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Female Cancer Compatibility

A family in which both spouses Raki, the stars predict harmony and prosperity. Female Cancer and Male Cancer astrologers estimate the marriage compatibility at 100%.

This union promises to be gentle, durable and wealthy. Having fallen in love with each other, the Crayfish plunge into feelings with their heads, hiding their own happiness from others under a strong family shell.

Cancer people are born in the summer: from June 22 to July 22. The new Zodiacal circle adjusted the traditional dates, highlighting the Cancers from July 20 to August 10.

Cancer belongs to the water element. The patron of the sign is the Moon, a satellite of the Earth, a symbol of spirituality, romance and sensitivity.

A sign is visualized, depicting two claws, a crab or a heart.

In life, Cancers rarely move backwards and are able to reach the goal. Just go to them slower.
Cancers know how to wait and are incredible foresight. Before taking a step, the Cancers will calculate possible scenarios.

And prepare for each of them.

Astrologers call Cancer the most mysterious sign of the zodiac. This is manifested in both appearance and behavior.

Therefore, Cancers are incredibly attractive sexually.

These are people with a secretive character who know how to veil their feelings and intentions even from stars. Because of this, conflicting characteristics of Cancer are found in various sources.

However, the quality “pivot” of the mark can be traced.

Five features of the nature of the man-Cancer.

  1. Caution. Cancer is alert for its security – physical and spiritual. Moreover, the moral aspect worries him even more. Cancer can sympathize and listen to others, but it will never open itself. Even close friends do not know what Cancer is in his heart and mind.
  2. Injury. Feelings of Cancer are easily touched. And having received a mental insult, he really suffers. And his psychological pain materializes, and Cancer can even be cured.
  3. The thrift. Cancers have a unique ability to accumulate resources. They are provided for all and for all occasions. Even with a modest income, Cancers are much more confident on their feet in comparison with higher-paid specialists. But this does not mean that the Cancers are stingy. Rather, rational and practical.
  4. Purposefulness. Cancer does not take spontaneous decisions, does not go in the wake of immediate desires. His goals are ambitious. And he goes to victory thoughtfully, planning every step. Cancer cherishes its achievements. It can spend hours telling others the stories of their own success. And these memories feed Cancer with force, motivate to conquer new heights.
  5. Pedantry. Cancer needs order. In thoughts, things, deeds. For Cancer, accuracy and compliance are important. This is the person in whose home and workplace all items are sorted and everything is always at hand.

Thinking through each step, Cancers are emotionally exhausted. People of this sign are characterized by mood swings, lingering melancholy. To be strong and productive, Cancer needs to achieve energy resistance to external stressors.

It is important to choose a suitable “happy” attributes.

Objects in the form of the heart – the ideal guardian of Cancer. Such a talisman improves health, increases self-esteem, accelerates longing and gives a feeling of fullness of life.

A pocket mirror in a frame made of white metal will save Cancer from bad luck, repel the negative and double the energy forces. A crab amulet will strengthen the spirit of Cancer.

Other love, spiritual and monetary charms of Cancer.

  • Stones. Pearls contribute to the maximum manifestation of the talents of Cancer, sharpens intuition and attracts good luck. Emerald feeds positive, accelerates melancholy, gives peace and helps Cancer to better interact with society. Cat’s eye struggles with pessimism. The moonstone gives Rakov eloquence, helps to make the right decisions, attracts mutual love.
  • Metal Silver is suitable for cancers, which is also called “moon metal”. Silver talismans protect Cancer from disease and stress, give youth and beauty. Strengthen in moments of despair.
  • Plants . Fuchsia helps Cancer to accept change, to establish contact with the outside world. Aloe protects against ailments. Begonia enhances foreboding and attracts money. Birch relieves fatigue. Willow “heals” Cancer from sadness and anxiety, the apple tree feeds with vital energy. And the elm promotes communication, gathers like-minded people around Cancer.
  • Colors . Silver provides spiritual harmony and clarifies the thoughts of Cancer. White calms, and gray neutralizes negative mood. Orange gives joy, makes Cancer morally and physically stronger.
  • Numbers Two, four, five and eight.
  • Days Friday.

