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Female Virgo Compatibility

Stars estimate the marital compatibility of the woman-Virgo and the man-Virgo at 100%. Their union from the outside can seem dull, insipid.

They met in the library, and on the first date they argued about the theory of the origin of the mind. They live in a world of perfect order and balanced actions. But there is no need for another Virgos.

The main thing is that the “excellent student syndrome” does not provoke a constant search and elimination of deficiencies in each other.

Virgo people are born in summer and early autumn: from August 24 to September 23. In the new Zodiacal circle, these dates have shifted to September 16 – October 30.

The element of Virgo is the earth. And this sign is ruled by Mercury, the planet of curiosity and communication.

Virgo – reasonable and pedantic. They strive for order in affairs, in thoughts, in things.

Virgos are conscientious, accurate, hardworking. The name of this sign is feminine, tender.

But the essence is quite different: it is a pragmatist with a male mindset and character.

The Virgin is all painted in advance. Even the portrait of a life partner is made from childhood.

And everyone who does not fit into this picture may not even dream of the location of the Virgin. In love and in marriage, Virgos are looking for the same intelligent, prudent and practical partner as themselves.

Virgin modest natures, avoiding publicity. They are squeamish about uneducated people and dubious society.

Virgos lead a healthy lifestyle, monitor nutrition and regularly undergo medical examinations.

Features of the nature of man-Virgo.

  1. The pursuit of excellence . Even in small things. Any business must be completed, the books are arranged in alphabetical order, and the laundry is arranged in colors.
  2. Independence And in the highest degree. Offering outside help or patronage may offend Virgo.
  3. Skillful fingers . Virgos have a strong intellect and a flexible mind. But physical labor is not alien to them. Virgo rarely attracts professionals to solve everyday problems. If something does not work out right away, they will still sort it out. And they will do it well, three generations ahead.
  4. Accuracy Virgos live by the principle: “Measure seven times – cut once”. They are one of those who first learn the instructions and only after pressing the “On” button.
  5. Vengefulness Virgos are sensitive to criticism. Consider it unfounded. And just because the accusations do not forgive. The virgins are vindictive, and at the right moment everyone will recall the offender.
  6. Self-criticism. Virgins do not tolerate when their faults are indicated from the side. But they constantly criticize themselves. It seems to them that everything can always be done better.
  7. Thrift. Virgo people of the sign do not wait for gifts from heaven, and earn their living by hard work. Knowing the price of every penny, carefully spend resources, buy only the most necessary and set aside. But Virgos are not greedy when someone needs help. True, only if the needy decent and not lazy people. Virgin parasites despise.
  8. Reliability Virgo never makes empty promises. You can rely on such people.
  9. Intuition But not at the level of feelings. To anticipate events the Virgin is helped by experience and logical mind.
  10. Closure Often the surrounding does not like Virgos. They simply do not correspond to Devine ideals. So Virgos limit communication. In general, they rarely let anyone “into the soul.” The inner world of the Virgin is too intimate to flaunt it.

Surprises can knock the Virgin out of a rut. Virgo lacks flexibility and sensitivity. And the pathological thirst for order makes you waste energy on trifles, to conflict with others.

As a result, Virgos may become depressed, “extinct.”

Virgos do not really believe in the magical properties of things and circumstances. However, some talismans are able to give Virgo strength, to melt the ice in the heart.

Brooches, figurines, charms with the image of an owl are suitable as a talisman for Virgins. It is a symbol of wisdom and knowledge.

The grasshopper personifies abundance and good fortune, helps Virgo achieve her goals rationally using resources. Astra gives sensuality, attracts mutual love, liberates the Virgin.

Other love, spiritual and monetary charms of the Virgin.

