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Female lion compatibility

When a woman Leo goes on a romantic hunt, only respectable, wealthy and self-sufficient men get in her field of vision. This is not because of greed. Just modest and poor romantics are not able to attract her attention.

And the waters of the male Lion, on the contrary, will be the first in the list of potential “victims.” Stars say that the love compatibility “Woman-Leo – Man-Leo” reaches 100%.

People of the sign Leo are born in the summer – from July 23 to August 23. However, the new Zodiacal circle shifted the dates to August 10 – September 16.

This is a fire sign, and its patron is the Sun, the only star in the astrological list of planets. Its influence largely determines the characteristics of the character of Lviv.

People sign Leo proud and overbearing. Possess excellent taste and manners.

They love money and praise. They need it just as much as in the air.

Features of the character of the people of Leo.

  • Charisma. Leos do not need to put much effort to make an impression. One of their appearance in society is an event. Lviv is loved and hated, but it is impossible to remain indifferent to them.
  • Sustainability. It is difficult to imagine a situation that would knock Lev out of a rut, plunging into depression. Rather, he will get angry, and in anger will sweep away all the obstacles in his path.
  • Nobility. They are honest in thought, word and deed. Protecting the truth and disadvantaged, ready to fight to the blood.
  • Generosity And not only in the material. Lions, indeed, do not spare money, but even more like to help with advice. Not out of malice. It just seems to Leo that they understand everything better, and their clues are more valuable than any coins.
  • Vanity They are so indifferent to their own person that any criticism is perceived as a stab in the back. And, on the contrary, the slightest praise inspires them. Even flattery Lions do not reject.
  • Business acumen. They literally gnaw at any opportunity to advance in their careers. They have good organizational skills. From Lviv we get strong managers. And if two Leo are taken for one thing at once, then success is inevitable. Therefore, astrologers highly appreciate tandem compatibility “Leo-man-Leo-woman” in business.
  • Mind Acute and analytical. Lions are not unreasonable to consider themselves special. They have not only general and specialized knowledge. Lions delve into progressive currents, read a lot, engage in self-development.

Energy risks and why a strong partner is important

Lviv has a lot of envious people and foes. Because of what people of this zodiac sign can periodically feel desolation, fatigue.

Therefore, energy support is so important.

Its source can be talismans. In this role are antique coins and medals. Plus, figures and decorations with a lion, eagle or ladybug.

Also protect themselves from energy strikes Lions can the right environment. People close in spirit and energy are the best amulet.

What gives the sign of Leo strength and good luck.

  • Stones. Amber, healing and prolonging life, protecting from the evil eye. Diamond, symbolizing courage, power and invincibility. Emerald, attracting wealth. Especially emerald is suitable for women-lions. Ruby, which brings happiness in love, gives the owner power over others and protects against bad weather.
  • Metal Gold helps Leos deal with anger, power and financial success.
  • Plants . Peonies heal the wounds of the soul of Leo, protect against evil spirits and attract love. Chrysanthemums contribute to new opportunities, give wealth, power and longevity. Sunflower protects against energy loss, the evil eye. Protects Lviv from the evil forces Cypress. A poplar absorbs the negative, turned to the Lions.
  • Colors . Scarlet color helps Lions to achieve leadership positions. Golden – a symbol of victory, glory and wisdom. And black personifies power, pride, self-control.
  • Numbers One, four, ten and 13.
  • Days Sunday.

The Lion Man is impressive. Expensive and tastefully dressed. The smell of the perfume used by Leo is felt in the room for hours.

Even if by nature it is not too beautiful, it still makes an impression. There is a certain inner rod, a special look, the ability to speak magically.

Leo is important to be realized. Therefore, he refuses from unpromising projects, and is looking for a place where you can maximize your potential. A male lion can open a business, become a famous lawyer or rector of a university.

Guys-Lions achieve success in sports, journalism, medicine, on stage, in the field of IT technologies.

Qualities that distinguish male Leo.

  • Kindness. Leo is good to people, does not stand aside if you need help. Even can do charity work.
  • Sociability. Leo knows how to find a common language with others and loves the company.
  • Thirst for victory. But not at any cost. Leo has principles. “Go over the corpses” and dig in the mud, he will not.
  • Selfishness. The lion will easily disregard the rules, and close his eyes to the needs of others, if they contradict his wishes.
  • Dominance. Especially in the personal. His woman should be weaker, obey. Even level positions are not an option. Leo does not tolerate secrets and excessive initiative. He can even tell the lady how to dress and make up. This is the main stumbling block and at the same time the main highlight in the relationship between a male Leo and a female Leo.
  • Loving. Leo can not do without female attention. Personal life – his outlet, a source of inspiration.
  • Generosity At his passion Lev spares no effort and resources. His woman does not have a shortage of gifts, trips, impressions.
  • Jealousy A lion for a mile away feels an opponent, and is ready to tear everybody who encroaches on his territory. The most incredible thing is that a male lion is jealous of his wife even for his own children. At the same time he loves children. But if a woman gives them more attention, Leo will be angry. May even leave the family.