Describing the compatibility of the Cancer boy and the Cancer girls, astrologers say that such couples live together to a diamond wedding and nurse great-great-grandchildren. Their home is decorated with family photos, and shared memories warm the heart. Even after growing old, Spouses Raki feel incredible tenderness for each other.

In many ways, this union is held due to the high psychological compatibility of partners.

Cancer man is not a mod. He is a connoisseur of classics and rigor.

He tries to buy quality things that usually last longer. In his wardrobe a minimum of clothing.

A pair of sweaters, a few shirts and pants. However, the Cancer man looks well-groomed and elegant.

He is neatly trimmed, smells good, shaves smoothly, and his shoes are like a mirror.

Cancer man cherishes his parents. Trying to meet their requirements, imitate.

Interestingly, even the husband of a Cancer man looks like his mother. If not outwardly, then character, behavior.

Cancer even prefers to build her family nest in her parent’s house. And marry, only received the approval of older relatives. By the way, modest and flexible women Cancer usually successfully pass family bride.

And it only adds arguments in favor of the “Man-Cancer – Woman-Cancer” tandem compatibility.

In the profession of Cancer, too, often goes in parental footsteps. True, it is important for him not only to create a professional dynasty. He thinks about the material side of the issue.

And if the parental path is no longer relevant, it will find its way.

This is a talented person with high sensitivity to circumstances, who can master many promising specialties. Thus, the Cancer man is able to achieve success in business, art, psychology.

He can find a common language with nature and become, for example, a forester, a farmer, a gardener, a veterinarian, a canine. A special mindset, developed imagination and a subtle understanding of female nature lead Cancer men to the beauty and fashion industry.

Special quality male Cancer.

  • Entropy. The Cancer man sees the problem even where there is none. He can inflate an elephant out of a fly, and tragically perceives even a trifling failure.
  • Variability This quality is due to the lunar influence. Today, the Cancer man is romantic and benevolent, and tomorrow he is annoyed and reserved.
  • Modesty But more in secular communication with unfamiliar people. If we are talking about business and the opportunity to earn, then Cancer will not be timid.
  • Reliability Cancer is able to protect their loved ones, he will not betray, he will come to the rescue in time.
  • Monetary “snap”. Male Cancer is “friends” with money. He knows how to make a million from a penny. The girls of this zodiac sign, in turn, are not prone to waste. Therefore, we can talk about the good financial compatibility of women with Cancer and men with Cancer.
  • Authority. Respect for others Cancer evokes its professionalism, non-standard approach to solving problems. And the mysterious behavior and detachment from the outside world attracts attention to Cancer. If desired, Cancer can become a leader, and even manipulate people.
  • Skillful fingers . Male Cancer is not afraid of physical and homework. He knows how to do almost everything. And if something is not able, then if necessary, it is easy to learn. Often Cancers build their own house with their own hands, go to the garden and breed farm animals.

Woman Cancer is endowed with incredible charm. She does not wear exquisite outfits, but always looks sophisticated and feminine.

The Cancer woman is a supporter of the classics in clothes, but she can effectively complement the image with a competent make-up. Do not hesitate to saturated colors. But even red lipstick does not make it vulgar.

Rather, it adds an image of mystery.

With age, the Cancer woman becomes more attractive and often attracts the attention of younger cavaliers.

Cancer women strive for stability. She needs a permanent job, a good salary.

But she will not build a career to the detriment of the family. Woman Cancer is well versed in the business, which is engaged.

But excessive emotionality and sensitivity do not allow her to achieve high leadership positions.

Girls born under the sign of Cancer can become actors, doctors, pharmacists, chefs, nerds. Design, theater, music – those areas of activity where a Cancer woman feels comfortable too.

The special qualities of a woman is Cancer.

