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Foot odor in women: causes and treatment, special cosmetics and folk remedies

Unpleasant foot odor is a topic that people are usually ashamed to discuss out loud. Especially for girls it is embarrassing to raise such a delicate question, because they will immediately be reproached with carelessness.

But inadequate hygiene is just one of many factors that provoke the stench of feet. What are the causes and treatment of foot odor in women – in our material.

Surely, in your company at least once was a man whose shoes “smelled” to the whole apartment. Remember how it spoils the mood? You can not make a comment directly, and are forced to frown, to endure a specific flavor.

The attitude to such a guest changes immediately, and the next time the “stinker” is unlikely to be called to the gatherings.

And most importantly – after such situations I want to do everything possible not to be in his place. But literally everyone can face the problem of the smell of feet and shoes, no matter how often you take a shower.

What causes foot odor in women: stress, hormones, diseases

It is believed that excessive sweating mainly worries men, but even as the legs and shoes stink also in women. It is important to understand what causes the smell of the feet of women.

  • Active lifestyle . For example, when practicing fitness and dancing, the sweat glands on the feet actively release the secret. Constant sweating creates a comfortable environment for the development of bacteria, and they, in turn, are the source of the stench.
  • Hormonal changes. The reason why women’s legs smell can be explained by hormonal fluctuations in the body and sweating, which increases on this background. For example, a peculiar smell may manifest itself in the period of childbearing or during menopause. The “fragrance” of the legs can also exude during the menstruation days.
  • Nutrition and bad habits. Abusing sweet, spicy, salty and spice, you provoke excessive sweating – hyperhidrosis. Cigarettes and alcoholic beverages can also cause this condition.
  • Stress. In moments of emotional excitement, a person sweats more actively, which means that the risk of smell from feet and shoes increases.
  • Poor quality shoes and underwear. Girls love shoes. It is desirable that for each dress, suit, coat was a separate pair of “Labutenov.” But not always for so many leather shoes have the means. And then you have to buy goods from alternative materials. But cheap shoes, panty hoses and socks made of synthetics are faithful companions of the stench. Such products do not allow the body to “breathe”, accumulate secretion and the corresponding flavors inside the boot. And even if you thoroughly wash the shoes of the leatherette from the inside after each walk, the problem will return as soon as you put on your shoes again. This is especially true of the summer series of shoes, ballet shoes.
  • Dampness Humid environment contributes to the development of microbes and stench. So, putting on wet shoes after a shower on wet feet, you provoke the appearance of an “amber”. The same applies to sports shoes, which do not have time to dry properly after training. And another point: the first thing people put on those wet slippers, returning home when the legs after the street are not washed yet … Is it worth saying what happens when dust, dirt and damp come into contact?
  • Grumpiness. If you wash your feet according to your mood, do not care for your shoes and do a pedicure only when your nails and heels become “like a witch”, you obviously will not smell like butterflies. And you can forget about the reputation of cleaners.

How to remove the unpleasant smell of women’s feet? First you need to accurately determine the cause.

If good shoes, cotton underwear and meticulous care do not work, consult a doctor. You can choose a diet or prescribe a medical treatment course.

What is the treatment of foot odor? Sometimes, excessive sweating is a consequence of a lack of zinc in the body, then preparations containing this substance are recommended: oral medications or ointments.

But there are cases when the intervention of physicians is not necessary or impossible. For example, how to get rid of unpleasant foot odor in a pregnant woman? Here, any medication can be dangerous for both mother and child.

Then it is recommended to pay attention to special cosmetic and hygienic products, more carefully care for shoes. It is also possible treatment of folk remedies.

About how to eliminate the smell of feet, people think not for the first century. In ancient Rome aromatic oils were used for this, and the Greeks interrupted the stench, hemming pads of dry herbs to clothes and shoes. In Russia, feet rubbed with alcohol-containing liquids and washed with oak bark decoction.

Many of these recipes have been adopted and improved by modern manufacturers of beauty products.