The Lion Woman is the Queen. She looks gorgeous, carefully caring for herself. Surrounding ladies tend to imitate her.

But she invests money not only in clothing and appearance. She is interested in everything related to self-development and additional training. The Lion Woman is not just an expensive doll.

This is an educated and self-sufficient person.

Girls born under the sign of Leo, seek independence. Therefore, work for them in the first place.

Only by achieving career goals, Leo will invest in the creation of a family.

The female Leo has an analytical mind. It can work with large streams of data. Often realizes itself in the field of information technology.

Lions can also become famous in writing and show business. In general, the stage or its imitation is the best place for the Lioness. So, she can sing or play musical instruments.

The teaching environment will also be comfortable, where you have to be constantly visible and respected by hundreds of students.

The qualities that distinguish the female Leo.

  • Aristocracy. Leo behaves subtly, elegantly. He likes to be in public places. Prefers an elite environment. Sensational premieres, sold-out concerts, the opening of new restaurants and clubs – that’s where the woman Leo draws.
  • Charm. She will find a common language with anyone. Even women cannot resist her charms. She wants to be friends, talk, spend time.
  • Strength . And the spirit and the body. Woman Leo can be found in the fitness center. Her persistence is enough to withstand the most intense loads. Physical training for Leo – a way to maintain good shape and achieve emotional balance.
  • The ability to manipulate. Especially men. A female lion accepts the courtship of several fans at once. And they do not know about the presence of rivals. She deftly controls their actions, benefits from any relationship. For example, emotions, money, communication. And for this, she does not necessarily have a close relationship with the boyfriend.
  • Reliability As in friendship and work, and in love and family life. Leo woman will not marry the first comer. She makes excessive demands on men. But if she went under the crown, it means that the spouse can count on loyalty and strong rear.
  • Thrift. The woman Leo has a special attitude to life. Her house is a palace. Here everything is well-groomed, modern, expensive, tasty. And she herself shines. Even at the weekend it looks like it is preparing for the arrival of guests.

Lviv has a chronic dependence on leadership. Secondary roles hurt Leo.

Lions must dominate in all walks of life. Including, in love and marriage. Therefore, the union of two Lions is not as perfect as it seems.

For a bright novel, this is a great tandem, but for a family more suitable partners are more suitable.

As a percentage, astrologers estimate the compatibility of the Leo boyfriend and the Leo girlfriend in marriage above average. The zodiac sign compatibility table shows 70%.

But the decoding says that it will be difficult for both partners.

Allocate the following risks for a couple of two lions.

  1. Boring sex Despite their brightness and appeal, in bed, the Lions may not be the best lovers. Both believe that the partner should try. A proud lion is used to taking caresses, not giving them. Good sexual compatibility of two lions is possible only if the spouses manage to agree to pronounce and fulfill each other’s intimate desires.
  2. Standoff In this pair, both want to be in charge. The relationship between a male Leo and a female Leo is a constant struggle for the throne. In public, this is a strong, happy, wealthy, passionate couple. One can only envy. But in the house of Lviv passions of a different order are in full swing. Each of the partners is trying to establish itself at the expense of the other, to prove their superiority. Will this pathologically vain opponent like it?
  3. Intransigence. A compromise for two Lions is not easy to find. Moreover, they become dependent on a constant clarification of the relationship. And they do not even realize that in the endless struggle for power with their loved one they lose their relationships, themselves, and their potential for success.
  4. Jealousy The Lion Man is jealous to hell, and the Lion Woman constantly gives reasons. She just can not be otherwise. After all, the life of a female Leo loses meaning without admiring male views and a slight flirtation. No, she will not cheat on her husband. But the hot Leo can’t prove it.
  5. Pride Lions are touchy. Any trifle touches them, and in return they will certainly strike the opponent. In this case, the Lions do not know how to ask for forgiveness. Even loved ones.

The horoscope of compatibility “Woman Leo – Man Leo” is not the ultimate truth. Whatever the stars say, Lions meet, fall in love, marry.

And to preserve such a union, psychologists advise making conflicts work for relationships. Let it be the highlight of the pair.

The main thing is that all disputes should be refined, without rudeness. Such a family platform for competitions in eloquence.

And be sure to combine skirmishes with praises, compliments, other positive actions and emotions. It is important not to crush the lion “I”, but to slyly cultivate the best qualities in it by scratching the nape.

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