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Gelatin face mask from black dots with activated carbon: recipes and reviews

Very often, black dots or comedones, as cosmetologists call them, stand in the way to perfect skin. They can be found with the naked eye, most often on the nose and cheeks, on the chin and on the forehead. Since black dots are not very pleasant looking, women prefer to remove them.

In this case, someone goes to an elite beauty salon, and someone squeezes comedones manually. But there is a much less expensive and harmless home method – gelatin face mask, from black dots, it is especially effective.

Gelatin masks have unique properties. Due to the viscous protein, a film is formed on the skin, which nourishes and moisturizes the dermis, and also removes comedones, literally tearing them out of the skin.

In this case, the result can be achieved even with a single use of funds. And thanks to the various components, you can adapt the mask film for any skin type.

Gelatin has all the necessary properties to have a beneficial effect on any skin: aged or young, oily or dry. First of all, gelatin is a natural collagen.

Namely, collagen is responsible for the elasticity and elasticity of the skin.

  • tighten or rejuvenate the skin;
  • remove black dots;
  • rid of rashes and acne;
  • moisturize the face;
  • feed the dermis with beneficial substances;
  • smooth out wrinkles.

To facilitate the implementation of cosmetic procedures and to avoid trouble, strictly follow the observance of such recommendations.

  • Hair. Do not put a mask on the hairs that grow on the skin and on the eyebrows – when you remove the mask, it will hook them, and it will be very painful.
  • Bandage. Putting the mask on the forehead, fasten the hair so that they do not interfere.
  • Washing up In the event that gelatin got on the eyebrows or hair, it would be best to thoroughly wash it off the hair. Do not tear off the mask, as you can pull out the hairs.
  • Multi-layered. The mask is applied in several layers, preferably at least three or four. The thicker the mask, the easier it is then to remove.
  • Brush. It is best to apply the mask with a hard brush, as if driving a tool into problem areas. For lack of a brush, use a wadded disk or sponge. In extreme cases, you can apply the mask with your fingers.
  • Drying. Before removing the mask, you need to make sure that it is completely dry. Otherwise, it will break and partially removed.
  • Uninstall. Any mask film is removed strictly from the bottom up, that is, starting from the chin and moving up to the forehead.
  • Post-care. After the mask, you must wipe the skin with hydrogen peroxide or chlorhexidine, hold with ice cube, blot, and then apply your favorite fat cream. You can use children, wound healing, with panthenol. Cream can be replaced with oil or gel.
  • Regularity. The procedure will need to be repeated once every one or two weeks.

Gelatin face mask from black dots: 7 options

This mask has many variations. In addition to the main function – getting rid of comedones – such a tool will help get rid of greasiness, wrinkles, dryness, and also give a nice color to the face.

Features Gelatin face mask from black points with activated carbon, in fact, is a hand-made analogue of the American Black Mask (black mask) that thundered on the American cosmetics market.

Today it is popular all over the world due to its ability to eliminate skin defects associated with the incorrect functioning of the sebaceous glands at a professional level.

  1. Prepare a powder of two tablets of coal.
  2. Mix with two teaspoons of gelatin.
  3. Pour in water – 30 ml will be enough.
  4. Send in a water bath before acquiring a homogeneous consistency.
  5. Allow to cool to body temperature (a little higher, but not to burn yourself).
  6. Apply to the skin with a hard brush, driving a lot into the most problematic places.
  7. Wait until dry.
  8. Remove one continuous piece.

Features In addition to getting rid of black dots, this tool will help moisturize the skin.

The recipe is similar to the classic mask, but milk is used instead of water.

  1. Bring the milk to a boil and remove the froth.
  2. Dilute gelatin in the ratio of one small spoon per 15 ml.
  3. Stir to completely dissolve all the grains.
  4. Allow to cool to body temperature.
  5. Apply in several layers.
  6. Remove when the film hardens.

Features A good way to get rid of comedones, moisturize and nourish the skin with useful substances. Choose only fruits for which you are not allergic.

If in doubt, do the test – put the juice on your wrist and wait 30 minutes. There is no reaction – use the fruit for the mask.

If something bothers you, give it up.

  1. Crush in puree fruit, from which you decide to make a mask.
  2. Put mashed potatoes in cheesecloth and squeeze the juice.
  3. Dissolve gelatin in boiling water (15 ml take two small spoons of protein).
  4. Juice mixed with gelatinous solution.
  5. If there are grains of gelatin left – the mixture must also be heated in a water bath until the protein granules are completely dissolved.
  6. Apply in several layers with a brush or fingers, driving into those places where there are comedones.
  7. Wait until dry.
  8. Take off.