  • Talc. He, like baby powder, dries the skin and reduces the intensity of discharge. This means wipe dry feet. You can also put cosmetic talc in your shoes, because it adsorbs moisture and odors. But if you use a cheap product, there is a risk of leaving white marks on the road. Please note that for shoes there is a separate antibacterial talc, which is not used for application to the skin of the feet. They are exclusively poured shoes before being sent to the closet after seasonal socks.
  • Deodorant and antiperspirant. These funds are best purchased at the pharmacy. Of course, such products are presented in almost all cosmetic companies, especially network. But they basically work on the principle of disguising the stench without eliminating the root cause. More effective deodorizing agents with antibacterial ingredients. For example, chlorhexidine or triclosan may be present. With the help of an antiperspirant, you will liberally apply the product to your skin, which will allow you to control the work of the sweat glands. A deodorant spray means even inside the shoe, which additionally blocks the appearance of unnecessary “fragrances”.
  • Cream It works the same way as deodorants – it regulates secretion and kills the smell. However, the cream from foot odor absorbs longer and is therefore not suitable for application before going out. It is better to use after a shower before bedtime. For legs fit tubes with lavender and oak bark.
  • Insoles. Modern analogue of the Greek flavored bags. Insoles from the smell of feet absorb moisture and prevent the development of fungus. There are various options for such products, which allows you to choose the right solution for summer and winter shoes. For example, there are insoles with activated carbon or sewn from non-woven flax. There are antimicrobial of wool. There are even magnetic ones that simultaneously massage and dry the feet. Latex and cotton liners are sold in shoes, but they only ventilate, not having an antibacterial effect.

We are taught from childhood that you can not wear someone else’s shoes. It is unhygienic and fraught with fungal infection. But in everyday life there are often situations when this rule is violated.

For example, visiting you offer sneakers someone from the household. Or, on the contrary, there are no guest sets in your shoebox. And it also happens that when you wash your slippers, you used your sister’s slaps …

After such “emergency” always treat your feet and shoes with antiseptics. What else do you need to know about wearing and caring for shoes?

  • The size . Buy shoes by foot. Whether a shoe is being carried or not is a question, but corns and sweating in cramping are guaranteed.
  • Quantity and quality. Shoes belong to those things for which quality is more important than quantity. If there is no financial opportunity to buy natural products without any restrictions, it is better to raise money and buy a few, but leather pairs of shoes. It is optimal to have two pairs of shoes for each of the seasons. It is necessary to change shoes during washing and drying.
  • The washing up . It is necessary to wipe, wash and wash shoes after each sock, depending on the degree of contamination. When washing each new pair of shoes, change the water in the bucket. Also after drying it is important to use special cleaning and caring agents.
  • Drying Insoles and shoes are washed and dried separately. It is better to use special electrical appliances. Pads made of natural wood and fabric pads are also good at absorbing moisture.

At home, the smell of the feet is removed with vinegar and alcohol rubbing. Also practiced contrasting and herbal baths, compresses with aroma oils.

Below are five popular ways to get rid of sweat.

  1. Socks with lavender. Natural essential oil of lavender or oak bark is rubbed into clean feet. The tool is not washed off and left overnight. So that the oil is better absorbed into the pores and does not stain the bed, you should wear warm socks.
  2. Acetic steaming. A glass of ordinary table vinegar is diluted in three liters of water, the liquid is heated and poured into the basin. Optionally, add a few drops of fir ether. Thyme oil is also suitable. About 20 minutes you need to steam out the feet in this solution, and then clean it with pumice stone and treat with cream. Steaming in vinegar is not worth it, if there are open cracks on the legs, cuts.
  3. Salt bath. In five liters of hot water, two glasses of table salt are diluted. Keep your feet in the pelvis with this solution until the liquid has cooled. This option also does not need to be used if there are wounds on the feet.
  4. Laurel insoles. Lavrushka leaves have good adsorbing properties, therefore they are used as natural inserts in shoes.
  5. Soda cream. Preparing your own hands. For this you need shea butter, starch, soda. The number of all components – a teaspoon. Ingredients are mixed and rubbed into the foot.

Ways to get rid of the smell of the feet of women, enough. The main thing is to recognize the problem and take the time to find its solution.

It is important to understand that eliminating the stench immediately and permanently fail. The slightest relaxation – and the “flavor” will return.

This topic needs constant attention, and taking care of the cleanliness of legs and shoes should become as common as morning coffee.

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