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Ginger slimming: recipes with lemon, green tea, cinnamon

Does ginger help you lose weight? How to take spice right?

What recipes ginger for weight loss can be used at home? Opinion nutritionists on the use of Eastern spices in proper nutrition and its impact on metabolism.

Eastern ginger plant from antiquity has spread throughout the world. As a spice, it was brought to Kievan Rus as early as the tenth century, so in our country the root of an unusual shape is well known. It is widely used for baking and roasting meat, fish.

It gives dishes a barely perceptible sweetness and sharp savor in taste.

Like most spices, ginger can be used in the diet. Moreover, it is recommended with a diet and a regular diet, with which you need to get rid of a couple of extra pounds.

Other spices do not have a similar effect to the plant, since the chemical composition of ginger is a specific complex of essential oils, organic terpenes and a number of substances that directly affect metabolism in the body.

How does he work? Consider the formation of body fat.

  • Food in our body is digested and converted into energy.
  • Energy is spent on maintaining life: the work of the brain and internal organs, the work of the muscular system, mental activity. Even in a dream you are wasting energy.
  • If there is a lot of energy, for example, with a large volume of food or with too high-calorie (sweet, flour) food, it is not completely consumed by the body. There are surpluses that need to be put somewhere.
  • Utilization of residual energy is the formation of fat. His body forms “for a rainy day”: what if a time happens when energy does not flow, then the body can take advantage of its reserves.

Thus, the consumption of sweet and flour and the lack of sufficient physical activity in which we can spend everything we get with food, fat is formed. And with it, and a sagging belly, wrinkles at the waist, full hips …

If a person uses ginger, several other processes take place in his body. Ginger root for weight loss contains the substance gingerol.

It gives the plant a characteristic burning taste and changes the metabolic rate normal for the body.

But not only based on this principles of ginger slimming. Experts distinguish other criteria for the use of burning spices in dietetics.

  • Increased thermogenesis. The process of generating heat in our body is extremely energy-intensive. It is supported by the body for the realization of many important functions. Thanks to thermogenesis, the required temperature is maintained for the functioning of the digestive system, cell division, and blood flow through the vessels. But in every organism, thermogenesis is maintained in its own way. If there is excess body fat, it slows down, the body spends less energy to produce heat. It turns out a vicious circle: the fuller a person is, the less he needs energy for thermogenesis and the more energy is converted into body fat. Ginger components enhance thermogenesis, “accelerate” the metabolism, forcing the body to produce more heat. Because of this, after eating a piece of the spine, you may get the impression that you are “hot”.
  • Improve digestion. It is known that the burning spice improves digestion, but it is important to understand exactly how this happens. Ginger substances stimulate the gallbladder, activating the release of bile. It helps in the assimilation of fatty foods, so it makes it easier after the “feast”. On weight loss, this does not affect, on the contrary, the assimilation of a large number of “heavy” food enriches the body with unnecessary calories. But with the problems of the intestinal work a valuable root will help to cope. It stabilizes the production of gases, reducing the manifestations of flatulence and bloating, often accompanying “fasting days” and diets with an abundance of dietary fiber.
  • Hormone-like action. Do not be afraid of ginger, “affecting” the hormones. Its action is so “mediated” that it is absolutely safe for the state of a person, but it affects the maintenance of normal weight quite strongly. Herbal remedy affects the production of two hormones – cortisol and insulin. The first is a stress hormone. It is produced in the body in response to dangerous external influences. It is stress that our body considers “fasting days” and starvation diets, in which the body receives extremely little food. In the production of cortisol, the body takes a “defensive” position: it slows down the splitting of fats and transforms literally everything that it can into fat reserves. That is why a person sitting on a rigid diet, getting stout, even from water. Ginger coffee for weight loss slows down the production of cortisol, allowing the body to break down fatty tissues during a diet. He also controls the production of insulin – a hormone that breaks down glucose, the high content of which in the blood after eating sweet causes even higher appetite and cravings for something “tasty”.
  • Improve overall well-being. Lack of sweets in the diet is a mandatory requirement of each dietary nutrition system. For people engaged in intensive mental work or hard physical labor, fast carbohydrates are important. To eliminate apathy, drowsiness, and breakdown, use ginger as a dietary supplement. It invigorates no worse than strong coffee, reduces muscle pain, if you supplement the system with weight loss with physical exertion, improves blood circulation.

According to scientists from the American University of Maryland, about four grams of ginger root can be consumed daily. Use it in a way that is convenient for you: add burning spice to the dishes or prepare a drink from ginger for weight loss.

There are many techniques, how to brew ginger for weight loss and with what products to combine the main component to enhance its effect. But it is also important to understand how to use it properly so as not to harm the body.

  • Selection Buy a young spine, which can be visually distinguished by a light skin. It is soft, not “oak”, it is easier to clean it, but you can not remove it at all during cooking. The advantage of the young root is also in the high content of active substances, which are destroyed during long-term storage. On the surface there should be no traces of mold and “eyes”.
  • In pure form. If you prefer to chew the “petal” of the root to feel its powerful and burning taste, do it after a meal. Like any spice, ginger increases the secretion of bile, which on an empty stomach will irritate mucous membranes.
  • Like a drink. A fragrant drink can replace ordinary tea. Brew it in a thermos and drink during the day, whenever you want.

