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Female fish compatibility

The astrologers estimate the love compatibility of female Pisces and male Pisces at 100%. Such a couple has a chance for a beautiful and harmonious romance. Fish need peace, comfort.

Drive, change, the cycle of events – not for them. A rare partner will put up with such a phlegmatic fishy attitude.

And only two Pisces are able, together, embracing and relaxing, to shut themselves off from the whole world and just go with the flow.

According to the traditional astrological calendar, the birthdays of the people of the Pisces sign fall on the period from February 19 to March 20. After the opening of the thirteenth sign in the zodiacal circle, the dates suggest shifting to March 11 – April 18.

The symbol of this sign is two fish swimming in different directions. This is interpreted as a conflict between the soul and the body.

Fish sensitive, weak-willed, driven. It is easy for them to inspire something.

Pisces do not know how to act decisively.

Fish do not answer questions with specificity. Their catchphrase: “Maybe.”

But it may not be. Pisces is hard to decide.

Therefore, such people are unreliable, and it is risky to negotiate here.

Pisces is characterized by a change of mood. Now Pisces is laughing and full of positive, and in an hour is immersed in black, depressive thoughts.

But in the sign of Pisces, not everything is so gray and contradictory. Fish have a special mindset. Floating in the clouds of thoughts, they are able to produce unusual, even fantastic ideas.

If you manage to overcome laziness and realize your plans, then Pisces can become famous.

Other strengths of the Pisces people.

  • Intuition If Pisces compiled a weather forecast, it would always be accurate. These people have a gift of foreboding. This can not boast of any other sign.
  • Sociability. Fish do not give up the company, they know how to endear themselves.
  • Dedication Fish do not care about themselves, their life, well-being. They don’t care what will happen tomorrow. But if we are talking about loved ones, the approach changes. Pisces give most of their strength and energy to relatives and loved ones.
  • Mercy People of Pisces have a good soul. They are drawn to the destitute, struggling to help.
  • Humor Sparkling. Sometimes light, sometimes cruel. Pisces make masters of satire, authors of jokes.
  • Non-conflict Fish on the physical level do not tolerate controversy. Up to a feeling of nausea. It is easier for them to come to terms with injustice than to fight for a place under the sun.

The right choice of life partner is of great importance for people of Pisces. This is a pledge that they will be able to maximize their positive features.

And the tandem compatibility “Man-Fish-Woman-Fish” suggests that during the acute phase of love, both partners are able to express themselves from an unexpected side.

It is also important to use the power of nature, time and objects. Correct amulets will protect Pisces from mistakes, will add confidence.

What gives the sign of Pisces strength and good luck.

  • Stones. Fish fit “wise” sapphire and emerald. Their jewelry is pearls, attracting feelings and money. As well as the moonstone, which brings good luck in love and in marriage, helps a person recognize his concealment of opportunities and talents.
  • Plants . Forget-me-nots that symbolize eternal love and attract wealth are suitable for fish. Daffodils to help believe in yourself. Jasmine, meaning clairvoyance. Pine – a sign of wisdom. Violets showing forgiveness. Poppy, talking about fertility, fun and carelessness. Lipa denoting loyalty.
  • Numbers The number that matches the date of birth. And also six, 11, seven, and all divisible into seven.
  • Talismans It can be a rope knot or a scarf tied in a knot. So Pisces literally catch and drag out luck, happiness, well-being. Objects depicting narcissus are also suitable for people of this sign. For example, a brooch in the form of this flower. This will be the personification of the process of rebirth, rebirth.
  • Colors . Basically, “water”. Blue color gives inspiration and helps to achieve justice. The sea wave develops a premonition and enhances natural talents. Red-purple awakens passion. Pale lilac helps dreams come true. And steel color speaks about durability.
  • Days Monday, Thursday, Friday.

Male Pisces endowed with a kind of appearance. They are far from brutal.

There is even something feminine in them. Usually this image is enhanced by the specific manner of dressing in a unisex style.

The guys-fish fit creative professions. They can become designers, writers, actors, singers, artists.

The unusual way of thinking and intuition gives Pisces the opportunity to express themselves in extrasensory and astrology.

They are well versed in numbers, so they can find themselves in the field of finance, accounting. And the desire to help people leads Pisces to medicine, church, social services.

In science and education, male fish can also find themselves.

The qualities that distinguish male Pisces.

  • Closeness. Male fish are aware of their weakness. Fearing to be the object of ridicule, they are closed from others. They do not like to talk about themselves. If you can avoid frank conversations, then do it. Otherwise, they have to lie, trying to embellish reality.
  • Injury. Pisces guys are very sensitive, not confident. They can hurt any little thing.
  • Laziness Fish can achieve success in work and in life, but do not want to strain. It’s easier for them to leave everything as it is. Search for hidden reserves is given with great difficulty. They want a secure and interesting life, but they are not zealous to achieve a goal. They prefer to dream and hope for a happy occasion.
  • Loving. Surprisingly, the melancholic, vulnerable and unpredictable man-Pisces likes women. He has a solid relationship experience. Next to him, the girls feel like heroes of love serials. He is able to create the illusion of a fairy tale, which ladies so dream of. Man Pisces idealizes his partner. While in love, does not notice the flaws. But it easily switches to a new object. And treason for him – the norm. In love and in family life – this is not the best quality.
  • Sensitivity. This makes him a great sex partner. He can speak the right words at the right time. He is not passionate. Fireworks in bed with him will not. But intimacy with a man-Pisces is amazing to others: it is not an instinct, but a sacrament.
  • Carelessness. Male Fish do not care about the future. They do not have “stash”. And even a plan of action on a “rainy day”.
  • Inaccuracy. Order, cleanliness, comfort – all this does not matter for the Pisces man. Chaos usually runs in his house.

