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Grape face mask: a way to solve skin problems of age

Grapes – the most “sunny” among the berries. Its juicy beads, as if filled with the energy of summer, have a unique taste and magical aroma.

In addition, grapes are very useful: it contains vitamins and organic acids. At the same time, it is possible to feed the body with grape energy not only from the inside, but also from the outside.

The product fights wilting and dull skin color. Especially good face mask of grapes.

You can cook it without leaving home, spending a minimum of effort and time.

The benefit of grape juice, its beneficial effect on the skin of the face three hundred years ago was appreciated by our predecessors. Mature ladies washed white grape varieties to refresh their face and smooth wrinkles, while younger ladies used berry juice to give their skin a healthy and radiant color.

What kind of magic properties has nature put into this product?

The grapes contain beneficial vitamins, trace elements, organic acids, antioxidants and essential oils. This rich composition helps to eliminate the problems of the epidermis, providing a complex effect on it.

  • Vitamin A . Retinol – salvation for fading skin. It neutralizes free radicals, which accumulate with age in the tissues of the dermis and destroy it, forming wrinkles. In addition, vitamin A improves blood circulation, which contributes to the renewal of the skin at the cellular level, making it smooth and radiant, and also quickly “tightens” microcracks and damage.
  • Vitamin C . One of the most important substances for the normal functioning of the cells of the epidermis, because the main function of our skin is protective. Vitamin C. helps to reduce the harmful effects on the skin of various factors, updates it, makes it firm and elastic.
  • Organic acids. The grapes are high in tartaric and malic acids. The oxalic acid, citric acid, and succinic acid are present in small quantities in the chemical composition. Their main purpose is to actively participate in cell regeneration, as well as reduce skin pigmentation.
  • Essential oils . They nourish, moisturize and tone up the skin of the face, protect it from the effects of external factors, acting like “liquid vitamins”. These properties are indispensable for dry skin.
  • Micro and macro elements. Magnesium, calcium, sodium, iron, chlorine, manganese, iodine, phosphorus – this is not the whole list of nutrients that the solar fruit can boast. Actively participating in metabolic processes, they give the skin cells the necessary “food”, returning it a healthy flowering look.
  • Phytosterols. These substances are known for their antioxidant, immunostimulating properties. In addition, phytosterols are actively involved in the prevention of cancer.
  • Polyphenols. They are more present in the grape seeds. Soothe the skin, prevent its premature aging.

Proper combination of berry gruel or grape seed oil with other ingredients will help to cope with the problems that faced your skin. Here are the first signs that will help you quick grape help.

  • The skin has faded. She took on a tired look, the healthy blush on her cheeks disappeared.
  • There are signs of wilting. Loss of elasticity and elasticity, “vagueness” of the oval face.
  • There are reddening. And also rashes, excessive pigmentation.
  • “Drawn” the first wrinkles. Around the eyes, near the lips, on the forehead.
  • Bothers dryness. And the accompanying flaking, dehydration, vitamin deficiency.

Grape face masks: what is important to know before the procedure

In order for the effect of the “solar fruit” on the skin to be as effective as possible, it is important to know some rules for choosing berries for home cosmetology, for preparing and applying self-made anti-aging remedies.

If you decide to treat fading skin with fresh berries, it is better to choose green grapes, because the skin of the representatives of black and red varieties, for example, Isabella, is more rigid. In addition, very dark berries contain coloring pigment and can reward your skin with unnecessary color highlights.

Naturally, it is better to choose good quality berries for masks, rotten ones will not work.

Before applying any masks, including those based on “sunny” berries, you must clean the skin in any way you are accustomed to: using a foam, tonic or warm herbal decoction, and remove dead cells with a scrub or peeling. It will not be superfluous to arrange a steam bath for the skin – the pores will open and the mask components will penetrate deeper into the tissue of the epidermis.

Preparation of the rejuvenating masks themselves is not difficult. You will need grapes, a few other available ingredients and a bit of free time. On online forums, women and girls constantly share new and new recipes for beauty and rejuvenation.

A lot of accolades are heard from beauties and grape masks. Here, what means advised experienced.

Honey is a good companion of grapes. Its rich vitamin composition literally heals dull, sluggish skin, slows the aging process.

  1. Mash with a fork or “punch” 10-15 grapes with a blender.
  2. Add a teaspoon of honey.
  3. Cover with a nourishing composition of the skin of the face.
  1. Take two teaspoons of the juice of grapes of any variety, for example, Isabella.
  2. Mix with a teaspoon of 20% sour cream.
  3. Next, pour a tablespoon of oatmeal.
  4. The next ingredient is one and a half teaspoons of olive oil.
  5. Mix and apply on the T-zone, cheeks, chin.

This tool will benefit the owners of problem skin, on which rashes, acne, acne are common.

  1. Grind on the blender the flesh of white grapes.
  2. Pour soda (half a teaspoon) and 5 ml of olive oil.
  3. Pour a quarter cup of milk.

If the skin has lost its former elasticity, age-related changes have appeared on it, a grape mask from wrinkles will come to the rescue.

  1. Take in equal proportions grape juice and cream (one teaspoon)
  2. Add a tablespoon of cosmetic clay to the fruit and dairy mix, mix.

This grape face mask at home will help revive a dull face, reduce pigmentation, remove oily shine from the face.

  1. Make mush from grapes.
  2. Half a cup of berry puree mixed with a teaspoon of lemon juice.

A grape seed mask for the face is a top class tool. Grape seed contains resveratol.

It is a strong antioxidant that has a lifting effect: it improves skin elasticity, tightens it.

  1. Crush grape seeds.
  2. To four teaspoons of this powder, add two teaspoons of ground oatmeal flakes.
  3. Mix 5 g sour cream and ten drops of grape seed oil.

One of the main conditions for the effectiveness of “vine therapy” for the skin – the regular use. A face mask with grapes every six months will not bring you the desired result.

Connoisseurs of home cosmetology rules recommend treating the course. Once every three days for three weeks.

Then – a break for a month. Remember or write down your feelings and changes after applying fruit masks.

This will help you better understand whether grapes will become a true friend of your skin, or whether you should turn to other cosmetic assistants.

I always use not table grapes, but wine, they give the effect of freshness. And after the canteens there is a feeling of dryness. It is necessary to moisturize the skin

In the summer, when the season of these wonderful berries, every time I eat, I put juice on my face. Perfectly skin, and the feeling is as if younger.
And in the winter I use grape seed oil.

Oh, I’m ready for the whole world to shout about this oil. Although previously thought that the oil is contrary harmful to apply to the face. Now I can not live without him.

I’ll tell you about how I use it. I apply a little heated oil on my face, massage for a couple of minutes, then wipe my face with a hot, damp towel.

Everything! Then you can go to sleep.

No cream is needed. The skin in the morning is soft, clean, smooth. Better than after the most expensive mask!


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