Choose your drink preparation option or use each simple recipe at home to evaluate their taste and effectiveness.

According to TV presenter Elena Malysheva, the most effective way is to use a drink of pure ginger. To prepare it is very simple.

  1. Take a small spine.
  2. Rinse in running water, peel.
  3. Cut into thin plates, put in a two-liter thermos.
  4. Fill the top with boiling water, close tightly, let it brew for an hour.

Use the aromatic drink throughout the day. To make it sweet, do not use sugar.

Saharlose’s sugar substitute serves as a safer and more dietary alternative to refined sugar.

Ginger green tea for weight loss is a classic combination in which each component works against excess weight. During the day you can use it no more than three times and should not be drunk before bedtime, as the composition has a tonic effect.

  1. Grate the peeled root.
  2. Put one teaspoon of ginger in a cup.
  3. Add a teaspoon of your favorite tea.
  4. Pour boiling water, leave for fifteen minutes.

According to the dietitian Oksana Skitalinskaya, such a drink is useful not only as a means for losing weight. It improves mood, warms, helps with colds and coughing, as it reduces chills, clears the airways.

It can be used in the cold season as a prophylaxis for ARVI.

The easiest way to brew ginger with lemon for weight loss is to simply add a slice of fruit to the cup with the finished drink. But there is another way to make a more fragrant, richer in taste tea, which you will surely enjoy.

  1. Cut back four centimeters long, grate.
  2. Remove the zest from half a lemon, add to the ginger.
  3. Fill with water of five hundred milliliters, rub on low heat for fifteen minutes.
  4. Add crushed lemon pulp, mint leaves, leave for ten minutes, strain.
  5. Pour into the container three teaspoons of green tea, cover with boiling water of five hundred milliliters, let it brew for five minutes.
  6. Strain and mix with ginger infusion.

Take the infusion throughout the day little by little. Drink small sips between meals.

The tool perfectly quenches thirst, has a pleasant and rich taste.

Such a recipe for slimming ginger tea will be your favorite drink in the winter. It will help to warm up, support immunity, enrich the diet with a real vitamin cocktail.

At the same time, ginger and cinnamon for weight loss work as an effective pair.

  1. Cut a piece of the root length of four centimeters, grate.
  2. Transfer to a two-liter thermos, cover with water.
  3. Put two teaspoons of ground cinnamon in a thermos.
  4. Leave it for an hour.
  5. Strain the drink, add the juice of half a lemon.
  6. Add a quarter of a teaspoon of dried and chopped red pepper.

In this drink, three active components are combined at once, which provoke the production of heat by the body, increase the intensity of metabolic processes. A more effective remedy than the combination of ginger, cinnamon and red pepper is difficult to find.

Try a recipe with kefir, which combines two active ingredients: ginger and cinnamon. This infusion can be used for fasting day on yogurt.

It will not only help “lose too much”, but also trigger the splitting of fat reserves, which simply does not have time to happen within one kefir day.

  1. Pour into the container one and a half liters of kefir with one percent fat.
  2. Add half a teaspoon of ground cinnamon to the mass.
  3. Cut a piece of ginger four centimeters long, grate.
  4. Mix with kefir.

During the day, drink the infusion in small sips. In parallel, drink plenty of pure water and green tea.

If in the middle of the day the taste of the brew seems too intense, strain it.

How much ginger tea? What are the results of its use? What do reviews of slimming in such a way?

Many questions that are extremely difficult to give an objective answer.

“It’s wrong to consider ginger to be a miracle,” comments dietitian Elena Zueva. – It does not possess fat burning properties. But the general opinion is often used by charlatans, who offer remedies for obesity based on ginger and call them a panacea. ”

The main value of the rhizome is otherwise. Ginger stimulates the metabolism, which invariably slows down on any diet.

Due to the content of plant enzymes, it supports digestive function. It also dulls the feeling of hunger, as it normalizes the level of glucose in the blood, and helps the body to use energy in a different way.

“Ginger can definitely help in losing weight,” continues Elena Zueva. – But it performs exactly the auxiliary function, and does not replace the proper nutrition or exercise. It will be effective as long as you limit calorie intake and exercise. ”

It is also important to realistically assess the state of health and not to use ginger in the presence of contraindications. These include:

  • cholelithiasis;
  • increased acidity of the stomach and diseases of the mucous membranes of the gastrointestinal tract;
  • hypertension;
  • second trimester of pregnancy.

“Ginger is one of the safest products,” says nutritionist Lyudmila Denisenko. – When it is used, allergic reactions or heartburn are extremely rare. It can be taken even in the first trimester of pregnancy as an effective means of morning toxemia. “

Each recipe for ginger tea for weight loss is interesting in its own way. Fragrant drink will enrich your diet, support the body in the winter. It can be confidently included in an individual program to combat obesity.

But do not place all hopes on him. The drink will help break down fat only if you reduce caloric intake and connect exercise to weight loss.

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