  • Touchiness Cancer woman is sensitive to the words and actions of others. The slightest hint of criticism can cause tears. Sometimes people unknowingly hurt her: an accidentally thrown innocent phrase can permanently spoil the mood of a Cancer woman. She especially responds to communication with loved ones. Therefore, in love and family life, she needs the most delicate partner with a hyperbolic sense of tact.
  • Low self-esteem . Cancer woman is much stronger, smarter and wiser than she thinks. She tends to constantly doubt herself, her actions. The Cancer Woman believes that she could have done everything better than she did.
  • A responsibility . Cancer woman always fulfills what she promised. In particular, this also applies to moral issues. Despite frequent melancholy and a range of spiritual experiences, she does not expect miracles and outside help. A Cancer woman is aware of the danger of inaction and, at times overcoming herself, seeks to improve the quality of her life.
  • Loyalty Cancer woman will not betray and not quit her man. She will become his mistress, friend, companion and nanny in one person.
  • The need for love. A Cancer woman needs increased attention, affection and care. If a partner surrounds her with love, she will be truly happy. It will be able to overcome its own complexes, fears and build the fate of the most successful scenario.
  • Domovity. Cancer woman – an example of the hostess. In her house is clean, comfortable, tasty. The atmosphere here is somehow special, it even smells like magic. Cancer woman is prone to hoarding. Money, products, things. She is one of those who canned vegetables, for the future is stored sugar and buys household chemicals in XXL-packages.

Working on relationships: 3 tasks for a young Rakov family

The union of two Cancers is a classic example of an ideal family. They will not meet for years: falling in love, they will immediately marry.

After all, it is wrong to live without a stamp.

The man in this pair is a breadwinner, and the woman is the keeper of the hearth. They lead a healthy lifestyle, do not quarrel, surround each other with attention and care. They have an amazing understanding on all issues: from financial to intimate.

If we compare the family compatibility of the signs of the Zodiac, then apart from Cancer, Cancer by 100% can only come with Taurus, Leo, Virgo, Capricorn and Libra.

However, the stars warn that the union of Rakov may not be too passionate and will become a habit. Therefore, astrologers as a percentage rate the love tandem Rakov is not the highest score.

Forecast – 80% success from a hundred.

Nevertheless, Rakov has a good sexual compatibility: both appreciate foreplay, tenderness, and spiritual talk after intimacy. Modesty is inherent only at the beginning of a relationship, and over time, both partners are revealed and liberated.

Of course, the Cancers are not angels. And they also face difficulties in the relationship.

But the peculiarity is that the high characteristic compatibility of Cancer-men and Cancer-women allows them to pass the stage of “grinding” quickly and without loss.

There are three things that the Cancer spouses will have to work on.

  1. Yield Cancers can not quarrel and put up. Conflict in the family of cancers can happen only once. And after this relationship will decline. Therefore, it is important to learn to give in and avoid even the slightest quarrel. It is better if a woman takes on this mission. She is easier to exercise prudence. In addition, if you “bend” a Cancer man at home, he will become weaker even in the face of external circumstances. But he needs to support his family.
  2. Forgive The resentment of both partners in this pair is one of the main risks to the relationship. Cancers, on the one hand, must learn to forgive a loved one. Moreover, he is unlikely to hurt on purpose. On the other hand, it is important for partners to control their words and actions in order not to accidentally hurt each other’s feelings. Crayfish live in the past, so it is important to have a large number of joint pleasant memories.
  3. To negotiate. If Raku does not like something, he may not immediately betray his feelings. It is inclined to be silent, save up discontent. In family life, Cancers will have to learn to pronounce problems and negotiate. To the extent that it is necessary to clearly distinguish between the zones of influence and responsibility of the spouses. For example, the wife does not interfere in financial matters, and the husband does not touch the topic of cooking and interior design.

The horoscope of compatibility “Woman-Cancer – Man-Cancer” does not dwell in detail on the theme of friendly and working relationships in this pair. Blank Crayfish can be friendly, but no more.

As soon as they create their families, the connection will break or communication will be reduced to a minimum.

Neutral is the business compatibility of Cancers. They can work together, but this will not affect the result.

Neither positive nor negative. The relationship of the two Cancers, not sealed by romantic feelings, is absolutely even and without sensations.

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