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Favorite diet: menus for 7 and 14 days, reviews and results

Diet with the romantic name “Favorite” refers to the category of fast and strict. Thinner praise her: in just a week you can lose 10 kg.

However, all this time the body will actually live in good hands, because of what the rapid method is strongly criticized by nutritionists. Reviews and results of the “Favorite diet” for 7 days – in our material.

“Favorite diet” for 7 days – a set of alternating monodiet by day, unloading. In fact, this is a folk diet without specific authorship, born by trial and error. It is also called a mixture of diets.

Since the scheme contains elements of a separate ration, and protein methods, and diets on citrus fruits, as well as fat burning nutrition with emphasis on cabbage and greens.

She is able to put an extra weight powerful blow in the shortest possible time. That is why the way is practiced by girls who urgently need to put themselves in order before an unplanned publication.

The way works even when the task is to get in shape after the winter holidays. Losing weight on the “Beloved Diet” is also relevant if, with more gentle methods, “plummet” stops at some point.

And the body needs a shake to “win” the most stable kilograms.

Reviews of the “Beloved Diet” expose its pitfalls. The method works only if the reason for completeness lies in gluttony, errors in the formation of the diet.

In cases where weight gain is caused by changes in hormonal levels, the diet is powerless and will only aggravate the problems of losing weight. This happens, for example, in the postpartum period or after surgery, taking specific medications.

The gap in the results is decent. Therefore, it is worth seriously considering whether this “Favorite” is suitable for you.

Note that the diet of the program is unbalanced, and the requirements are categorical.

The essence of the diet is that you can eat only authorized food on certain days. Among food products, drinking food, vegetables and fruits occupy a key place.

And this is a minus, since such a “ration” is not much to wear.

Therefore, frequent dietary companions are dizziness, nausea, weakness and irritability. It seems that, for the sake of ideal forms, a week can also suffer discomfort.

But here doctors of other opinion.

Next – a detailed description of the basic rules of diet. It is important to comply with them in order to withstand this difficult marathon and to achieve the maximum possible effect in a particular case.

  1. Mandatory cleaning. On the eve of the first day of the “Favorite diet”, you need to clean the intestines with an enema or special laxatives. This is done to eliminate toxins, which under subsequent food restrictions may stagnate in the body and worsen health.
  2. No amateur performance. All allowed products must be taken strictly in the sequence provided by the program. It is impossible to interchange daily diet rations.
  3. Vitamin support. With such strict methods of weight loss, support is especially important for the body. Therefore, it is recommended to take fortifying vitamin-mineral complexes. Moreover, it is better to start a few weeks before the diet, do not quit during it and drink away the pills before the end of the course.
  4. Internal “stop”. Diet does not impose critical restrictions on calories or volumes of servings. But you can not overeat. It is better to leave the plate when still slightly hungry. Listen to your feelings: the body will prompt the norm. Especially the stop rule applies to alcoholic rations. There is a kind of “Favorite diet”, where one day only wine and cheese are allowed. This does not mean that you need to start celebrating the “plummet” in the morning. This underlines the orientation of the day for unloading and the fact that in the evening losing weight can relax a little.
  5. Saving forces. Usually, exercise is important in losing weight. If you reinforce the natural internal processes of burning fat from the outside, the effect will be more visual and operational. But Favorite Diet is not the case. A poor diet significantly reduces the body’s energy abilities. And training in the gym with such nutrition will simply deprive you of strength. But daily walks on the air will be useful.

“Favorite diet” suggests that the menu for all 7 days losing weight is itself. But you need to focus on the specifics of each of the days and the list of allowed products.

The following describes the principles of nutrition of this diet.

  • How many times have. It is better to stick with five meals a day. And on a protein day, you can even sit at the table seven times.
  • “Liquid” days. The total number of fresh and fruit-vegetable drinks per drinking day is not more than 400 ml.
  • “Hard” days. The volume of one portion should be in the range of 300-350 g.
  • Fruit days. It is necessary to exclude bananas, grapes, dried fruits. In total, you can eat about three kilos of this vitamin food per day.
  • Vegetable days. It is better to refuse potatoes. Salads can be filled with vegetable oil or lemon. But butter only two tablespoons per day.
  • Salt, sugar, coffee. Sugar is excluded. And salt is permissible only on the seventh day of the diet. But not more than 6 grams per day. Coffee can be daily, but in the morning and unsweetened.
  • Water Need plenty of drink. But before the meal, during the meal and for half an hour after it you can not drink. In this case, the fluid can change the properties of the gastric juice and affect the intensity of digestion.