Woman Pisces is a model of grace and refinement. She has a romantic image, she is unusually feminine.

She wants to be protected, worn on hands. She is not a supporter of parties. But she likes to be in society.

Theater, philharmonic, creative evenings – that’s where it pulls.

Fish are immersed in the world of dreams. They are touching and sentimental.

Woman Pisces is crying while watching soap TV series and is sad to the sound of the autumn rain.

From girls Pisces grow people of art. They also connect their lives with teaching and medicine.

Fish can care for the sick as carers. Take care of other children, working as nannies.

In women-fish, intuition is even sharper than in men-fish. Therefore, they can prove themselves by working in law enforcement or a detective story.

But even women Pisces admit to themselves that they do not really want to work. Ideal – it is advantageous to get married or live under the care of more conscious and wealthy relatives.

The qualities that distinguish the woman Pisces.

  • Calm Woman Pisces does not scream and does not throw tantrums. She is not one of those who will be waiting for her husband, who is late from work, to scandal. She avoids conflicts in all possible ways, especially in the family. If we talk about this quality, assessing the compatibility of “Pisces-man – Pisces-woman”, then there is a clear bonus. Because the guys of this sign do not tolerate shouts, pressure and showdown.
  • Tactfulness. Girls Pisces are able to endear those around them with a soft and delicate approach. By the way, such tactics sometimes bring more benefits than arrogance and auger.
  • Sneak. No one knows what is really going on in the soul of a woman Pisces. In appearance, she can be full of positive, but in reality, she is eaten up by a deep depression. This girl is not self-confident, so she used to disguise herself with the help of jokes and spraying mystery.
  • Pretense A woman-fish can “muddy the water” and skillfully play any image. She uses talent for pretense whenever she feels in danger. For example, it can simulate a disease if it is not yet ready to submit an annual report to the authorities.
  • Monogamy She does not have novels for the sake of novels. If necessary, the Pisces woman will wait for her prince all her life. But after meeting him, he will completely surrender to the feelings and devote himself to this relationship. In this case, Pisces girls can go on treason, being in a state of mental crisis. Interestingly, after that they cannot explain to themselves how this happened. And experiencing a pressing feeling of guilt.
  • Tenderness Especially in sex. Prelude, beautiful words are important to them. And for the first experience they are solved precisely with romantic and melancholic young men. With rude and passionate men, women Pisces is uncomfortable. That is why the close relationship between a man-Fish and a woman-Fish optimally satisfy both partners.
  • Wastefulness Women Pisces do not know how to handle money. The latter can spend on trinkets.
  • Hospitality. Fish love to receive guests. But their house is not always ready for the arrival of outsiders. These women do not spend time washing, cleaning and cooking. For them, homework is a depressing “imperative” that one wants to avoid at every opportunity.

Astrologers note the high compatibility of people of this zodiac sign in love. But with family life is not so simple. Experts in percent evaluate the chances of success with caution.

Only 60 out of 100 are given. Why is this happening?

Pisces in love find an outlet in each other. They have such high sexual compatibility that they can be only two people for days.

They do not need to pretend. They create their own fairy tale and live in it, moving away from reality. The guy-fish and girl-fish compatibility at this stage of the relationship goes off scale.

But with the beginning of family life, everything changes.

The general life, the need to earn money, the appearance of children – all this makes Pisces leave the comfort zone. And it is alien to them. Both partners do not like to make efforts and hope that someone else will do it for them.

Therefore, for marriage, they need stronger partners who are able and willing to carry on themselves and life, and children, and phlegmatic spouse.

Even if Pisces’ novel turned into a wedding, it does not mean a happy ending. The following are the three main risks associated with the marriage of two Pisces.

  1. Addiction . Both spouses Pisces periodically immerse themselves in illusions. And often this is achievable through alcohol. None of the partners will blame the other for weakness. Simply take a glass and make a company.
  2. Poverty Fish are extremely unadapted to life. Even having received the inheritance, they would rather spend all the money than find a competent use for them.
  3. Treason The Pisces man wants diversity, and the Pisces woman is unable to forbid him anything. And in the case of a betrayal of her husband, she, quite likely, will also go in search of the hero of her novel.

Horoscope compatibility “Woman-Fish – Man-Fish” can not be a guide to action. This is just a set of tips and tricks. And if two Pisces are thinking about living together, part just because of astrological predictions is stupid.

Moreover, any relationship is created by people, not stars. Pisces need to be stronger, avoid deceptions and temptations.

You can find an outlet in children, especially since both partners in this union are considered, though not perfect, but loving parents.

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