  • Stones. Chrysoprase, being a stone of innovators, gives Virgos success. Marble tells you how to find love and create a family. Nephritis helps Virgos to change life and become fairer, strengthens the spirit and body. The cornelian “treats” the Virgin from loneliness. Jasper relieves fatigue and accumulated negative energy. Malachite helps to achieve inner harmony.
  • Metal Tin is needed by Virgins as armor from misfortune and poverty. Also this metal sharpens the “sixth sense”. And copper amulets give confidence, decisiveness, promote spiritual harmonization.
  • Plants . Coltsfoot helps Virgos to be more active, to enjoy the diversity, to distinguish between good and evil. Mack protects the Virgin from evil spirits and attracts mutual love. Pine relieves psychological stress. Willow adds to the Virgin tenderness and grace, relieves sadness. Lipa relieves stress, protects against unjustified energy costs. And the Apricot feeds Dev spiritual forces.
  • Colors . White symbolizes lightness and joy. Blue brings peace to Virgo, allows you to objectively evaluate the results of your work and enjoy the achievements. And purple and green provide peace of mind.
  • Numbers Three, five, six, 12, 20, 27.
  • Days Wednesday.

Despite the 100% compatibility of two Virgos in marriage, astrologers rate their love relationships a little lower. It turns out 70% of the hundred.

But this is for the chronic bachelor Devs a lot.

For comparison: the compatibility table of the signs of the zodiac does not give 100% for Virgo’s love with any of the signs of the zodiac. But in the relationship between a man-Virgo and a woman-Virgo there are advantages.

They are not deceived by emotions, they are able to reach mutual understanding, over time forgive each other’s shortcomings and start a family.

Man-Virgo supporter of the classics in clothes. He is always neat, shaved, ironed.

Man-Virgo does not spend fabulous sums on things and accessories. He has no reason to attract extra attention.

And if he wants someone to like it, he stakes on mind, manners, sociability.

Male Virgo workaholic. He wants to make good money and knows how to do it. But never chases easy money, does not conflict with the laws.

Including moral. This is a valuable employee in any team, receives a permanent bonus, allowances, rewards.

He is not one of those who constantly change jobs. As a rule, the man-virgin is determined with the future profession still in school. This is often practical areas of activity that will be in demand at all times.

For example, construction, medicine.

Serenity and attentiveness makes male Virgo good administrators, clerks, designers. They can work in research institutes.

Become accountants and auditors.

If we evaluate the professionalism of the male Virgo, then he fully deserves the position of leader. But he feels more comfortable behind the positions of the deputy since he does not know how to risk and manipulate.

The special qualities of a male Virgo.

  • Meticulousness. If we imagine the most principled teacher in the university, who finds fault with every comma, then there is no doubt – he was born under the sign of Virgo.
  • Discipline. The Virgo man always observes the rules and demands it from those around him. He will never be late for work, and he will carry out all the planned tasks until 18:00.
  • Sneak. Especially in terms of feelings. Having fallen in love, the man-virgin, even to himself, is not immediately recognized in this. He is first convinced of the desirability of hobbies, and only then will show the first signs of attention.
  • Restraint. In emotions and expressions. The man-Virgo can only cross this line for self-defense. And the rest – will demonstrate coldness and indifference. His darling always doubts the feelings of the man-Virgo. After all, he is not capable of passion and romance. But she will not be jealous, and will try to make her lover’s life comfortable and calm.
  • Love mastery. It looks timid modest, but in fact, it turns out, is able to satisfy the intimate demands of the most demanding women. This is about a man-virgin say that in still waters the devils are found.
  • Domovity. Home for a man-Virgo is the rear. It should be calm, cozy, secure. In every room there is an ideal order, nails are clogged, taps do not flow. He is one of those who refuse to go to the sports bar in favor of a family dinner with tea and charlotte. And in this regard, the compatibility of the male Maiden and the female Virgo is high: the partner is the same neat and homebody.

Virgo woman adheres to the strictness of dressing. Deep neckline and open knees she considers vulgar.

Virgo woman is always combed and looks as if she is going to defend her candidate.

She prefers gray and bed tones in clothes. But here he feels weakness to jewelry, and with brooches beads brings diversity to his appearance.

By the way, Virgo women can turn this passion into a profession, connecting life with the jewelry business.