Solid food can be cooked, stewed, cooked in the oven. Although, herbal products are preferable to use raw.

Below is a detailed grocery table.

Table – List of products allowed on the “Favorite Diet”

Diet daySpecificsRecommended food
oneLiquid diet– Warm water;
– unsweetened tea
– non-fat yogurt without sweet additives;
– milk;
– kefir;
– unsalted broth from chicken breast without additives;
– unsweetened jelly;
– natural compote;
– apple fresh;
– carrot fresh;
– pumpkin fresh;
– “green” cocktail of cucumbers, greens and kefir;
– still warm water
2Vegetable diet– White cabbage;
– broccoli;
– tomatoes;
– cucumbers;
– bow;
– pepper;
– carrot;
– non-carbonated warm water;
– unsweetened tea
3Liquid dietSimilar to the first day
fourFruit Diet– Apples;
– oranges;
– grapefruit;
– Kiwi;
– a pineapple;
– non-carbonated warm water;
– unsweetened tea
fiveProtein diet– Chicken breast;
– seafood;
– eggs;
– lean fish;
– low-fat cottage cheese;
– non-carbonated warm water;
– unsweetened tea
6Liquid dietSimilar to the first day
7Mixed diet– Eggs;
– chicken breast;
– a fish;
– seafood;
– soup or broth;
– recommended vegetables;
– recommended fruit;
– recommended dairy and fermented milk products;
– salt;
– non-carbonated warm water;
– unsweetened tea

The diet of “Beloved” diets involves the revitalization of the intestine and urinary system. Add to this more mood swings … So, it is better to practice diet during the holidays, when you can spend most of the day at home.

Below is an example of the detailed weekly menu “Favorite diet”.

  • Morning . Apple jelly.
  • Reinforcement. Fresh carrot.
  • Lunch Chicken bouillon.
  • Evening. Yogurt.
  • Before bedtime . Kefir.
  • Morning . Salad of fresh tomatoes, peppers and cucumbers.
  • Reinforcement. Boiled carrots.
  • Lunch Cabbage stewed with tomatoes.
  • Evening. Fresh cucumber, carrot and cabbage salad.
  • Before bedtime . Broccoli puree
  • Morning . Kefir.
  • Reinforcement. Unsweetened yogurt.
  • Lunch Chicken bouillon.
  • Evening. Cocktail from grated cucumbers, greens and kefir.
  • Before bedtime . Cherry jelly.

  • Morning . Baked apples.
  • Reinforcement. Orange fresh.
  • Lunch Fruit salad of kiwi, pears, apples and tangerines.
  • Reinforcement. Orange.
  • Before bedtime . Grapefruit
  • Morning . Boiled eggs.
  • Reinforcement. Cottage cheese and chicken casserole.
  • Lunch Baked fish.
  • Evening. Chicken breast.
  • Before bedtime . Cottage cheese.
  • Morning . Kefir.
  • Reinforcement. Orange fresh.
  • Lunch Chicken bouillon.
  • Evening. Yogurt.
  • Before bedtime . Milk.

  • Morning . Boiled eggs.
  • Reinforcement. Grapefruit. Boiled shrimp.
  • Lunch Soup with slices of fillet and greens. Cabbage and cucumber salad.
  • Evening. Fish, baked with tomatoes and cottage cheese.
  • Before bedtime . Yogurt.

There is an even more extreme version of the “Beloved Diet”. When the diet is limited to only one product per day, and vegetables generally go away.

This variation is even more dangerous than the original. The scheme is described below.

  • Liquid days. This is the first and second day. They are on the water and low-fat yogurt.
  • Vitamin day. This is the third day of extreme weight loss. You can only apples or, if desired, oranges.
  • Protein days. Fourth, fifth and sixth. There are allowed only boiled chicken – the leanest part of the carcass.
  • Wine day On the seventh day, several glasses of dry red wine and hard cheese are allowed.

There is another “nuclear” version of this program. But then at least without wine.

This tough version of “Favorite diet” is designed for 5 days. The scheme is as follows:

  • the first day. Only kefir and water;
  • second day Fresh vegetables and fruits, but not potatoes and not high-calorie bananas, grapes;
  • third day. Eat eggs, chicken, milk;
  • fourth day. Unloading on oranges or grapefruits;
  • fifth day. Fresh vegetables and fruits, except potatoes and high-calorie bananas.

It will be more correct to consult with professionals in the field of weight correction, to adapt to a healthy diet, to select products that are diverse and safe for your figure. This is what your best and favorite diet should look like.

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