on clean curls. You can put your head in order right before the procedure and dry it with a towel. But you can not use a balm – it will create a microfilm that will interfere with the action of the mask.
  • Massage the skin. The main possibility of cosmetics with alcohol –
    strengthening hair follicles – you need to use as much as possible. After all, the drink has a mainly drying and “smoothing” effect on the rods. Rubbed composition takes two minutes. Then distribute it from base to tip.
  • Cover your head. Wear a warm towel or handkerchief with a special bonnet and top, like a turban. This will improve blood flow, it will be better to “absorb” nutrients. Instead of a cap, you can use food wrap or a suitable package.
  • Rinse with shampoo. Now you can with the use of conditioner-rinse. But if you used pure brandy without additional ingredients, then you can just rinse your hair thoroughly with warm water.
  • Use essential oils for fragrance. After the procedure may remain a slight alcoholic smell. Usually, it is completely weathered while the hair is drying. But if it bothers you, you can soak your hair with a small amount of aromatic essential oil, for example, pink or lavender. And rinse them again with warm water.

To improve the metabolism and blood supply of hair follicles, brandy can be used in its pure form. To do this, you need two or three teaspoons of the drink, which you need to gently rub into the skin for two minutes.

Wash off with clean warm water. But there are more complex masks, each of which has its own special effect on the scalp and the hair itself.

The recipe should be selected in accordance with the needs of your curls.

Act. Hair mask with cognac, egg and castor oil removes inflammation from the scalp and follicles, hair scales “solder”, due to which curls become smooth and shiny.

  1. Mix one large spoonful of alcohol and castor oil.
  2. Slightly beat the yolk and pour it into the remaining ingredients.
  3. Gently rub the mixture into the base of the hair and soak along the length.
  4. Duration – one hour.

Act. A method for hair growth, as well as coloring.

It gives a light chestnut color that has not been washed off with water for several weeks.

  1. Dilute natural ground coffee with two large spoons of alcohol.
  2. Beat and pour two eggs.
  3. Mix in a small spoonful of castor, olive or linseed oil.
  4. Apply a viscous texture to the hair, for a uniform distribution, you can use a wooden comb with frequent teeth.
  5. Wash off the mask in an hour with shampoo.

Act. Salt plays the role of light peeling, cleans the skin from the horny areas, and also dries, which is good with the problem of fat.

Improves blood circulation and metabolism.

  1. Carefully dilute one large spoonful of honey in the same amount of alcohol.
  2. Add a small spoonful of plain salt.
  3. Rub into the skin and gently spread over the hair.
  4. Leave for half an hour.
  5. Wash off with shampoo, process with balsam.

Act. It has the effect of lamination, makes the curls smooth and soft, “seals” the layers of the hair.

Curls obey better, they are protected from external factors.

  1. Pour a large spoonful of gelatin with five such spoons of cool water and let it swell for an hour. Then stir gelatin in a water bath until it is completely dissolved. It is impossible for the gelatin to boil.
  2. In cooled gelatin pour chicken yolk and a large spoon of alcohol.
  3. Soak the hair, warm and leave for half an hour.
  4. Wash off using shampoo.

Act. Honey contains many elements necessary for the body, which with the help of cognac penetrate directly to the hair follicles, nourish them and serve as a building material.

Mask for hair growth with brandy and honey enhances shine and smoothes hair.

  1. Mix three large spoons of alcohol and one natural honey. Proportions can be increased if you have long hair.
  2. Massage the resulting mass gently into the roots and saturate it with lengths.
  3. After half an hour, rinse with warm water and shampoo.

The most popular hair mask with brandy and honey. This “cocktail” is easy to prepare, and the ingredients can be bought at the nearest store.

And if they are not suitable for cosmetic purposes, they will always come in handy in culinary. To enhance the shine, girls are advised to rinse strands of infusions of healing herbs after the procedure.

For example, nettle – for dark and light brown hair, and chamomile – for light.

Hair is not over dried! They are smooth, strong, elastic.

Cognac contains tannins, due to which the hair becomes noticeably stronger after the 1st application. And also, cognac like dimexidum helps useful vitamins, oil and egg properties to penetrate deep into the hair structure and scalp.

As for hair color … I was afraid that a mask with cognac might give some kind of shade to hair, but I took a chance and did not regret it – I made this mask three times already, my hair did not change color.

Regularly using coffee for hair care, you will noticeably improve their appearance and condition, hair will be thicker and stronger. Even to the touch, they will be completely different: alive, soft, elastic, silky.
Coffee is suitable for any type of hair. But, necessarily, – dark. Chestnut, dark blond and even black.

Blonde shades of coffee darken and generally can behave unpredictably.
Mask with cognac, coffee and egg effectively restores hair, slightly dyeing them in coffee color. It turns out 2 in 1: and restoration, and hair coloring: 0)

I want to note that regular use of a nourishing mask will give a beautiful chestnut hue to hair, so for those with dark hair, it will also be very useful for those who split their hair.

Ingredients: For each tablespoon of brandy should be 1 yolk of chicken eggs and 1 teaspoon of liquid honey. If the hair is long, increase the composition proportionally.

I really liked this mask. The effect on the hair is noticeable after the first application.

One of my favorite homemade masks.

As a result, the hair will become especially silky, filled with bewitching shine, and the shine will emanate from the inside of each hair, indicating its strength and health.

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