Work for a woman-Virgo – the main thing. She may even give up motherhood in favor of a career.

A Virgo woman could achieve stunning career success. But here her self-criticism plays a cruel joke, instilling insecurity and a bunch of complexes.

Like the man of this zodiac sign, Virgo-woman has nothing to do in business. But in medicine, consulting, cooking, law, she is like a fish in water.

Virgo women can be critics, art historians, designers. Also from women-Virgo, good referents are obtained.

The special qualities of a female Virgo.

  • Selectivity And in relation to things, and in relation to people. Virgo woman does not know what love at first sight is. But she has a whole list of criteria for which she will check a potential suitor before smiling back.
  • Conservatism. This is manifested in the intimate sphere. Woman-Virgo is difficult to relax. She is unlikely to go for experiments in bed. But with a regular partner over time can become less clamped. And even the traditional “techniques” in its performance will be performed in such a way that no longer wants exotic things.
  • Loyalty A virgin woman may never marry. But if he still meets “his” person, he will be able to make him happy and be happy herself. Even the thoughts of adultery will not be here. Fornication for her is dirt.
  • Calm Virgo is feminine and charming in her peace of mind. Men feel comfortable in her company. After all, she would not raise her voice, make scenes, support the conversation on almost any topic. Even in exchange rates and football understands. And it can give practical advice, to draw the interlocutor’s attention to the hidden possibilities of a project. For a man, such a wife is a secret weapon, the key to success, a sure rear.
  • Straightness The Virgo woman will not pretend and play something out of herself. If unhappy – say so. And she is often dissatisfied. She is irritated by wrongdoings, illiteracy, freedom in speech and behavior. But the comments of the Virgin woman are not rude, but rather ironic. Therefore, to be friends with the Virgin is not easy. She has too high demands on others. But to herself, she is even more strict.

Horoscope compatibility “Woman-Virgo – Man-Virgo” indicates the high probability of a happy marriage of two Virgos. But there are certain conditions.

Psychologists advise Virgos to test themselves by five criteria before entering into marriage.

  1. Do you have feelings. Virgos should really love each other. Otherwise, their life together turn into permanent and mutual reproaches, cavils.
  2. Are there any favors? Both women and men-Virgo will have to learn to see advantages in the shortcomings of their chosen one.
  3. Willingness to show emotions. At least occasionally. Indeed, in the depths of the soul, Virgos need tenderness and warmth. And behind the mask of indifference hide the fear of being rejected and misunderstood. Much in this pair depends on whether the partners can open up to each other.
  4. Awareness of the importance of experiments. New sensations that Virgos will risk experiencing together, strengthen relationships, contribute to the personal growth of both partners. To save a couple, Virgos will have to go out of the comfort zone and perform “madness”. For example, jump with a parachute or plunge into the ice hole.
  5. Transition from criticism to support. Virgos are too vulnerable and sinning self-flagellation. Additional reproaches from a loved one only exacerbate their complexes. The task of each of the partners is to learn to praise, and not to add fuel to the fire of low self-esteem of the Virgin.

Friendly compatibility of the guy-Virgo and girls-Virgo is an ambiguous topic. Usually, people of the same zodiac sign agree well, are distinguished by high psychological compatibility. But in the case of Virgos everything works differently.

They do not like to be frank and do not trust anyone until the end. Therefore, in a relationship a lot of understatement, which annoys both.

Virgos can be friends against the background of a common hobby, but no more.

With regard to working moments and business compatibility Dev, here is an excellent tandem. And in any combination, and no matter who is in what position.

Seeing that the boss-Virgo has such dedication and responsibility, the Virgin subordinate will be imbued with respect, will work with even greater dedication. And the Virgo boss will definitely appreciate this, and will assist in raising the salary or transferring to a higher position.

Assessing the compatibility of “Man-Virgo – Woman-Virgo”, astrologers say that in this union, both spouses will have to work on themselves. At the heart of the happy marriage of two Dev is trust.

That it is able to pull both partners from the “cocoon”, and teach emotional joys.

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