Features It helps not only to remove black spots, but also to narrow pores.

An ideal remedy for oily skin, as it can also get rid of greasiness. For its preparation you need an egg and milk.

  1. Mix gelatin and milk in the ratio of two small spoons of 15 ml.
  2. Heat to dissolve grains.
  3. Cool to body temperature.
  4. Beat the protein, pour in to the gelatin.
  5. Mix.
  6. Apply with a brush or cotton sponge on the skin with a thick layer.
  7. Wait until dry.
  8. Remove the film.

Features The mask is good for all skin types and can be used for the neckline.

It gives the skin a nice color and smoothness. It requires yogurt and flour.

  1. 10 grams of gelatin diluted in 30 ml of yogurt.
  2. Heat up so that there are no lumps.
  3. Cool it down.
  4. Pour flour – enough will be a teaspoon.
  5. Knead.
  6. Pour another teaspoon of yogurt (you can take both home and purchased).
  7. Stir.
  8. Apply to the skin.
  9. Let it dry.
  10. Take off.

Features This tool well nourishes and tightens the skin, gives youth and a fresh look.

To create a cosmetic mixture, you need honey and sour milk.

  1. Dilute gelatin with boiling sour milk in a ratio of one to two.
  2. Mix a small spoonful of honey and fermented milk mass.
  3. Quickly spread your face with a thick layer.
  4. Remove in 15 minutes.

Features This tool is suitable for those who, in addition to black dots, have to whiten their face or remove dark earthy skin color.

This recipe needs a fresh cucumber.

  1. Grind the cucumber.
  2. Squeeze the juice.
  3. Dilute the gelatin juice in a ratio of two to one.
  4. Let it swell.
  5. Heat slowly to dissolve the protein granules.
  6. Apply to the skin.
  7. After drying, rinse.

It is only necessary to remember that a gelatin face mask from black dots can lead to irritation. It is normal if the skin reaction quickly passes, because gelatin removes deep impurities, pulling all the excess from the dermis.

But if there is inflammation, you need to contact a dermatologist or a cosmetologist.

“We rip off the film from the face and … are dumbfounded”, – reviews on cleaning the pores with gelatin

… my skin is not ice … and there is inflammation … and there is nowhere to go from the black dots. I have them not only on the nose, but also on the floor of the cheeks near the nose, on the forehead, and on the chin, and even around the lips ((((
I somehow tried a gelatinous mask film with milk. there was some effect from it, but the black dots have not gone away. and here, on a favorite saytik read about a mask with coal.

You will need 1 spoon of gelatin, 1 spoon of water, a tablet of charcoal.

Pour coal water, add gelatin, stir and microwave for 5-7 seconds.

Apply a cushy face (stink like from just a gelatin mask is not).

wait 10 minutes, rip off the face and … stand at the mirror for about 15 minutes, go nuts …

cleans pores perfectly.

Natalia Lukyanchikova, //irecommend.ru/content/spasibo-vam-delochki-ya-i-ne-dumala-chto-kogda-nibud-izbavlyus-ot-chernykh-tochek-foto

Recently, with the help of activated carbon, I began to make masks-films that perfectly clean the T-zone of black dots, and suck the entire bjaku from the pores. To prepare the mask you will need: 3 tablets of activated charcoal and 1 teaspoon of edible gelatin.

Crush the tablets well, add to them gelatin and half a teaspoon of hot water (not boiling water), so that the mixture swollen and dissolved.
Then apply a mask to the steamed face skin with a brush, and leave it for 5-10 minutes until thorough drying. Mask-film with sharp movements must be removed from the face, and on the inside of the mask you will see the entire bjaku, which she sucked from the pores.

I am completely satisfied with the result!

I do this mask 1-2 times a week, because pores become dirty quickly and need to be cleaned periodically. Penny remedies can bring your skin in perfect condition.

I have long known about a homemade black mask film from black spots, which can only be done using 2 ingredients: gelatin + activated charcoal. And I have been practicing its use for a long time.

Moreover, such ingredients are available. Coal is always in the first-aid kit, and you can find gelatin in the kitchen.))
I make a gelatin mask 1-2 times a week. I think this is quite enough. Do not forget that such a mask dries the skin, so it is necessary to moisturize the skin after the gelatin mask, it is advisable to use a tonic for the face that narrows the pores, and a light moisturizer that does not clog the pores.

With such a mask, if you do it regularly, you can easily get rid of black dots. She really is very effective, easy to prepare and costs a penny.

If you have not tried the gelatin mask yet, then be sure to try.

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